I am a bisexual man in his thirties. I am married and happy but from time to time, I need to do it with a guy. Since I have no one to tell my stories (nobody knows of my bisexuality), I thought this might be an excellent and discreet mean of accomplishing this. Note that I try to be as faithful as possible to how the events actually happened but I have to admit that I took out the boring bits and "novelized" it to keep it interesting. Because I don't want to re-describe myself in every of my stories, I'll do it in the intro. I'm 6' tall, and I put on about 100 lbs since my first gay encounter but I was 190lbs the first time. No matter how much I weighed at a specific time, I was always in pretty good shape, playing football, tennis, swimming, biking, hiking etc. I have blue eyes and blond hair. I'm not very hairy, and anyway, what I have is also blond. My dick is a little odd. It's only 6" long, cut, but it is very thick, a massive 6" of girth. Also, for some reason, my ejaculations are very generous. That's about all you need to know.

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My gay encounters: Story 2- My weekend with Martin (1)

by Big Guy (BigGuyMtl@hotmail.com)

After my peepshow fuck, I have to admit, that I started to look at guys differently. Watching them, I would wonder if they were gay, if they had a big dick, if they were top of bottom, if they swallowed and all this kind of stuff. I knew very well that I wasn't gay, if the definition of gay is being able to fall in love with a guy and have a relationship with him. I realized that I was just a big pervert who would stick his dick in (almost) anything as long as it would make me cum. So I finally admitted to myself that I was bisexual, meaning that I sexually desired both men and women. Obviously, I had to keep it a secret, if my friends or even my parents knew, it would be catastrophic! Try to imagine explaining, that you are not a closet gay but you're just a closet pervert! Still, I wanted to do it again and again... I went back to the peepshow on Tuesdays to meet "Rick Moranis" 4 or 5 times, doing almost always the same thing, always loving it. I never got to know his name. The only personal thing I have learned is that he was married. He mentioned it when he complained that he could only "cum" on Tuesdays because his wife was doing some sort of charity on that night.

When I got back to CEGEP (it's our 12th and 13th grade in Quebec), I was much more confident. My peepshow fucks gave me the feeling I could have ANYONE I wanted, men or women.

The previous semester, there was this girl named Caroline who fancied me and whom I fancied. She was very cute, the "girl next door" type. Very "healthy". She was part of the school's swimteam. Not too much make up, casual clothes, but still managed to remain very sexy in jeans and t-shirt. Picture Drew Barrymore with red hair and freckles. I was then going out with someone and had scruples about either cheating on her or trying to woo Caroline and then dump her. So I lost her when she started to go out with this other guy, Martin. It pissed me off at the time because he was my complete opposite both in physique and in personality. He was about 5'6", 5'7", small frame, brown long hair to the shoulders, wore John Lennon glasses, and was going through a 60s-70s phase listening to The Beatles, The Who, Jethro Tull, Yes, etc. He was very calm and what was maddening about him is that when you talked, he would look at you very intensely as if your every words were diamonds. It gave me the creeps because I always had the feeling he was looking through me and could read my mind.

So when the semester started, I felt invincible, even though my fuck toy was a whore who was doing it with anyone with a dick, still, I felt the act of "trying the other side" made me superior in some way to the other guys who might want to get in my alpha male way. Caroline was in my philosophy class and from the moment I saw her, I told myself "I have to have her!" After all, I knew she liked me. And a further bonus was that, being from out of town, she had an apartment near school! I attacked during the break. Chitchatted with her, made her laugh, and discreetly asked if Martin was still in the picture. She said yes and my face must have shown my disappointment because she apologized and bluntly said that if only had I made my move earlier... Still, I was ok with it. Plenty of fish in the sea.

About a month later, late afternoon, I was in the office of the school's newspaper, in the basement of the school. With obviously no windows, and a single computer, the place was cozy only because it had a huge sofa, the location of many heavy petting sessions. I was typing an article when Martin came in and asked me who he had to speak to in order to join the staff. I told him it was pretty informal, that one had only to write something to join. He sat on the sofa and we started to chat about potential articles and I finally understood then what made me uneasy about the way he looked at people. He looks at people intensely trying to convey desire. At least that's what I figured out when he was looking at me. My theory proved right when he subtly started to talk about sex. I asked how Caroline was in bed and he said she was fine "but..." "But what?", I asked. "Well, she's passionate, very pretty, but...", and again he stopped. This time I just waited for him to drop the other shoe. He finally continued "But there's something she can't give me." Another dramatic pause. "As a matter of fact, no girl can give "it" to me..." I suddenly realized that he was coming on to me. I couldn't say a word. He continued, very casually explaining that the first time he had sex was with 3 guys in 9th grade when he and some friends got drunk while the parents were away. They started playing with their dicks while watching his dad's porn tapes and then one thing led to another (they obviously stopped drinking at this point) and the next thing he knew, his three (bigger) friends were fucking his ass in turn.

I gulped and asked him why he was telling me this. Again, he dramatically waited and said that from the moment he saw me he wanted to suck my dick!!! I still couldn't say a word! He continued, saying that it wouldn't make me gay if I were to let him suck me, and after all, we're young and it's a time to experiment, and all. Also, I would discover (something I already knew), that only men know how to really suck cock. I was by then rock hard. He could tell and smiled. He said "Listen, think about it. Here's my number, I live with Caroline. I know you want to fuck her badly, I can see it in your eyes. By the way, a threesome is one of her fantasies. I could try to put it in her head that you might be interested... Again, think about it." And he left.

I didn't know what to think. I was completely flabbergasted. I was standing in front of the computer with the piece of paper in my hand with my mouth open. I couldn't write after that so I picked up my stuff and left. I slept on it and realized that I want to fuck him badly. The next day I called him. I told him bluntly, that I didn't just want a blowjob. He understood and said that it would make it even better. Caroline was conveniently leaving for Berthier for the weekend to see her parents. We would be completely alone for the weekend. I got there Friday at around 9. He opened the door in his boxer shorts. I could see his hairless chest and his small build. It turned me on immediately. He wanted to kiss me but I turned my head. He didn't complain and led me by the hand directly to a sofa. There, he took off my clothes and made me sit. I was already hard. He looked at my dick with wide eyes and said that it was quite a mouthful and then tried to engulf it. He could only take the top of my dick. Still he started top expertly blow me with a combination of mouth and hands. Very soon, I told him I was going to cum and he should stop because I wanted to enjoy longer. He stopped, took off his boxer and stood in front of me with his dick also hard. It was a beautiful dick, about 4" or 5", quite slim, but beautifully shaped. He said that if I wanted his ass, I had to suck him. I surprised myself by instinctively plunging for it! I put his tip in my mouth, found the texture to be a bit rubbery, and then tried to put as much as I could in my mouth, inch by inch. I have never practice but somehow, I must be a natural because I managed to take it all in, my nose easily reaching his pubes. He seemed surprised because he let out a loud groan. I took his waist and started to have him fuck my mouth. I felt so dirty it was amazing! From time to time he gave me some instructions to make it better and I appear to have been a very good student because without a warning, he started to cum in my mouth, spurt after spurt filling my mouth. At first, I was surprised but then left him finish. For about 30 seconds I had this huge amount of cum in my mouth and his dick. I just left it in my mouth and waited to see what he would do. He took out his dick and crashed on the sofa. After getting used to the sensation, its salty taste, I swallowed it all. Doing that made me so horny I turned around and jumped Martin. It seemed that the taste of cum triggered something in me and destroyed all my inhibitions. I jumped on Martin and started a deep French kiss. He again was surprised and joined in very quickly, tasting the lingering taste of his semen in my mouth. While we were kissing, I told him that I wanted his ass right away and put him on his knees in front of the sofa. He said that he didn't know if he could take my dick. I said in a very macho way that I didn't care. It didn't seem to scare him because I saw his dick starting to rise again. I reached for my backpack, took some condoms and asked if he had any lube. Quickly, I went to get his tube and came back. He hadn't moved, was still presenting me his eager ass. I poured some lube on my index and middle fingers and started to play with his asshole. It turned me on so much I wanted to push my dick all the way without preparing it. But I managed to resist the urge and kept playing with his ass, opening the hole as much as my 2 fingers could. The sound of his moans was only making it more exciting. After a few minutes I got tired of it. I told him he was going to get the assfuck of his life, and put the head of my cock in his ass. He yelled that he was not ready yet, but I told him I didn't care. I told him, to either push back or I would push in. The pain seemed to have receded a bit, and he started to push back. He kept swearing while doing it, repeating that I had a crisse de grosse queue, a fucking big dick, that I was tearing his ass apart. And for the first time, I pull his air from behind and started telling him he was my bitch and he loved being fucked. It seemed to turn him on because he pushed all the way back in one stroke. I was assdeep in him. As I used to do with my peepshow whore, I enjoyed the moment, feeling his tightness. He was soooooooooooo tight, much more that peepshow whore. But it was only the beginning. I hadn't even started to move yet! I started to fuck him. In, out, in out. Again, I almost came but stopped, wanting to enjoy the moment. After a while I resumed, and the more I fucked him, the more he was squealing, begging me to fuck him even more. Then he asked me to stop, switched position. He sat on the sofa but with his front to me. For the first time with a guy, I could see my lover as I was fucking him. I started to fuck him and could see him jerking off. I matched his jerking rhythm with my thrusts. He told me he wanted to come at the same time. I was ready to explode but the bastard wanted to prolong the pleasure. At one point I told him I couldn't hold it back and he agreed and we finally came at the same time. I filled the rubber while he sprayed cum all over his chest. Even after cumming I was still hard, although sensitive, and I kept fucking him while he was trying to empty every drop of cum from his dick.

At this point, I was exhausted. I got out of him, and laid on my back on the carpeted floor, catching my breath. He left the sofa, and put himself on top of me. I could feel the cum on his chest. By moving his chest, he rubbed it on me and started to kiss me. Then he surprised me, when down and delicately took out the condom from my limp dick. He took the cum filled rubber and did something I could only imagine porn movies do: he emptied the condom in his mouth like it was a Mr Freeze. He kept it in his mouth, came near me, showed how much there still was in his mouth, and swallowed it in front of my eyes, adding that he hates to waste good sperm.

We laid there for a while both of us silent, but thinking how hot it had been. I was also thinking about dirty stuff I hoped we could do in the shower. We did do some naughty things in the shower but that's for the next instalment.