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About the story - Its a fantasy story about the travels of a twenty year old boy. If you are expecting a lot of hardcore sex, that would not be the case. I am writing this story adding in a mixture of my own experiences, feelings, thoughts and emotions, and spice it up with the sex part. The story will be split into multiple parts, each pertaining to a different experience. I will try keeping it as captivating as I can.

This is my first attempt at telling a story, so I would love to hear from you. Please do send me comments, suggestions and your reactions to the story - melian.mystory@gmail.com

Thanks! - Melian.

Chapter 1 - 2:

Mynn was in my room looking at me with those piercing looks. The oval face with a mop of silky black hair waving gently in the breeze, those dark eyes with a magical force of attraction bound to stop hearts instantly under the shapely brows, a straight perfect nose of the correct proportions, a chin which I could just bite off below those perfect lips which anyone would love to lock.

Every part of his body seemed perfect as he lay over me, those broad shoulders with perfectly shaped muscles hugging me against his smooth wide chest as his wide round erect nipples pierced me with their hard tips, his flat toned stomach against mine in perfect match, the strong and long legs intertwined between mine and the hardness between them straining to get out of his tightly worn loincloth as it rubbed on mine sending a wave of electric pleasure with every hump, his buttocks clenching and unclenching in a rhythm under the touch of my hands. His touch was magical sending waves of pleasure originating from the gentle touch of his hands on my body. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensuous touch of his lips over mine as he gently proceeded to suck them and licked them before starting to explore the journey into my mouth. He slowly increased his rhythm and the electric waves passed over all my body tingling me in places unknown to me before with rapid succession. Our breathing became harder as we started our journey towards the point of no return, as our animal instincts took over. I wanted to merge in him, become one with him. He put his hand into my loincloth and the touch of his hand exploded a whole new range of sensation in my brain. I could hardly wait for me to get to the orgasm, it was hard to wait any longer and as he suddenly kissed my neck, I erupted before I could say a word and as shot load after load into his hand with my moaning out loudly and bit him hard on his neck, which took him over the edge as well. We both clasped each other very tight, as our orgasm slowly subsided, to enjoy those last moments of ultimate pleasure, when suddenly I awoke.

"Oh man ... that was just a dream. I wish it could be real." I muttered to myself.

That was the best wet dream I could remember till today. I had made a mess of my clothes as they were covered all over by my sticky ejaculation. It was an hour past daybreak. I had to meet Mynn in an hour.

I just hoped I wouldn't dream about the wet dream all the day especially during my session of psychic reading with Mynn, else he would just read it out of my mind. On one side, I was nervous about him refusing me and never see me again, but on the other I was excited to see his reaction, though yesterday he did just joke about me practically raping him with my thoughts, so maybe he would really not mind.

"What if he reacted positively and if he wanted me too?". I just hoped the Gods of love were in my favor today and let out a bit sigh.

It took me the next half an hour to take a bath, rub the oil of sage all over myself and wear the white robes as told by Mynn. Once I was set, I took off to Mynn's home.

I reached the place according to the directions Mynn had told me last evening. His home was not exactly what I had thought it would be, could be called a small palace. It had a beautiful fountain before it and two enormous guards at the gate.

"Not bad. Looks like their family is pretty rich." I thought.

I introduced myself to the guards as Melian, the traveller and told them the purpose of my visit. Apparently Mynn already told them I would be visiting him this morning, because they nodded at me and let me in. One of them accompanied me to the palace entrance and handed me over to one of the servants of the house, after telling her who I was. The lady introduced herself as Carma, the head servant of the house and lead my way to an interior chamber.

The palace was well decorated and shone in the morning sunlight. There were inscriptions scribed all over the place and beautiful paintings depicting the city of Amephis. After taking several turns we finally stopped at a chamber. Carma asked me to enter and settle myself down and told me Mynn would join me soon. As I entered the chamber, I felt like stepping into a different world. The chamber was fully white, the walls, the drapes, the cushions, the floor and the ceiling. Everything was spotlessly white and as the sun shone into the room and illuminated the room, it felt as if I had stepped into heaven. There were white roses decorated in white vases, all around. In the center of the room, was a pond filled with clear water and a couple of swans swam in it around a few lotuses and there was a small round platform made of marble in the midst of the pond. On one side was a mattress laid on the floor and on another stood a silver chair embedded with rubies, emeralds, sapphires, pearls and many precious stones. The ceiling of the room rose like a pyramid with an array of mystical symbols surrounding a central symbol right in the center. There were four pedestals in the four corners of the room and on I could see a fire lit in a open dish made of white earth in one of them, water in another dish on the second one, earth on the third one again in a dish and the fourth one was empty which I assumed would be for wind.

I was still admiring the beauty of the chamber when Mynn entered. He was dressed in a completely white flowing robe. The upper end of his flowing robe was attached to a strip of white cuff around his neck and cuffs on his hands. His upper torso was completely naked showing his amazing body and big round nipples and a flowing gown down from his torso covering everything below his navel. As he entered, I smelled the fragrance coming off his body from the various oils he had anointed himself with.If the room was beautiful, Mynn was like Adonis himself standing in it. I tried hard not to think about my dream I had early morning.

Mynn smiled at me and greeted me, "Good Morning Melian. I hope you had a really good sleep last night.", as he settled down in the chair and pointed me to sit on the mattress and relax against the cushions.

"Thank you. Yes, I did and hope you too had a good sleep."

"Before we start, I must warn you, the future is not a constant and keeps changing. We can only predict to such extent based on the choices you have already made. The choices which you have not or will make in the future cannot be seen by me or anyone in this world, so I will not be able to read beyond those choices. However, I will tell you your destiny as that is something which is fixed for each person. Further, whatever I tell you will be the truth, I shall tell you nothing to appease your mind. Good or bad, you will have to take it in the same stride and finally, whatever happens here will remain between us. I shall not speak about it once we go out of it chamber and I forbade you from telling anyone either, for it is your secret and yours alone."

"Now lie down still on the mattress and close your eyes.", he said. I followed by orders and lie down and closed my eyes.

For a moment Mynn was silent and then he started singing some hymns and prayers. He started slowly and I could hear him moving around the room as he tried to invoke the four elements in the room. He finally came to a rest as I could not hear him move anymore and assumed he must have stood on the marble pedestal. He was the fifth element - life. The chanting became faster and I could feel the energy reverberate in the room. Suddenly in a voice very different from that of the sweet voice of Mynn, I heard him speak. For a moment I wanted to open my eyes and see if he was fine, but realized he must be in his clairvoyant state.

"Melian, the traveller, you have a great destiny. You are an incarnation of the god of love and your destiny is to teach man and woman alike the art of love. You will travel around the lands learning the arts of making love and teach them to people. You will be known for ages to come for your fine works on love making. Follow this path of life and you shall achieve great wisdom and fame. This and only this is your destiny."

For a moment I was not sure if I had heard it right. I was to become a teacher of the art of love making. Surely not what I had in mind for a destiny. This changed everything. How could I become a master in the erotic arts? I was so shy that I could not even speak my mind out to anyone ever. I had feelings for Mynn, but did not have the courage to tell him, so how could I ever fulfill my destiny.

Mynn's giggles bought me into this world. "Oh no! He can read my thoughts.", I thought and it just increased his giggles to a full-fledged laughing session. I returned him an embarrassed smile not looking him in the face.

He came down the pedestal and sat in front of me, held my chin and slowly raised my red face.

"Don't worry Melian. I liked you too the first time I saw you yesterday. Don't be embarrassed or ashamed of your destiny. This is what you have to do and I am sure you will fulfill your destiny."

"So do you like me Mynn?" I asked.

"Yes I do.", and he gave me a tight hug. Instinct took me over and I kissed him on his lips. It was a magical feeling.

As we broke our kiss, Mynn whispered in my ear,

"Come to me after sunset. I will teach you something. It will be the beginning of your journey.", he said and left the room.

I took leave and wandered around the markets for a while, eat some lunch, all the while wondering what would he teach me. Why did he call me after dusk? Was he going to teach me to read others minds or was he interested in me? I was going mad with thoughts simply random with no answers.

I went back to the inn and tried taking a nap, but sleep eluded me. All I could do was toss in the bed for a long time thinking of my destiny and future. I did not know when I fell asleep.

Suddenly, I woke up and looked around. The room was fiery orange from the setting sun and shadows stretched in length by the minute. I quickly got up, took a quick back, wore another pair of robes and set off to meet Mynn.

This time Carma took me to a different room. Mynn was already waiting in the room all dressed in white again as in the morning. He was smelling a different fragrance this time. Something arousing.

As soon as we were left alone, we both ran to each others embrace and kissed passionately till we were breathless. Breaking our lip lock, Mynn whispered,

"Melian, I love you with all my heart, and I want us to experience true pleasure born out of love."

Before I replied he pushed me on the mattress and closed his eyes and sat down next to me.

I lay down on the mattress not taking my eyes off Mynn even for a moment.

He suddenly rose up and placed his hand on the top of my belly button about a feet above my body, not touching me. Suddenly I felt a touch on my body. A warm hand was touching me. I literally jumped out of my skin at this, but in an instant pleasure took over. The touch was electric. It started at my navel and started moving up, feeling my muscles, spreading out waves of pleasure, creating ripples in my soul and washing me out. A new touch replaced the one which moved up. In an instant I was hard, my hardness straining against the robes, protesting to be led out. He sensed it and moved his other hand over me and all my robes undid themselves and fell off my body. I was now lying on the mattress naked with a raging hard organ and two invisible hands rubbing me. A third hand starting pinching my nipples and a he added a fourth to rub my back and another to rub my buttocks. All the simultaneous stimulation was making me go crazy and mad. I wanted him to physically touch me, to bite me hard, to rip me apart and simultaneously squeeze me in his embrace. I was squirming, rolling from pleasure, moaning aloud, going mad. I wanted him badly. The sensations in my body grew every moment. It was like a thousand nerves firing off ecstasy in my mind. I could take it no longer and closed my eyes as the hands roamed over my body wildly. Another one cupped by testicles, and yet another slowly rubbed my penis. Another played with my hole. I had by now lost a count of how many hands were pleasuring me. They all were making me wild, mad with lust, and turning me into an animal with no control and filled with desire. The desire to fulfill, the desire to touch, the desire to dig my teeth deep into his soft flesh, to bite his nipples, to take him in me, to become complete, to make love. He had not even touched me.

I was no longer under my control and the animal in me took over. I jumped up and caught him in a fiery passion. I kissed him madly, sucking him to taste him. It felt like the sweetest thing I ever had. I bit him hard on his nipples, his sides, his buttocks, his legs, his arms, his cheeks and yet the desire grew in me boundlessly. He responded by hugging me tight, crushing me in his embrace and slowly sucked me on my neck, the very spot of desire, bathing me into a torrent of passion. I moaned out gently and hugged him tight, trying to mold him into me, as if trying to join two halves into a complete thing. I wanted him to badly take my penis into his mouth and pleasure me. As if reacting to my wishes, he moved down and took my full organ into his mouth and sucked me. His tongue wildly licking every little area of my sensitivity, while the other hands still roamed on my body and waves of ecstasy exploded all over my body originating from multiple points in my body. We both fell down on the mattress and I turned around in one movement, to take his penis. I sucked him hard, his sweet nectar flowing out. We were both rolling, squirming, moaning out loud out of pure pleasure and bliss. Sensing that I was about to topple, he slowed down a tad, the hands slowing down their sensuous attack on my nerves.

And then he took me. Within a matter of moments, he got me under him and pushed him raging hard organ against my love hole. By now the invisible hands had already invaded my hole slowly preparing me for his hard on. He pushed in slowly while the other hands still roamed on my body squeezing my nipples, rubbing my belly, my back, kneading my buttocks, playing with my hardness and my testicles. I did not feel any pain, maybe due to Mynn working some magic, but only pleasure as he hit me on a pleasure spot I never knew even existed. All I could do was try to bite him and try to make as much contact with him as possible as he pinned me down with his strong arms. We both moaned loudly in passion. Gradually, he built up the pace. The invisible hands moving more rapidly and more wildly. Once again they started an onslaught on my senses overloading them. They alternately pinched my nipples, rubbed them, rubbed my body in circles, some touching lightly, some squeezing hard, all in a rhythm, jerking me off, teasing my testicles all while Mynn was working his magic on my pleasure spot constantly. Once again I became overloaded and mad with fiery passion and the tension was building up. He increased his speed further. I knew I was reaching a great orgasm. As if to prepare for the moment, every muscle tightened up in body, waiting for the pleasure to hit, speeding up my journey to the ultimate, I stopped breathing for a few moments, in the anticipating of the orgasm as every nerve in the body prepared to get overloaded. Sensations built up in the body from the tips of the toes and fingers in an increasing manner towards the penis as if the body was sucking all the bliss inwards before releasing it all at once in a big bang. And then I tipped. Waves after waves of pure electric pleasure and bliss swept over me originating at the tip of my penis and and spread out sweeping all over my body, over to the tip of my feet and hands as I shot my load. Every muscle in my body clenched and released in sync with the pleasure waves. My mind was wiped off of any thoughts, as the waves reached hit my brain. Every shot would generate new waves reinforcing the pleasure and ecstasy generated by the previous ones as I lay there gasping for breath holding my beloved lover in my arms as Mynn reached his orgasm. He moaned loudly and shot his sperm into me adding to my already overloaded senses and we both hugged together more tightly than ever as if not to let the pleasure escape us. I was overwhelmed as I felt a sense of completeness rush over me and tears of happiness flooded my eyes.

We both did not know when we fell asleep embracing each other, but by the time I woke up it was next morning. Mynn was lying next to me. He was the most beautiful being I ever saw and I found myself gazing at him for a long time before kissing him slowly on his lips which awoke him.

He smiled at me and said, "I love you Melian."

"I love you too Mynn.", I said.

We both got up and dressed up and walked out to the balcony taking in the fresh morning Amephis air. All the while after getting up one thought had been disturbing me. I was a traveller and my destiny was to go seeking knowledge. What would Mynn do? Would he come with me to the far off lands?

No longer able to contain my doubts, I sneaked up behind him and whispered in his ear, "Mynn you said yesterday that I was destined to learn and teach the art of love and that I was to travel far and wide and that I am a traveller by destiny. Do you love me and would accompany me on my travels and see those far off places with me?"

He turned to look at me and kissed me on my lips.

"Melian I love you more than myself, but we are not meant to be only lovers and not life-partners. I can see that through my third-eye. We are not meant to be together. Our destinies are different and we need to do what is appropriate. This will definitely hurt us both, but both of us need to understand this. I will keep loving you forever and we will meet several times in the future."

I burst out into tears on hearing him and ran inside. How could he say that after what we experienced last night? He followed me and sat next to me and comforted me.

"My love, what happened last night is a part of your destiny. When we mated some of my energy was transferred to you and now you possess the ability to touch people mentally as I was able to do yesterday. The purpose of our making love was that. While I may make it sound like a task done, it was definitely out of love, without which the transfer of energy would never have occurred in the first place. All the feelings, emotions and sensations you felt were real and out of our love for each other. Please do understand what I am trying to say."

I refused to listen to him. I did not want to believe what he was telling me. I wanted him to tell me he would come with me. Mynn just sat in silence beside me for a long time. I gathered myself up. I hated him for what he said even though my love for him never lessened.

I walked out without wishing him a good bye. I was totally broken. I did not want to believe Mynn, but little did I know that soon I would realize what he meant. We were destined to meet again and we truly loved each other. We were lovers but not soulmates, though its difficult to understand the difference.

I did not see Mynn again during my stay in Amephis. I had a council with a few more fortune - tellers, all telling me more or less the same as what Mynn had already told me. Finally after a week of my arrival I left Amephis and continue on my journey to the faraway lands, trying to fulfill my destiny.