Bookstore Prey

Just as with my other stories the events I write about are true.

Greetings Nifty Readers. I had an intense experience last night and need to share First a little background. I'm a married fifty something bi-sexual living in a large Midwestern City. Over the past year I have been able to find several ways to explore my new found interests. Based on a story that I read here I began going to a local bookstore. They have a main screen, arcade and a spa with a steam room. I love to suck cocks and there have been plenty willing to oblige. I was feeling particularly horny and decided to go see what was happening.

I arrived late in the afternoon and there were only a few cars in the lot. I paid the admission and proceeded to the spa. There was a hot looking Hispanic man who looked to be about thirty, about six feet tall with a hairy body and an uncut cock. I thought to myself, "wow I would like to take him for a spin" grinning to myself.

He started the conversation and asked "is anything going on out in the theater."

I told him that it was slow being that it was Tuesday and added that I was hoping things would pick up.

As we sat in the spa sweating he told me that he was hoping that a couple would come in, adding that he was here a while back and an orgy broke out.

Feeling fairly certain that the hunk was not here to get up close and personal with an old guy like me I excused myself and showered. I slid my shorts and tee shirt on and headed back to the arcade. I had all but given up when I saw him: A younger boy in his early to mid twenties with mussed brown hair deep brown eyes, slim frame, cammo pants and a tee shirt. He moved into a booth and left the door wide open. I slid into the booth next to him to watch a movie and to let my cock swell so that my prey would get a glimpse of my hardened cock through my gym shorts when I was ready.

About five minutes past and I moved to his booth. He was standing and the first thing I noticed was a strong smell of pot. The next thing I noticed was his six and a half inch circumcised cock.

I removed my eyes to his dreamy stoned eyes and asked "Do you want some help with that?"

He replied "Nah I'm good".

(Note: Those were the last words spoken between us for the next two hours.)

I had resigned myself that it was going to be a solo night in a booth, shower and head home. Boy was I wrong.

I walked passed the open door and he was seated slowly stroking his shaft. I glanced up at the screen and noticed that my prey was watching the same bi-sexual movie playing on my screen. I positioned myself in the doorway of his booth and he glanced at me and grinned slightly. Then turned his attention back to the screen.

My eyes were glued on his throbbing cock. Occasionally he licked his fingers for lubrication. He only moved a few times to change the channel on his monitor. Then my prey did something to hook me for the duration; he placed his finger on the tip of his cock, when he moved his finger it was covered with pre-cum. All at once he put his finger in his mouth to taste himself. And my cock stiffened.

For the next hour and a half I stood there watching and anticipating watching my new friend shoot his load of boy cum. I was thinking to myself "What is he going to do when he cums? Will he let fly? Catch in his hand and drink it? Will he share it with me?" I decided ,any of the above would send me over the edge, so I resolved to stand there as long as it took this enticing boy to finish.

The crowd began to pick up and there was a lot of traffic in the hallway of the arcade. As the men passed behind me the boy would stop stroking his cock and look up as to say "Don't let them watch. This is just for you."

I took a full step into the booth and was gazing down on my prey. As my rivals passed I would give them a look as to say; "back off this one is all mine!"

This appeared to please my prey and he relaxed, slumped further onto the seat and was no stroking his cock faster. My cock was fully engorged straining to break free from my shorts. I was waiting for this boy to beg me to suck his cock. When suddenly the predator became the prey.

He opened his mouth fully and began flicking his tongue. Still no words were spoken. I shut the door and locked it behind me and the boy looked at my cock bulging in my shorts. With one motion he quickly slid between my legs with his back wresting on the seat, pulled my shorts down and attacked my cock with his hot mouth.

Like I said, I had been horny before I got there and I knew I was going to last very long. I looked down and saw my cock in my now predators mouth.

I said: "I'm going to cum"

He released my cock long enough to ask; "in my mouth?"

I uttered "If you want", and with that he went back to sucking my cock. I moved my hips towards this hungry boy and I heard him gagging. At that point I didn't care. I held out a long as I could and blasted a load of cum. I heard him choking and gagging even harder and withdrew my wilting cock from his mouth. He said: "Oh no you don't!" and grabbed my shorts and pulled my cock back into his mouth.

I came back to reality for a second and realized that he was stroking his cock to bring about his own orgasm. My cock stiffened inside of his mouth and his assaults were causing me pain. I grabbed the wall and allowed my predator to complete his mission. When he released my cock I looked him in the eyes and said "thanks kid" .

Thanks for reading