This story is a work of gay erotic fiction. It contains instances of sexual activity between boys or men and if you are underage, offended by such work, or is illegal to read in your jurisdiction, please stop now.

The names and places in this story are entirely fictitious, any resemblance to persons alive or dead, or to events is entirely coincidental and unintentional.

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About the story - Its a fantasy story about the travels of a twenty year old boy. If you are expecting a lot of hardcore sex, that would not be the case. I am writing this story adding in a mixture of my own experiences, feelings, thoughts and emotions, and spice it up with the sex part. The story will be split into multiple parts, each pertaining to a different experience. I will try keeping it as captivating as I can.

This is my first attempt at telling a story, so I would love to hear from you. Please do send me comments, suggestions and your reactions to the story - melian.mystory@gmail.com

Thanks! - Melian.


I am a traveller. Ever since I lay my feet out of the place I was born, U have been traveling and in the course I have seen from the greatest of cities to the smallest of villages, the highest of mountains to the largest of oceans, the greenest of grasslands to the driest of deserts and yet my thirst continues in the search of answers to my questions, the questions which have been haunting me since long.

In the course of my travels, I have happened to see a variety of people - brave, cruel, just, gentle, cowards, ruthless, charming, ugly, beautiful, divine and many more and these are my encounters with them.

For long I have been thinking of writing down my adventures but could not gather the courage to pen down my thoughts, feeling and experiences. Partly due to the traveling and mostly out of fear. The fear of meeting my innermost desires again. The desires which make me mad with anger, driving me on their wheels out of the boundaries of human sanity into a territory of self-indulgence and satisfaction. Quenching them once once causes them to rise again and again, stronger each time than before.

What I write here may never see the daylight, but if it does, I hope my chronicles will help someone realize the fickleness of pleasure and its vanity. While nothing is more satisfying and soul filling than looking into the eyes of your beloved in a moon light night, under the countless stars on the banks of a river as the currents of water and time flow by at their own leisure pace, I have had moments of bliss in pure ecstasy which are beyond comparison as well.

I have learnt a lot on my travels to the distant lands - north, east, west and south. Allow me to take you on my journey of pleasure with me to distant lands and amazing experiences. While you follow me in these chronicles experience the beauty for these faraway lands, experience the sensual, float in the bliss and learn from the experiences. I give you my chronicles - The Chronicles of a Traveller.

Chapter 1 - 1:

During one of my earliest travels, when I had set off from my land to the exotic lands of the far-east and travelled for a few months, I had the chance to meet a great clairvoyant in the great city of Amephis. The city itself is known for its mystic and fortune tellers. I was about twenty and was very much curious to know my own destiny and the means to seek it.

Knowing our destiny was rather an important mission for us in those days, for it was believed that one had to fulfill it before passing on to the next world or the Anubis, the great god of the otherworld would return us to this world till our destiny was fulfilled. Strange is destiny. It makes us seek it and seeking it becomes a destiny in itself, and once we reach the end of the journey, we strangely realize we knew what lies at the end all the way along.

I reached the city of Amephis just about the time it was getting dark and the guards at the towering city gates were about to change shifts for the night. The city was to be fortified against the night and its darkness. The guards admitted the few of us travelers into the city in a hurry, checking each of us to make sure we were not foes. Once in, I knew seeking the council of a fortune teller at the hour of twilight was impossible. So I set upon to find myself a resting place and some food to pacify my growling stomach. It was a couple of days since I had a decent meal. After wandering a few streets, I finally found a good place to spend the night, not too expensive but comfortable. After taking a bath and a very much needed change of clothes, I headed out to the market place in search of a place to eat. A few paces down the market on the well paved street, I found one at the cross roads leading to the king's palace.

The place was not crowded and had a very delicious aroma floating around. Having found a empty table at the corner, I waited for one of the itadaki's to notice me, when a nice looking boy of my age came over to take my order. Instant attraction at that age is not impossible. I knew that I was good looking myself and many a times had the eye of men and women alike. Being half-elf had its advantages. Being about six feet with blonde hair, a perfect nose and green eyes, a charming smile would make many skip a beat, though I always tried to stay away from attention.

I jolted back to reality to become aware of the fact that I was not only staring at him but also had my mouth open. All I could do was give him an embarrassing smile. At nearly my height, with black hair, dark eyes which were occasionally interrupted by the tuft of silky hair swaying in the breeze, he had an adorable face and tempting red lips. I could see his toned body behind his upper vest and his perfect nipples. He gave me half a smile at the foolish look I had on my face staring into space. I quickly gave him my order and once he left, was secretly hoping he could become my mate.

He came back quickly with my dinner asked "Do you need anything else sir? We will be closing for the day shortly as the night has already set in."

I replied, "No and thank you for the dinner."

He smiled and asked me "Are you a traveller? I have never seen you here before."

I nodded. He said he had one more order to take care of and would come back to check on me once he was done with that.

As I was finishing my supper, he came back, the darker tone of his skin seeming more so due to the fading sunlight, and sat across the table.

"So where do you come from? I am sorry to be interrupting but I like speaking to travelers and learn more about the faraway lands. They always seem to have fascinating stories."

"I would rather have someone talking to me. Its been a few days since I have seen another soul. I am Melian from the Land of Eskirean in the distant west. I am traveling distant lands to seek knowledge and my destiny."

"I am Mynn. So what do you seek in the city of Amephis?"

"I have heard of the fortune tellers in this city. I seek their council to learn about my destiny and the means to seek it. So Mynn would you be able to help me in getting a council?"

"Hmmm.." He paused pretending to be thinking. "Certainly yes. So do you have any preferences or is anyone ok with you?"

"I know no one in this city, so I guess any good fortune teller should do." I replied.

"How about me then?" He asked.

"So are you saying you are a fortune teller?" I was confused and amazed at the same time.

"Not exactly, but I am a clairvoyant and I have the sight."

I was still thinking that Mynn was playing a practical joke on me, so I asked him "So tell me what was I thinking when you came to get my order?"

"You were practically raping me with your thoughts." He said and laughed.

My heart literally skipped a beat on hearing that and I turned red in the face which made Mynn laugh out louder causing the few people still sitting there to look at us for a second before going back to whatever they were doing.

"Oh don't be so shy. I thought you were cute too. See being a clairvoyant comes with perks."

I grinned back.

"So will you help me find my destiny Mynn?"

"Sure I will."

"But tell me one thing, if you are a clairvoyant, then why do you work here?" and realized that it did not come out correctly so quickly added "I am sorry. I did not mean to..." but he cut me off.

"Aah, don't worry. Lots of people ask me that. I do it because I like cooking and it also gives me a chance to train my energy by looking into the people who come here, though I never speak to them about what I see, unless they are in peril."

I did not realize at that point that I was talking to one of the greatest clairvoyants in Amephis. Mynn was destined to come a great seer in the coming years and we still are the best of friends.

"So when can I get a council with you Mynn?"

"Let me see." He said and closed his eyes. After a while, he opened his eyes and said, "Why don't you come over to my home in the second hour after daybreak tomorrow? Take your bath, anoint yourself with the oil of sage and wear a white robe."

"So where is your home?"

"It is the first one on the second left from here." He said pointing his finger to a street towards the palace.

"I should be leaving now." He said getting up from the table. "Your bill is 3 kopps."

I paid him the three kopps and was about to give him another for tip, when he said, "No tips from friends and don't play with yourself too much tonight."

Mynn walked away with a grin.

I was a little embarrassed and blushing, and walked back to my night stay quickly.

I lay on my bed thinking about Mynn. His beautiful face and his warm smile would not let me sleep, before the strain from the journey took over me and I did not even realize when I fell asleep.