Berry Pickin'
 by wetstuff

The late summer sun shone down on what looked like miles of a dark green hedge. Some leaves fluttering in the afternoon sun as a slight breeze kept us berry pickers somewhat cool.

Hello, I am Joshy and I was visitin' my friends who have a patch of boysenberries on the border of their land. I love boys so naturally love the berries! Course, friends would rather splash around in their above ground pool but my mouth watered at the anticipated taste of fresh berry. So I grabbed a bucket and wandered over to the patch.

After awhile of picking, my mind zoned out and I was mechanically harvesting berries. My mind was reviewing the past very busy week I had at the office and was just starting to relax out here. I could feel sweat sliding down my back and front, leaving trails of water as it collected in the waistband of my Speedos. The sun felt nice on my bare head and back as I squatted down in the freshly mowed grass.

Then I realized my fingers had just touched something that wasn't a berry. My stained purple fingertips slid over very warm and slippery skin! Oh, that feels like a hole, But then they were suddenly pinched between skin and fabric as I raised my eyes and looked into the most surprised face of a guy. I glanced at my hand and saw that I had managed to get my hand trapped inside his shorts while rubbing his ass.

"Er, hi, um, I'm Joshy," I muttered.

"I'm Ryan and um, am not a berry," he giggled as he removed my hand from under his shorts while tugging them back in to place.

"Sorry, was just thinking. Didn't mean to invade you." Damn, that is embarrassing. Feeling up a guy I have never met before. Oh but how nice it felt in that sweaty and slick place. And how cute he was too, short brownish blond hair and killer blue gray eyes.

"So uh, you come here often to pick?" Ryan asked as he sort of glanced around seeing if anyone else noticed the invasion of not only his personal space but his body too. Seeing no one else around, he looked over the top of his sunglasses as he slowly stood up over Joshy.

Joshy remained squatting and stared up Ryan's very cute body. Pausing his eyes at Ryan's crotch, Joshy could not tell if there was an interest or not. "Uh, no, first time I have ever been to this patch but I like what I touched," Joshy slyly replied.

[I mean seriously, how many times have you ever had the chance to slide your fingertips in to a sweaty male crack and stroke the hole of a complete stranger?! You know, if wetstuff's Peter character was in this story, he would already have his tongue in there lapping up all traces of that purple juice from Ryan's ass crack and hole. :P]

'Yes, well, I need more berries, wanted to have berries n cream later on with supper," Ryan answered as he glanced at his mostly empty bucket.

"Fresh cream?" Josh asked with a wink.

Ryan looked at Joshy and saw that he was clearly excited about that idea. "Nope, from a tub."

"Fresh is way better than a store bought tub," Joshy replied. "Everything tastes better if you get it naturally."

"Maybe, but need more berry's if I want anything. Sorry dude, need to get pickin'," Ryan said as he moved away from Joshy and headed to a heavily laden section.

Joshy watched Ryan's ass cheeks flex in his tight satin shorts as he walked away.

Ryan watched as Joshy disappeared around the fence and smiled to himself. Soon he was in his own world, picking berries and zoning out as he relived the feel of those fingers rubbing against his hole.

Meanwhile, Joshy was sneaking up behind Ryan with a plan to pick a rather luscious berry and inject some cream in to it. Pushing the front of his Speedos down under his balls, precum flowing over the tip and down the shaft, he crouched down a bit behind Ryan and pushed his cock out with his hand. In one steady sensual move, slipped his cock under the bottom edge of Ryan's covered ass and pushed his cock right up to the hole, slightly entering it.

Ryan paused in his picking and then groaned. "Go ahead dude, it feels good." He moaned softly as Joshy's cock slipped further inside his hole.

The sweat and precum mixing as Joshy stood up and impaled Ryan, who bent down a bit and pushed backwards. Joshy ran his hands up Ryan's sweaty back as his cock sank deeper in to the twitching hole. Then Ryan breathed out and his hole grabbed a hold of the invader, sucking it even deeper inside.

Joshy's hands circled around Ryan's chest, rubbing the two hard nipples he found and slid down to discover that Ryan was wearing a jockstrap. Joshy pulled out of the ass and pushed the shorts and jock down to just above the knees. Ryan groaned as he sank down to his knees, with his arms out holding his body up, he jutted his hips back and groaned again as Joshy also sank to his knees and slid all the way in to Ryan while using his hands to tweak a nipple and stroke his cock.

Joshy's sweaty chest gently laid on top of Ryan's equally sweaty back, their heat adding even more fuel to the fires of lust burning in their crotches. Joshy continued to use deep long and hard strokes in and out.

Soon Joshy could feel Ryan's balls start to hug the base of his cock so he increased the angle of his cock so that he hit Ryan's prostate over and over. Ryan groaned as his hole started to rapidly grip Joshy's cock, milking it in a tight way. It put them both over the edge, Ryan firing rope after rope in to the grass and Joshy flooding deep inside.

As they both stayed in the horse position, Joshy still buried deep inside Ryan. trying to catch his breath, Ryan said," I still don't have enough berry's for dinner."

Joshy giggled, "If we combine what we have, there is plenty and even fresh cream."

Author Notes:
This story is dedicated to Joshy, of #niftyorg fame and to Ryry, a new visitor to the room. I hope that you both enjoy this inspired bit of erotica. :)
As usual, my characters are fictional and immortal, so while they do not participate in safe sex, you should. Else who would I write about next? :P