Daemon's Night's Work

Daemon went to an average school in Perth, he wasn't a geek, he wasn't a jock, he was the epitome of normality, at least, that's what everyone thought, he had his friends and he had had his fair share of girls throughout his high school life, but there was one secret that he could never tell anyone, Daemon was a hooker.

You might think he needed the money to live, or for drugs but the sheer fact of the matter was, Daemon enjoyed it. Since he was 13 he'd had the fantasy of going into the street, being payed by a stranger letting them take him then leaving; now he was living his fantasy, with the added bonus of earning some money on the side. Every Friday night Daemon would tell his parents he was going out with his friends; little did his parents know that Daemon would get a taxi to where he worked, Bridge street, famous for it's sexually diverse bars and equally diverse sex workers, Daemon would find a spot and wait, they always came, he just had to make them want him enough.

A car pulled up, black jaguar, obviously a sugar daddy, Daemon didn't find anything remotely arousing about an old man with a passed out wife in the next room so he waved the guy off and waited again, this time, he found exactly what he was looking for.

The car rolled up, it was an old car, but it had been fixed up, College student, thought Daemon, Perfect, The window unrolled but he couldn't make out the mans face, it was covered by the baseball cap he was wearing.

"I have a request for you," said the man, he seemed about 20. "I have a younger brother, he's 17, and he's a virgin, I know he likes guys and I want to give him a surprise since my parents are out." Daemon was getting interested, he'd never had sex with someone his own age before.

"What do you want me to do?" Said Daemon, matter-of-factly "I charge 50 for hand, 100 for head and 150 for the full deal." His prices were high but he knew he was worth it.

"I want you to seduce him, he's in sleeping right now and I want you to give him something to wake up for." The man handed over 150 and unlocked the door, Daemon got in the car and they drove into the suburbs.

The man handed him a 100 dollar bill, Daemon stared at the money, then the man. "What's this for" he asked?

"I've gotta see if you're god enough for my baby brother don't I?" And with that the guy pulled into a drive way, he undid his pants to reveal an already hard cock, Daemon licked his lips as he gazed as it oozed with pre-cum. He leant over and held the smell in his nose, it's smelled of sweat, this guy was an athlete. Suddenly Daemon swallowed the mans cock and started sucking, stroking it up and down with his tongue, in his 3 years he'd gained a couple of special techniques and he was happy to use them all. He held the guys balls and pulled on them, the man moaned slightly, still holding out the 100 dollar bill, Daemon's tongue licked around the head of the man's cock, he could feel the man's balls tightening and just before he knew he was about to come, Daemon let go, reached for the 100 dollar bill and asked, "Am I worthy of your brother?" The man grabbed his cock and moaned "Yes!" before cum shot out onto the steering wheel. Daemon got out and entered through the front door with the man running behind him, pulling up his zipper.

Daemon surveyed the house with a professional gaze, these guys were rich, marble floor, oak dining table, the man's car was hardly a show of his family's wealth.

"He's -- up-stairs." Gasped the man, still gasping after the amazing orgasm Daemon gave him.

"I'll be back in half an hour, money on the table." He pointed to the table and made his way up the stairs, he could spot a guys bedroom a mile off."

"Third- door- on the-right." Gasped the man, before collapsing on the sofa.

Daemon saw the door, it had the traditional "No entry" sign and the various rock band stickers all over it, he opened the door to find nothing out of the ordinary, guitar, posters of girls in bikini's (this guy was good at covering it up) and a computer, probably filled with gay porn. He saw the bed and gasped, it was a hot night and this guy was sleeping naked, with no blanket, he seemed to just wait for Daemon to show up.

Daemon creped to the bed in darkness, he tripped over a skateboard and swore under his breath but the guy didn't make a sound. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a condom, safety first. He sat at the foot of the bed and set to work, his fingers creped up the guy's legs, he blew on his client's penis gently, to get him aroused, then he began to lightly kiss his upper body, his client was built and as he kissed each part of his six pack he smelled the familiar smell of sweat, another athlete.

He made it his client's lips and then, he paused for a moment, he should at least know the guys name before waking him up, he got off the bed and searched for his school bag, he reached in and the first book, a math's book had Ashleigh sprawled on it in grungy, black marker letters. "Ashleigh, you're one lucky boy." He returned to his position and kissed Ashleigh hard on the lips, Ashleigh kissed back, he opened his eyes but instead of the expected scream he moaned. "I've come to give you something Ashleigh, something very special." Daemon put his hand over Ashleigh's cock and was glad to find it was raging hard.

"Wh-wh-what are you going to do to me?" Ashleigh stuttered, Daemon couldn't tell is he was excited or scared.

"Oh don't worry, I'm going to give you the best sex you've ever had." Daemon kissed Ashleigh again, his tongue exploring Ashleigh's mouth, his hands exploring Ashleigh's round ass, Ashleigh moaned again and undid Daemon's jeans. Daemon forged deeper into Ashleigh's tight virginal ass and was rewarded with more moans of pleasure. As Daemon's pioneering digits explored Ashleigh's southern frontier Ashleigh was doing alittle exploring of his own, he's pulled off Daemon's Jeans and boxers and moaned again when he felt Daemon's huge dick.

Ashleigh turned around to expose his ass to Daemon but Daemon has another idea.

"Oh no, we start slow and work our way up." Daemon got into the 69 position an Ashleigh obligied, he was a first timer and almost gaged on Daemon's now erect cock but at the same time screaming passionately at the master of fellatio that was working on his penis. He came quickly and then Daemon pulled away. Daemon kissed Ashleigh's lips and pulled out his condom.

"My cum is staying in this baby."

Ashleigh wanted to be fucked, now, and Daemon obliged, He was being payed after all. Ashleigh got on all fours but Daemon tut-tut-tuted.

"Doggie style is so...boring." and with that he pushed Ashleigh down and turned him around, he grabbed both of Ashleigh's legs and put them on his shoulders.

"Just one moment." He ripped off the condom and put it on. "Wouldn't want any mess now would we?" Ashleigh whelped and Daemon took it as an agreement.

Daemon worked slow, he edged his way into Ashleigh's ass, he could feel him tensing but he kept on going in, he got in completely and then slowly made his way out again, Ashleigh was feeling the pleasure/pain of his first gay sex experience but managed to gasp "Faster." Daemon did as he was told. He started pumping away faster, Ashleigh began to jerk himself of as he felt an erection coming on, Daemon went as fast as he could, his dick rubbing against the inside of Ashleigh's ass, he could feel the orgasm coming and went it hit he moaned as loud as he could, he'd been saving up for a fuck like that all week, but Ashleigh was still pumping, Daemon looked down, he hasn't been fucked in a long time and welcomed the change.

"Here, I think this will help." He sat on Ashleigh's cock, Ashleigh changed his position into doggie style, he may as well start with the basics I guess though Daemon, Ashleigh has never felt such pleasure, the feel of his dick rubbing against the inside of Daemon's ass was incredible and after 2 minutes he told Daemon he was about to come, Daemon moved out of the way and marvelled as Ashleigh's cum flew onto the floor, this boy had a lot of love to give.

Daemon left as quickly as he has entered, he brushed passed the table and grabbed his money before noticing Ashleigh's brother watching the TV. He was jacking off and Daemon smilled, I must have got him in the mood, but then he looked at the screen and realised, Ashleigh's bedroom was on the screen, his big brother had wired his webcam into the TV and had seen the whole thing, Daemon was never one to give out free shows.

"I hope you don't mind I-" but that was all he got, Daemon punched him, right in the face, he found his wallet, took all that was in it, 300 dollars, and walked out.

He hadn't had such a profitable night in all his years...