I am a bisexual man in his thirties. I am married and happy but from time to time, I need to do it with a guy. Since I have no one to tell my stories (nobody knows of my bisexuality), I thought this might be an excellent and discreet mean of accomplishing this. Note that I try to be as faithful as possible to how the events actually happened but I have to admit that I took out the boring bits and "novelized" it to keep it interesting. Because I don't want to re-describe myself in every of my stories, I'll do it in the intro. I'm 6' tall, and I put on about 100 lbs since my first gay encounter but I was 190lbs the first time. No matter how much I weighed at a specific time, I was always in pretty good shape, playing football, tennis, swimming, biking, hiking etc. I have blue eyes and blond hair. I'm not very hairy, and anyway, what I have is also blond. My dick is a little odd. It's only 6" long, cut, but it is very thick, a massive 6" of girth. Also, for some reason, my ejaculations are very generous. That's about all you need to know.

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My gay encounters: Story 2- My weekend with Martin (2)

by Big Guy (BigGuyMtl@hotmail.com)

As we lay half on the living room sofa and half on the floor, catching our breath, we started to talk about sex. What we had done, with both guys and girls, what we would like to do and all that. He said that Caroline knew about his bisexuality and didn't mind as long as he was "safe". And he added, after a pause "And as long as I obey!" and he started laughing. "What do you mean?", I asked. "She's kinky and likes to play all sorts of 'games'. She's into light domination and submission games." I was stunned. It was obvious that she liked sex, you could see it in her eyes, but the kinky stuff surprised me. "How do you think she'll react when you'll tell her we fucked?" "She's going to be thrilled and push forward her 3-some idea. Are you interested?" And without thinking even for a second I said that I'd love to! And anyway, it was something I had in mind for a while. With or without Martin.

He suddenly got up and went to the bathroom and told me to follow him. When I got there he was already in the shower soaping himself. I joined him and for a few minutes, all we did was soap each other which I found odd, not used to caressing a man's body and not finding it particularly sexy either. He read my mind apparently because he washed the soap off of us and kneeled in front of me and started to blow me. "Now you're talking!", I thought to myself. As he did earlier, he was very good, managing to deep throat me slowly. I was really enjoying his skill when I felt his finger near my anus. I had never put anything there or even touched this area of my body. I guess my rationale was that doing anything in that area would have made me "gay". After the surprise subsided, I relaxed and started to really enjoy it. He started by teasing the entry, matching the rhythm with his mouth. Unfortunately though, water is not a very good lubricant, so it wasn't as smooth as he and I would have liked. So I turned off the water and reached for a jar of Vaseline on the counter. I know, not the best of lubricant, but it was the closest thing. I didn't have to tell hi what I wanted I just gave him the jar and he did the rest... He took a handful and started to rub my ass with it while still sucking my cock. He managed to lubricate my ass and really started to fingerfuck my ass, again matching the rhythm of his mouth and finger. It was so good. I thought I'd come right away. I was moaning and encouraging to fuck my ass! I couldn't believe what I was saying! Encouraged, he added his middle finger and I felt so full I couldn't hold it anymore and I came and came and came, filling his mouth with spurt after spurt after spurt. My legs were weak as I came and the bath being too small to sit the both of us, I kinda jumped out of the tub and laid on the bathroom floor completely in trance, trying to catch my breath.

The sound of a gulp, Martin swallowing obviously, made me realized what had just happened: a guy played with my ass and I loved it! Being fucked by a guy or finger or dildo is not something I had ever considered at that point. For the first time, I was considering the idea of being fuck by a dick! This was shocking to me! A couple of months prior to my being sprawled on a bathroom floor I had never done anything with a guy or even thought of doing something! The whole universe I was discovering was making my head turn.

Martin dried himself and kneeled in front of me, licking the remaining cum of my now limp dick. I realized that he hadn't cum. I then brazenly told him that I'd like to try a 69, that I was sure he could make me hard again. While he was positioning himself, I reached for the jar of Vaseline. I wanted to experiment too with his ass...

He started to suck me again, but more slowly, knowing I was still sensitive. I took his hardening dick in its entirety. Apparently, I was made to deep throat 4 inch dicks. He started to fuck my mouth slowly. I poured some Vaseline on his ass, and entered two fingers at a time. That was me! The guy who couldn't wait! I felt him moan through his dick (which was weird) and my assfucking persona took over! I really started to fuck his ass with my index and middle finger. All the noises he was making told me he really liked it. Still, I felt his ass was not tight enough, I was sure he could use another finger so I inserted my ring finger and really fucked him with them. Pretty soon, he came, filling my mouth with his cum, which I swallowed like I had done that all my life.

He still had my dick in his mouth but he had stopped sucking in the last minute or so, concentrating on his coming orgasm. He let go of my dick and told me, trying to catch his breath, "Would you believe that everything you put in my butt is still not as big as your dick?" I smiled and said "Is that your subtle way of telling me that you want me to fuck you again?" I didn't wait for an answer. I lifted off me, went to get a rubber, put it on as I was coming back (!) and roughly told him to "assume the position". He obediently kneeled in front of the bathtub, again told me to be gentle, knowing I wouldn't listen. I told him he was already prepared and lubed. So I put the head of my dick near his anus, bent over, licked his cheek and whispered "Tell me you want it bitch". He whispered in turn "Yesssssssss..." and in one stroke, I got in his ass entirely. He screamed like a little girl, which at the same time, surprised and didn't surprise me. I waited, turned his head and started to kiss him. I could feel his tears as I was kissing him. But no matter how painful it was, he didn't ask me to take it out. So I started my fucking motion while still French kissing him. He moaned through my kiss. At one point I let go and started to really ram him. In a matter of seconds I was coming again. This time, I stayed in him, and we laid side by side for a while. Next thing I know we fell asleep. I woke up when I felt a mouth on my dick. He had taken the rubber off, again, cum junkie that he is, and licked my dick clean, again.

We took another shower, with no hanky panky this time and went to bed.