Change of Direction

It was Friday night and I was tired from a grueling week at work but hornier than hell. Despite my exhaustion, I showered, shaved, and put on my best bar scene clothes and headed out to a local bar that had a good after-hours club that was a sure thing for a pick-up. Before heading out, I looked around to assure myself that I would not be embarrassed by the condition of the apartment when I brought my catch home for a night of hot and heavy sex. Everything looked neat and clean and there were fresh linens on the bed. I put out a couple of bottles of my best red wine and polished up my best wine glasses and placed them on the counter. For good measure, I plugged in a new air freshener before going out of the door.

The bar was empty when I got there. Thinking that I was just too early for the crowd, I settled in hoping that things would soon pick up. I was beginning to think that would never happen when. A little after 10:00 pm, a few rather boisterous guys came in but no girls. They huddled around the other end of the bar and were obviously already well on their way to inebriation. I was about to leave when some females entered the bar but they soon gravitated to the lively group of guys down the other end of the bar. I was getting frustrated and was considering going to my usual haunt at the gloryhole when all of a sudden a crowed began to pour in. The place started to really get jumping and my chances of a score were very much enhanced by all of these women about. But, time went by and I was still sitting there like a dolt and everyone else was already pairing up. I ordered another drink and sat their in silence, kicking myself for my shyness and wishing that I had gone to the adult bookstore where I didn't have to do anything to attract a mate other than stick my cock through a hole in the wall. Ah, anonymous sex; what would I do without it?

As I sat there alone and staring at my drink and contemplating my plight, a young man approached and asked if I would mind him sitting on the empty stool next to me. I just nodded without looking and said, "Go for it!"; fully expecting him to take the stool away to sit with someone else. Funny that, but the only vacant seat in the entire bar was the stool next to me. The growing crowd was encroaching on it but to this point, it served as a sort of DMZ between me and all of those eligible chicks I so desperately wanted but was too meek to approach. The guy slid onto the stool and leaned his elbows on the bar waiting for the bartender to come by. The poor guy, like me he couldn't catch the attention of the bartender to save his life. At one point, he pitifully waved his hand to try to draw attention to himself but he was ignored while the raucous crowd down the bar from him was getting dedicated service. He sheepishly retracted his arm and folded his hands on the bar. I was feeling sorry for him. I had my own experience trying to get service after the place started filling up. Before that, the barkeep stood there with nothing else to do but tell me his life story. Watching this guy get ignored was getting me pissed off; not so much with the bartender, because he was very busy and working hard, but with the aggressive testosterone oozing assholes that were taking over the bar room that was just minutes ago my exclusive domain.

Bolstered by a few drinks, I decided that if I couldn't get up the courage to face the fairer sex then I was at least going to take a stand on a man's right to get a drink so I knocked my glass of beer off of the counter smashing it as it hit the floor behind the bar. Funny, but the bartender heard that!

As he came running up I sort of lost my nerve and timidly said, "Sorry, I accidentally knocked it over."

I guess the earlier bonding we did paid off because he smiled and said, "Shit happens" and got a broom from the corner and cleaned up the mess I had made and said, "I'll get you another."

Bolstered by his affability, I regained my resolve and boldly barked, "Get my friend here whatever he is having too."

The guy looked over at me and said, "Thanks! I thought I was never going to get a drink in here." I hadn't paid much attention to him before that. I finally turned to get a glimpse at him while he was ordering his drink and I was struck by how handsome he was. He had shiny black hair and, as he turned back to look at me, I was captivated by his piercing light blue eyes that embraced your gaze in such a way as to make it difficult to break away. I seemed a bit spooky since I had never experienced that effect with another man before.

After mentally breaking the spell, I was able to make a better observation of the guy. He looked a few years my junior and I noted that oh so familiar look of desperation on his face. He was obviously here to hook-up with someone for the night and mutually recognizing that we were both obviously looking for the same thing, we began to converse. It didn't take long for me to become impressed by his knowledge and his sense of humor. This was no barfly or jerk from the hood. Here was an intelligent witty young man with lots to say and a willingness to listen. After only a few minutes, I felt that I knew him for many years. His warmth and charm pulled at me as if he was tugging on my arm. I became fascinated by him and with him.

I bought another round of drinks and he yet another. We talked, drank, and laughed follower by more drinking, talking and lots of laughing and before we knew it, it was closing time for the bar and everyone was heading upstairs to the after hours club. He looked at me and said, "Going up?"

To which I said, "I... don't think so. I'm really tired and frankly, too horny."

"All the better... come on!" he said, "It'll be fun and maybe we'll get lucky."

"No offence," I said, "but you're as lucky as I got so far tonight; how much luckier can I get?"

I could tell by the look on his face that he didn't know how to take my comment. To tell you the truth, neither did I. I think all of the scotch in my system was acting like truth serum. I was obviously feeling pretty happy to have been with this guy most of the night and probably a bit curious of where it could go, so I guess it just came out that way. I was lucky to have met him. I don't think I had enjoyed a night out this much in several years. It was then I realized that I didn't even know his name. Although I didn't think we would become best-bud's or anything like that but it would be nice just to know his name. Our chance meeting evolved so easily and quickly that we skipped right past introductions. We really didn't need any.

"What is your name anyway? I'm Ken, Ken Baughmann with two n's," I yelled above the din of the crowd.

"Don't laugh, but my name is Gabriel Saint." he said equally loud but with an apologetic tone. "Obviously, my parents had a great sense of humor." He said, but, "My friends call me Arc; you know, like in archangel. But, please call me John because I hate all of the other names," he replied.

I'm sure I looked befuddled and, of course, sounded that way when I haltingly answered, "Ah, Ok... John."

He laughed saying, "Just kidding! You can call me Arc, or Gabe, or Gabriel; whatever you wish. It's my name and I've learned to live with it. Not to blow my own horn, but I think the name suits me... Sorry for the horn metaphor."

I grasped his hand firmly for a manly handshake and looked him square in the eye as I intended to thank him for the good time and say goodnight. But, as our eyes locked, a feeling of regret came over me knowing that the mild euphoria I experienced with him was over and we were going to part and probably never see each other again. This is kind of crazy, but I was starting to feel a sense of loss. I was actually feeling something for him; an emotional attachment; a need. I have had this feeling before but it was with a girlfriend as she was breaking up with me. It's a feeling of an impending void. I tried to shake it off by telling myself that it was just the booze because this was just some guy I met in a bar and not a hot babe. Regardless, I couldn't bring myself to say goodbye.

The handshake continued in uncomfortable silence. Finally, he filled the dead air between us by saying, "Don't leave! Neither of us have any place to go but to bed and we can do that later."

It was his turn at double entendre, only he did it with what looked to me like a knowing smirk and a gleam in his eye. I am almost sure that he meant that as an invitation and I really didn't know how to react to it. I was trying to assess whether this guy was gay and trying to pick me up or not. Or, was I trying to evaluate my own proclivities? I don't know but I said, "Ok Gabriel, I'll stay."

With that, he seemed to perk up and said, "Let's go then," and turned to head up the stairway. I dutifully followed him in silence; feeling uncomfortably submissive but good about, at least, postponing the inevitable feeling of emptiness that is sure to come when we finally part.

We each paid the ten bucks of admission and walked through the double doors to the bar and dance floor. Gabriel found a table for two and settled in for whatever was going to happen. At the time, I didn't give it much thought but why did he pick a table for two when there were plenty of tables for four or more; especially since we were ostensibly looking to hook up with women. With a couple of drinks at twice the price we paid down stairs, we picked up the conversation where we had left off. I was again feeling very comfortable; just listening to him made me happy. As he was talking, I again studied his face and marveled at those blue eyes, deep set and framed by thick black brows. He had a strong chin under an interesting mouth that was circumscribed by rather thick full lips. He had very masculine good looks that were kind of intimidating to me. His cheekbones were high making him seem almost gaunt as the skin was pulled tight to a strong, very masculine jawbone that peaked with a strong wide chin that sported a very pronounced cleft. The entire lower part pf his face was covered with the dark stubble of a day's growth. The dark shadow of a beard only served to enhance his virility.

But, those eyes; those eyes were unbelievably beautiful. They were, by themselves, very feminine but, his facial appearance when taken as a whole was very masculine. He had no feminine mannerisms and his speech was manful. I just couldn't get past those eyes. It was becoming very obvious that I was staring directly into them as we talked and the more I stared, the more I was drawn to, or should I say into, him as a man. Again, the feelings: it was the exact feeling I had when I was falling in love with my high school sweetheart. I was thinking that I should be feeling embarrassment for dabbling in gay-like thoughts but I wasn't.

Gay-like, is there such a thing? Let's face it, I was having homosexual desires and I was wallowing in them.

My mind started focusing on him as an object in front of me and my attention started to drift from what he was saying. I continued to nod and give week answers to his questions but my mind was trying to deal with this situation. I asked myself if I had actually picked up a guy rather than a girl. Or, was I the one being picked up? It didn't really matter because I was having a wonderful time and I was getting turned on by this guy's good looks. I know that I am not gay but this was different. I tried to convince myself that this was no different than enjoying the occasional gloryhole only not so anonymously. Who was I kidding, this is exactly like the gloryhole and anonymity has nothing to do with it; both are gay activities. Therefore, so must I be gay, or at least Bi.

We were getting along so well that I didn't want the evening to stop. I was enjoying the companionship. Really, this was all very innocent and nothing unseemly had happened. After all, I wasn't thinking of having sex with this guy... or was I?

Nothing he was saying or doing indicated that he was in anyway gay. The comment he made about going to bed was probably said in jest or maybe I just took it the wrong way. I could tell that he was getting tired of talking about inconsequential things as he started to ask questions about me. He wanted to know what my interests were and what I did for a living and all of that stuff. I filled him in on the details and in turn, asked him about himself. It turns that he was a PhD physicist and was currently attending a Catholic seminary in the city. I thought that rather odd.

I asked, "What the hell is a physicist doing in a seminary? You could probably make a ton of money in business or even in the government. Christ, you could probably make a good buck teaching. Why the priesthood? I would think that a dead end for a physicist!"

"Let's face it Ken, money isn't a prime driver for everyone. There has to be someone willing to look after the wellbeing of others. I happen to think that the Church is in trouble which means that a lot of souls are in trouble. I believe in God and the spiritual teachings of the Catholic Church; although, I do have problems with its politics. You know, many of the same problems that sparked the protestant reformation back in the 1500's clearly still haunt the Church. Unfortunately, those ills are caused very human politics within the church today, just like it was back then."

At this point, I was really confused. If this guy was a seminarian and I assumed clearly understood the position of the Roman Church on sex and promiscuity, what was he doing here trying to pick up women and commit mortal sin? Come to think of it, he talked a lot about girls but he never once approached one or even broke his attention from me to look at one... Shit! Neither did I.

I wasted the entire evening with this guy and never even attempted to pick up a skirt. I was disappointed in myself for not taking action and I was still in rut and frustrated as hell and needed relief. I stopped him in mid sentence as he was rambling on about church politics and said, "Sorry Rafael, but I need to get my rocks off and I need to do it now. I'm heading out to where I know I can get it. You're welcome to come with me if you feel the need but I have to go now so if not, goodbye. I had a great time with you tonight."

He said, "Where is it that you're going?"

"You mean where I can get my rocks off? It's right outside of town by a couple of miles," I said impatiently.

"Is it a whorehouse?" he asked.

"No! It's an adult bookstore with video booths," I explained

"Are you going to jerk off?" he inquired.

"Didn't you ever hear of a gloryhole?" I asked with surprise.

"No, what's that?" he asked.

I said, "You've got to come with me. It is easier to show you than explain to you how it works. I go to them frequently. They are everywhere if you know where to look and aren't afraid of seeing the seedier side of the tracks."

"I can't go. I don't have a car. A friend drove me here and dropped me off. I was hoping to bum a ride back or to the train station from someone,"

"Well buddy, the trains aren't running at this hour of the morning and I don't think anyone here is looking to drive all the way back into the city, so I guess you're stuck with me and I'm going to the gloryhole." I said with an air of confidence. He offered no resistance and went over to get our coats from the pegs along the wall and got his duffle bag that he deposited with the bartender for safe keeping earlier and we headed to my car.

The night air was biting cold but very still. As we labored to walk down the street, the vapor of our breath billowed from out noses upon each exhale. As we approached my car, I pushed the button on my key fob to turn on the lights and start the engine. We went around to the rear and threw his bag in the trunk and had to slam the lid several times before the frozen locking mechanism would latch. We slid onto the cold seats and buckled up in silence. I could tell that Gabriel was pensive about where we were heading and I was losing my horniness due to the extreme cold and was considering turning around and heading for home or maybe somewhere to drop him off. It didn't take too long for the heater to overcome the frigid interior of the car and my attention immediately refocused on sex. We drove out of town, past the farms and into the wooded area adjacent to the game preserve, the only light being our headlights. It was a moonless night and so dark we could only see the road in front of us and not even the trees of the forest only a dozen or so feet on either side of us. Rounding a curve, we were almost blinded by the bright lighted signs and spotlights coming from the small cluster of buildings in a clearing at the side of the road. Prominent among them was a pink neon sign saying, "Cupid's Lounge."

There were a surprising number of cars in the parking lot for 3:30 in the morning but we pulled into a slot close to the entrance. Getting out of the car, Gabriel said with a sense of foreboding, "I don't know about this."

I said, "Don't knock it until you've tried it... or, at least seen it."

He didn't answer but followed me closely as we entered the shop. The clerk was behind a glass counter next to the door and he operated a remotely controlled turnstile allowing each of us to enter in single file but only after he gave us the once-over to see if we looked like trouble. I don't know what he would do if we looked threatening since anyone could easily hop over the turnstile and wreak havoc on the place. The guy behind the counter was old and fat and looked like constrained by the counter that appeared to have no door or means of egress. One wonders how he ever got back there considering his size. There must be a gantry crane somewhere about.

The store was brightly lit. The walls were hung with erotic merchandise of all kinds and the racks which ran the length of the store were filled with sexually explicit DVD's or magazines and the like. I watched Gabriel as he took it all in. He looked shocked but anything but disgusted. He perused the leather devices near him on the wall and then walked along marveling at the vast variety of sexual aids. He was probably wondering what they were all for. He was clearly curious.

I said, "Follow me," and we headed toward the back wall of the shop where there was a doorway with a pair of swinging doors leading to a large darkened room. The only light inside was that which poured in over and under the double doors. Our eyes, unaccustomed to the dark, nearly halted our advancement. We creped into the room very slowly as I felt my way by flailing my arms ahead of me and Gabriel by grabbing a handful of my shirt from the middle of my back. I finally found a wall that we could rest against until our eyes adjusted to the dim.

Eventually, the first thing we could make out was the glow from the video screens through partially open doors. Quickly the booths with their red lights above the doors became visible. There was plenty of sound coming from most of the booths; some music but mostly the sounds of sex. Gabriel, still holding the back of my shirt said, "Is this a gloryhole?"

I said, "No, but they're close. Let's go into one of these booths and I will show you one.

I grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him along the corridor that was lined with booths on both sided until we reached a much wider open area with a few wooden benches in the middle and the walls lined with much larger booths that could accommodate two or more persons. We scooted past the benches where a number of men were seated and into one of the large vacant booths indicated by an open door and the red light being off. The booths on either side had their doors closed with their red lights glaring. By this time, our eyes were fully dilated and could see surprisingly well in the little room lighted only by the glow of the video screen on the back wall opposite the door. I put a five dollar bill into the video machine and started to rotate through the channels to find something to watch. There was something for everyone. There was fucking, sucking, buggering, and masturbating going on between men and women, men and men, women on women; any combination you could imagine. For the more adventuresome, there were water sports, fisting, and transgender stuff and many more fetishes and perversions. At one time, you could find kiddy porn and bestiality videos but those days are long gone. You see, I've been frequenting adult bookstores with video booths for a very long time but only recently taking advantage of the tension relieving gloryholes. I was pretty much at home here but Gabriel looked bewildered.

He said, "I never imagined that there were places like this."

I said, "You ain't seen nothing yet. Look here," as I pointed to the square window on the sidewall of the booth. It was about the size of a notepad, about 8 1/2x11 and opened to the next booth. I told him to look at the other wall behind him where he saw another one of similar size but oval in shape. "Those are gloryholes."

"Bend over and look through," and he obligingly did. He quickly stood back up and said, "There's a guy in there with his pants down and jerking off!"

"Of course," I said, "What do you think people do in a place like this?"

I said,"Flip through the videos until you find something that turns you on while I get some relief."

Clearly anxious, he said, "You're not going to jerk off with me in here are you?"

I replied, "I might, but I am hoping to get something better than that." With that, his look of anxiety morphed to one of fear. I said, "You have nothing to worry about, there is plenty of other help around here. Watch that window.

Within a few seconds, a man's hand was there rubbing a couple of his fingers along the bottom edge of the hole. I unzipped my pants and dropped them around my ankles and moved over to face the hole. A pair man's hands came through and rubbed my cock through my boxers and when I got hard, he pulled the waistband down and hooked it under my balls. There was my cock, as hard as a rock sticking out and upward at a 45 degree angle and lighted relatively brightly by the glow of the screen in the other booth. The hands came back; one grabbing my balls and the other, my dick. He began to slowly masturbate me while gently massaging my balls.

Gabriel said, "I can't believe you are letting him do that!"

To which I replied, "I told you before, I need relief... and, don't knock if you haven't tried it. There's another hole on the other side. Why don't you give it a try?"

He didn't answer but he seemed to hug the wall next to me where, coincidently, he got a good view of what was happening to me. He watched as the guy worked me until my pre-cum flowed over the back of the guy's hand and down his wrist. I could here Gabriel breathing heavier and heavier as the sex scene before his eyes progressed. When he saw the guy lean in and extend his tongue to lick the drops leaking from my engorged cock, Gabriel groaned aloud and leaned in closer so that he was now against me as well as the wall. I pulled away from the wall a little bit so that he could get the best possible view. Gabriel was transfixed with the porn show we were giving him. When the guy eventually took my cock into his mouth, Gabriel, with a shaky voice, said, "I don't believe this," and I could feel him begin to shake from head to toe with excitement. I realized that Gabe and I were each leaning against the wall and against each other with our heads touching and both of us looking down at hot sex scene below; both of us now shaking uncontrollably. It was as if both of us were getting the same blowjob and about to reach climax simultaneously. I was nearing the end and started rocking my hips and pumping my cock deep into the guy's mouth. Instead of backing off as I expected, the guy came forward and let me push my cock deep into his throat until my pubic hair was pressed tightly against his upper lip. This was a first for me and an unbelievable feeling of being deep throated. The guy moved around in such a way as to massage my cock with his throat. As he came up for air, I began to blast my sperm into his mouth. He didn't loose a drop. I was grunting like a pig with every spurt. Like I always do, I counted them and it was a new record for me of 15 full squirts. I didn't see any of them but I felt the all and every one of them stayed in the man's mouth. Not a drop escaped. It was when the guy tilted back his head and showed us his mouth full of my cum and with tremendous showmanship, swallowed my sperm with his mouth still agape that I realized Gabriel was moaning loudly and thrashing his hips about as if he was grinding against some slut. I moved my hip over toward him and wrapped my arm around his back and let him hump against me as the man recaptured my still hard dick in his sloppy jazzed mouth. Gabe was really getting into it when suddenly he shouted, "No! I can't do this," and pulled back and away from me.

I know what I did next must have looked pretty silly but I turned toward him pulling my still hard cock out to the stranger's mouth causing it to slap against my opposite hip and swing back and forth several times before stopping in a position pointing directly at Gabriel. Gabe's eyes were locked right on my cock with a look on his face like it was pointing at him with accusation for some terrible deed. I looked down and could see the enormous tent in the front of Gabriel's trousers and realized that he was packing something very large in there. I was intrigued.

I said, "Gabriel, Haven't you ever had sex?" He didn't answer. "Don't you jerk off?" Again, no answer. "I think you need some relief." No answer.

I said, "Why don't you just take it out ad stick it through the hole and that guy will do all of the work. All you have to do is cum." There was silence. He appeared to be in a trance. He continued to look at my cock so I moved is to see what he would do and he followed my cock with his eyes. I turned back and his stare stayed locked on it. The same when I moved back and came forward. I ended up within inches of him with just enough space between us for him to see my cock.

I asked him, "Do you like my cock?"

He didn't talk but slowly nodded his head yes.

I asked, "Don't you need to cum?"

Again he nodded yes.

I said, "What do you want to do?"

He didn't say anything but I felt his hand lightly touch the head of my cock. He slid his fingers and then his palm over it but extremely gently. By now, it was dry after the blowjob and very sensitive. It reacted by springing up into his palm and throbbing up and down a bit as it again hardened to its fullest. I didn't say anything; I just let him explore my cock. Eventually, he grasped my shaft and slowly, very slowly stroked its length.

I had the feeling that we were both heading into new territory and I was wishing that I hadn't gotten that blowjob; at least yet. I let Gabe feel me for a little while when I decided that is was now or never and reached out to touch the top of his tent to see what his reaction would be. My fear was that he would bolt from the booth once I touched him. He didn't. He instead, moaned and thrust his hips forward pressing his cock firmly against my hand. I had never felt another guy's cock before, even under clothing. I was thrilled at its feel. It was a very different feeling than touching my own. I could feel the heat and its firmness. I really wanted to feel it directly and not through two layers of fabric but I was again afraid of what he would do if I tried to get it out of his pants.

His manipulation of my genitals was getting more ardent. He brought his other hand around and started feeling my scrotum and balls. I took that as a sign to go for it and I reached over with both hands and began to unbuckle his pants. He did nothing to stop me so I pulled down his zipper and let them drop to the floor. I could see the large wet spot on the front of his boxers and wrapped my hand around the head of his cock feeling the now cool wetness under my palm. I could feel his cock firm up from my touch and the fabric wicking up a new supply of warm pre-cum.

I was enjoying what he was doing to me but I needed to actually see this monster cock and knew that there was no way I was going to remove his boxers without pulling my cock out of his hands. It was feeling so good to have him touch me that I had to force myself to take the drastic step to satisfy my other curiosity and bent over breaking his hold on my cock so I could pull his boxers down to his ankles to reveal the prize. I ended up in a squat with my face directly in line with his genitals. They were more magnificent than I could ever have dreamed. His dick or, to be more descriptive, schlong, was a prodigious pole and neatly circumcised. His balls were proportionately large and hung neatly snuggled in a sac just far enough down to not interfere with his shaft. This was the most beautiful sight I have ever experienced. I never really appreciated male genitalia before but now I believe I have seen true beauty and can appreciate what inspired Michelangelo to sculpt David.

I don't know why but I just could not resist reaching out and exploring this magnificent cock with my hands. The feel was overpowering and insufficient to satisfy the yearnings welling deep within. I just couldn't get satisfaction with my hands alone. I leaned in and brought the large shaft to my face and rubbed it along my cheek and then across my nose to the other cheek. I rubbed the swollen head of that beautiful shaft all around my face, forehead, and on my hair; the entire time painting my face with the fluids drooling from the large slit in the very tip that resembled in form, a women's cameltoe. I wanted this thing; I needed this thing; I wanted it so badly that I wanted it inside me. Then I realized just why homosexuals have anal sex. Distasteful as it had seemed to me before this, it is the only way to capture another man's beauty and make it part of you; to possess it; to be one with it. Once ignited, the craving does not stop. It may be temporarily suppressed. It may be denied. But, it can never be quenched without the culminating act.

I knew then where this was heading but this was not the place. To experience the quintessence of the act, it had to be celebrated in a sanctuary and not in a hovel. I wanted to make love to this man and have him make love to me but he was at the moment, trapped in a frenzy of lust that needed to be sated. I knew that I would lose him if I were to deviate from the path to satisfy his immediate need. I didn't want to chance that so I continued my ministrations. I moved my face down to his scrotum and pressed against his balls with my mouth, opening to accept one of them, finding it too big to comfortably fit so I just laved it with my tongue. I was in new territory and not sure what I was doing but it felt right so I continued. After licking both balls, I pulled them both up with my hand in order to reach the area where the scrotum meets the crack between his legs, and spot that I find extremely sensitive. I began to massage that area, occasionally pushing my tongue down between his legs and up along the ridge of skin that looks like a seam that runs down the middle of the scrotum between the balls and up to the underside of his cock shaft. I repeated the up down licking until the surface was slippery with my saliva but changed my attack when I felt his cock begin to soften despite his loud moans of pleasure.

I slowly moved my tongue up to his shaft, tasting it as I slid it up its length picking up the remnants of the slimy drool which, by now, was pouring from the tip in a continuous steady flow. My taste buds were alight with the subtle masculine flavor. This was something I had never experienced before. I had no idea of the excitement that could be transmitted by taste buds, spreading throughout my body causing a sympathetic drooling from my own cock. My tongue finally reached the pinnacle and the source of the erotic elixir. The tactile feel on my tongue changed significantly as it reached the summit. The skin was much smoother on the head of his cock than on the shaft and the flavor of his viscous emission much more intense, almost as a tease to the reward of his actual essence that I felt compelled to extract and savor before let it be consumed by my body. I felt like I was a shaman controlling the spiritual male forces or a priest in an act of exaltation in anticipation of a Eucharistic feast. My motivation was now clear to me and that was to experience what those similar shamans had at all of those gloryholes through which I made offerings at through the years. I was a supplicant on my knees accepting the power and majesty of his phallus and performing fervent act of worship in this most unlikely sanctuary. I opened my mouth to receive and encase the object of my veneration. The effect on me was immediate. I could feel my own penis swelling to a painful full erection. My cock pulsed rapidly, synchronized to my accelerating heartbeat. I could feel the string of ooze dangling from the tip reluctant to release itself and fall into the void below until forced by the volume of fluid continually being emitted. The sensation on my palate was exhilarating, giving me a sexual rush I had never experienced before. I began to swab the head of his cock with my tongue while I experimented with my movements designed to give him maximum pleasure based upon the best sensations I received by past worshipers at the many gloryholes I visited in the past. As a novice at this, I could not even attempt to slide this large cock into my throat even though deepthroating was among the best blowjobs I have experienced. Every time the head of his dick hit the back of my tongue, my gag reflex licked in but I tried desperately to control my reaction so as not to break his mood. I did my best to keep my plunges and his involuntary thrusts from penetrating my mouth too deeply.

I continued the ministrations with my mouth for a good while when Gabe started to moan loudly. I was wishing that I could take him deeper into my mouth and into my throat but that was just not going to happen. My anxiety level in anticipation of his ultimate climax was rising in concert with the elevating pitch of his moans. I suddenly doubted what my reaction will be to his sperm as it enters my mouth. I nearly lost my resolve when I felt the head of his cock expand to even greater dimensions signifying the approach of the male orgasm. With that, my desire was rekindled and I became resolute in my mission to consume his manly offering. I firmed up my grasp on his shaft and began to pump it in earnest while with my other hand, I encircled his scrotum between his shaft and balls with my index finger and thumb and gently pulled down on his balls with a mild squeezing motion as if I were expelling milk from a cow's teat. The combination of sensations was enough to send him over the top and he energetically ejected his first shot of semen that forced its way through my closed palate and into my throat. It happened so quickly and violently, I did not have a chance to actually experience it. It just happened and then it was over. I didn't want to waste any more opportunities to actually experience his hot sperm that I quickly pulled my head back and repositioned the head of his cock nearer to the tip of my tongue. Just as I got his cock in place, a second seemingly larger ejaculation burst from the head of his cock and along my tongue with such force, it too forced its way past my clenched palate but I did manage to capture some of the liqueur in my mouth and finally experienced the taste and texture I had only just learned to crave. The texture of his sperm was quite thick and I could feel its slippery nature coat my entire mouth. The taste was beyond description. Most pornography I have read describes the taste as salty, but I'm not convinced. There is a sensation similar to salt on the tongue but that is not the taste. In fact, there is no taste, at least upon first contact, or if there is a taste, it is so subtle that it lacks description. Before I could completely analyze my thoughts on taste, the third shot of sperm entered and filled my mouth with such volume that I had to seal my lips tightly around his cock so as not to loose it. With the next and succeeding spurts all seeming to be of equal volume, I had no choice but to swallow the precious fluid to consummate this sacrament and exalt this magnificent penis. I had extreme difficulty in keeping up with the flow the successive shots were much closer together than the first few and the volume of semen didn't diminish until the last two of, and I counted every one of them, 17 in all.

My head was swimming at what I had just done. Part of me had a hard time accepting that I would ever commit a homosexual act but the other part of me reveled in what just happened. There was still a significant amount of sperm in my mouth as I began to relax my hold on his cock and could feel the intensity of his erection subside. I finally released his penis from my mouth and it fell away from my face with a bouncing motion and a string of sperm still linking it to my mouth. As his hardness faded, the string eventually detached from his dick and swung down from my lips and chin, jiggling in mid air. I was so enraptured by what just transpired and by the slimy deposit still in my mouth that I did nothing to remove the string of jizz. I just swirled my tongue around in the sperm still in my mouth trying to get as much experience with it as I could. It was as if I was trying to make up for all of opportunities I missed in my past life to experience this. I loved it. This was the most intense sexual experience - let's face it, any type of experience - of my life to date and I was still evaluating it. The sperm was beginning to dilute with that it began to kind of foam up from the agitation from my tongue so I attempted to swallow my final cache. Most of it went down ok but there was a thick coating on my tongue and at the back of my throat that just would not go down; even after many tries. To this point, I wasn't in the least grossed out with what I had done but this little difficulty in swallowing got me to thinking about what I really did. I had actually placed my mouth on another guy's penis and swallowed fluids produced by the glands inside of him. It was slimy goo and if I had not been so sexually excited, would have grossed me out to the extreme. I was struggling with the realization of what I did when the sight of his swinging dick in front of me enticed me back into a sexual reverie. I detected an aftertaste of the sperm that was headier than the initial taste. Reflexively, I had to continually try to clear the slime coating the inside of my throat with grunts and suppressed coughs but This just served to enhance the effect of the aftertaste of the cum.

I was stiff again and needed another release but knew instinctively that I should not expect it from Gabriel since I was pretty sure that this was his first homosexual experience and it would take some time for him to overcome the cultural phobias and surrender to his true nature. After all, that only just happened to me and I was dabbling on the periphery of male-male sex for a number of years. Periphery hell! I was having gay sex for years but rationalizing it in my mind since I couldn't see who was servicing me on the other side of the gloryhole wall. I have finally given in to these strong sexual desires. They are purely sexual and not social. I have no desire to live a gay lifestyle or to give up my pursuit of and desire for women.

With my rationalizing over, I returned my attention to the semi-erect cock before me. I went back down on it an sucked it back into my mouth and drew the last remnants of sperm from the slit by milking it from the thick tube running along its underside. The little that was there was not as satisfying as the mother load it produced moments before but it would have to do for now. I looked up at Gabe's face and could see that he was spent. I enjoyed the feel of his softening cock in my mouth for a little while longer before I stood up to stand face to face with him. He had a hard time looking me in the eyes so I reached up, grabbing his chin and forced him to look at me.

"Do you want me to say that I'm sorry?"

"No! I loved it. That was the best thing that ever happened to me... I'm just... I don't know...," he said obviously confused.

"Gabe, I know you won't believe this but that was the first time I have ever done that to anyone. Honest! I really got carried away and it all just happened... I hope you this doesn't mess things up... you know... between us." That was in itself a big leap since the only thing between us to that point was a barroom conversation. It was not like there was a life-long relationship or anything. In the back of my mind, I must have wanted a relationship, obviously sexual, to somehow continue. The jury was out on that one.

"I believe you," he said but, "I'm really confused and I don't know what to do."

"Why don't you come over to my place and get some sleep and then I'll take you back to the city?"

He looked very tired and dropped his head down saying, "Ok."

I put my hand around the back of his neck and pulled him to me and placed my face next to his. He obligingly extended his arms and wrapped them around my waste and pulled us tightly together causing our cocks to slide together. Mine was already hard but his was still only semi-erect. He moved his face up along mine and whispered, "Hold me."

I wrapped my arms around him and squeezed him like I would my close friend upon parting, a family member upon meting, or a lover when lingering. The feel of his breathing on my neck was causing my cock to throb against him. Then I felt it: he was again getting hard and he was beginning to move his hips to force his cock against mine. He pulled his head back slowly keeping his cheek against until his mouth came in contact with mine. We adjusted the positions of our heads until our lips were joined in a kiss. I could feel his lips quiver slightly against mine as he tried to give into these overpowering emotions. He pressed in hard and moved his head slightly back and forth causing our lips to open and the fluids to mingle. He; we, were breathing heavier and heavier as the kiss endured. He tentatively extended his tongue and lightly tempted me to open my mouth which I did and accepted its invasion. He pressed in forcefully and searched every part of my mouth that he could reach with his tongue. He was sampling the residue of his own sperm that still coated my mouth. Just that realization alone sent me into overdrive. I had never realized how erotic the exchange of bodily fluids was. He must be aware because his penis was again at full staff.

I reached between us and gathered both of our cocks into my hand and began to jerk us both off with our cocks facing opposite directions. I loved the feel of his against mine and the skin as it slid along my shaft. I tried it side by side and over and under. His under mine gave me the most feeling but was hard to control. Eventually, I had to use both hands to control the contending spears which improved the mutual masturbation but strained the ardent kiss. Neither of us wanted to break the kiss. It was defining just what our relationship was. Despite my futile denials, this was an emotional relationship. It was not going to end when we exited the booth. It was not going to end, if it ever does, without heartache.

At some point in our kiss, we evidently mutually decided that the expression of emotion was clear and that the expression of sexual pleasure needed to be completed. Fortunately, our cocks were both sufficiently long that I was able to align them bottom to bottom between us so that we both got maximum satisfaction from our double handjob. We pressed our crotched together while I pumped our cocks. The proximity of our cocks was exciting and made vastly more so as the pre-cum gathered between them to lubricate the interaction. As soon as I heard Gabe suddenly begin to groan, sperm shot out of my cock and allover us both. A split second later, my shot was followed by a surprisingly prodigious spurt from Gabe's cock which reached and splattered our faces. We both emptied our reserves of semen onto the exposed parts of our bodies and the various items of clothing that were still on our bodies or wrapped around our ankles in a heap. There was sperm everywhere. I looked at his face and began to lick the globs of cum from it and slid my cum soaked face against his which again led to our kissing and sharing the load between us.

Upon breaking the kiss, neither of us bothered to clean the rest of the sperm off of ourselves and proceeded to pull on the clothes we removed, put on our coats and walked through the store drenched in sperm and left the store. We were headed back to my place and I didn't have to say a thing to Gabe. An invitation wasn't necessary. It was something that we both just understood.