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This is an old story, first posted at in January 2001, under the same title. I've re-written it in parts and am now re-posting it here, at Nifty.


A Story By Outlaw

   It had been raining incessantly since early morning and as I walked out of the office building that evening it had finally reduced to a steady drizzle. Getting about in such weather can be dreadful at most times, but now with the haze and the slush, and the maddening office hour rush, driving was an absolutely formidable task. And by the time I got home I was in as dark a mood as the overcast sky! Such unseasonal winter rains always got me mad and to top it, I had to deal with the traffic!

  Throwing off my clothes I entered the bathroom and took a long, refreshing shower and pulling on a robe walked back into the bedroom, feeling somewhat better. But I had to forego my regular evening walk and the customary coffee at the café round the corner, and that didn't help my mood in the least!

  I went into the kitchen and making myself a large mug of the caffeine that had become my sole savior in such hours of crisis, and also my only mode of relaxation, returned to the bedroom, sitting down at my table. Switching on the computer, deciding on some surfing in the absence of anything better to do, I logged on and heard the rain pick up once more... flashes of lightening illumination the dark sky, followed by the deep rumble of distant thunder. And within minutes we had a raging storm.... the wind howling outside, whooshing through the tiny gaps in the windows.

  I hit the Instant Internet button configured to access my favorite site, and as the page started to take shape I sat back and lit a cigarette, sipping my coffee, listening to the steady beat of the rain on the window panes... As the page opened and I was about to click on a link, the lights went out as the power supply snapped! The room was plunged into darkness, the screen throwing an eerie blue glow.

  `Shit, there goes my evening...' I cursed under my breath, slamming down the mug and in the process spilling coffee all over the table, and some on the keyboard too... Seething with frustration, I quickly logged off, shutting down the system before the alternate power supply could fold up.

  'Could it get any worse', I wondered as I sat in the dark, the only light coming from the glowing tip of my half smoked nico-stick. Reluctantly, I got up and headed for the kitchen once more, to get the candles and the sponge to clean up the mess I had just created. And as I walked into the living room I paused... I live alone, but suddenly, I felt the presence of someone else in the room.... I stood stock still, barely breathing as I tried to concentrate. Was it my imagination playing tricks... or did I really sense another person's presence? But no, I was positive about it, there had to be someone else in the room and for a moment I even thought I could hear a slight breathing... harsh, kind of labored...

  'Don't panic...' I told myself and tried to think... Had I left the door open once I got in? Or had I been too preoccupied to notice someone already in the house when I returned? I told myself to stay calm and tried to remember all the instructions I had received to face any such eventuality...'Stay cool...' I repeated and slowly inched towards the telephone... But then, would he wait for me to call the police. What if the guy attacked me? I didn't even have anything to strike back with...

   It's fine when you sit in a well lit office or classroom, amongst friends, and have this officer or instructor lecture you on self defense, when someone breaks into your home, or corners you in a dark alleyway... but its quite different to be in the actual situation... I didn't dare to even look around, afraid that whoever this guy was, might simply put a knife right through me.... And as I debated as to what my options were, I felt a distinct movement, and again heard the subtle breathing... And at that instant I felt the chill... an ice-cold touch on my right cheek... I shuddered and drew back, and as I looked around in panic I could see no one - the room was absolutely empty!

  I can't claim that I was brave, or that I had remained collected, because that will be an utterly false statement. I was scared shitless! It wasn't only that there was someone in the room, but also the fact that I just couldn't see him! I was frantic now as I attempted to run into the kitchen, sure that if I could grab a knife before he struck me, or get the torch, that was kept there, I would have some chance at self-protection. But at that moment I felt the touch again... a chilling, freezing 'caress'. The temperature in the room, or at least around me, must have dropped well past zero and as I shivered I felt the ice-cold touch grip my right wrist. The fine hair on my arms and legs bristled and a shudder passed through me... I tried to, but couldn't resist, and felt my strength seep out of me... slowly...

  It was all so sudden, so shocking, and so very creepy, that I couldn't even begin to comprehend what was happening... it was like my senses had been numbed, frozen... And then the terror set in... I was beyond just being scared anymore; I was terrified! This was all so crazy... so unearthly... so eerie! What was happening, my fevered brain tried to ask, find answers to... rationalize. And as I was dragged back into my bedroom... my body practically limp, my mind in a daze... I looked around frantically, searching for the invisible assailant as the periodic flashes of lightening lit up the room, but all I saw was the empty space, there was no one, not a soul in sight!

   Back in my room, I was thrown on the bed... yes, violently shoved onto my own bed. And as I felt the chilling grip withdraw and attempted to sit up, a wave of cold breath washed over my face and I was pressed back down on the sheets...

   Fear clawed at me... and I felt my mouth go bone dry, the nostrils flaring, sucking in air, in large gasps... my heart slamming against the rib cage. I broke out in a cold sweat and tried to struggle again, though I didn't know against who or what, but all that I could manage was a feeble grunt, my arms and legs totally immobile! And as I lay sprawled on the bed, helpless, I saw the belt of my robe being undone... and slowly being pulled away!!!

  It was absolutely raving crazy, let me tell you, to see the piece of chord roll and unroll and float in midair, all by itself... and then fly through the air to fall on the other end of the bed, and no human hand! I stared wide-eyed, even fascinated, and then I saw my robe being slid off my shoulders and pulled out from under me... and suddenly I was completely naked on my own bed and... totally petrified!

  I tried to scream, but nothing came out of my parched throat except a dry rasp... And as I looked on, almost mesmerized, I felt the cold touch flutter over my naked body... on my cheeks, along the bridge of my nose... and then slowly, across my trembling lips and down my throat... Across my chest, on and around my right nipple... getting the tip hard and pointed... and then moving on to the other nipple... tweaking it... making me gasp at the pain.... It fluttered down over my flat belly and I felt a cold digit being inserted into the deep depression of my navel... Over my pubic arch... and around my groin... soft, astonishingly sensuous... almost tranquil! An involuntary moan escaped me and I gripped the nearby pillow. I was terrified, yet felt my body tingle in response.... beyond the terror that was ravaging my brain... beyond the control of my mind!

   And as I looked down at my naked body I even saw the touch! Every part of my body that felt the chilling caress, I saw a slight depression, like when you press with your fingertips... distinct and clear! It was utterly weird... and very unnerving, but then, that, I suppose is an understatement!

   My feeble attempts at struggle soon became weaker and weaker with each passing moment... and I sensed the draining away of all my physical strength. I was awake and mentally alert, but physically totally numb, as if tranquilized, under some spell. I could feel and see each touch, but couldn't move even a finger, or fight off my invisible attacker. My brain wanted to resist, resist the awesome feeling of arousal, yet my body responded favorably...

  It moved lower, along the inner thighs and then up again... and I heard my pubic hair rustle as the fingers twirled around my pubes... before resting on my flaccid shaft... It paused and I felt a slight pressure... and then it moved again... along the entire length of my flaccid penis... slow and sensuous. And as it fondled and petted, I felt my cock stir, and get hard... despite the chill, despite the horror that I was experiencing... rising off my belly in throbbing rigidity. It was like my body didn't belong to me anymore, like I was just a far-away spectator, watching... and yet, at the same time, also experiencing... each touch, each caress, each stroke... I gasped at the incredible feeling coursing through my body... my pubes... Painfully pleasurable, terrifyingly erotic... Devilishly divine!

  It took my stiff cock in its cold grip, stroking me... rising slowly to the tip, to flutter sensually over the twitching head and then down the throbbing shaft to the thick base, pulling the foreskin down, the glans fully exposed, taut and bulging... And my hips jerked in response... the ass lifting off the bed, thrusting into the invisible fist, seeking the magical touch, thrilling at the amazing pleasure the stroking was arousing, the stomach muscles already flexing!

   And I moaned out loud... my head rolling from side to side.. The mouth open as the tongue licked my parted lips... I felt my cock gush sticky precum, getting the head wet and then rolling down, making the whole shaft glisten in the subdued glow of the flashing lightening. My balls crawled up close to the pulsating base of my cock and I felt the familiar flexing of the muscles, as my legs stretched out, the toes curling and uncurling... that awesome feeling you get just before ejaculating, as the body readies itself for release... and suddenly it stopped! The touch withdrew and my cock snapped back on my stomach...

   With a shudder and a groan I opened my eyes and stared into the darkness... wondering where the touch had gone... thirsting for the contact... the lewd hunger of the flesh, for pleasure, more overpowering than the sense terror!

   And as I lay, my eyes seeking the invisible entity, I suddenly felt the cold breath over my raging cock, magnifying the coolness of the leaked precum... and then heard a groan, realizing it was I, as a cold, moist, stifling embrace surrounded my rigid cock, like being engulfed by a mouth.... only this wasn't the usual hot embrace of a human mouth.

   I shuddered and instantly knew that I was being orally stimulated... being blown! It was absolutely crazy; I was being fellated, by an apparition!!! But my hips jerked... rising and pumping up and off the bed, shoving into the non-existent throat, my body arched and taut... And as I watched transfixed, I saw it all... my hips thrusting up into thin air... the cock standing tall and erect, without support... and visibly throbbing... But there was no mouth around it! It was all so weird... so scary, I closed my eyes and grabbed the sheet in an attempt to hang on to sanity... or whatever of it still remained.

  I was sweating profusely, terrified and shivering... yet moaning and completely aroused. My head swam and my ears buzzed... but my body tingled, the heart pounding furiously. I grunted, bucking up, thrusting into the invisible mouth, enjoying the agonizingly pleasurable nips on my cock head, the clutching grip of the ghostly throat... on the verge... hanging perilously, tantalizingly close... willing my balls to let go of their liquid treasure... and then, suddenly the oral caress ceased, the mouth withdrew. And once more my cock flopped back on my belly with a sharp whack and I groaned, almost disappointed.

  The cold touch returned once more... around my slim waist. It gripped me and I felt myself being flipped over onto my stomach, like a rag doll, devoid of strength, totally limp. And as I whimpered, turning to look over my shoulder, a lightening bolt lit up the room and for a fleeting moment I saw it, a hazy shadow... a soft outline, misty... of something, someone... almost human...

  He pulled my hips high and off the bed... and I felt my knees being pushed apart... the legs parted... and then, something steely cold brush along my parted buttocks, against the exposed anus... I closed my eyes and shuddered... terrified. Of course I understood what it meant, knew what was coming and was totally horrified...

  I wanted to yell, to shout - for help... tell whoever or whatever that was doing all this to me to stop and let me go, to plead with the invisible entity... but not a sound came out of my parched throat, the lump refusing to go away and I found swallowing very difficult... I wanted to struggle but it was impossible... I was devoid of all strength...

  It felt so rigid, so hard... like a solid piece of steel rod and it pressed between my parted buttocks. I shivered... from the cold; the fright... and I felt it move... slide along the deep cleft of my ass, up and down, slowly. And then it pulled back slightly and the freezing tip butted my anus... I gasped and whimpered as it pressed against the wrinkled opening... prizing the ass mouth apart... opening my rectum!

   With tightly closed eyes I waited... scarcely breathing, totally unbelieving... it was all so bizarre... so unnatural, so horrifying! And then, the tiny ass slit parted and with a groan I felt the steely shaft enter me!!! And surprisingly there was no pain.... just this awesome feeling of being stuffed full.... of being stretched wide.... of being bloated, yet in certain ways, soothing, even gratifying!!!

  It was absolutely incredible... the feeling of being penetrated, the whole idea of being fucked by a cock, that too a non-human one! God, I was being anally violated by this non-existent entity... I was being raped! I wanted to cry... to shout... to plead... and tell him to stop... Tell him that I wasn't like that... I wasn't a bottom guy... never had such inclination or need... or desire, but no sound came out of me other than an almost inaudible croak.

  I felt the steely chill travel deep... and deeper still... up my colon and into my belly... expanding me... filling me... splitting me! With flared nostrils I gasped for air as my lungs got squeezed and the breath pushed out... and then it paused. I groaned at the incredible feeling, incredulous about the whole thing... about being anally taken by another male... totally devastated!

  And then it moved again... pulling back slowly... before slamming in... repeating it a couple of times. I shuddered and heard myself wail, a low, deep cry, rising from the very pit of my soul... and my hips jerked... the rigid cock swaying in mindless joy.

   And then the ghostly cock pulled back, out. Withdrew completely... the tight sphincter snapping back into position... and as I gasped... it thrust back, right in, suddenly, fierce... repeating the motion several times, with ever-increasing speed, setting my stomach in turmoil, making my cock throb painfully as it swayed sideways... and then up and down with the savage ploughing.

   And as I was certain I'd pass out... it paused... slowing down and then settling to a more steady, regular pace... mating me... fucking me... It slid out, pulling at the tender inner linings... tugging mercilessly at my gut, as if my insides were being sucked out... And when I felt absolutely sure that my stomach would shoot out of my convulsing bottom I felt that awesome thing ram in... stuffing me full, and it felt like my stomach was now about to pop right out of my retching throat! It was absolutely horrible, totally terrifying... Yet my hips moved, slamming back at my invisible tormentor with each plunge of his phantom phallus and lunging forward as it withdrew, the whole body swaying back and forth, with the staccato beat of the penis... I felt a rush engulf me making my pulse race, the heart hammering wildly and an amazing eroticism fill me.

   And as the ghostly intruder plundered my virgin bottom, I felt each pulse, each throb of the phantom phallus... scarcely believing my own sexual ravishment!

  I slowly reached under and between my splayed thighs. My cock was hard as rock and burning hot, the large balls swinging with the motion behind... I reached further back, and up... into the valley of my ass and gasped with horror. Though I felt the penis invading me, sliding in and out of me... though I felt the regular `slap' of the invisible flesh against my rounded buttocks, I couldn't feel or touch anything with my hands... there was just a void... an empty space... and as I touched my anus I was shocked to feel the grotesquely open orifice... wide and cavernous! It seemed like a large hollow cylinder had been inserted into my rectum, and I was wriggling my fingers in that cavity!

  But I couldn't concentrate on it much longer, for as my prostate got rubbed mercilessly, stimulating my penis even further, painfully so... I pulled away my hand, and before I even knew it, my cock was vibrating like a tuning fork, pulsing and twitching. The feeling was out of this world... eerie, yet erotic... sickening, yet sensual... And in what seemed like seconds I was bucking wildly, shoving my ass back at my ghoulish rapist, slamming into his invisible groin, my head bowed low, moaning. My balls felt like they had turned to jelly, liquid and mushy, and were being forced out of the narrow urethra, forcing the cock to twitch and jerk even further. And soon it burst forth; hot and scalding, sticky white gobs of cum, splashing all over the bed, under my heaving torso!!! It felt absolutely incredible... and it was the strongest, and most massive orgasm of my whole life. I was stunned!

  Already sapped of all strength, and totally drained by my incredible explosion, my shoulders now slumped forward and I buried my face in the crook of my arms... grunting with each savage thrust as the cold rod ravished my bottom... And then I felt the cold breath... on the nape of my neck... freezing... chilling... It moved to the left and I screamed as I felt a sharp pain shoot through my whole body. It was like I was being bitten, razor sharp teeth plunging into the tender flesh... The whole area throbbed and it felt like the flesh was being sucked out... I tried to turn my head away, pull away, but couldn't move. I felt choked... I gasped... and then it went away. And I again became acutely conscious of the cold phallus still ripping in and out of me.

  My penis, which had just gone limp, hardened again, shocking me... And as I opened my eyes and looked down, under me, I was amazed to see the sheer proportion it had reached! Throbbing and painfully hard... ready to burst out of its skin. It began to pulse and the tingle started again... driving me wild, closer and closer to cumming again... for the second time within seconds!

   The spectral shaft continued its motion, in and out, wrenching loud grunt from deep within me and when I thought I could take it no longer it suddenly stopped... the movements ceased! But it didn't pull out, instead remained buried within me, pulsing softly. I could feel it, its presence, deep inside... cold and steel stiff, throbbing, holding my rectum stretched wide.

  My stomach churned and rolled as I lay, still impaled on that ghostly penis and then suddenly it moved again... almost frantic and piston like. I ground my face in the sweat-drenched sheet and let out another wail... It rammed in ferociously, making me rock and lunge with each thrust... and then wrenched it out! My ass felt raw and sore... I cried out in the renewed discomfort but it didn't let up, instead went totally wild! And at that moment another wave of pain gripped my shoulder... the sharp teeth sinking into the tender flesh... I cried out at the renewed pain and nearly blacked out.

  I felt the rigid penis flex and shudder, it gave a violent jerk and then everything went still... I felt an impossible heat enter me... fill my rectum and travel deeper, flowing into me, through me, coursing through every vein, every limb... like liquid fire roaring through my whole body. I was panting from the exhaustion and moaned at the impossible feeling in my ass. And as I tried to shift I felt it being gently pulled out, out of me and then suddenly there was silence... Total silence... And an emptiness that was suddenly unnerving! I fell forward, on the rumpled and wet sheet, my ass still sticking high up in the air, and passed out.


   When I woke up the next day it was well past noon and my whole body ached... I felt sore and stiff. My first reaction was to curse myself for oversleeping and missing out on work, something that I never do. But as I started to get up I felt a wave of nausea... my head dizzy. I sat up and looked around and suddenly I started to recollect bits and pieces of the previous night... the ghostly rape of my ass. I shook my head and tried to think clear... was it a bad dream... a nightmare... or was it a bit too much of alcohol? But then, I hadn't taken anything last night!

   Or maybe, as my friend Peter keeps repeating, I have been denying myself for too long... supressing my desire... and this was just my mind taking over my denied passion...?

   But as I looked around... my nudity, the robe lying on the floor... the disheveled state of the bed... the half-burnt cigarette, the spilt coffee, the lights still burning in all the rooms, said it all. It couldn't have been a dream, it had to be real!

   I quickly got up and nearly fell over as my knees buckled... and as I steadied myself I felt the pain in my rectum, a shooting, gut wrenching pain. I limped into the bathroom and as I sat down, felt my insides rush out, the stomach convulsing furiously... and as the contractions finally stopped I slowly got up, drenched in sweat, feeling very weak and drained. I went and stood in front of the mirror and looked at my reflection and there it was all... the distinct bite marks on my shoulders, and the left side of my neck, slightly swollen and a deep purple. I reached down between my legs and winched at the horrible pain... the ass mouth swollen. I splashed water on my face and leaning on the sink, tried to recollect the details...

   I could now remember every bit of last night's events... every detail, but my brain refused to accept it, telling me I was making it all up. I lowered the cover and sat down on the toilet, burying my face in my hands, thinking. I thought about getting help... but who could I turn to? Who would believe me? What would I tell them? They would surely pack me off to some shrink... I remained that way for over an hour, but still my mind refused to work, in complete shock, totally numbed... Finally I got up and took a shower and went out to grab some lunch.

  It took me over a week to finally come to terms with what had happened to me that rainy night... My brain finally acknowledging the facts and gradually getting over the shock and the trauma of having indeed been sexually assaulted... by a supernatural entity.

  I'm back to normal now, if I can use the term, and attend my work and all other usual social engagements, like before... but, every time I see the skies darken and the thunder rumble, I start to wonder... think about what may be awaiting me once I return home... what may be lurking in the darkness...


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