Dick-man Street, Washington Heights, Author ANONYMOUS *ahem*


It was one hot-ass day in New York in July of 1982. New York Power and Light, being the assholes that they are, cut off the power in my entire apartment building in Washington Heights. On the hottest day in recent memory. I, naturally, was naked and just woke up... balls swinging freely as I walk to the bathroom. Now seems like a good time to say a little about myself. I'm Julius. White. Of English and Italian descent, if you need to know. I'm 19 and currently on my gap year before going off to college in San Francisco. I'm obviously gay, pretty damn hairy... about 5' 10"... and I have an uncut eight-and-a half inch dick and a fairly average set of balls just below it. Also, I live in a dumpy little apartment in Washington Heights ever since I got kicked out of my parents' frickin' luxury condominium on the Upper East Side about 2 years ago. But I digress...

It was so stifling in my apartment and I decided that I really needed to get out. I put on the loosest undies I own and a pair of raggedy-ass cargo shorts that I've had since I was 12. When I finally got outside, I noticed that all of the hot Latino guys who live around here are practically naked because of the crazy weather. 'This could come to my advantage' I thought. I passed by the corner store and decided to get something cold. With a sigh, I realized that their power was out as well. I paid 50 cents for a pint of nearly melted ice cream, which was still slightly cold, and got back onto the street. I walked towards Fort Tryon Park... I imagined it would be slightly cooler there. Damn, I was in for a surprise. ;).

After I walked the 10 blocks to get to the park, I noticed that the sprinklers were on, and naturally, there were families and groups of children frolicking in the city-subsidized coolness. Everyone, like me, was wearing minimal clothing. However, several Dominican men, seeming to be new immigrants, were standing in front of the sprinklers completely naked. Not a swatch of cloth among the three of them. They didn't seem to see anything strange about this. Neither did the Dominican families. I, however, stood agape staring at the massive Dominican cock. All uncut, of course, with sumptuous foreskins, and about seven inches soft... Damn! These guys were hung! They had very enviable low-hanging balls, which seemed to swing with the breeze. I then stopped staring at their cocks and looked at the rest of them. These guys could have been fucking supermodels. They were all roughly 6 feet tall, all with golden-brown skin and almost completely hairless except for the bushy pubes. All of them even had six-packs. I was so fucking envious. After admiring them for about 20 full seconds, one of the guys grabs his enormous, swollen testicles and winks at me. "¿Te gusta?", he said. In retrospect, I have no idea what the hell I was thinking. Here I was, a skinny little white guy in Washington Heights being propositioned by three burly Latinos. I averted my eyes instantly in shame. At the exact same moment however, I felt that I should join them in their nudity. Fuck it--- if they could do it, why couldn't I? I whipped my pants down and let my semi spring out of my boxers. For the first time since the heat wave started, I actually felt a bit chilly.  

I glanced back at the Dominicans. The one who winked at me earlier was licking his lips. The other two were intently staring at my cock. The presence of these insanely hot supermodel types, along with the fact that they were obviously down for sex caused my semi to become a full-on boner! I glanced back at their dicks. Their already enormous cocks were beginning to swell up. Their foreskins started to roll back and show a peek of purple glans. I was in heaven admiring their godly cocks. I checked their faces for emotion. The one who winked at me before was no longer looking at me sweetly, rather, he had the expression of a starving man who just saw a 25-pound rib roast being tossed into the street. "Oye! Vamos al bano! Ahora!" He was not requesting me. He was demanding me. He wanted to plow me and he was going to get it, whether I liked it or not. I followed them into the gross public bathroom in the park and got into a stall with that guy. As soon as the door was shut, he rammed his rock-hard footlong schlong down my throat. I, being a horny little fucker, obligingly sucked him off. I worked my tongue along every nerve ending on his swollen, purple glans. He moaned loudly as I ran my teeth lightly over his frenulum. He then shoved my head down and my nose quickly became buried in his bushy pubes. They smelled like a mixture of ass-sweat, dick-cheese and something else that I can't quite describe. It was intoxicating. I looked down at my own distended, uncut dick and noticed that I was leaking pre-cum all over the floor of the bathroom. He started to buck his hips and I knew he was about to shoot in my mouth. He moaned louder and louder and his breathing became ragged. Just as he was reaching his climax, a man in blue shorts and a blue NYPD vest busts open the stall door and waves a badge at us. I get off the Latino's cock immediately. The Latino, who I just blueballed screamed out, "MIERDA!!" and shoved the police officer aside. His friends were nowhere to be seen. He dashed out of the bathroom. Meanwhile, I was still lying, completely naked on the floor of a disgusting public bathroom being held at gunpoint by a police officer. The policeman glared at me. He said, "Get your ass out of here before I have you and your boyfriend arrested. Faggot." I quickly got the hell out of there. My balls were aching for release and I had nobody to suck me off and nowhere to jerk off. I walked towards my house on Dyckman Street... 10 blocks uphill... in 107 degree heat. By the time I got home, my aching balls were the least of my worries. I was sexually frustrated, but with nobody to service me and no energy to jack off with. GAH! I lit a candle for light, plopped myself on my bed and instantly fell into a deep sleep.

Some hours later, I awoke by feeling a strong breeze across by stomach. The first thing I noticed was the darkness... it must have been about midnight. The window that accesses the fire escape was wide open... but I had never opened it. As I began to wake up, I noticed some movement in the shadows. As my eyes adjusted to the light, I could make out a shape. It was a man's body. That was for sure.... and a pretty sexy guy, judging by the silhouette. "Oye!" shouted a voice. It was the man from before! He stepped out into the pool of light cast by the candle and I could see him in his full glory. Glistening with sweat, muscles tensed up, dick hard as a fucking diamond. The sight of him brought attention to my overfilled, swollen blue balls. I couldn't take it. I needed service. I put my 5th grade Spanish to use and said "Ayudame." and pointed at my rock-hard cock. He simply nodded and went to work on my dick. His hot, tender mouth enveloped my prick as his tongue probed under my foreskin. Quickly, he blew out the candle that was sitting on my bedside. Still smoking, and dripping hot wax, I feel pressure as he shoves the candle up my tender asshole. It hurt like a bitch and I cried out, but it was so sexy that I couldn't get up the willpower to tell him to stop. The end of the candle rubbed against my prostate and that was it. The combined action of his hot, wet mouth going to work on my rock-hard cock and the hot candle fucking me caused me to scream out in pleasure. I couldn't take it anymore. I NEEDED to come. At that very moment. Without warning, I took my dick out of his mouth and instantly had the most mind-blowing, earth-shattering orgasm I'd ever had, spraying my man-juices all over his face. He, however wasn't finished. He brought his mouth to level with mine and pressed his hot, wet lips onto mine, his face still covered in the seed I had sprayed all over him just seconds before. His tongue probed my mouth and I tasted a bit of myself in him. He continued to work my asshole with the candle and motioned down towards his crotch. His huge Latino dick was bigger than ever before and was literally pulsing due to his massive erection. The foreskin was completely drawn back on the shaft exposing his flared, purple cock-head. His scrotum was tight against the base of his prick and his testicles, previously low-hanging, were drawn up into his abdomen. It was obvious he needed to come. Badly. I decided to play around with him for a bit. I lightly tugged at the base of his cock, causing the most exquisite pleasure-pain. Meanwhile, I was getting hard again. His rock-hard boner pulsed in my hand as he waited for his long overdue release. He began screaming in Spanish with words that were far too advanced for me to understand. He quickly turned me over and began ass-fucking me. I said, "No! Espere! Nesecito condon!" but he just ignored me. My dick was so hard that I felt as if it was going to explode at any moment. His screaming became louder still and his thrusting became more forceful and insistent. He let out one loud yelp and sprayed his hot man-seed all over my bowels. He pelvic muscle kept contracting and I kept getting filled with more and more sweet Latino jizz. Eventually, it was over. He pulled his dick out of me, bent over to me, and gave me the tenderest, most impassioned kiss I'd ever received. We fell on top of my bed and lay motionless, both of us sweating like pigs and still breathing heavily. He grabbed my lighter and lit a cigarette. As he exhaled and passed the cigarette to me, he said in heavily accented English, "I think I like it here on Dick-man Street..." I simply nodded. I couldn't agree more.