The following story is complete fiction. It didn't happen. If you don't like reading stories with gay sex between younger/older guys or aren't allowed to for legal reasons, then don't. If you do and you can, then read on! This story is copyrighted September, 2000 by the author. It may be posted to other websites as long as my name and email address are included and no changes are made. A courtesy email to let me know you plan to post to another website would be appreciated.

Double Coupon Day, Part 2:
Redemption Time

By Robby Sr.

George got to work and immediately headed for the back of the store where the storerooms and the loading dock was. Today was a big day of the week for deliveries. He hated having four big semis show up on the same day, but he didn't control that part of the schedule. All he could do was try to schedule extra guys to work that day to get the trucks offloaded and the stock put away as quickly as possible. He had to work the boys harder that day, but tried to make up for it by letting them take longer breaks and giving them an allowance for lunch so they could eat a good meal.

George was a good manager. Sure he liked fucking all those young butts, but he also liked taking care of his staff. He long ago started a fund that was approved by his store's chain to provide college scholarships for the top performers. It cost a little money, but it also meant that the top performers kept working at the store while they went to college, which in turn kept recruiting and training costs to a minimum and made up for the cost of the scholarships. He read some time ago that teenagers and young college guys were getting into trouble because there were hardly any activities for them to do, so George got together with managers of other stores and they organized several sports teams to give the guys something constructive and fun to do with some of their spare time. The stores all played against each other, but George couldn't let on that his store´s team was a gay team.

The sports world was still not a place to be openly gay, especially for young guys. The straight players were too scared of losing a game to a gay team, and George knew they would get around it by refusing to play a gay team based on one fictitious conviction or another: whatever would mean the straight teams didn't have to play, that's what they would say.

Of course, there was another reason George liked to take care of his crew. He loved the way they showed their appreciation! George always smiled thinking about the day he got an award from the home office for having the store with the lowest turnover rate, and a lot of other managers asked him how he did it. He had to come up with any reason other than the real one!

The appreciation was another thing on George's mind while he walked into the back of the store. The guys were there all right, working hard to offload two trucks and make sure the perishable items got into the refrigerators and freezers quickly. The guys actually in the back of the trucks worked with their shirts off in the sunlight; something that was against the rules. But George knew the guys who wrote those rules never offloaded a truck in their lives, and figured what the hell? Let the guys work comfortable, give 'em a soda and a snack on their break, and they'd be happy. It worked.

George walked around the back, greeting the guys, clapping them on the back, playfully slapping a few butts, and whispering in an ear here and there. He stood and looked around, feeling that someone was missing.

"Hey, guys!" he yelled at them all. "Where's Corey?"

The other guys stopped working and looked at each other. It was clear to George that each one of them was waiting for someone else to say something. Some of them even looked guilty. That told George all he needed to know.

"God dammit!" he almost spat and headed out to the front of the trucks. The other guys just sighed and went back to work, but kept their eyes on George's back as he walked outside.

George snuck up to the cab of the truck and listened. He heard what he was listening for and quietly stepped up so he could look inside the cab. It was one of those cabs with the sleeper in back, and George could just barely see into the back. Then he wrenched the door open, jumped inside, reached out and yanked the curtain open.

There he saw Corey's blonde butt just as the driver pulled his cock out of it, dripping cum and spit.

"Dammit, Bill!" George yelled to the driver. "How many times I gotta tell ya not to fuck these boys at least till they're done emptyin' your rig?" Corey scrambled to pull his pants up. George wasn't pissed at Corey. Hell, these boys were young, healthy and horny, and he couldn't blame them just for that. But the drivers should know better.

George gestured at Corey, "Get your damn pants up and get back to work!" he growled. His voice was rough but his eyes twinkled and Corey knew it. He snapped up his jeans and on the way out of the truck, he quickly reached out and gave his boss's crotch a quick squeeze. George reached out and grabbed Corey's arm, leaned over and whispered into Corey's ear. Corey flashed a smile and nodded quickly as he scrambled out of the truck. George and Bill heard the other guys laugh as Corey walked around the back of the truck.

"Damn, Corey!" they heard one laugh, "You're sweatin' more 'n me, dude!" There was laughter as they heard Corey hoot a couple of times. George turned to Bill, who still had his pants down as his cock softened.

"Jeez, Bill!" George said. "I got two more trucks comin' soon and I gotta get yours emptied out and outta here. Can't ya help me out sometimes and keep your dick in your pants for a little while?"

Bill just laughed since George still had the twinkle in his eye. "Aw shit, George," he said in his southern drawl. "What am ah supposed to do? You know these boys like trucker cock!" he said as he smiled and put a finger right up to George's nose. "Just like y´all do!"

George tried to look mean but it didn't work. He just shook his head. "Not when I'm working, Bill, you know that. Now get dressed and go inside somewhere…somewhere where I can see ya!" George sounded mean, but just before he turned to leave the truck he leaned down and gave Bill a kiss on his wet cock. After he slipped out of the cab, he leaned back in and whispered something to Bill. Bill gave him a thumbs-up and then pulled his pants up.

George walked back through the storeroom, his scowl daring all the smiling faces to say something. No one did so George just shook his head and went back into the store. He had to walk through the break room to get to his office. There he saw Matt stuffing a backpack into his locker. George checked the clock and saw that Matt was almost 45 minutes early. He stopped and looked at Matt.

"Why so early, Matt?"

"Had practice this morning," Matt said. "I'm hungry so I'm gonna get something to eat before I clock in."

George crossed his arms in front of his chest and leaned up against the wall, looking at Matt and rolling his eyes. "Some THING, or some BODY?" he asked Matt.
Matt snickered. "Thing, boss, thing!" he laughed. They were alone in the break room. "If it was some body," Matt continued, "it would be you, boss. No one but you." He made a show of looking at George's crotch and smacking his lips.

George sighed, "Why the hell do I bother?" he asked no one in particular.

"´Cause you like the fringe benefits!" Matt laughed.

George looked around quickly to make sure no one came in. "You doin' anything Saturday night, Matt?" he asked.

Matt flashed his so sexy smile, "Nuthin' I can't get out of."

"Can you be at Hank's house around 8 or so?"

The smile got bigger. And sexier. "You got it, boss!" Matt walked past George to the microwave. Without looking back he patted his little butt and said, "At least you'll get it Saturday night!" He knew George would be looking. He was right.

"God dammit!" George said again, but snickered as he walked on into his office. He wanted to call Hank. He saw Hank in the store a couple of days ago in the new boy's checkout line, and was anxious to know how it went. He closed his door, sat at his desk, and picked up his phone. The rest of the workday he didn't see the boys whispering into each other's ears and snickering. Nor did he notice that
every time he walked into the break room whatever boys were in there quickly shut up.

Hank reported to George that the new boy was a no go. Well, it happened sometimes. George's gaydar was good, but he never did bat 100. Sometimes though, they later found out the guy was gay after all, but wasn't into car sex...while he was at work...on a new job...when he was clocked in. And sometimes he either wasn't into older guys, or not into anonymous sex. They eventually came around.

Hank said that Saturday was just fine with him. He never did say having one of their parties was a bad idea. He gladly changed his plans to accommodate them. The next day George made the rounds of the boys again, whispering into their ears that Saturday was confirmed. He walked into the break room in time to overhear Corey tell Matt that he had three, and that Matt had two.

"Two and three of what, guys?" George asked, startling the two.

"Um...papers, boss!" Matt said quickly. "Corey has three papers to write this semester and I have two." George went on into his office. He didn't see Corey and Matt look at each other and didn't hear them say, "Whew!" He also didn't hear Corey tell Matt that the stud who works in the meat department had six.

As the day wore on the boys whispered into each other's ears. Some had two, some didn't have any, and some had three or more. One shift passed the word to the next shift and asked how many each of them had. Turns out there was an awful lot.
Hank lived outside the city in the house he grew up in and eventually inherited from his parents. It was a big one: four bedrooms upstairs, a living room, den, dining room, and kitchen downstairs. Hank finished a portion of the basement, turning it into a soundproof media room. A porch wrapped around the entire house. Out back was an old brick barbeque his dad had built, and a little further back was a small pond with a raft floating on it that Hank made a long time ago. Hank wasn't a farmer but his dad was. When Hank moved back in he sold off parts of the land to neighboring farmers. The profits from the sale pretty much guaranteed that Hank only worked when he felt like it. The nearest neighbor was out of sight about a half mile away which meant Hank could make as much noise as he wanted and could run around outside naked any time day or night.
The boys weren't due until later that evening but George arrived just after noon. He brought several bags of groceries from the store, one full of condoms. He joked about how much food those boys could put away and always made sure he brought more than enough. He helped Hank cook and get the place ready for the party. Another friend of theirs named Dan would arrive later. Dan was a distributor for a local brewery and always brought a keg. The only thing the boys had to bring was their butts.

As the sun went down Hank and George had the place ready and were sitting arm in arm on the old porch swing with their feet intertwined. It was an old swing and had been hanging ever since Hank was a kid. They joked about all the times when the folks had gone out and young Hank and George sucked each other's cocks on that swing. Back then they were short enough to get into a comfortable 69 on the swing.

One day back then they were naked and going at it when one of Hank's big German Shepherds trotted up on the porch with one of his toys in his mouth ready to fetch. He walked right up to the boys who were completely oblivious to anything other than each other's dicks in their mouths. The dog's head cocked watching them and his ears twitched listening to the sounds of sucking and slurping and licking. Finally the dog decided he and his toy had been ignored long enough. He let out a single but very sharp bark right in the boys´ ears.

Hank and George jumped straight up in the air like scared cats. Anyone who's ever not been careful on an old porch swing will tell you what will happen, and sure enough, both boys went over the back of it and smacked their skinny butts on the porch. The nearest neighbor was a half a mile away, but on that particular day they probably heard young Hank let out a string of cussin' that would hve made a sailor pull his cock out as he called that poor dog all kinds of names, none of which could be found in the Bible.

Hank and George laughed at the memories and talked and kissed. They held off doing more than kissing though, telling each other they had to save themselves for the boys later. Hank's driveway was a long one and they could always hear or see a car coming in plenty of time to get some clothes on before the driver could tell what was going on. That's why they got away with so much when they were younger. As the sun vanished they saw the first set of headlights appear in the distance.

It was Jess, a night shifter who worked stocking the store. He honked as he drove around the house to park in the back. Both the guys were surprised when Jess walked around front with two other guys who Hank and George didn't know.

"Hey boss! Hey Hank!" Jess called out as he walked up the stairs to the porch. The two guys with him just nodded and smiled a little sheepishly. Jess pointed to them each in turn, "This is Tom, and that's Willy. They're buddies of mine. Hope it's okay to bring 'em?"

Hank and George smiled and nodded but glanced sharply at Jess, who laughed.
"Fuck buddies, guys - fuck buddies!" Jess told them, "They want to join us is all." Now Hank´s and George's smiles widened.

"Well hell guys, nice to meet ya!" Hank shook their hands with George, "Come on in! The more the merrier, ya know?" Hank winked at Jess and ushered them all inside. He turned around and shrugged his shoulders at George and gave him a thumbs-up.

Even though Dan hadn't arrived with the keg yet, Jess had told Tom and Willy the rules. Hank knew better than to expect the guys who weren't 21 yet to stay away from the beer. He only had one pair of eyes and they weren't in the back of his head. He also remembered how young he was when he and George started sneaking beers from their dad's supply. So he knew it would be a waste of time to try to watch all the guys and fuck too. So anyone driving had to either come prepared to spend the night, or not come at all. The boys followed Hank into the den and dropped their car keys into an empty drawer in Hank's desk, which Hank promptly locked. Only he and George knew where he hid the key.
Bill arrived next in his jeans and boots, a bandana tied around his head, and a shirt with the sleeves cut off, showing off his trucker's tattoos.

They were still in the den and heard the bell ring. Corey stuck his head in the door and hollered out asking if anyone was home. Hank hollered back joking that they didn't have to ring the bell. Especially not Corey and Matt. They both lived in the dorms now and went to different colleges so it was tough for them to meet up in each other's rooms. Hank had given both of them a key to his house and they made a lot of use of one of his spare bedrooms, sometimes alone with each other, and sometimes dragging Hank into the room with them.

Corey and Matt came in hand-in-hand and met Hank in the hallway. They hugged and the boys noticed the strangers in the living room.

"Don't worry about it, guys," Hank told them. "They're friends of Jess's from his school. They came to join us."

"So it's cool if we bring someone with us, huh?" Matt asked.

"Hell yeah!" Hank grinned, and grabbed his package. "I'm ready if they are!"

"Man that's good to hear," Corey said as Hank turned to go in the living room. "´Cause we brought a few with us, too."

Hank froze. He turned just as Corey opened the front door and beckoned. Hank's eyes widened as five more guys walked into the hallway. Corey pointed them out to Hank.

"These are my buddies Ben, and Justin, and Tim, and that's Matt's buds, JJ and Vince."

"Well come on in, boys!" a flustered Hank told them. George was in the kitchen pulling trays of food from the oven and almost dropped one of them when he saw the extra guys walk by. Hank went in the kitchen and told George who they were while Corey dropped his keys into the desk drawer.

Dan was the next to arrive and some of the boys helped him bring in the keg and the paraphernalia that went with it. They went to set it up on the back porch. George caught Matt's shirt collar as he walked by and playfully pulled Matt back to him.

"Papers, eh?" he grinned at Matt. "You got two PAPERS to write, eh?" Matt just gave George a quick kiss and giggled as he went out to the porch to get some beer.

Someone called out that Mikey had arrived. In the kitchen George caught Corey coming back from the porch with a beer. He put his hands on his hips and scowled at Corey.

"And does Mikey have PAPERS to write too?" Corey gave George a big shit-eating grin and danced just out of George's reach while rubbing his crotch.

"He sure does, boss," Corey laughed. "He's got about six of 'em!"

"SHIT!!" George bellowed out.

Hank joked that he hoped George brought enough food this time.

"Oh, don't worry, guys," Corey told them, "We knew we'd throw a kink in things so we all chipped in. Mikey made up some deli trays to bring. We're fine." He went into the living room, leaving Hank and George to stand in the kitchen with their mouths open.

All told there were about a dozen guys from the store. They almost all went to different schools and had found their own fuck buddies. They did some planning together and tonight they all brought as many of their own buddies as could make it. Over the next hour guys just kept streaming in the front door: Tall guys, short guys, buff guys and skinny guys: guys with long hair, short hair, spiked hair, and colored hair: guys with hairy bodies, smooth bodies, tattoos and piercings. The house was filling up real quick and the crowd spilled over into the den, kitchen, and on the back porch. Shit, guys, I'm writing this damn thing and even I lost count of how many guys ended up in that house!

The four dads were all sitting in the living room - in some sort of shock - and were just looking at each other and smiling. The guys from the store were bringing beers to everyone and seeing to everyone, like they'd taken over that duty from Hank and George. Hank was wondering how he was going to get things started. Usually it was easy with the guys from the store since they'd done this so many times before. It had become something of a ritual, and getting everyone to get naked wasn't a problem at all, but now he was just sitting on the sofa mesmerized at the parade of great looking guys walking in and out of the room.

Corey came into the living room, put a CD in Hank's stereo and turned up the volume. It was a CD of techno kind of music, the kind usually heard in bars for the go-go boys to dance to. And that was what Corey started to do. As the beat filled the air, he stood in the middle of the room facing Hank and the others and did a little jig while eyeing them and licking his lips to tease them. Then while they were watching him he leaned over and grabbed Matt's hand. Matt stood and now both of them were starting a dance to the music and others started to cheer them on.

Someone yelled, "Take it off, dudes!" and Matt and Corey embraced each other and started dancing together. While the guys all watched, Matt put his arms around Corey's neck and they kissed. "Yeah!!" several of the guys yelled and Hank and George applauded and smiled. Matt turned around and leaned backwards into Corey. He raised his arms back up and around Corey's neck behind him. Corey was taller than Matt and leaned his head down to kiss Matt again with his arms and hands running up and down Matt's body and squeezing his pecs and stomach and crotch. Matt raised his arms straight up in the air and Corey smoothly pulled Matt's T-shirt up and off and tossed it behind him.
More applause, more shouted encouragement as Corey used his hands to show off Matt's chest and belly button and reach down to cup a now very prominent bulge in Matt's jeans. The two ground their hips together in time with the music. Matt reached behind him and grabbed Corey's butt and let the other guys watch him squeeze Corey's cheeks. Another turn and they were facing each other and kissing again, still grinding their hips together but hard now and raunchy. All with the other guys´ full encouragement. Matt's hands slipped inside Corey's tank and pulled it off. It too, was simply tossed in the air. Corey leaned down and started licking and kissing Matt's chest. The guys hooted and hollered and were now clapping in time with the beat, and more than a few were trying to clap and adjust their growing packages at the same time.
Corey worked his mouth down Matt's gyrating body and finally ended up on his knees with his tongue licking Matt's belly button. Matt's chest was all shiny from Corey's tongue. Matt was bucking his hips in time to the music and pushing his bulge into Corey's face. Every time the beat sent Matt's crotch into Corey, Corey opened his mouth and very soon a wet spot showed up on Matt's crotch. Corey looked at the dads and the other guys standing behind them and smiled a wicked lusty smile at them. Then he flicked his right hand around the way a magician would, reached over and smoothly pulled Matt's zipper down.

The guys hooted and hollered and applauded and cheered the two of them on. Another magic move with his hand and Corey unsnapped Matt's jeans and they started to slide down over his hips. Matt gyrated his hips even harder and his jeans slid down his legs by themselves, revealing some black boxer briefs with white letters across his dick spelling out the words, "Home of the Whopper." Just as the music reached a crescendo heading to the finish, Corey, still on his knees, reached down and held Matt's jeans to the floor. Matt didn't step out of them, but jumped out of them, high up in the air and came down and landed rigid with his left arm up and his right hand cupping his obviously hard dick with his pelvis thrust way out. At the same time the music ended and Matt froze, Corey yanked his briefs down and Matt's cock popped up and waved to everyone.
The guys went wild. They applauded and hollered and hooted and yelled for more. Hank and the dads looked at each other and knew what each was thinking: 'Those little fuckers have been rehearsing this!!' Before any of them had time to say anything, another song started and Matt spun around and put his hand on Corey's forehead and pushed. Corey ended up lying on his back on the floor with his legs spread and Matt danced naked around him.

The guys were hollering and clapping so loud someone had to reach over and turn the volume up on the stereo. Corey was lying with his feet almost touching the dads on the sofa. Matt straddled Corey facing his feet and spent a few seconds bucking his hips and making his dick bounce up and down. He kept dancing and started squatting down slowly, slowly, and slowly with the applause and whistling and hollering building until his butt finally came to a rest on Corey's face and everyone let out one big, loud, "YEAH!!!!" Hank and the dads just stared with their mouths hanging open. They were all thinking that it would be tough to find something this good in any bar.

Matt kept his butt on Corey's face and while still on his knees he leaned way back, resting on his hands behind him with his dick sticking up in the air. Corey reached around and stroked Matt's dick in time with the music. Matt let his head fall back and enjoyed it for a few seconds, then had to straighten up and push Corey's hand away so he didn't cum too soon. Matt made a show of leaning forward and reached just inside the waistband of Corey's jeans. He pulled a ring out and the guys saw that it was a key chain ring with about three inches of chain and it was attached to Corey's zipper. Matt raised his wet butt up off Corey's face and stood up while Corey stayed on the floor. Matt used his foot and toes to squeeze Corey's pecs and play with his chest. Matt worked his foot down Corey's body and the guys watched as Matt stuck his big toe inside the ring of the key chain. The music reached a point where it suddenly stopped for a couple of seconds and in the quick silence the guys heard as Matt used his toe in the ring to pull Corey's zipper down. Then the music started back up again but was almost drowned out by the applause.

Corey had his hands behind his head like he was relaxing and still gave the dads in front of him his wicked smile. Corey knew he and Matt had them, and had them good. Corey raised his feet up off the floor and put one in Hank's lap and the other in George's. The guys knew what to do and they both grabbed a cuff and together they pulled Corey's pants off and tossed. Corey had on the same kind of black boxer briefs that Matt had on but no lettering on the front. Matt was still dancing around Corey, now and then using his feet to tease. He'd use his toes to play with Corey's crotch or would stick them in Corey's mouth for him to suck on real quick. Then Matt put his foot on Corey's side and pretended to push and Corey rolled over onto his stomach. Across the butt of his underwear in white letters were the words, "Home for the Whopper."
Matt was still dancing over Corey and Corey was squirming on the floor and humping his butt up and down in time to the music. Matt pointed a finger to Bill and then pointed to Corey's butt. Bill didn't need to be told twice and he leaned over, reached out, and pulled Corey's briefs off and tossed them behind him. Now both boys were naked and Matt again used his foot on Corey's side and Corey rolled over again showing the guys his hard dick. The applause was thunderous.
Matt once again straddled Corey's face and reached out, grabbed Corey's dick, and held it straight up. Corey reached up, grabbed Matt's dick, and pointed it at his own face. Once again, just as the song reached its loud finish, both Matt and Corey jammed each other´s dicks in their mouths. The guys went wild and it seemed the whole house shook.

The boys jumped up and took their bows; then Matt went to the sofa next to Hank. He gave Hank his typical sexy boyish smile and said, "Surprise!!"

"What the hell...?" was all Hank could think to say. Corey went and sat on George's lap facing him. Jess walked up to Dan, and Mickey from the meat department stood in front of Bill while both boys unzipped their pants.

"You haven't figured it out yet?" Matt laughed at Hank.

"What?" Hank looked like he was almost hypnotized.

"You guys have been taking good care of us boys," Matt said as he put one knee up on the sofa and halfway straddled Hank's lap. He put a hand up and stroked Hank's face, "giving us a place to fuck," he stuck a finger in Hank's mouth and his other hand reached out to Hank's crotch, "and a reason to fuck!"

Corey continued on, "We know when you guys were young as us you bent over and gave your butts to some other guys all the time, right?" The dads just nodded.

"Well," Jess said, "tonight you're gonna do it again!"

The dads´ eyes widened even more.

"That's right, guys," Mickey teased as he and Jess pulled their hard dicks out, "we're turnin' the tables on ya. Tonight every damn one of us is gonna fuck your butts silly!"

Hank opened his mouth to say something but Matt quickly threw his other leg up over the back of the sofa and slid his dick into Hank's mouth. The other boys did the same and the dads suddenly had some young meat stuffed in their mouths. Hank forgot all about whatever the hell it was he was going to say and just sucked instead.

Well that started it. The dads opened their eyes but all they could see in front of them was a bush of hair. They didn't see the air suddenly filled with shirts and socks and jeans and shorts and underwear, as the whole crowd got naked all at once. They didn't see the crowd of guys spread back into the other rooms and go to it. It was obvious to them now that all these guys had spent some time orchestrating the whole night and in silent agreement they just went with it.

Matt and the boys kept right on fucking the dads´ faces and while the dads couldn't see, they felt other hands on their bodies pulling their clothes off. They felt a mouth belonging to somebody clamp down on their cocks and start sucking. Hands pushed and pulled and all four dads wound up with their legs spread wide and their feet up and a tongue started licking their fuck holes. Each dad had three boys working on them and they loved it. And there was plenty more where that came from.

By some agreement obviously reached earlier the boys from the store who already knew the dads got the first shot. Matt pulled his dick out of Hank's mouth - somewhat reluctantly - and whoever was eating Hank's ass moved up to continue Hank's face fucking. Matt got between Hank's legs, held them apart, and with a hoot slid his dick up that chute and started fucking hard. Hank managed to let out a moan but didn't try to say anything. Besides, it's rude to talk with your mouth full.

The other dad's let out similar noises as their holes got plugged up by young dick. They all heard a voice from somewhere holler out, "Allright!! They's gettin' fucked!!" With all their holes stuffed full and their cocks getting sucked there was no way for the dads to communicate with each other but - like all long time buddies - they didn't need to. They just enjoyed.

Matt was the first and threw his head back, sucked in a breath, gritted his teeth, and jackhammered ole Hank's ass while he filled it full of boy cum. As hot as he got dancing with Corey for the guys he just couldn't hold back. Turns out neither could the other boys. All four dads got their butts slicked up with cum almost at the same time.

The dads didn't know how they did it, but somehow with all the other fucking going on the boys kept some kind of watch. Soon as Matt and the others pulled out of the guys´ butts, there were four fresh boys ready with their dicks in their hands. The guys fucking face pulled out and the dads only had a couple of seconds while the boys changed places. They all opened their eyes but all they saw in the room was naked flesh. Then their mouths got stuffed by fresh cock and some of the boys moved down and took over fucking their butts.
Matt and Corey and Jess and Mickey could be heard all through the house hollering and high-fiving each other on their way to the back porch for more beer. The other guys just went right on fucking. The dads got another load of cum shot up their butts and the boys changed places again. This time the dads used their couple of seconds without a dick in their mouths to glance at each other. Although they all had huge smiles on their faces the same thought could be read in their eyes 'Can we take all these guys?!?!' Then they were sucking again and a fresh dick slid up their butts.

The guys who knew each other fucked bareback and the guys who didn't know anyone else used a condom. Hank was thinking that he would always joke with George about bringing a whole sack full of condoms each time - - - joke's over now!! Now Hank was wondering if George had brought enough!
The sounds of fucking were all over the house now. There was sighing and slurping and squishing and moaning and the temperature in the place was steadily climbing. All through the house any time someone opened his mouth someone else stuck a dick in it. Anytime someone's butt came into view someone else stuck a dick or a face in it. Guys who'd never topped before were topping now, and guys who'd never bottomed before were grunting and taking it. If a guy stood up he suddenly got his dick sucked and his ass eaten.

If anyone had looked through Hank's living room window from the outside they wouldn't have been able to tell if the floor was carpeted or not. It was covered with bodies. Naked bodies. Sweaty bodies. Undulating bodies that were between a pair of legs with feet up in the air all through the room. Butts were humping up and down and heads were bobbing up and down and now and then a squirt of cum would fly through the air.
One bottom guy was spread out in a chair and a top guy was fucking his ass while standing up. He was fucking and jacking the guy at the same time. The guy in the chair came, and when he shot, his cum flew up in the air like a popcorn kernel and the top caught it in his mouth. He managed to catch each squirt and kept right on fucking at the same time. That earned some admiration from whoever saw it and then others were trying it, too.

Soon the sounds of fucking were mixed with the smell of fucking as cum was shooting everywhere. The boys - being boys - never stopped and certainly weren't "done" just because they'd already shot a load or four. George wondered how much cum there would be if they managed to save all of it. A guy sometimes thinks weird stuff when he's getting royally gangbanged.
After a while Hank and George decided to take a break. Not because they didn't like however many dicks they had up their butts so far, because their legs were getting cramped from being in the same position for so long. . . spread. They walked through the living room and tried not to step on anyone on the floor and headed for the kitchen. A couple of the boys went with them and stuck with them. George mentioned that he wanted a beer and one of the boys ran and got one for him and Hank. They walked out to the back porch to take a piss but found out there was no room. There were naked bodies fucking and sucking out there, too. They walked on out in the back yard and saw that some of the guys were skinny-dipping in the pond and some were fucking on the bank. There were even a couple of guys in the middle of the pond in a 69 on the old raft.
The boys stuck right with Hank and George. They sat down in the grass and the boys sat down with them. That was when Hank and George realized they were being "attended." Hank mentioned that he was hungry and one of the boys got up and ran into the house to make him a sandwich. Hank looked at the other guy whom he didn't even know.

"Are you ‘assigned´ to us?" Hank smiled to him.

"Sure," the boy said and leaned into Hank. "You like?"

"Hell I could get used to this!" Hank laughed and wrapped his arm around the boy. He let his hand slide down to the boy's dick and the boy spread his legs automatically and let Hank stroke him. "Yeah," Hank whispered, "I could get REAL used to this!" The boy tilted his head up and Hank kissed him.

"How long have you guys been planning this?" George asked.

"Well," the boy answered, "Jess talked to me some about three months ago I guess."

Hank and George just looked at each other.
George stretched out and started eating the boy's butt while Hank jacked him off. When the other boy came back outside with Hank's sandwich he found his buddy's legs spread out and his buddy was moaning. Hank managed to eat his sandwich and jack the boy off at the same time. The other boy used his tongue like a napkin to lick the mayonnaise off the corners of Hank's lips and chin while he ate. Soon they were both laying back and making out.

Neither Hank nor George could help themselves. These boys were just too beautiful and the whole scene was just too hot. They climbed on top of the boys and fucked them on the grass. While they were still sweating the boys rolled them over and returned the favor. Hank and George walked with the boys back to the light of the porch with cum dripping off their smiling faces.

There on the porch they saw Bill and Dan with their arms wrapped around a boy each and they were all making out. One of the boys had one leg raised and wrapped around Bill's tattooed butt and Bill had the boy pushed up against the wall. Hank knew that if he came outside a couple of minutes later the boy would have both legs wrapped around Bill and Bill would be fucking him right up against the wall. He was right.

In the kitchen, Hank told the boy who was with him to stay right there for a minute, he wanted to check something. He left the boy sipping a beer and tiptoed upstairs. He snuck down the hall and peeked around the door to one of the spare bedrooms. Sure enough, Matt and Corey were on the bed, their bodies pressed so close together. They were making out and their hands and legs were slowly, sensually, sliding over each other. That's why Hank didn't see them after they all started fucking. Hank just smiled and tiptoed back downstairs. In the kitchen he found a different boy sipping a beer and waiting for him. He asked where the other guy was. The new boy put his arms around Hank and pulled him close and kissed him.

"He already had his turn up your ass outside," the boy whispered in Hank's ear. "Now I want mine!" and Hank wound up getting his ass fucked as he bent over the kitchen counter. George was on the floor on his stomach and he also had a new boy humping away on his ass. And the fucking went on and on.

It was early fall and while the outside temperatures weren't quite hot enough to turn on the air conditioner, the inside was heating up! More and more of the boys spilled outside to fuck on the porch or on the grass or out by the pond. The bodies coming out the kitchen door were sweatier and sweatier so Hank managed to crawl out from under the boys who were fucking him long enough to turn on the back yard's sprinklers. Now everyone was fucking and sucking and getting rinsed off at the same time. Hank wished he'd thought to set up a video camera. The cool water seemed to wake the guys up some and the action outside got more enthusiastic. The boys dragged the dads outside and out into the grass under the sprinklers and the dads kept right on getting pounded by dick after dick after dick.

Finally Hank saw Mickey lay down next to him.

"You mean it's your turn again?!?" Hank asked him and laughed.

Mickey laughed right back, "Yeah! You want us all again?" he rolled on top of Hank and kissed him.
"Yes, but not tonight!" Hank laughed and ran his fingers through Mickey's hair. "I used to only worry about having a hangover when I woke up," he said. "Now I'll worry if my ass is ever gonna close up!!"

"Don't worry, Hank," Mickey told him between kisses. "You're as tight as you ever were, and you always will be."

Hank and Mickey went back into the kitchen to get something to eat. Fucking all night works up an appetite. The food was going over real good but there was still plenty left. There were some other boys there munching on sandwiches and meatballs and buffalo wings. They all smiled at Hank and asked him if he liked the evening.

"Hell, yes, boys!!" Hank laughed. He grabbed his cock and held it up for the boys to see. "Even my piss slit is curved in a smile!"

George came in with Jess, and then Dan came in with another boy from the store and it was evident that between the four dads, they'd taken all those young dicks up their butts and apparently were going to live to tell about it.

Around the island counter in the kitchen the dads finally got the boys to talk. They'd been planning this for months. It started when Jess went to see Mickey at his dorm and one of Mickey's fuck buddies was there. They had a little fun making out and groping each other but had to stop when Mickey's straight roommate showed up with a buddy, a couple of girls, and some beer. Outside the room, Jess mentioned, "what if?" and that started things. A few of the other boys were old enough and worked as dancers and strippers in a couple of gay bars in town and they were the ones who taught Matt and Corey the dance moves and timing and they'd been practicing for the past two months just to do that one dance. The dads were impressed!

Dan and Bill came in and said they'd found a few of the guys had fallen asleep outside. That's when Hank's head snapped up and he asked where the hell were they gonna put all those guys up? Jess just smiled and the dads figured they had a plan for that, too.

"We all brought sleeping bags and stuff, Hank. Don't worry, we thought of stuff ourselves."

Out of the car trunks came bags and pillows. Some of the guys used the showers in the house but most of them just jumped in the pond and washed up there. Some of the boys slept in the house and some stayed outside, but all of them had a place to sleep and all of them had a pillow and none of them slept alone.

Hank went upstairs toward his room but first went further down the hall. His suspicions were correct and he got a blanket from the closet and covered Matt and Corey who were already asleep with their arms wrapped around each other. Hank tiptoed back down the hallway. In another room Dan and Bill had a couple of the boys between them in the king sized bed there. Hank gave them a thumbs-up. The next room was George's and while the blankets covered things it was obvious he had company, too.

Hank went on in his room and found two of the boys he didn't know already in his bed with some space left between them. They were smiling at him. One of them tossed back the covers and patted the empty mattress between them.

"Come on," he grinned at Hank, "we been waitin' for ya."

Hank laughed and shook his head. "Looks real good, boys!" he told them and sighed. "But us old farts can only last so long and then we need our rest. I've reached that point I think." He lay down between them. It took about an hour and some more sweat, but the boys proved him wrong. They all fell asleep with Hank's hand cupping one of the boy's butt and his other hand holding on to the other's soft dick.

They had fallen asleep just as the sun was coming up, and Hank woke up in the middle of the afternoon. He was on his stomach. He smiled as he oriented himself. The boys were still sleeping on either side of him and their legs were tangled with each other´s. Hank didn't even try to remember how many dicks he'd taken up his ass last night, but he could still feel a dick in there. Or two. He reached back and felt his ass and was surprised that it felt slippery! He sat up and reached out to the sleeping boys and felt their dicks. One was dry and the other was as slippery as his own ass was. Hank's smile got bigger. 'Damn!' he thought. 'That little squirt just got done fucking me again! That's why I woke up!' The boy just moaned a bit and turned over but didn't wake up. The smell of coffee was wafting up from the kitchen.

Hank managed to get out of bed without waking the boys and went downstairs. Some of the boys were already awake but most were still sleeping crammed into their sleeping bags in the house and outside. A few boys were gathered naked around the island counter in the kitchen sipping coffee. Hank greeted them and got his own cup.
"I'll get some breakfast goin' soon as some more guys wake up," he told the boys.

"No, no!" the boys smiled and one said. "We'll take care of it, Hank." He leaned into Hank for a quick kiss. "All part of the service!" Hank shook his head and smiled.

"Be careful boys, or I'll get awful used to this," he warned them.

They sat and drank coffee and talked about their schools and the set up Hank and George had. Hank told them how it had actually started as soon as George transferred to the store. Hank had a young fuck buddy whose summer job ended just as school started in the fall. George had just started at the store and Hank fixed it with George so his buddy could work at the store. George even fixed the boy's work schedule to fit around his classes. Hank stopped in to visit George one day soon after and George pointed to one of the boys pushing a line of grocery carts into the store.

"He's gay for sure," George told Hank.
"Damn cute, too!" Hank said. Hank told his buddy about the guy and his buddy got the guy alone one evening and came on to him. It worked. In the beginning Hank's buddy did all the seducing and George just naturally hired the guys he was sure was gay. Same thing he did at his other store except he didn't have Hank around to help him out. George never came on to the guys himself: he had to think about sexual harassment suits and all. It didn't take long before Hank was busy out in the back of his van. Some of the guys went for it and some didn't. Although nothing overt went on it just seemed the guys who didn't go for it moved on to other jobs quickly and soon the store had a good crowd of horny young guys to play around with. The orgies at Hank's house naturally followed, and apparently were becoming legendary.
Hank told the boys in the kitchen, "And you guys come on over any ole time we get together!" He was assured that he wouldn't have a problem with attendance at all.

Other boys were waking up both inside and outside and as guys usually do, they woke up horny. Anyone could glance around and see sleeping bags getting twisted up and thrown off as the guys went through a quick wake up fuck before they wandered into the kitchen.

Hank took out his biggest fry pans and a few of the guys took over and even though it was officially dinnertime, they cooked up a feast of eggs and sausage and bacon and ham and hash browns and biscuits and toast. Hank went back upstairs to wake up the boys who had slept with him.

They were already half awake and pulled Hank back down between them and with their morning hard-ons they went to work on Hank while breakfast was being prepared. Hank found himself the meat in a fuck sandwich as he plowed one guy's butt while getting rammed by the other guy. While they licked cum off each other Hank said once again how he could get used to this.

After the meal the boys went to work cleaning up the place. The dads only had to sit back and drink their coffee and watch and smile. The house was full of naked boys flitting back and forth. One of them got a garden rake from the garage and was using it in the living room to rake up all the used condoms and wrappers and Kleenex. Clean up didn't take long at all with so many boys at it.

Some of them had to go to work here and there and some had to get back to their dorm rooms and hole up and study for some Monday exams. Since it was a weekend, George wasn't working but some of the boys had to go to the store. Their clothes had become one big pile in the den and they all had to spend some time searching through it to find their own stuff and retrieve their keys from the desk drawer. One by one the boys came out of the den wearing wrinkled shirts and shorts and jeans. They all laughed and no one cared. They all gave the dads´ cocks one last kiss before they headed out the door.

Hank and George wound up right back on the old porch swing naked with their arms around each other and their feet intertwined. Hank mentioned that next time they should set up some video cameras around the house since it seemed the population of their parties had suddenly grown.
"When we're too old to get it up anymore we'll at least have some memories to watch in the old fags' home," he laughed at George.
They heard a noise in the house and went inside to see what it was. At first it seemed nothing was wrong. Then they heard footsteps on the stairs and realized they had completely forgotten about them when a naked and smiling Corey and Matt came downstairs fresh from the shower. Since they fell asleep before anyone else, they also woke up first while the rest of the place was still asleep. Rather than wake everyone else up, they stayed in bed. Where the others fucked, they made love, slowly and sensually exploring each other's bodies, using their lips, tongues, fingertips and toes, and each concentrated on what the other liked. The blanket Hank had put over them ended up on the floor. They didn't talk, but just enjoyed the feeling of each other. Though it was slow and quiet, it was also beautiful and special. They took a long time at it and the end result was just as intense as anything else that had happened through the night. Newly exhausted, they'd slept through the whole afternoon while the other boys ate and cleaned up.
They fixed themselves something to eat and then joined Hank and George on the porch. They sat on the porch at Hank and George's feet while they ate. Since neither of them had anything much going on at school, Hank told them to go ahead and spend the rest of the weekend at his house. They could go out and rent some movies and get some stuff to put out on the grill. Corey climbed up into Hank's lap and Matt sat in George's. They had to be really careful or else they'd fall over the back of the swing and smack their little butts on the porch.


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