I am a bisexual man in his thirties. I am married and happy but from time to time, I need to do it with a guy. Since I have no one to tell my stories (nobody knows of my bisexuality), I thought this might be an excellent and discreet mean of accomplishing this. Note that I try to be as faithful as possible to how the events actually happened but I have to admit that I took out the boring bits and "novelized" it to keep it interesting. Because I don't want to re-describe myself in every of my stories, I'll do it in the intro. I'm 6' tall, and I put on about 100 lbs since my first gay encounter but I was 190lbs the first time. No matter how much I weighed at a specific time, I was always in pretty good shape, playing football, tennis, swimming, biking, hiking etc. I have blue eyes and blond hair. I'm not very hairy, and anyway, what I have is also blond. My dick is a little odd. It's only 6" long, cut, but it is very thick, a massive 6" of girth. Also, for some reason, my ejaculations are very generous. That's about all you need to know.

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My gay encounters: Story 3- My crazy Hallowe'en party

Every school organizes a Hallowe'en party and ours wasn't any different. I got enrolled almost by force by a friend in the student society to be a security guard for the evening. I wasn't much of a dancer but usually enjoyed the music and looking at girls. At that point, and still now, I don't "admire" men the way I admire and desire women. As I may have said in a past story, the sexiest man could be standing naked in front of me and I wouldn't flinch. If he whispered something dirty in my ear, only then would I look at what he looks like.

So the party was on a Friday night and I had arranged to stay with Caroline and Martin for the night since I still lived with my parents in the boonies and didn't have a car. At the time, Martin and I were regular fuckers (I hate to say lovers, because that's really what we were: fuckers!). Caroline knew about it but had always acted as if she didn't know and the subject never came up in school. Her silence, I would learn later, was cause by her planning a sub/dom evening with Martin and me. Anyway, she and Martin were at the party and they didn't know when they would get home so they left me a key just in case.

The party started and not many people were dressed. I guess we were at an age (17-19) where that sort of thing was considered dorky. Still, many people showed up, from 500 to 600 people, I would say. There were some real paid security people, about 4 or 5 and all the others, about 15, were "drafted" to help. The security guys were all dressed in black, like riot cops I would say without the riot gear, and took themselves really seriously. Us volunteers only had a bright yellow armband to identify ourselves. We didn't have much to do really, the "professionals" were doing everything that needed to be done. I guess we were drafted just to prove the school officials that security was well taken care of.

Everything was going well, I feasted my eyes on the girls who obviously came to the party to, if not get laid, at least give every male a whiff of their pheromones which was fine by me. I was minding my own business until a girl in my class who also was on the volleyball team came to chat. I knew she liked me because she was always trying to chat with me during class breaks and was also always laughing out loud at whatever I would say. She had a great muscular and very firm body. She was tomboyish with a crew cut, hair died a flamboyant red and 4 or 5 piercings in each ear. If she hadn't been hitting on me so much, I would have thought her a lesbian. I was interested in her, she had kinkiness written all over her. The problem was, she intimidated the Hell out of me! She was so strong, she would have easily beaten me in wrestling. She was a true Amazon! A Klingon warrior! And that really scared me AND turned me on at the same time.

So she came up to me and I could tell she was a little tipsy. She told me that she found me lonely in my corner and thought she'd cheer me up by bringing me a beer. I opened up the ol' charm machine and told her that just her presence was enough to cheer me up, I didn't need the beer, which I couldn't drink anyway being "on duty". She smiled, my flattery seemed to hve hit the spot. And in a true Klingon way, she drank the whole beer in one shot. We laughed and kept on chatting for a while. Now she was really drunk. Not "bad drunk", "good drunk", I would even say "fun drunk". At that moment, perfect timing, the chief security guy came up and told me I could take a 15 minute break. I almost kissed him! Now is the time when privileges are really fun to have. Being in the student newspaper, I had the key to our basement office. Being a security guard, I was allowed to go anywhere in the school, not just where the party was held. So I told my Amazon warrior to follow me. She didn't ask any question, she just followed. When I came up to the door that led to the basement, one of the "real" security guard stopped us. I told him I was security and I was going to (I had to think quickly) make a phone call. He smiled and winked and told me to enjoy my phone call...

We got to the office and I hadn't had time to close the door and light a candle (yes candles! Neons are not really sexy when usig the sofa so we had a provision of matches and candles. Just in case) that she was already on me. She may have been drunk, but not drunk enough that she didn't know what I was doing.

{The title of these chronicles being "My gay encounters", I won't give you the details and go directly to what you are waiting for.}

After 20 minutes, it was over. I really did feel like I had been runover by a train but it was very good and a lot of fun. So we got dressed and left the office. When we got back the Winkong guard noticed that I had left my armband "making my phone call". The Amazon went back to the party and I was about to go back to the office when Winking guy asked me how it was. I told him that she was wild. He said that he wished he'd been there. I told him she was dirty enough to go for seconds. All he had to do was ask her. I could even lend him the key of the office. She liked big guys. Until this point, I really thought he was one of those brainless macho jerks but then he said "Do YOU like big guys?" Needless to say I was taken aback. It was the second time in weeks that a bi or gay guy came on to me. Was there something in my face that screamed "HORNY BI"? I had no idea. He repeated his question. I managed to reply "What makes you think I'm into that?" He replied that he wasn't sure, but the way I reacted when he asked proved he was right. He said something to the effect that he could see into my eyes that I was a teenage horndog who would stick it in anything. And of course, he was right. He told me to go back to the office, that he'd join me in a few minutes.

I obeyed and went back to the office. I lit a candle, sat on the couch and waited. After 5 minutes he entered and closed and locked the door behind him. I have to describe him. He was much bigger than I was and what I was used to. He was 23-24, about 6'3" or 6'4", maybe 220lbs of muscle, crewcut, brown hair, and you could tell he spent a lot of time in the gym. He had this deep low voice that both scared and turned me on. I had the feeling that for the first time in my life I was going to be "the bitch". He walked towards me and dryly told me as he was unzipping his fatigues that we had to be quick, he had to go back soon. He took his dick out and for some reason, I wasn't really surprised by what I saw. It wasn't as thick as mine but boy was it long. It was half hard already and it must have been 6" already. He held it out to me with one hand and with the other pulled my hair and moved my head in front of his dick. "Come on. Show me how good you are" as he plunged his dick in my mouth. I gagged right away. Martin 4" is one thing but this one was another matter entirely. I guess that by now it was at least 8". So I tried as best as I could. But he didn,t want a blowjob, it wanted to fuck a throat, something I wasn't really used to. I kept gagging and gagging it. My inexperience seemed to piss him off and turn him on at the same time. After a few minutes, maybe he got tired, he told me to kneel on the couch. I didn't dare contradict him, and truth be told, I was hard too. I put my pants down and I kneeled. He started to spit on my asshole and at the same time asked me where I kept the rubbers. I still had one in my pocket that, I thought, would be used for round two with my Amazon. I obediently handed it to him and he quickly put it on. He kept on spitting on my hole while telling me to relax saying it as if he didn't really mean it and would enjoy tearing my asshole. He roughly started to fingerfuck me with one then two fingers. I believe he did this for maybe 30 seconds and then theatrically said "Here it comes..." No matter how scared I was, I was still rock hard and wanted it really bad. I felt the tip of his cock at the entrance of my ass and told myself "Here goes nothing..." I was starting to experience a pain I could never imagine when his walkie-talkie beeped and a voice said "Luc, where the Hell are you???? We need you here!" He cursed, answered that he was on his way and zipped up. He told me to wait, he'd be back in 5 "to finish the job!".

Before I could say anything he was gone. I sat on the sofa. My ass hurt like Hell and he only got the head of his dick! I was wondering what I should do. I could leave and that would be it. But looking at my still hard cock, I knew that I wanted it. I was trying to figure out if I had some sort of lubricant I could use, seriously considering Liquid Paper, the only liquid stuff in the office when I realized that, for some obscure reason, the school's paper shared a storage room with the student cafe. I rushed there and went through their stuff and finally found something that would do: small cups of margarine! I took a handful and went back to the office. I started to massage my ass with margarine! I rubbed the content of a couple of cups on my ass. Somehow, it soothed my pain a little but then I took another one and started to finger fuck my ass to try to lube it as deeply as possible. Trying to figure how thick he was, I thought that three fingers should do it. So I started to fuck my own ass with three of my own fingers with margarine. The scene was so surreal that it made me laugh. I kept at it for maybe 5 minutes until I heard steps in the corridor. As he entered he saw me "assume the position" once more. "I see you're ready but Mr. Happy is down..." He took off the rubber he still had on and I started to blow him again. He asked me if I had another one and told him to take one in the office's stash. Very quickly he was hard, and he told me to kneel. I did and that's when he smelled the margarine. "What the hell did you do?" I told him I needed lube since he didn't bother with it. He laughed and said that I was an inventive bitch. Not to put margarine on his pants, I heard him take them off. Then he started again, not before turning off his walkie talkie. I felt the head again, but this time, it was ok. It just turned me on. He whispered that he could feel the difference and for that he didn't need to pause, and as he said that he rammed his entire cock in my ass before I could protest. My scream only seemed to turn him on. He started to really give it to me. Taking it almost entirely out, and then ramming it in one stroke. After the initial thrust, it wasn't as bad, but it was still hurting a lot but then something weird happened. As he was accelerating his movements, I started to feel something in my dick. I had both hand on the back of the sofa and wasn't jerking off but I was so turned on it seems that I felt I was about to come! I had never felt something like that before! Before long I heard myself screaming "I'm coming!" It surprised him and he accelerated his fucking which only gave me more pleasure. I suddenly started to come on the couch in big spurts! Hearing me moan made him come too. I could feel his cock pulsating in my ass as he was filling the rubber. As soon as he was done, he took his dick out of my ass, threw the rubber in the can and took my head and told me to clean it his cock. Again, I obediently obliged him. As soon as I was done, he told me I was a "une bonne salope", a good bitch and left. I then proceeded to clean my ass using an entire box of Kleenex to do so. Once I thought it was ok, I put my pants back on and left, not forgetting my armband in the process.

I went back to "do my duty" but nobody seemed to have noticed my absence except the Amazon who, as I expected, wated seconds. I surprised myself and bluntly told her "You know what I would really like to do to you? I'd like to fuck your ass..." she giggled and told me she'd never done that. I told her it was a lot of fun AND I had the perfect lubricant...