The following story is complete fiction. It didn't happen. If you don't like reading gay sex stories between older and younger guys or aren't allowed to for legal reasons, then don't. If you do and you can, go for it! This story is copyrighted September, 1998 by the author. It may be posted to other free sites as long as my name and email address are included and no changes are made. A courtesy email to let me know you plan to post to another site would be appreciated. Thanks!!

Double Coupon Day

By Robby Sr.

Hank normally hated grocery shopping at this hour. The time just after most folks got off work but before usual dinnertime was when the damn place was always so crowded. But he did need all the things he'd filled his shopping cart with so he couldn't really complain: though he wouldn't have any way in this particular store.

The weather was going sour. Even though the clouds were rolling in and had already blocked out the sun, Hank had his shades on inside the store. He didn't care about the sun. There was another reason he had his shades on.

He was standing in line at the checkout and it was busy. There were 3 other people ahead of him; all with full shopping carts. In spite of the crowds and the wait, Hank didn't grumble like most folks did about the long lines and the inconsiderate customers that seemed to have fun finding new ways to hold up the line. People like the ones who waited until the total was rung up before they even pull out their checkbook (Hank had his check already filled out except for the amount). What especially irritated Hank was the damn women who stood idly watching until the total was rung up -THEN they started fishing in their huge purses for their wallets when they should have had it out and open and ready...fucking cunts!

No, Hank didn't complain out loud. He had a way to amuse himself while waiting in line. He loved to check out the bag boys while he waited. That was the reason he was wearing his shades: He could stare at the cute guys as they worked and no one could see where his eyes were looking. Today there was a lot of eye candy to occupy his time. This store in particular always had a great crop of young guys flitting back and forth filling up bags and sacks and bending over and all. Hank learned a long time ago to keep a straight face in spite of wanting to smile or make eye contact with these guys to judge their reaction. When he was a young guy himself it was fairly easy to hit on these guys. But now that he was in his 40's he had to be careful.

These days everyone was so uptight about molesters and all (not the female molesters; apparently they're okay), that it wasn't safe to be a male school anybody, or a male anything that puts guys in contact with any kids at all - even their own. There are volumes of scientific studies proving that teenagers want sex, get sex, love sex, and unless they are girls who wind up pregnant, are not the least bit "scarred" or "traumatized" by the experience regardless of the age of the person they have sex with. Yet society and parents say that all sexual activity by teenagers is wrong, and any sex between teenagers and adults is so wrong as to be criminal, and then they always turn to the nearest adult male and shuffle the blame onto him. So in spite of all the evidence to the contrary they still insist that teenagers - boys especially- repress their sexual urges, and this, "I'd rather not deal with it so I'll pretend it's not there," attitude of adults is what ultimately causes trouble. But the older one gets, and especially for men, the more suspicion is aroused just by walking around upright, and the more he becomes an easy scapegoat for society to vent on rather than admit that they themselves are the real problem. So Hank kept his shades on and maintained a poker face.

The store had a policy that the bag boys would walk a customer's groceries to their car and load them if the customer wanted. Usually a tip was expected, but most people these days won't part with even an extra dollar, so most of the baggers had to put up with their minimum wage. Hank saw that the lady who just finished paying did choose to have the bagger help her out to her car. When another bagger took his place at the end of the belt, Hank almost lost his composure.

He was drop dead fucking gorgeous! Probably about 5' 6", maybe 130 pounds if that much. Jet-black hair cut short, thick eyebrows and big dark eyes. Hank didn't even try to guess his age. Teenagers can really fool you. They can look real young yet have already graduated high school, and they can look college age but not even be old enough to drive yet. You just can't tell with them, and you couldn't tell with this guy, either.

He had a classic chiseled face, and even though his stature was small, Hank could tell even at that distance that the kid was getting his body worked out somehow. Maybe some sports at school, maybe regular workouts, but Hank liked the way his arm muscles flexed as he loaded the groceries into bags. The baggers all wore white shirts with a red vest carrying the store's logo, and this kid's shirt fit him tight enough to show off some definition in his chest. They all wore black jeans, and while none of the guys wore any real tight fitting teen slut kind of jeans, this kid's pants fit just tight enough to show Hank a nice little bubble butt. Man he was stacked!!

Now Hank only had one more customer to wait for and the bagger was still in his line. He hoped the lady in front of him didn't want the guy to take her bags to her car. Hank still eyed the guy, silently drooling inside. He noticed the kid's arms were smooth and figured his chest and butt were too. Hank had his eye on the kid's crotch. His jeans fit just right there too! He probably had a nice bush between his legs, and his bushy eyebrows presaged a hairy body in the future, but right now Hank figured there was a nice smooth body under those clothes.

All right! The lady in front of Hank pushed her own cart of bagged groceries away from the line herself! The kid looked up at Hank.

"Paper or plastic, sir?" the kid said automatically. Hank saw his nametag: "Matt." Now Hank took off his shades and looked the smiling kid in his eye.

"Plastic's fine," he smiled at Matt. Matt held his gaze only for an instant, nodded, and went to work. Hank didn't pay any attention to the cashier. He didn't pay any attention to the doors leading out of the store where flashes of lightning were frequent and a little ominous. In fact, it seemed his entire peripheral vision became blurred as he focused on watching Matt bag the groceries and without even knowing it, show off his gorgeous body.

Matt glanced up a few times while working and caught Hank's eye, smiled quickly and kept on working. When the groceries were bagged and paid for, Matt smiled a little bigger at Hank.

"Load your car for you, sir?" Matt asked with a smile but without a lot of conviction, since most people declined.

"Sure," Hank said and smiled at Matt. "I'm parked out back though. That OK?"

Matt smiled a little bigger and shrugged his shoulders, "No problem, sir."

So Matt pushed the cart ahead of Hank, and Hank couldn't take his eyes off Matt's little butt straining his pants while he walked.

Outside they were greeted with a brilliant flash of lightning immediately followed by rumbling thunder.

"Wow!" Matt said and flashed Hank with another smile.

"Yeah," Hank answered scanning the dark sky, "Looks like it'll hit any second now."

No sooner said than the first drops hit the sidewalk, and they were big ones.

"You sure you wanna load my car?" Hank laughed.

"You bet, sir," Matt said a little excitedly. Hank knew he was thinking he'd get a bigger tip. Hank swung his hand out to guide Matt to his car.

"I always park in the back," Hank told Matt while they walked. "My van is oversized, longer than most, and it won't fit in the parking spaces in front here."

"That's okay, sir," Matt answered. "Soon as I get back in I can clock out, and I really don't want to bag up even one more sack today!" He looked at Hank and smiled again, turning Hank on more and more each time he showed that sweet smile.

No sooner had they cleared the corner of the building and walked away from the protection of the roof than the sky opened up with a vengeance. They felt almost like they were standing under a shower nozzle as the rain beat down on them. Hank asked one more time if Matt wanted to forget it and go back inside before he got too wet. Matt just laughed.

"I don't care!" Matt had to almost shout now to be heard over the pouring rain and thunder. "I can get dry when I get home, but one way or the other, this is the LAST bag I fill up today!" and started to push the cart again.

Hank grabbed the front of the cart, Matt had the back, and they both took off running. While the back parking lot wasn't all that big, it seemed like Hank's van was a mile away since the rain was beating down on them. He was parked on the other side of the parking lot and they both got soaked running across it.

Hank wrenched the back doors open and he and Matt started literally throwing the bags into the back. As they unloaded the cart they both laughed at how wet they were getting, and suddenly the wind picked up. Now the rain was being driven sideways and the lightning became almost continuous. As the last bag flew into the van, a bolt of lightning struck a nearby tree and Hank and Matt both felt vibrations in their bodies when the sound hit them. They both instinctively ducked a little at the flash and the noise. The wind picked up even more and the van was rocking a little.

"Jump in!" Hank yelled to Matt. "We can wait it out inside!" Matt didn't argue, but dove into the back of the van followed closely by Hank who slammed the doors behind him.

"Whew!" Matt said. "I didn't expect THIS much." He held his arms up. His sleeves and his vest were dripping water.

"Yeah!" Hank said. "Almost like a damn tornado, eh?" He was just as wet as Matt, and they looked at each other and laughed. Matt grabbed a corner of his vest and squeezed a little water out.

"Fucking soaked!" he exclaimed and then shot a glance at Hank and put his hand up to his mouth, "Oh! Sorry, sir!" he said through his hand.

Hank reached over and flicked Matt's name tag, "Oh hell, don't worry about it, Matt," he smiled, "I'm fucking soaked too!"

Matt looked around the van. It was long enough to hold five rows of seats, much like one of those hotel vans, but there was only the driver's and one passenger seat. The rest of the van was customized and ready to for a man to live in.

"Wow!" he said wide-eyed to Hank. "This is some ride, sir!"

Hank laughed. "Looks like we may be stuck here for a while, Matt," Hank said as the wind continued to rock the van. "How ‘bout you drop the 'sir'. Name's Hank," he said and shook Matt's hand.

Matt was right about the van: Along the wall on the passenger side in place of a window was some shelves and cabinets, a tiny sink, a small refrigerator, and a two-burner stove. There was even a battery-operated heater on the floor, connected to a register running along the whole wall. Hank explained that he liked to travel and sleeping in the van saved a lot of money.

Hank rose up on his knees in front of Matt, and smoothly pulled his t-shirt off. He noticed that Matt's eyes immediately went to his chest. Hank didn't look bad for his age. He wasn't fat, didn't have a whole lot of gray hair, and even still had a full head of hair. He worked out regularly and had a nice pair of pecs, with a moderately thick mat of hair going from one nipple to the next, culminating in a trail running down into his pants.

Hank rose up and spread his shirt out over the heating register and turned on the heater. He looked at Matt and saw that Matt's eyes were still on his chest. He smiled. "Go ahead and take off your shirt, Matt. We can start it drying a little on the register here while I warm up this thing."

Matt hesitated a little, glanced out the window of the van to see that the rain showed no sign of letting up. He shrugged his shoulders and took off his vest. Hank took Matt's vest and put it on a small hanger he got from one the cabinets and hung it up on the cabinet door.

Matt kept glancing at Hank as he unbuttoned his shirt. He pulled it off a little shyly, confirming Hank's prediction that his chest was both smooth and pretty well defined. Hank took his shirt and spread it out on the register.

Hank ducked again when another bolt of lightning hit something close by and wound up lying down while the thunder rolled and they both laughed. Then Hank very calmly kicked his shoes off and unzipped his pants. He glanced over at Matt, who was watching Hank, as his eyes got a little bigger. Hank just smiled at Matt while he tugged his soaked pants down, showing his cock outlined in his wet briefs. Matt glanced over at Hank's body. His smile stayed on his face.

"Hell, Matt, it's just us in here," Hank told him. "Go ahead and strip down. I got some towels around here somewhere. We can at least get dry and warm for now." Hank finished pulling his wet jeans off and reached up and spread them out on the register too. He looked at Matt, who hadn't moved yet and was staring at the window while the rain blotted out all vision. Hank smiled at Matt's nervousness.

"See?" he told Matt. "No one can see, and you'll get damn cold sitting there wet like that. Go on Matt, it's okay."

Matt sat up another second then shrugged his shoulders again. "Well, okay."

Hank turned to open a cabinet for some towels and his cock stirred when he heard Matt's zipper behind him. He grabbed some towels and tossed a couple onto Matt's chest while Matt struggled with his pants.

"Here, let me help," Hank said and grabbed Matt's pants cuffs.

"That's okay! I can do it!" Matt said suddenly, even apprehensively, but Hank already had a hold of both cuffs and pulled. He pulled so hard that he pulled Matt along the floor a little and Matt wound up falling back and smacking his head on the floor.

"Oh shit! Sorry, Matt!" Hank laughed.

Matt giggled a little. "'s okay," he said, and scissored his legs while Hank pulled his pants, shoes and socks the rest of the way off.

Matt picked up a towel and started drying himself off. Hank reached over the driver's seat and flipped a switch that turned on a light inside the van. Now he could look back from behind Matt and see his dick outlined in his wet underwear. Hank silently whistled to himself and had to consciously not smack his lips at the nice package Matt had tucked into those little briefs.

Hank returned to his knees in front of Matt and started toweling himself off. He noticed Matt sneaking glances at his body, and took some time rubbing the towel across his chest to give Matt a little show. Then he calmly hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his briefs and pushed them down, letting his cock flop out.

Matt shot a look at Hank and sucked in a breath, "Uh, sir..." he started to say, but Hank just laughed.

"Aw, come on, Matt," Hank said. "It's getting cold in here being all wet. Don't tell me you never saw a naked man before?"

Matt just shook his head, and tried to look away, but Hank saw his eyes glancing at his cock.

"Well, the guys at school of course. But this isn't a locker room." Matt looked out the window again, even though there was nothing to see but the rain running down the glass.

Hank laughed again and clapped Matt on his shoulder. Matt jumped a little at the contact but didn't say anything. Hank kept on talking.

"Hell, Matt, this thing is like my second home. I'm always naked at home, and when I'm holed up inside here, I'm always naked here too. Besides, neither of us has anything to hide. I just want ya to be comfortable, and it's impossible to get comfortable wet like this. Go ahead and hang your shorts on the heater. No one will come in here and no one needs to know there's a couple of naked guys in here." Hank had every reason to be confident, as Matt would find out later.

Matt smiled a little, "Sure," he said. He leaned back and raised his little butt off the floor. Hank's eyes half closed as Matt slid his briefs down his legs, sat up and pulled them off. Hank almost reached down to grab his own cock as Matt got up on his knees to put his briefs up on the register. He had, as Hank hoped, a nice smooth, tight little bubble butt. Hank caught that Matt took a few extra seconds more than was necessary to hang his shorts up, giving Hank a little extra time to admire his beautiful ass. When Matt sat back down against the back of the front seat, his dick was already stirring.

Hank rolled up on his side and turned to the refrigerator. When he opened the door he glanced behind him and caught Matt checking out his butt. He only asked, "How ‘bout a soda? Or I got some orange juice too."

"Thanks," Matt said, his voice a little quiet, "soda would be good."

Hank handed Matt a can. Matt opened it, took a sip, and then held the can down between his legs, letting his hands cover his dick.

Hank got a can for himself then turned back over so he was lying on his back, his cock lying off to one side right next to Matt, who tried not to look at it. Hank smiled at the glances Matt was giving it. It took all of Hank's concentration not to pop a boner right then and there.

"You play some kind of sports in school, don't ya?" he asked Matt.

"I ran track," Matt said simply and took another sip of his soda.

"Yeah," Hank told him, "you look like you´ve got a fine runner's body going." That got him another nervous glance. "Bet you got a bunch of trophies, don't ya?"

Matt just shook his head, "No," he said still without looking at Hank, "just some certificates. I wasn't that good."

Hank laid back and looked at Matt's smooth back. "I ran track in school too," he told Matt.

That earned him a direct look from Matt who turned with a tiny smile at the corners of his mouth. "Yeah?"

"Sure did," Hank answered. "But I only got one trophy, and THAT was only for third place!" he laughed.

Matt snickered a little. "That's about how I did!" he told Hank.

Now that they had some common ground, Matt loosened up a little. Hank thought Matt would ask him to cover his cock with a towel, but he didn't. Hank kept a smile on his face while they talked.

They talked about track and sports and how Matt was doing in school. Worst subjects, favorite subject, career plans - usual stuff. Matt loosened up a little more and asked questions about the van and Hank told him he'd done most of the work himself, little by little. They talked and drank their soda and eventually Matt turned around some and was now looking directly at Hank while they talked. Hank cracked some jokes and Matt laughed. Soon Matt was leaning up against the back of the driver's seat while Hank was against the passenger's seat as the storm wore on.

Then Hank asked Matt if he had a girlfriend.

Once again Matt's eyes lowered a little, "Nah," he said, "not right now."

"Really?" Hank asked. "I'd think a guy like you wouldn't be hurtin'. You look great, you're an athlete, you're smart, and a hard worker I can see. You'd be a good catch I'd think." Then Hank took the plunge.

"Do you like girls, Matt?" he asked softly.

Matt's whole body stiffened perceptibly, "Well, yeah," he said but in a small voice, once again not looking at Hank and Hank had his answer.

Hank rolled on his side to face Matt. He waited a few seconds then smiled and asked, softly again, "Do you like guys?"

Matt's head snapped up and his eyes widened. He opened his mouth but no sound came out immediately. Hank didn't move, but just smiled.

"Hey, Matt," he said, "it's okay. It sure didn't used to be - not when I was in school for sure, but it's okay these days. At least it's a lot better than it used to be."

Matt's eyes closed. He took in a couple of breaths. "Well…" he opened his eyes and looked right into Hank's. "Yeah."

Hank flashed a big smile. "Cool," was all he said.

Matt kept his eyes on Hank. "So you're gay?" he asked.

"What you mean," Hank teased him, "is that I'm gay...too."

Matt snickered a little, "Yeah, I guess that's what I mean."

"You've never told any one before, have ya?"

Matt shook his head.

"Well it's perfectly safe telling me," Hank told him and looked right in Matt's eyes. "I'm gay too, Matt. We're both gay."

Matt's smile loosened up some, Hank noticed. Became more real, more natural. A little more relaxed, Hank was glad to see. He pushed a little further.

"So I take it you don't have a boyfriend, then?"

Again Matt just shook his head.

"Have you done anything with any guys before? Jack off together? Maybe jack each other off?"

"No," Matt said, "I haven't done anything with anyone at all." He looked at Hank, his eyes kind of looking for some kind of approval, or encouragement. "I want to, ya know? But I get scared of getting caught and everyone finding out."

"Yeah," Hank said, "I know what you mean, Matt. There are still some people I'm not out to. A hell of a lot of people, come to think of it. Just some of my friends and most of them are gay too. But still, most of the straight world doesn't know."

"I keep thinking," Matt told him, "that I should tell my folks at least. But my dad would lose it. I don't know what my mom would do. I always chicken out."

"You know, Matt," Hank was still on his side, his head resting on one hand. He reached out with his other hand and took hold of Matt's hand. Matt didn't resist. "There's no rule anywhere that says you're obligated to tell anyone. The problems caused by coming out are not your problems. They're everyone else´s. My own feeling,’ Hank continued, “is that it's not my job to tell everyone I'm gay. It's their damn job to not worry about it. So I won't tell anyone unless they ask me. And hell, most of the heteros are too damn gutless to ask, so it's never been a problem for me. You tell people only if you want to. You're the boss, not them."

Matt took a deep breath, sighed and smiled at Hank, "That's easy for you to say. You're not a kid still living at home."

"I know," Hank smiled. "Parents are something else entirely. You know yours a lot better'n me, buddy, so I can't tell ya what to do with them right now. I'm certainly not gonna tell ya to rush right home and tell 'em!"

Now Matt laughed, and shook his head enthusiastically, "I wouldn't do it any way!" he laughed. He was a lot more relaxed now.

They both got quiet. The sound of the rain pounding on the van's metal roof was loud. The lightning continued to flash one bolt after another, and the thunder drowned out the sound of the rain for a few seconds. The wind was still shaking the van while two naked guys hung out inside. Hank's eyes traveled down Matt's body to his dick. Matt was looking straight ahead. Hank slowly but smoothly let go of Matt's hand, and reached over and cupped Matt's dick and balls.

Matt sucked in a breath. He didn't really make noise, but let his breath out in one long "Hooooo!" He didn't reach to move Hank's hand away though. Hank wrapped his hand around Matt's dick and squeezed it a little. Matt's mouth opened and he licked his lips. His breathing picked up but he still didn't say anything. Hank could feel Matt's dick respond. Matt's muscles tightened up - his legs flinched - his toes flared. His eyes half closed and his mouth stayed open. His chest expanded noticeably as he breathed. Hank started to slowly stroke Matt's dick while it got harder. In no time it was rock hard. Matt's balls were moving around in their sac of their own accord. He was just breathing and watching Hank's hand as it slid up and down the shaft.

Hank leaned over a little closer to Matt, "Feel good, Matt?"

Matt moaned a little. Hank almost didn't hear it.


Hank asked softly, "Do you want me to stop?"

Immediately Matt shook his head. As an answer he reached over and tentatively wrapped his hand around Hank's now hard cock. Hank almost lost it, but managed to hold back. Matt just held Hank's cock in his hand while Hank slowly jacked Matt's.

"Go ahead," Hank whispered in Matt's ear, "squeeze it if ya want. Stroke it like I'm doin' yours if ya want."

Matt's hand started moving up and down Hank's shaft. Hank picked up the pace on Matt's dick. Now they were both jacking each other off, and it was obvious by the look on Matt's face that he was loving it. Hank didn't say anything else but silently worked Matt's dick. He doubted Matt realized what he was doing, but he started slowly bucking his hips and slow fucking Hank's hand. Hank just let Matt do whatever his young body told him to do.

On their own, Matt's hips picked up the pace. Matt's head started moving side to side. His own hand started stroking Hank's cock faster, squeezing it harder. "Oh God!" Matt moaned. He wasn't looking at Hank. Hell, his eyes weren't really focused on anything. "Oh God! Oh God!" he moaned and whispered over and over again as his hips made his dick fuck Hank's hand faster and faster. As Hank suspected, Matt couldn't hold back.

The first squirt went straight up in the air. Hank lowered Matt's dick and the second squirt splat right on Matt's own chin. Matt whimpered and huffed as squirt after squirt landed on his chest and belly and Hank kept right on jacking Matt's dick. Matt's own hand left Hank's cock and he pushed both hands on the floor while he came. His mouth was open wide but only air came out. His eyes closed and he just huffed while he came until he was done.

After a few seconds Matt opened his eyes and looked into Hank's. His lips spread into a wide grin. Hank let go of Matt's dick and brought his cum-covered hand up to his lips. His tongue flicked out while Matt watched and lapped up the cum. Matt was mesmerized at the sight. He stayed silent but his eyes followed Hank's every move as Hank licked all of Matt's cum off of his hand, constantly smiling at Matt, the two faces only inches apart.

"Oh God!" was all Matt could say.

"Feels better, doesn't it," Hank whispered, "when you don't have to do it yourself?" Matt just smiled and licked his lips yet again.

As close as their faces were, Hank had only to purse his lips and they brushed up against Matt's. Then Hank did it again. Then one more time and now his lips stayed on Matt's.

It was almost the same with all virgins: Once they decide to go for it, no one can match their eagerness. They give and take and give and take with wild abandon. Matt melted into Hank's arms and he sucked Hank's tongue up into his own mouth, tasting his own cum. His arms flew around Hank and his own tongue found its own way into Hank's waiting mouth, licking and sliding and flicking and exploring. Hank let him do whatever he wanted.

Matt wrapped a leg around Hank and their cocks slammed into each other´s. Matt's butt cheeks flexed and relaxed and flexed as he ground his cock into Hank's. Small grunts and moans escaped his lips as he discovered what he could do with his body. Hank went with whatever Matt did or wanted done. They rolled and Matt was on top of Hank then Hank wound up on top of Matt. When Matt was on top of Hank, mashing his cock into Hank's, his whole body suddenly froze with every muscle he had taut, as he shot another load of cum over both their cocks.

Hank rolled them both over so he was on top of Matt. He slid a hand up to Matt's face and slid a finger in Matt's mouth. Matt sucked on it while Hank started slowly scooting his body down Matt's, his tongue licking all the way. Matt lay still while Hank let his tongue explore the young smooth body under him. He kissed Matt's neck and chest; licked his nipples and Matt whimpered. Hank let Matt watch him slowly lick up the cum Matt had shot on his own chest. His tongue worked its way further down and was at Matt's belly button while his fingers were still in Matt's mouth.

Hank slid further down and looked at Matt. "Feels good?" he asked.

"Yessssss. Oh God yessssssss." Hank barely heard him.

Matt felt Hank's tongue lick the inside of his thigh and he automatically spread his legs. He kept closing and opening his eyes. He wasn't sure what he was supposed to do, but had an idea that it didn't matter. What was being done to him and what he was feeling was way better than anything he had ever thought. He felt Hank's tongue on his other thigh, and found himself wishing Hank would do something - anything - with his dick. Just as he was about to open his mouth and beg, he felt Hank's tongue lick his dick from the base to the tip and he let out another whimper and arched his hips up he didn't know how far. His breath was coming out in waves and he sucked it back in and moaned and squirmed as waves of pleasure he'd never known before hit his crotch and spread out and slammed into his head and toes.

Hank was between Matt's legs, which Matt had wrapped around him like he never intended to let Hank go. Typical of teenagers, Matt's dick was still hard in spite of cumming twice in quick succession. While Hank licked the last of the cum off of it, Matt reached down without looking, grabbed his own dick and held it straight up. Hank swallowed it whole and Matt almost yelled. Hank sucked and sucked on that young meat and Matt whimpered and sucked harder on Hank's fingers. Hank sucked just as hard on Matt's dick and grabbed his thigh and took all of Matt's meat in his mouth while his tongue swirled up and down and all around it while it was in his mouth.

Hank pulled his fingers out of Matt's mouth and Matt kept on moaning and whimpering with his eyes closed. His own hands moved by themselves up to his nipples and played with them while Hank went nuts on that dick. Hank started playing with Matt's balls while he sucked and before he knew it, Matt was shooting his third load of cum down Hank's throat. Hank swallowed and gulped and sucked Matt's dick dry. Hank smiled inwardly at the vitality of youth as he realized it took three loads of cum in the space of less than 10 minutes, but he finally felt Matt's dick start to soften in his mouth…a little.

Now Matt opened his eyes and looked down his body at Hank sucking the last drops of cum into his mouth. Hank looked up, saw Matt and climbed back up Matt's body to kiss him. Matt locked his arms around Hank and drew their lips together, hungrily licking his cum back off Hank's tongue and inside his mouth.

After a long kiss, Matt broke away and looked right into Hank's eyes. He took a breath and said, "I wanna suck yours!"

Hank acted like he was going to say something, but Matt rolled them over and couldn't crawl down Hank's body fast enough. Hank just lay back, watched and smiled. Matt got his face right over Hank's cock and grabbed hold of it. Eager as he was, Matt was still a little tentative. His tongue flicked out and quickly licked the pre-cum off Hank´s cock. Matt's lips smacked a few times as he tested the taste of Hank's cock and pre-cum. Then his mouth opened wide and swallowed the head of Hank's cock. Hank let his head fall back and relaxed. He knew a first timer had to try things out first, so he didn't do anything to hurry Matt up. It felt good anyway.

Matt kept his mouth wide open and shoved as much of Hank's cock in as he could. His lips closed and his cheeks sunk in as he put a suck on his first cock. Hank moaned encouragement as Matt's mouth started working up and down Hank's shaft. Hank was moaning sincerely now and reached down and ran his fingers through Matt's hair, gently guiding Matt's head up and down. Hank kept on encouraging Matt with some "Yeahs," and a "That's it. That's how you do it," now and then, but mostly Matt was doing just fine on his own. He sucked Hank's cock and licked the shaft from base to head. His mouth dove into Hank's sac and he sucked Hank's balls up into his mouth one at a time.

Hank reached down to Matt, told him to keep on sucking, which Matt did without a word. Hank maneuvered Matt's body around until it straddled Hank. Hank reached up and pulled Matt's hard again dick down and stuffed it into his mouth. Both of them sucked dick and moaned and the storm wore on but neither noticed.

Hank's hands reached up and played with Matt's butt. He squeezed the cheeks and ran his fingers up and down the crack. Matt started whimpering again and moved his little butt in rhythm with Hank's strokes. Hank let Matt's dick flop out of his mouth. He put his hands on Matt's hips and pushed him slightly forward. Matt was still sucking like crazy on Hank's cock, but let it fall out of his mouth and almost howled like a dog at the moon when Hank's tongue raked across his virgin fuckhole.

"Oh God!!" seemed to be all Matt could think to say. He instinctively started rocking his body back and forth as Hank worked his tongue up inside that sweet little ass. Every thrust of his tongue into Matt's butt seemed to push a breath out of Matt who could only rock back and forth and enjoy. Hank was feeling pretty good himself! He was having a blast eating out that young butt and his own body had trouble lying still. Matt was moaning and whimpering and now and then would quickly lick Hank's cock. Matt had trouble sucking on it though, because he kept stopping to moan. Hank spread his legs wide and started to wrap them around Matt. Matt took it as some kind of sign and leaned over, stuck his tongue out, and just like a virgin, gave Hank's ass a quick lick.

That was all it took, and suddenly Matt's whole face was buried in Hank's ass and the two of them started a great butt licking 69 and the van rocked on with the wind and the two naked guys inside ate each other's butts and the noise they made was fortunately drowned out by the storm.

Matt's butt was good and wet and slippery now. Hank reached up and took a finger and started rubbing Matt's little hole. It took a while, but with a little pressure at first, slowly increasing, Hank's finger suddenly slid inside Matt's hole and Matt almost lifted his whole body up off Hank's.

"Oooooooooh yeah!" Matt mumbled and sat real still while Hank worked his finger in and out of Matt's ass, now and then flicking his tongue out for a quick lick. Before Matt knew what Hank was doing, Hank worked a second finger up Matt's chute, which made Matt moan even louder. Matt's ass was tight all right, and Hank thought the circulation in his fingers was being cut off. Without taking his fingers out of Matt's ass, Hank maneuvered around until Matt was lying on his stomach on the floor. Hank was on his knees beside Matt and leaned over to eat his butt some more, finger fuck it some more, eat it some more, finger fuck it until he felt Matt's hole loosen up and stay relaxed. Hank smiled as he looked down and admired the beautiful young body on the floor while he finger fucked Matt's tight little butt.

He leaned down to whisper in Matt's ear, "We don't have to if you don't want to, Matt," Hank said as he wiggled his fingers inside Matt's ass to show what he meant.

Matt turned his head to look at Hank. His eyes were glazed over, and not really looking directly at Hank, just in his general direction.

"I want it, Hank," he mumbled. "Fuck me! Go ahead and fuck me, Hank. I want it so bad. I want it right now!"

Hank leaned down further and kissed Matt quickly, "You got it, Matt," was all he said. He reached into one of the cabinets and got out some K-Y. He squirted some on Matt's ass and Matt bucked a little at the coldness. Now Hank's fingers worked the lube up into Matt's ass while Hank tore open a condom and rolled it down his cock. He got between Matt's wide spread legs and lowered himself down and his cock seemed to find Matt's hole by itself.

Hank leaned forward again and started whispering into Matt's ear, telling him how to get ready, what to do when his ass was penetrated, all the while slowly but surely increasing the pressure his cock was putting against Matt's hole.

Just as the head of his cock popped into Matt's virgin butt, Matt's head snapped up and he sucked in a huge gulp of air. He didn't say anything, but Hank saw his eyes squint and his teeth bare as he sucked in gulp after gulp of air. Hank slowly pushed some of his cock into Matt's ass and pulled back. He waited a few seconds then slid more of his cock up Matt's ass and pulled back. He worked slowly, all the while watching Matt's face. Finally he saw Matt's squinted eyes relax so he pushed even more of his cock in. Matt took it all fine, and soon was breathing normally again and even let his face fall back on the floor. After a couple of minutes, his lips spread into a smile.

Hank knew things were good now. So he picked up the pace. He still whispered into Matt's ear, telling him he was doing fine, better than most, that he felt good, that he was a great fuck, and finally he felt Matt's hips respond as they started to buck a little, meeting Hank's cock with each thrust.

Hank rose up a little and braced himself up on his hands. Now he could look down and watch his cock and hips work Matt's little butt. He couldn't help it now, and since he knew Matt felt fine he started to shove his cock in harder. Now Matt's little butt cheeks started to jiggle a little as Hank fucked and slammed into them.

"How is it, Matt?" Hank asked with a smile in his voice, "You're gettin' fucked now buddy!" and he picked up the pace even more and soon no one could tell if the van was rocking only from the storm. Hank reached and passed the proverbial point of no return and started fucking Matt's ass with wild abandon. Grunting and huffing and working up a sweat in the warm van, Hank fucked away on that young butt and both of them were grunting with each thrust. Matt's only answer to Hank's words was more grunts and whimpers, but always with a smile. Hank could tell by the way Matt's butt cheeks tightened up that he was shooting yet another load of cum, and Hank kept right on fucking Matt.

Hank suddenly pulled his cock out of Matt's ass, grabbed Matt and flipped him over on his back. Matt's legs spread all on their own and his feet went up in the air. Hank quickly stuck his cock back into Matt's hole and fucked away. Sure enough, as Hank looked down he could see fresh cum on Matt's cock. He worked his way up to his knees and reached down and stroked Matt's still hard dick while he fucked. Matt's whimpering turned into moans of pleasure synchronized with Hank's thrusts. Hank grabbed Matt's ankles and pushed his legs even further apart. He looked down and watched his cock slide in and out of Matt's little ass and that made him fuck even harder.

Matt alternated between opening his eyes to look down his body to try to see the cock that was fucking him, and closing his eyes and letting his head fall back. He started cheering Hank on, now fully enthralled at what was happening to him. Some "Yesss's" and some "Don't stop's" and some "Fuck me's" made their way out of his mouth but he didn't seem to realize he was saying them.

Matt reached down and started jacking his own cock and Hank leaned down. His lips touched Matt's. Both mouths opened and tongues did battle. Their sweat mingled and their bodies slid over each other. Matt had his legs wrapped around Hank tight, almost as though he was using them to push Hank into his ass even harder. Hank's butt cheeks tightened and relaxed as he drilled Matt's hole and ground his hips and sucked on Matt's tongue. Hank knew he was going to lose it and just let it happen.

Matt's butt worked instinctively and milked the cum out of Hank's cock and both of them felt Matt's cum shooting between them. Matt's mouth formed an "O" and stayed there while he came. His eyes rolled back in his head and his cock pumped by itself. Hank huffed and puffed and filled the condom full of cum. He slowly pulled his cock out of Matt's ass, pulled the condom off and let his cum pour out of it to mix with Matt's own cum on his chest and belly. Matt kept his legs spread and his feet up in the air and whimpered while Hank lapped up the cum on Matt. He leaned forward and Matt opened his mouth. They passed the cum back and forth and back and forth until it dissolved. Hank half laid, half fell to Matt's side. Both bodies were sweaty and wet and sticky. Both had a smile on their faces.

Hank snickered a little and had to reach out and gently push Matt's legs back down to the floor. Matt then rolled over and snuggled into Hank's body. Hank almost didn't hear Matt's whispered, "Thank you!" but that was okay. He just held Matt for a while, stroking his hair and whispering how good he was. The windows were steamed over and it was warm in the van. The two naked guys lay together and hugged and kissed and didn't care where they were.

"Hey," Hank said.

"Yeah?" came the muffled question as Matt had his face buried in Hank's chest.

"The storm stopped," Hank said.

"What storm?" Matt asked and they both giggled.

The storm had indeed stopped. There was only the sound of a light drizzle now. Hank poured some water in the tiny sink and they both washed up some. Their clothes weren't really dry but Matt had to get home so they got dressed. He said he'd just tell his folks he ran home in the rain, but that they probably wouldn't notice him coming in anyway. They got in the front of the van and Hank drove Matt home, both totally forgetting that Matt hadn't gone back into the store to clock out.

On the way, Matt gave Hank his work schedule for the next couple of weeks. They kissed one more time near Matt's house, then he slid out of the van and went on home.

Hank did quite a bit of shopping the next couple of weeks. At least he was at the store a lot. He'd get there a few minutes before Matt was due to get off work and would wait in the back of the van. Matt would run out after work, and the two of them would go at it in the van for a while.

Matt was a quick learner, and soon was jumping on Hank's cock and fucking himself with it while he bounced up and down and Hank loved it. It didn't take long for them to start also meeting at Hank's house. Matt got good at teasing and turning Hank on. He'd walk into Hank's house and sometimes immediately strip down and parade in front of Hank with his hard cock swinging back and forth. He'd find excuses to turn around and bend over to give Hank a good look at his butt. Other times he'd undress real slow, often getting on his knees with just his jeans on, then making a show of unzipping them real slow in front of Hank until his cock popped out. He'd leer at Hank and jack his cock for a while on his knees before he took his jeans the rest of the way off. And sometimes he'd just jump on Hank and kiss him real deep and wet and dirty and they'd almost rip each other's clothes off and just plain old fuck.

Matt was getting real good at taking a cock up his ass, and told Hank that he'd even met another guy from his school and was fucking around with him. He told Hank he'd told his new buddy that he was fucking an older guy, and at first his buddy thought it was gross, but seemed to be changing his mind as Matt talked about the fun they had. He grinned at Hank, knowing he was teasing about the possibility of bringing his buddy over. They fucked all over Hank's house, in every room, and Matt eventually bent over every piece of furniture. He took Hank's cock up his butt fast or slow, rode it like a cowboy, rocked back and forth on his hands and knees, and backed Hank up against a wall and bent over and fucked himself with Hank's cock while Hank was trapped against the wall.

Hank figured it was time to give Matt his surprise, and so one day after dropping Matt off near his house, he went home and made a phone call.

About a week later Hank saw Matt at the grocery store again. This time Hank really did have some groceries to buy. As usual, he'd made sure he went through the checkout just before Matt was due to get off work. Matt wasn't bagging groceries in Hank's line, but Hank walked past him on his way out of the store. They made eye contact for just a second, but Matt nodded and flashed Hank his sexy smile, and Hank answered with a quick wink of his eye. That was their signal that Hank would be waiting in his van in the back parking lot again.

Also as usual, he didn't have to wait long. Matt was one horny little fucker when he ran across the parking lot and jumped into the back of the van. Hank was waiting for him naked. Matt managed to kick his shoes off and get out of his vest and shirt while putting a hell of a suck on Hank's cock. Hank reached out and unzipped Matt's pants, feeling his rock hard cock through the material. He played with Matt's cock a bit then pulled his pants off for him. Matt wasn't wearing underwear that day (another thing he did now and then to tease Hank), so it only took seconds for Matt to climb up on top of Hank and jam his butt down on Hank's face, all the while without taking his mouth off Hank's cock.

He did start to moan when he felt Hank's tongue slide up his ass and lick him from the inside. Hank loved eating out a tight little butt and Matt fit that bill perfectly. Hank's tongue in his ass made Matt suck harder and his spit was running down Hank's balls. Matt kept up with it and lapped Hank's balls and sucked them into his mouth one at a time. Soon Hank's legs were spread and Matt was leaning forward and eating Hank's ass while Hank munched away on Matt's. They hadn't said a word to each other yet, but just went at it.

Hank could tell by the way Matt was bucking his hips and trembling that he was about to shoot his first load. Matt suddenly scooted up, grabbed Hank's cock, stood it up straight, and sat right down on it and started bouncing up and down on it while Hank watched his back muscles and butt cheeks. After only a couple of minutes Matt jumped off Hank's cock, turned around and sat on his chest, jacking his cock furiously. Finally some noise was made as Matt grunted and hooted while he shot a nice load of cum on Hank's face and in his mouth. Hank just laid back and swallowed and licked and smiled. He reached up and Matt fell into his arms, stretched out his body on top of Hank and started lapping his cum off Hank's face. Now and then he'd scoop some cum on his tongue and feed it to Hank and they'd make out and taste Matt's cum together.

After Matt caught his breath he pulled his tongue out of Hank's mouth and sat up on Hank's chest. He smiled his teaser smile at Hank and rubbed his still hard cock slowly over Hank's face. Hank gave it a quick lick or kiss as it passed over his lips.

"Guess what?" Matt asked, still smiling and rubbing his cock on Hank's face.

"What?" Hank played the game.

"My buddy wants to join us. He told me just today."

"Yeah?" Hank smiled now, "Bring him on!"

"I can bring him over sometime, or we can meet right here in the van," Matt told him.

"But how will he know when to be here?" Hank asked. He reached up and started rubbing Matt's chest as they talked.

"I'll just bring him with me." Matt smiled, "He works here too."

"No kiddin'!" Hank was real interested now. "I've probably seen him then. Which one is he?"

Matt shook his head. "He's not a bagger," he said. "He works in the back with the deliveries and stuff. He hardly comes out front except to go on break. His name's Corey. He´s so hot, Hank!" Matt was rubbing his cock a little harder now at the thought. "He's blonde with blue eyes, and he makes me so fuckin' horny all the time. I can't wait to watch you fuck him."

Hank was starting to squirm a little at the thought. Now Matt was actively stroking his cock right over Hank's face while he described Corey. Hank listened and started looking a little puzzled. Matt noticed and asked what was wrong.

"Oh, nothing!" Hank answered quickly. "I - uh - I was just wondering how you found out he's gay and all." Hank swallowed hard.

"Oh don't worry!" Matt said quickly. "I really didn't know. He came on to me - in the break room!"

"Wow!" Hank laughed. "He's got guts."

"Yeah," Matt giggled. "We were just talking about stuff and hanging out on break, ya know? Somebody left the room and we were alone." Matt shrugged his shoulders. "Suddenly he just reached under the table and grabbed my crotch. He leaned into me and told me he wanted to suck my dick! I almost jumped right outta my chair!"

They laughed, but then Hank got a little serious. "He's okay isn't he? I mean, is he open about being gay? Will others start talking about you if they see you hanging out with him? That could get back to your folks you know. You shouldn't let that happen until you're ready, and this town isn't all that big."

"Oh no, don't worry about that," Matt was squirming on Hank's chest now. "He's real straight acting. He's bi and has a girlfriend and all, so no one suspects." Matt looked behind him out the window. He looked back at Hank and jerked his thumb toward the store behind him, "He's there now," he told Hank, "He gets off in a few minutes. I can go in and get him if you want." Obviously Matt was real excited about the idea. His cock was even harder than it was when he first came in the van.

But Hank suddenly stiffened up a little. "Uh," he said and swallowed hard again, "maybe we'd better wait a bit, buddy."

Matt looked confused. "What's wrong, Hank? He's okay, really he is. He won't tell anyone or anything."

"Oh it's not that," Hank said quickly. "I'd love to get him in here naked with us. It's just that...well...Maybe we'd better pick another day -- you know -- so I can make sure I'm ready and got time and all." He looked at Matt and Matt saw Hank looked worried. He reached down and put his fingers on Hank's lips.

"Well, okay Hank, if ya wanna," Matt said, a little disappointed. "But I kinda told him we could maybe do it today, ya know. I didn't think you'd mind. He'll be leaving any minute now." Matt turned around to look out the back window and suddenly his whole body froze.

"What is it?" Hank asked and started to sit up.

"Awww SHIT!" Matt yelled.

"What? What?!?" Hank asked and tried to get out from under Matt. Matt suddenly jumped off Hank and fell off to the side.

"Oh FUCK!" he yelled again. "It's my fuckin' boss! He's heading right for us!!"

Hank relaxed a little but Matt became a blur in the van trying to gather up his clothes. It didn't really work since his clothes were all over the van where he and Hank had tossed them. Hank made no move to reach for his own clothes, but reached out and tried to calm Matt down.

That didn't work either. Matt was trying to put his shirt on, but of course the sleeves were inside out and he just wasn't getting anywhere. "He'll fire my ass! Oh shit Hank!! He'll tell my folks and…ohhhhh nooooo!" Matt's face had lost all its color and he looked to Hank like he was about to pass out from fright. Hank didn't have time to do anything. Matt suddenly remembered that when he'd jumped in the van and slammed the door shut, he hadn't locked it. He made a lunge to the door to try to flick the lock down. He almost made it, too.

But not quite. Just as he made his lunge, the back door was wrenched open, and instead of locking the door, Matt flew naked right into his boss's arms. His boss caught Matt as he was halfway out the door, almost ready to fall right out of the van and roll his naked body on the concrete of the parking lot, right out in the open.

"Whoa there boy!" his boss's voice boomed out. Matt had simply gone limp in his boss's arms. His boss eased the naked body back into the van. "You better git back inside here, Matt!" His boss was laughing. "You don't need to put on any shows right here in the parking lot!"

Matt almost fell backwards and couldn't even look his boss in the eye. He curled up into a fetal position and tried to cover his cock with his hands. His boss climbed up into the van and slammed the door shut, still laughing. He looked at Hank. "You weren't kiddin' about this boy, were ya Hank?" he asked.

Now Matt's eyes looked up at Hank. Hank thought he hadn't seen Matt's eyes so big. He couldn't help but smile himself. He looked at Matt's boss. "Not at all, George! He's everything I said he was."

George's booming laugh filled the van. Hank was looking at Matt and trying real hard not to break out laughing himself. At least not yet. He had a finger up to his mouth and was looking at Matt like he was waiting for Matt to explode.

"What the---!" Matt looked from Hank to George and back and forth again. Finally Hank let out a little laugh. He reached out and pulled Matt to him. That made Matt's body uncurl so that his cock was back out in the open. Hank wrapped his arms around Matt and pull Matt's head into his chest.

"Hell Matt!" Hank told him while snickering, "Don't worry buddy - it's okay. Really it is. Ole George here is an old fuck buddy of mine."

Matt pulled away from Hank and his eyes bore into Hank's. "Ah shit!" he yelled. "Aw bullshit!"

George was almost doubled up laughing. Hank just put his finger back up to his mouth and squinted his eyes waiting for Matt's next outburst.

None of the color had returned to Matt's face yet. He just sat there in something of a daze with his legs slightly spread, his cock now limp and laying off to one side. His balls almost all but vanished as they shrunk up under his cock like they were trying to hide there. Matt was still looking back and forth between the two men. His mouth was dropped open but no sound was coming out. He noticed that his boss was still laughing almost hysterically while looking at Hank, who wasn't sure whether or not he could get away with laughing, so just stared wide eyed at Matt with his finger still up to his mouth.

Suddenly Matt shook his head and waved his hands in the air in front of him, "No!" he blurted out. "Bullshit! This stuff doesn't happen. It can't happen! Oh man!!"

Hank reached out and put his arm around Matt's shoulders. "It just did happen buddy." He squeezed Matt's shoulder. "Please don't get pissed, Matt. It's okay, I mean it. Nothing's gonna happen to ya, I swear." Hank's finger went back up to his mouth.

Matt looked over at George, his boss, who'd finally finished laughing some. George was still all smiles as he looked at Matt. Matt pointed his finger at his boss, "Are you really gay?" he asked incredulously. "Are you really?"

"Oh hell, Matt," George bellowed out still with a big smile, "I'm as gay as the day's long. Always have been. Me and Hank've been fuckin´ each other since we were in high school. Here, I'll show ya," and he suddenly leaned over.

Before Matt could do anything, he felt his soft cock being sucked up into his boss's mouth. Matt gasped at the feel of his boss's tongue running all over his cock. At the same time George reached over and grabbed hold of Hank's cock. Matt just looked wide-eyed at Hank. George let go of Matt's cock and moved over to suck Hank's cock some. Now finally Hank saw the beginnings of a smile sneaking into the corners of Matt's mouth. George let go of Hank's cock and looked back at Matt. "See?" he said to Matt and kept on smiling.

Matt's smile was full now and he let his head fall back. "Awwwww FUCK!" was all he could think to say. Now all three of them laughed. Matt looked at Hank, who still had his finger up to his mouth, "So you told him, didn't ya? You told him you were fucking me?"

Hank looked sheepish but told Matt that, yes, he did tell George that they were fucking. "You see, Matt," Hank told him, "George here has the best gaydar on the planet. Every time he interviews for an opening in the store, he only hires guys whom he thinks are probably gay. My job is to lure you guys out here to my van to find out for sure."

Matt sat up now, his eyes widening and his mouth opening wider and wider. "NO!" he laughed. He put his hands up to his forehead, trying to digest what he was hearing. Then he looked at his boss, "So you knew? How the fuck did you know? I never told anybody!"

George laughed his booming laugh again. He was sitting cross-legged now facing the two of them. He reached out and tweaked Matt's dick. "I don't know how I know, buddy. I just know that's all. I've always been able to see who was gay and who wasn't. That's how I started fucking around with Hank back when we were in high school."

"So you two've been fuckin' all the boys in the store?!" Matt asked. He was still looking back and forth at the two men and down to the floor, trying to take it all in.

"Almost all of ‘em!" George snickered. "Sometimes we all meet at Hank's house and have us one hell of an orgy. Now that you know, you're gonna have ta come join us."

Matt's face perked up at that one. His smile was all the answer the guys needed. They knew they now had one more.

"Wow!" was all Matt could think to say. "Fuckin' WOW!" he shook his head back and forth. "And I thought this kind of stuff only happened, like, in stories or somethin'. Never thought it'd fuckin' happen to me!" He looked at George and sighed. "No wonder Corey wasn't worried about coming on to me in the break room! He already knew why I was hired!"

Suddenly Matt's eyes widened yet again. "HEY!" he yelled. He turned and pointed his finger at Hank. Hank's finger pressed against the corner of his lips and he squinted his eyes almost shut. "You already been fuckin' Corey, haven't ya?!? You been fuckin' him all this time, right?!?"

Hank moved his finger just a centimeter from his lips and said in a tiny, almost fearful voice, "Just a little bit."

The anger and disappointment Hank feared didn't come. Matt almost collapsed laughing. He rolled over and lay on top of Hank. Hank wrapped his arms around Matt and hugged him. He put both hands on Matt's face and raised his head up to face Hank. "Hey buddy. Listen. Corey is hands off if you say so. I mean it."

Matt just smiled and hugged Hank tighter. "Don't worry about it, Hank. If it weren't for you and George, Corey and me might not have met. You fuck me - you fuck him too if ya want." He grinned his sexy smile he learned always turned Hank on. "You can fuck both of us together if you want." He ground his cock into Hank's as he talked.

Hank was in complete agreement. He answered Matt with a quick kiss. Then Matt turned his newfound skills for charm onto George. He was still on top of Hank and turned his head to look at George. He reached back with both hands and spread his butt cheeks to show George his hole.

"So, boss," he smiled at George and wiggled his little butt. "I guess I don't have to worry about being fired, huh?" His charm worked.

"Hell no, I ain't gonna fire ya, Matt!" George boomed as he unzipped his pants. "I'm gonna fuck ya!"


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