By Angyl


Ernie really loved a good blow job. When he was single he would meet up with guys he knew and let them suck him off. He would never return the favor, but none of the guys complained. Most of them were ones who just liked to suck his cock.


Ernie is 20 years old. He is about 5'8 in height. He is oriental. His cock is about 6" and uncut. He keeps his hair long. His body is smooth, except for a trail and his nice bush. He does have a bit of hair on his ass, but not a lot. He is a really good looking guy, even if he does not agree with everyone who tells him that.


Ernie had been communicating with and older guy named Rick. They got on really well, and even went for coffee a few times. When they were online he would jokingly ask Rick to give him a blow job. Rick would respond, but they were never really serious, both of them were seeing other guys. It became an ongoing joke with them.


After a few months of talking, Ernie became single. One night he was really horny and wanted someone to suck him off. When he saw that Rick was online he started to chat with him.


-HEY!!- He typed.


-How's it going?- Rick responded.


-I am doing when are you gonna give me the blow job...I'm single naw...hahaha-


-When did you want it?-


-Right now.-


-Sure why not.-


-Hahaha but you got a boyfriend.-


-It will be just between us ok?-


-You're serious aren't you?-


-Yes I am...I want to give you a blow job.-


Ernie had to stop and think about it. His cock had other ideas. Hell he had other ideas for that matter.


-So you wanna come get sucked off?- Rick typed.


-I got a boyfriend and all.-


-Look I would not offer if I did not want to give you a blow job...and what happens is gonna be between us ok.-


-Yeah I guess.-


-You can come here.-


Ernie was quiet for a bit.


-So you wanna come over?-


-I need your address silly.-


Ernie wrote down Rick's address and said he would be there in about a half hour. Ernie was nervous the whole way there, he had even thought about turning around, but he didn't. He pulled up, well past Rick's place. He called and Rick came out. He led the way down to the basement. Ernie lay down on the bed. Rick had wasted no time in getting his pants off.


"Sorry I am not hard yet." He chuckled.


"Oh I think I can fix that." Rick responded with a smile.


He was down on Ernie's cock, and soon it was responding and getting hard. Ernie put his feet up on the bed, and spread his legs. When Rick tried to suck on his balls he had to stop him, because it hurt too much.


"Sorry hun."


Rick returned to what he was doing. He had lifted Ernie up off the bed and was now working on his fuck hole. He ran his tongue around and then deep into his hole.


" like doing that?"


"Yeah you like it?"


"Fuck yeah!!"


Rick returned to eating his ass out. Then he licked his way back up and took his cock back into his mouth. He would suck him for a bit and then switch and stroke him off. Each time he was sucking he would pull the foreskin back and suck on his sensitive knob.


"You really like my uncut cock?"




He had not stopped suck when he gave the response. Ernie lifted his ass and gave Rick the hint he wanted to be eaten out more. Rick had no issue in eating this hot man pussy. He spread Ernie's cheeks and began to suck and lick and tongue his hole. Ernie was moaning and squirming a bit. His hole had never been given such good attention. He wanted to cum on the spot.


"Oh wow I think I am gonna cum!!" He exclaimed.


Rick stopped eating him out, and returned to sucking his cock. He ran a finger over, but not in Ernie's now sensitive hole. This did it for Ernie. He emptied his cock. Pumping the largest load he had in a long time. Rick did not stop sucking until his cock got too sensitive, and he had to beg him to stop. He lay on the bed until his body recovered. Then he got up and got dressed. Rick led him to the door.


Ernie and Rick are still good friends, but they have never hooked up again for a repeat performance. They joke about it a lot, but nothing has come of it. Both are happy in relationships.


The End




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