By Erik Maskot

Since I became aware of my sexuality, I've always had this fetish of wearing sexy underwear. I was only thirteen when I started trading underwear with my penpals. I always looked forward to opening a letter from one of them, pulling out the underwear and sniffing it. Then I would put it on. I just got turned on by wearing underwear that others have had on before me.

When I was sixteen I received a package from Andreas in Germany. Not only was he the hottest dude I've seen in a photo. He also had jacked off in the briefs he sent me. I almost came just by sniffing the white stain in the fabric. I had never been so horny in my entire life, like the day that I put on the stained brief. It got soaked with my own cum before I even touched my cock.

Then Andreas didn't only send me stained underwear anymore. He also started sending me small boxes with filled condoms in them. Now I started soaking my underwear with his cum while I was wearing it. Then it was mixed with my cum. I took it off and started licking it. I also put his cum on my cock, or on dildos before I started fucking myself with them.

This whole time I was living in the closet. None of my friends knew about my fetish or the fact that I was gay. Nor did I meet any of my penpals.

When I started college I had to move to a bigger city, and things changed. I got my own apartment, and I felt free to do anything I wanted.

I also started this little game of mine when I went out shopping. I went into a store, went to the underwear department, and picked the most sexy briefs I could find. Then I searched for a cash register with a sexy guy to see if he would blush when I got up to him to pay. I always made sure that I was wearing my tightest jeans that made my bulge look as big as possible.

One time I got this hot stud who couldn't keep his eyes off me and my crotch. I knew I had him, and I winked. He started stuttering. Discreetly I pushed a little note with my address over to him. He quickly put it in his pocket.

That night I didn't need to wait long for my visitor. As soon as I opened the door he stepped inside and started kissing me. He started rubbing his crotch against mine. We both took our shirts and jeans off. Then we were standing there, both in our briefs and rubbing our bodies against each other. We both had hard-ons.

When he positioned himself behind me, he took his briefs off, and placed it in my face with his right hand. It smelt wonderful. He was rubbing his cock up and down the crack of my ass. He didn't pull my underwear off. Instead he tore a hole in it with his fingers, and his big cock entered my ass through that hole.

He was fucking me hard. I could smell and feel his sweat. He was holding his hand on my crotch, and it didn't take long before I came. He collected my cum in his hand, and placed it in front of my mouth. I had to eat my own cum while he was still fucking me.

A few minutes later he pushed his cock all the way to the bottom, and he filled me up with a big load of sperm. He kept fucking me till he was dry. Then he pulled himself out, got dressed and disappeared out the door. He left his briefs, though. I never saw him again. That was my first sexual experience with another person.

It didn't take long, though, before my next encounter. In gym I used to pick up my college mates' jockstraps, and smell them. It didn't take long before someone found out, and soon my apartment turned into a love nest. Even the straight guys came over when they felt the urge to fuck a tight hole. I never had to buy myself any underwear again.