Deep Massage

My girlfriend of the past two years and I broke up. It just had become too much, we were fighting all the time and it was no longer fun to be around each other. The next few weeks were basically filled with drunken nights out with my friends. Which is fine for a while, but after the previous 2 years of very regular sex, I was horny and I knew what I wanted.

There was an itch that had gone unscratched for too long. So I logged into my old AOL account and went immediately to the M4M chatrooms. I always felt very dirty meeting men this way but what else was a completely closeted bisexual man to do? Although the room was full, there was very little chatting going on. I started clicking through the screen names to scan the profiles. Nothing looked extremely interesting. And then an IM window popped up on my screen saying hi and how was I doing today?

The name was M4MRelaxation. So I took a quick look at his profile. He was 45 years old, professional and promised a relaxing escape by a well trained massage therapist. At 32 I had never received a massage from a man before but the fantasy had always been there. Even though there was nothing overtly sexual in his profile, it did list his stats and a specialty in erotic massage. My screen name and profile clearly listed me as a complete bottom so I had to assume he knew what I was looking for.

We exchanged small talk. I told him about the recent break up and that I needed the touch of a masculine man. He said that he worked out of his house which was very close to mine and that the rate was $100 for 90 minutes of bliss. I figured what the hell, if nothing else I would relieve my sore muscles. A full shower cleaning myself inside and out, then 45 minutes later and I was pulling up to his house in an upscale neighborhood.

Matt answered the door wearing a loose fitting t-shirt and running shorts. He was quite warm and friendly as he led me into his home. Matt showed me the way straight back to his master bedroom. A towel was draped length-wise across his bed. He told me that I could place my clothes on the chair next to his bed and he went to the vanity to wash his hands. As I stripped I took this chance to check him out. He had a very powerful looking body with a strong chest and thick legs. I was not disappointed.

As I lay face down on the towel, he turned on some very soothing music and turned down the lights. The mood was perfect. He walked over to the side of the bed where my head was and that began the absolute best massage of my life. He started with my shoulders, arms, hands, scalp. He moved down my back and found some major knots in my shoulder blades which he worked on for some time. I was totally relaxed as he continued working down my lower back to work over my butt, legs and feet.

I was beginning to think that this was really just a very professional massage, which I was thoroughly enjoying but I was also still incredibly horny. Then he worked back up my legs and started to focus his attention on my cheeks. He rubbed them deep and I could feel them being spread. I knew he was getting a great view of my very tight hole. To encourage him a little, I pulled my legs slightly further apart. He worked his way up my back, his knees in between my thighs pushing my legs further apart. When he reached my shoulders I swear I could feel his shorts covered cock slide up my crack.

He kneaded the knots in my shoulder blades some more and whispered that he could tell that I needed this. All I could do was moan my approval. Matt slid down and went back to my ass. He worked his hand under and massaged my balls and by now my very hard cock. This caused my ass to be lifted higher in the air. With one hand wrapped around my cock, toying with the head, the other hand firmly grasped my balls, his thumb massaging the area below my hole. I hadn't realized it but I was moaning softly. His hands went back up to my crack, teasing around the entrance. Finally a well oiled finger slid into me. Instinctively I groaned and pushed back to allow him deeper access. He knew he could do anything he wanted and he spent some time massaging my insides, first with one finger then two.

He could have done anything he wanted to me at this point. But instead of taking me right then he had me roll over onto my back. He started this time at my feet, working each leg. He did stop at my cock and balls again before coming around to the head of the bed to rub my temples and neck. I could feel his hard cock on my shoulder as he massaged my arms, chest and abdomin. This time when he rubbed my cock, he placed a knee at one side of my head. I opened my eyes to see he had let his manhood out of the side of his loose shorts. This was all the invitation I needed.

Seductively he ran his hand up and down the length of my dick and I stuck my tongue out. Licking the underside of his nuts, around his cock and over the tip. I could taste a good amount of precum leaking from the slit. I opened my mouth and took him all the way to my throat. His demeanor changed slightly as he fucked my mouth. His lips circled around my cock and his hand dropped below my balls to again find my hole. The combination of this masculine man in my mouth, the fingers in my ass and my own cock engulfed by his wet mouth was almost too much. He seemed to sense that I could cum at any second so he pulled off.

He had me roll over again, as I did he lost his shirt and shorts. This time he went straight back to massaging my ass. I felt a tingly, warm oil applied to my hole. His fingers working it in as I rocked back. His hands slid up back, his cock lodged into my crack. He grabbed my shoulders more roughly than before and pulled me back slightly. The angle was just right and the head of his thick cock pushed at my entrence. He paused as if seeking a sign of approval. So I rotated my hips slightly, pushed back and in one smooth stroke he was buried entirely into me. Even though it had been a couple years since I had a man inside me, he had me totally relaxed and open to him. I had never wanted someone more.

The entire mood shifted from a relaxing massage to an intense, animalistic fuck. He drove his cock into my from every angle he could making sure to hit all of my buttons. The mushroom head of his cock was very thick and with every stroke it hit my prostate. I felt like his whore and I loved it. He alternated between slow, passionate love making to grabbing my hips and furiously thrusting into me. I did everything I could to fuck him back. He would pull all the way out then drive his cock back into me. The mixture of pain and pleasure had me on the edge.

He pulled out one more time and had me roll onto my back again. With my legs wrapped around his back, his cock effortlessly entered me again. For the next 5 minutes he used all of the strength in his powerful, manly legs to fuck me senseless. One hand around my cock, the other gently squeezing my balls, he thrust deep into me forcing out the most powerful orgasm I could remember. My cum shooting clear over my head, landing on my face, lips and chest.

He let me come down slightly from my high while I licked the cum from my mouth. He massaged the cum into my chest and then with three powerful thrusts I saw his face tighten and I could feel his cock spasm inside me. I was momentarily in heaven. His powerful body collapsed on mine. He held his cock deep in my ass and I reached down to rub his cock. I could feel his cum leaking from my well used hole. He must have seen a look of concern on my face, he whispered in my ear that yes, he had given me all of him but not to worry, he was clean. I was far too relaxed and satisfied to really care. And knowing this masculine man had just bred me strangely made me feel even better.

That was the absolute best experience of my life. And even though I shouldn't, I knew I would be back and that man could do anything he wanted to me.

If you enjoyed this, please let me know. And if you are in Arizona and give great massages, get in touch. Thank you for reading.