by RC Barber. 12/2002

Copyright 02/2002

The following story is an almost true story about a man that goes to a Glory Hole in an old bowling alley that is about to be torn down. Here he encounters several construction men where he has man to man sexual encounters. No one under legal age should read this story otherwise it might give you ideas.

They were doing lots of new construction in the old section of the city. I was sad to see many of the older buildings being torn down because they had lots of history. I stopped my the old bowling alley before it was to be torn down because it had one of the best and busiest glory hole in town. I knew it could tell some great stories if it could talk. Hopefully I could find some action and give it another story.

The toilet was located near the front of the building, close to the bar and the men bowler's locker room. It had 3 booths on one end separated by a 6-foot urinal, then 3 more booths on the other side. All the booths had great glory holes and even one side of the urinal had a large hole for looking and sucking.

I set down hoping for a few more cocks to suck before leaving. I heard the door open from the bar side and in came a man in construction pants with tool belt and dusty work boots. He took off the tool belt letting it crash on the floor then he proceeded to drop his pants to his knees. It didn't take long for him to notice the large suck hole between our booths. He took a short piss then stood up and placed his cock towards the hole waiting for my signal. I saw this nice clean-cut cock and balls coming thru the hole. I started slowly as not to make him cum too quickly. I guessed he was working near by and had to get back to work. We were not interrupted and he gave me a nice long workout. It was worth it because he really enjoyed his orgasm. I drained his cock milking down every drop before he pulled out of the hole. He pulled up his pants and then he set on the stool while writing something on a small note pad he was carrying. He slipped it to me and then left.

The note said, "Thanks. That was great. I am working near by with some other men. I know they would like to get their cocks sucked also. If you are interested I will send some of them over during their breaks."

I didn't have long to wait because another construction man comes into the next booth. He stood there like he was going to take a piss. He stood over the stool as his big uncircumcised cock spattering the water with his golden piss. When he finished he shook it a few time, milked out the extra piss and shook it a few times, and reached for some paper to wiped his cock. After this ritual he stood with his soft cock hanging down. Looking good, but hanging out. Even soft it looked like a good 8 inches. I motioned for him to stick it in the hole and he moved to the wall, placed his hands on the top of the wooden partition and placed his cock into the hole. I was amazed at the thickness of his cock. It fit into the hole but I had to pull on his balls to get them to come thru the hole too. I like to hold on to their balls while I suck the cum out of their shaft. I manage to get it all thru then started to explore the foreskin with my tongue so I could taste the pre-cum juices. He had such a nice cock. I play with it and made love to every inch running my tongue up one side of his cock then down the other. I would occasionally go to his balls while his cock rested on my cheek. I was really enjoying this man's cock. I could hear him breath heavy then he said. "I'm going to cum.

" Oh yea, suck that cock." He continued on.

I severed the warm mans sperm as he shot a huge load into my willing mouth. I licked him dry. After a few moments and he slowly pulled out as I guided his balls over the partition. He put his dick back into his jeans.

"Hey, buddy." He said. "I'm foreman of this construction crew next door. I wanted to see if you were as good as my nephew said you were. He was right. I will recommend you to my crew, so stick around. I will let them come over one at a time and you can suck their cocks. I am sure you will enjoy this bunch. They are mostly in their 20 to early 30's. Hope you enjoy yourself. We will be here all this month and you can service my entire crew everyday if you can handle it. Thanks again and good sucking." (2)

He shocked me with his message but I though this was exciting. I was ready for some more cock. Let the games begin.

I thought perhaps this was a cocksucker's wild dream but a few minutes later another man entered the stall. He took out his cock, took a piss, and then played with it to get it hard. He stuck it right in the hole as I proceeded to suck him off. He had an average cock about 6 inches and came after about 10 strokes. He shot quite a load for a quick suck. (3)

He pulled out, left the stall, as another man entered, didn't even hesitate or piss but just put his cock into the hole. This one was long and uncut. I took it gentle in my hands guiding it to my mouth. He shoved his body against the wall. I started to lick the head of it to get the flavor of his juices. It started to get hard then he pulled out. I looked into the hole and saw he was undoing his jeans and dropped his pants revealing his whole cock and balls. He then put it back into the hole along with his balls for me to service. I liked this dude. He relaxed as I made love to his manhood. I wanted to do this one right. I got off the stool and down on my knees to service this one. It deserved my full attention. I worked his cock and balls over but much too quickly for he started to swell and shooting the cum out of the slit in his cock. I wanted to taste this one so I let some of it remain in my mouth and ooze on my hand. He moaned and trembled when he came. I licked up every drop and then he gradually pulled out. (4) He put his cock back in his jeans and buckled up. He said before he left.

"I'll be here again tomorrow. See ya." Then he split.

I was looking forward to that one again. I still had some of his cum on my hand and was still on my knees. I slowly licked the white steam of cum off my hand. I was still enjoying the other man's cum when another man came in. This one seemed a bit shy and just set down quickly. I waited for him to get up his nerve as I peeked into the hole. I ran my finger around the hole to encourage him to fuck my mouth. He stood up took out his cock and placed it near the hole. I had to reach thru to get it. He had a good size cock with a big head. He let me play with it a bit then I guided it into the hole and lick on the head placing my mouth over the end. He relaxed and moves his body to the hole giving me full access to his man hood. It was longer than I thought but it was nice to suck on. I worked him over good and he came after a few minutes. After he left and there was a pause. (5)

I thought perhaps that was all of the men in his crew that wanted a blowjob, but I was wrong because another man arrived. He went to the urinal first to take a piss. I looked to the urinal and I saw this big brown cock about 8 inches long, still soft. He faced me so I could watch him piss. He had an uncircumcised cock and the foreskin hung over the head of his cock even as he pissed. He squeezed it down then wiped it with his shirtsleeve. When he finished his piss he undid his pants and pulled his cock completely out. He started to play with it as it started to come out of the foreskin exposing the pink cock head. I realized he wanted me to watch him. I gazed at this beauty, as it grew into a good 9-1/2 inch brown cock. He started to hold on to his balls as he jacked on it. I was anxious to suck on this one but he made no effort to place it in the hole. I was prepared to give him my mouth and receive his cock but he kept jacking on it until he was ready to cum. He aimed it at the hole and shot his load into the hole directly in my mouth. It shot all over my lips and face and run down the inside of the hole. I licked it off the best I could as he put the head of his cock close to the hole and squeezed out the last few drops on my tongue. He pulled back and shook his cock and left. (6)

I had hardly enough time to clean off the cum from my face when another man entered the stall. I had lost track of how many men I had already sucked off today but I was not complaining. I think it was number 6 that I just finished off. I thought it was about time for them to wind up their day so perhaps that was all for today. I was preparing myself to leave when I heard someone else come in and go to the urinal to piss. I look to see who it was and it was a good-looking young man about 16 or 17. He looked sexy in his tight jeans and t-shirt. He continued to piss and then looked over to the hole, shook his dick then put it back in his pants. He went over to the sinks and washed his hands and ran his fingers through his wavy blond hair. I though he was going to leave but he headed for the booth next to me. He dropped his jeans and sat on the stool. He placed his hands between his legs and started playing with his cock. I watched for a while then he stood up showing a tremendous hard on. He had a good size cock sticking straight out ready to be sucked on. I gave him the motion and he put it in the suck hole. I though this one would probably cum off real quick so I had to be careful. It was beautifully shaped and I licked on the head ever so lightly then down the shaft then down to his hairy soft balls. He responded by pouncing it a couple of times. I was ready to give him a good sucking so I went all the way down on his cock and held it. I started to tongue the base of his cock and lick his balls at the same time. Then I would pull all the way out and back down again. He let me suck on his cock as I could feel his body getting ready to cum. He pulled all the way from the hole not wanting to cum yet. He stood there with his cock throbbing in the air. He bent over to the hole to whisper to me.

"I am the construction crew "Punk Boy". My boss sent me here to let you fuck me. Please fuck me before I cum?" Then he turned his ass towards the hole spreading his butt cheeks and pressed against the hole.

I was surprised but pleased at what I saw. I thought "O.K. This looks inviting." He backed his ass directly over the hole and spread his cheeks to give me full access to his hole. I stuck my finger to his ass hole and felt it was still a bit dry so I wet my finger placing it on the lips of his anus. He backed into it even more. I could not resist so I went for his hole with my tongue. The suck hole was large enough that I could go into his hole very deep. He knew what I was doing and must have bent over making his hole even better to reach. He seemed to like the tongue fucking I was giving him. I continued until I thought it might be wet enough to fuck with my dick so I stood up, wet my dick even more, and aimed it into the hole. It touched his tender spot and started to slide right in. I do not have a huge cock like some I sucked today but I was about 7-1/2 inches long and 5-1/2 inches around. He backed into it and gasped with pleasure. I started to move back for another plunge but his young ass started the action. I held on to the partition and let him fuck my cock. He was a good little fucker. He worked that cock in and out of his ass with precision. His ass hole was so nice and warm and he could tighten and control his ass hole like a pro. I was enjoying the pleasure of this young punks ass. We went on for some bit and just as I though I was going to cum; he would stop or slow down. Then he would work me back up until I could not hold off any longer. He responded with me and pumped my cock with his ass hole as he bumped against the wall. I let it cum. It was so great. I must have shot my cum 6 or 8 times in him. When he knew I had given him my entire load he still remained on my cock. I could feel him jacking himself off while I was inside him. His ass hole got tighter as he built himself up until he ejaculated. I though maybe I was going to get hard again for another fuck but he gradually started to pull his ass hole off my dick. I let it pull out as he reached for my dick. He immediately went down on my now sensitive cock as I gasp. He was cleaning my dick off with his tongue even going down to the base of my balls. It was a fantastic sensation and I let him lick my dick until it was clean. Then he squeezed my cock once more and kissed the head of it as I started to pull out and set down. He placed his mouth up to the hole and whispered to me.

"I am Jeremy. I work as a clean up boy for the crew. My boss said you might appreciate a good fuck at the end of this day. You did such a good job sucking the men off. They like sex everyday and a good suck job help them to concentrate on their work for the rest of the day. My boss also wants you to be here about 8 a.m. tomorrow for another few rounds. He will always be first then the others will come in for blowjobs the rest of the morning. Can you handle it? He said he wanted you to have this and he would see you tomorrow morning." He handed me a brown envelope and left the booth, washed up again and left the restroom.

I was curious what this was all about as I opened the sealed envelope. It had some money and a short scribbled note, which said.

"Thanks for the job well done. The boys keep their mind on their business better after a session with you. We are looking forward towards another day with your services."

I looked and there was $100.00 in 20's.

"Oh my gosh. I am now working for a construction firm. I wonder if I will have to join the union?"

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