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Copyright 14 June 2004


Dinner Date

It’s three o’clock Saturday afternoon. Time to start getting ready. I have done my hour and a half workout at the gym, soaked up rays by the pool for an hour, and generally relaxed, anticipating tonight. I head for the bathroom. First up, clean out - it’s going to be a long night. Fill the bag and hang it on the shower recess rail - warm soapy water.

Turn on the shower and stand under the hot water for a few minutes - relaxing further in the gentle spray, then lie down in the tub. Lightly greasing my hole, I slide the enema hose in me and turn on the tap. Feel the gush of warm water filling me. I take the whole bag, and lie there letting the water do it’s magic - five minutes, ten minutes - then the cramping starts. I get up and move to the toilet - expel the lot. Refill the bag with water and repeat the process.

Third bag, and I’m satisfied - no embarrassing moments tonight! The stereo is playing soothing classical music - I love Mozart! Next a careful shave - my face is shiny and the skin taut from my time in the sun. slight blush of pink in the tan. Down lower and I denude my pubic area, balls and asshole - smooth as a baby’s bottom. Trim the hair on my chest, then back into the shower.

Nice long soak, alternating between pulse and gentle flow of water all over my body. then out and brisk rub dry, and back to the living room. Sit for fifteen minutes letting my body return to room temperature. My cock is semi-hard all this time, thinking about the night ahead.

Check myself out in the mirrored bedroom closet doors. Still looking good at thirty-five. Brief tan line. butt looks full, hard and round, pecs solid, waist still a trim 31 inches, abs and thighs firm and defined- the gym work is showing its effect. I’m no kid anymore - face is showing character lines, but all in all. . .

Finally it’s time to start dressing. First up, my leather cock strap, cinched tight enough to feel it, but not so tight that I get hard, then butt plug - lightly greased. Followed by snowy white new jockstrap, tucking my cock and balls into the pouch and straighening the straps. Now black socks - mid calf length - silk. White dress shirt - lightly starched, Attach silver studs and cuff links and tie my bow tie - hate those things, but tonight is special.

Black trousers, highly polished black shoes, and I’m almost ready. I take the wine from the icebox - a nice dry white - pick up my silver cigarette case - check the joints - and lighter. Grab my tux, and down to the car. Fifteen minute drive and I’ll be there right on time.

Arrive at the apartment block, park the car and head into the building. It’s a warm night, and I decided not to use the A/C in the car, so I have a thin sheen of perspiration by the time I get into the elevator. They like a man to be a man - no cologne, just clean man smell.

Riding up to the fifteenth floor, I put my jacket on, straighten my tie and as the elevator arrives I’m ready. It’s 7.30 as I press the buzzer at their door.

“Hi Sean, how are you?”

“Hello Greg. Welcome. We’re fine, and you?”

“Couldn’t be better.”

“Liam’s just finishing getting ready. He won’t be a minute. Care for a drink?”

“I’d love a glass of wine thanks.” And I handed him the bottle I’d bought.

“You remembered.”

“Of course. It’s one of my favorites too.”

“Hi Greg. Sorry I’m late. Looking good man.”

“Thanks. You too Liam.”

“Here you are Greg, and Liam. Let’s go out onto the balcony. It’s a beautiful night.”

We go out and sit down, admiring the view. The city looked beautiful - clear and sparkling. We chat about generalities as we sip our chilled wine, then Liam rises and goes to check on the dinner. He comes back in a minute - “Dinner is served.” He has removed his jacket, so we take ours off and hang them on the backs of our chairs as we sit for dinner.

First course is a lovely light chilled soup, and as I drink, I admire my hosts. Liam is 45 and Sean is my age - 35. They are partners in a succcessful law firm and have been together for 12 years. Their success has enabled them to live an extremely comfortable lifestyle, and they have impeccable taste. Their apartment is sparsely, but elegantly furnished, leather furniture, subdued lighting, polished wood floors, some original paintings - all very understated, but obviously very expensive. The dining table is glass, and seats 8.

We finish our soup and Liam removes the bowls. He returns a few minutes later with the second course - grilled fish, with a delightful sauce. I notice he has removed his tie and his dress shirt is unbuttoned. I looked at Sean and he nods - we both remove our ties and unbutton our shirts. Obviously Liam is conducting the procedings tonight.

The fish is followed by a salad, and Liam minus shoes and socks. Sean and I follow suit. Then comes the entree - rare roast beef and vegetables - and a shirtless Liam. Things are getting more interesting. Liam has a nice body - for his age I would say a superb body, due to a regime of exercise, good food and lucky genes. He knows it, but doesn’t flaunt it - carries himself well and is proud of it. Sean is similar - but, like me, has placed more emphasis on working out at the gym - in fact that’s where I met him. I am enjoying the eye candy as much as the food and wine.

By dessert we are down to our jocks - Sean and Liam both in sexy black leather jockstraps, and me in my virginal white - nice contrast! I must admit that together we make a pretty good looking trio. Three buff, tanned bodies. Through the glass top of the table I can see their jock pouches are filled to capacity, and I have started leaking precum which is leaving a wet spot on my mesh pouch. Things are definitely hotting up!

Dinner, coffee and brandy are finished and the table cleared. We adjourn to the bedroom. To most visitors to their apartment, it is a very comfortable two bedroom, two bathroom apartment. but looks can be deceiving. Walking through the bedroom we enter the en suite bathroom. Sean reaches up and twists a clothes peg on the wall. A panel slide open, and we pass through into the third bedroom - if you can call it a bedroom! More appropriately a playroom.

The walls are a deep grey, and pin spots in the ceiling highlight various areas in the room - the leather bed, the sling, the horse, the rack, rings strategiaclly set in the floor, ceiling and walls. The stereo is playing new world music - just loud enough to be heard but not distracting. The temperature is set just right - warm enough that any exertion will produce a light sweat. Mirrors on the walls and ceiling reflect any action in the room, and the wall closet is open displaying the range of toys and bondage equipment. My hosts, for all their outwardly sophisticated demeanour, are really hot players.

Liam grabs me by my upper arms from behind me, and pulls them back, at the same time pushing his jock covered cock into my ass crack. I can feel his hardness through the leather, and my wet spot spreads as my cock spurts more pre into my jock, Sean reaches down and rubs his hand over it then puts it to my mouth so I can taste my juice. I am at their mercy, just where I want to be. They are going to use me tonight, and I know I am going to enjoy it!

Liam reaches down and roughly pulls out my butt plug, replacing it with three of his fingers, My hole willingly accepts the intrusion, and I sigh with pleasure. My cock is jerking now - the pre is spreading further and further in my jock, Sean grabs the waist band of my jock and tugs it down. My cock springs out hard and veiny.

I used to be embarrassed by my cock - it’s less than four inches long fully hard, and I envied all the big cocked guys I knew. That was until I found how much pleasure I got and could give to guys from my talented asshole. Now I use what I’ve got to advantage, I’m one hundred percent bottom - and proud of it!

Sean takes my dick in his mouth and tastes my pre, then stands up and presses his mouth to mine . I open up and accept his probing tongue, tasting my manliness in him. His arms reach round my body and rest on Liam’s butt - fingers probing his crack. I feel the pressure against my ass lessen as Liam arches his back to allow Sean better access to his hole. Together we make a great tableau, and we can see ourselves reflected in the mirrors.

Breaking the group, Sean leads us over to the horse and motions to me to climb on. I straddle the leather and lie down, my asshole exposed and glistening. Liam drops his jock and climbs on behind me - his eight uncut inches nestling in my ass crack, I can feel his precum oozing out into my crack as he rubs his cock against me, spreading the lube. His cock head hits the spot, and he slowly slides into me. The feeling is so good. He doesn’t waste any time and just slides balls deep into me - bliss!

Sean removes his jock, bends forward and starts working on Liam’s hole. lapping and sucking as Liam slowly pumps into me, Then Sean climbs on to the horse and roughly shoves his hard tool into Liam’s wet butt. Liam grunts and pushes further into me. He is now the meat in the sandwich. Sean’s fucking forces him to fuck my ass harder, I start working my ass muscles - gripping his cock on the outstroke and relaxing on the in stroke. He is moaning with pleasure. I’m thinking “Do I make him cum yet?” I know I can, but do I want to? I also know that he is good for two and possibly three cums during the night, and that Sean can blow on the hour every hour - he’s such a horny fucker.

I decide thatI will wait, and relax my hole so that Sean can fuck Liam’s cock into me, while I just lie there and enjoy the sensation. We fuck for about ten minutes, then Sean pulls out of Liam’s ass, and Liam out of mine, leaving it pulsing and feeling empty. But not for long. Sean heads over to the cabinet to choose a dildo. I get off the horse onto the bed on hands and knees, and Liam joins me on the bed on his hands and knees, ass to ass. Sean looks over at us, realises what we want and selects one of the double enders. It’s two feet long and three inches thick - Liam’s favorite - and one that I fancy myself.

Greasing the ends lightly Sean crosses over to us. Holding an end at each of our holes. he says, “ OK men it’s up to you.”

We start backing onto the big latex phallus, and I hear Liam moan as he takes his end. I slide onto my end and we sink our cunts onto it. Soon we’re butt to butt, with no more than two inches still showing. I clench my muscles round the dildo and push back, fucking Liam’s hole with it. Bouncing back and forward I fuck him. His moans are getting louder before I stop. I don’t want him to cum yet. He feels the change, and I soon feel the dildo sliding in and out of my hole, as Liam fucks me with it. My little cock is dripping precum all over the bed as the dildo massages my prostate.

Meanwhile, Sean is preparing for the next act. He takes the can of lube from the closet and starts greasing his hands, The reflection in the mirror looks great. The two of us on our hands and knees, ass to ass, pumping our holes with the rubber cock, and Sean standing over us greasing himself up, his cock hard and pulsing, the silver cockring and ball weight reflecting light. Our bodies already have a light sweat sheen which enhances the effect.

Sean grabs the dildo - a signal for us to stop, and we slowly pull off it. A small popping sound as it exits our holes, and drops to the bed.

“Now, guys, side by side.” We move into position on the side of the bed, and Sean grabs handsful of grease and slathers it over and in our now relaxed holes. Then I feel his fingers doing their magic on my ass. He starts with three fingers, then four, then folds his thumb in and presses. My ass opens and accepts his hand without much trouble, and I know Liam is taking Sean’s other hand equally easily. It’s a routine we hove done before, but one that never fails to excite me. A chariot race, with Sean as Ben Hur and Liam and me as his steeds.

Liam and I look across at each other. His face looks blissful, and he reaches over with his nearest hand to take mine. We’re joined hand in hand, with Sean completing the circle, sliding his hands deeper into us. I know I can take him to about halfway up his forearm, and his gentle fucking action is making my ass feel so good. Liam is moaning what I’m feeling, We are always so in synch.

Sean plays with our asses for about fifteen minutes, exciting our nerves, and getting us to the peak before he stops and slowly pulls out. Liam and I collapse on the bed, and roll over onto our backs, pulling Sean down on top of us. The three of us hug as we come down from the high.

“You guys have such terrific asses.”

“And you have the most talented hands, man.”

We get up and fire up a joint, sharing it and chilling out for a while. My ass is starting to feel hungry again, so I get up and walk over to the sling. Sean grins, and follows me over. Setting my feet in the stirrups, I hunch down so that my ass is hanging over the end. Sean takes some more lube and pushes it up my ass, then slides his hand back in me. I sigh.

“Oh yeah, Sean. Do it to me, babe.”

He slowly moves his hand round in me, searching for the hidden hole, finds it, and presses onwards, I feel my hole opening up round his hand, I’m so relaxed I feel I could take him all the way to the elbow. I glance over at Liam. He’s still lying on the bed, but has now taken the dildo and slid it into his ass. Over half of it has disappeared in him, and he’s still working it deeper.

Sean grabs some more lube and greases further up his arm. Looks like he’s going to stretch my limits. Looks like I want him to. Ever so slowly he feels his way into me, I can feel my asshole stretched by his forearm, and reach down to feel how far he is in me. He slaps my hand away.

“Don’t you worry about that. Just enjoy.”

“I’m enjoiyng, I’m enjoying.”


I know he’s in me further than I have ever taken it before, but I trust him so completely that I have no fears. Liam sees what’s happening, He pulls the dildo out of his butt, and comes over to watch. He reaches into the can and grabs some lube. Greasing his hand he moves behind Sean.

Sean starts slightly as he feels Liam’s hand working his hole, then spreads his legs and pushes his ass back to give Liam better access. Taking this as acceptance, Liam takes some more lube and starts packing Sean’s hole. Looking up at the ceiling, I can see Liam playing with Sean’s hole in the mirrors. Suddenly Sean grunts, and I know that Liam has breached his hole. Sean stops his playing with my ass while he accustoms himself to Liam’s hand, then slowly starts again.

My ass is starting to feel the strain. I’m enjoying it, but I don’t know how much further he can push my limits before I have to call it off. Even though he has Liam’s hand exploring his ass, Sean is still totally aware of how he’s travelling in me. Looking in the mirror again I suddenly realise that he’s done it! He’s elbow deep in me. I gasp.

“Yeah, babe. I was wondering when you’d realise. How does it feel?”

“Awesome man. Simply awesome.”

Liam is smiling over Sean’s shoulder.

“He’s good, isn’t he.”

“Ohhh, yeah.”

Sean slowly pulls out. I can feel his hand playing with my ass walls as he does. Finally he’s right out. Liam pulls out of Sean and together they help me out of the sling and on to the bed. I lie there exhausted.

“OK Sean. Your turn.”

Sean climbs into the sling, settles himself, and Liam starts working on his hole again. I lie on the bed watching these two lovers enjoying each other. Liam is piston fisting Sean’s hole to Sean’s pleasure.

“Yeah, babe. Punch my cunt.”

Liam pulls right out, forms his hand into a fist and plunges back into Sean’s ass. His hole opens and accepts it. Liam pulls out again and punches in again.

“Can you hand me the poppers, please?”

I grab the bottle and take it to Sean. He takes a deep sniff.

“Oh fuck yeah. Do it Li. Fuck my cunt.”

Liam starts hammering his fist into Sean’s hole. It’s gaping so wide that it doesn’t close. Just a gaping black hole surrounded by a shiny red ass ring. Sean starts gasping.

“Enough babe?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

Liam stops his punching, opens his hand and gently inserts his hand. Sean sighs as he massages his abused hole. Then he slowly pulls out again, continuing to massage his ass ring. He leans over Sean and they kiss with so much love and passion, I feel almost like and intruder.

I get up and help Liam get Sean out of the sling, and we all lie down on the bed again, while Sean recovers.

Liam gets up, wipes most of the grease off his arm and walks over to the bar fridge. Pulls out a bottle of wine and pours us all a drink. A glass of wine, cigarette and rest and we’ve recovered somewhat.

“Well Liam - your turn.”

He climbs into the sling.

“You want to do the honors?”

“OK.” I grease my hands and start playing with his hole. It’s still greasy from our chariot race, but I pack some more lube into him. Fingering his hole with three fingers, I alternate hands, then reversing hands slip six fingers in, playing and stretching his hole. I know from previous experience that he likes it, and the way his ass is opening up confirms it. I add the fourth finger on each hand and run them around his ring opening him more.

I know he can take my hand easily, so I pull four fingers out and slide my hand in. It feels like I’m putting on a velvet glove. His ass is so warm and welcoming. I play on his ass walls with my fingers feeling his prostate and watching his cock jump as I rub it with my fingers. He’s moaning and rolling his ass round my hand, wanting me to touch him everywhere in there. Twisting and turning my hand I explore his ass cavern. It feels so good. He reaches down with his hand, takes my other hand and draws it to his hole. He’s ready,

I start feeding my second hand into his ass. It’s stretching nicely. I pull my first hand out till it’s just inside him, slide my fingers of my second hand into the cupped palm of my first hand and slowly press forward. His hole stretches round my hands, and slowly, ever so slowly, both hands slide forward till I feel his ass sliding down from the thickness to the wrist of my second hand.

“You’ve got’em both baby.”

“I know, I know. And it feels soooo good.”

I hold my hands still in his hole, feeling his pulse and letting him get accustomed to the intrusion. When I feel the subtle difference there, I know he’s ready, and I slowly start moving my hands, twisting them and drumming my fingers.

“Ooohh, yeah. I can feel that right up through my body.”

“Like it?” I say. knowing the answer.

“Need you ask?” he laughs, and I feel the laughter through my hands.

Sean has recovered, and gets up to stand beside me. He starts playing with my arm, and then slides his fingers down my arm towards Liam’s hole. I hold still, and he slowly adds his four fingers to my arms, Liam is watching us in the ceiling mirror, and sees his lover’s fingers disappear into his ass. We start moving in synch, me turning my arms and Liam following suit. Two and a half hands stretching his hole. Liam is groaning and panting, lost in a paroxysm of lust. His cock is leaking precum like a faucet.

“Guys, you’ve got to pull out, I’m going to cum any minute.”

Liam pulls his fingers out, and I slowly start to withdraw my hands.

“Just relax baby, Breathe deep.”

Ever so slowly I pull out of his ass. His hole stays open for a while, then slowly closes. It looks so good - hot and puffy.

“Fuck guys, that was awesome.”

“Glad you liked it.”

We help him out of the sling back to the bed again. We’re all exhausted. We’ve been playing for almost four hours. I feel tired - it’s time for me to go home. We slowly recover and head out of the playroom. In the ensuite Liam turns on the shower, adjusts the temperature, and we all get into the stall to clean ourselves of the grease and sweat. None of us has come, but that isn’t necessary. We are all sexually satisfied.

I get dressed back in the dining room, Liam and Sean stand naked holding each other while they watch. When I’m dressed I lean over and give them both a kiss. They walk with me to the door, and as they pass the hall stand, Liam picks up the envelope and hands it to me.

“Thanks for tonight. When are you available next month?”

“I’ll check my diary and call during the week. OK?”


They let me out. On the way down in the elevator I check the envelope. One thousand dollars. I know I’m expensive, but I’m one of the best, and they can afford it.