This is a story about one of my sexcapades on a Cruise Ship. It is TOTALLY true but the names from the IM have been changed so that neither of us get ANNOYING IMs. Please send all commentary to

HoTCruIsInBoi: yeah, then I came backfrom my cruise saturday

BRITSTUD: so... how did it go?

HoTCruIsInBoi: lots of sex there

HoTCruIsInBoi: he was REALLY good but there was the car accident and blech

HoTCruIsInBoi: passed

HoTCruIsInBoi: dont feel like telling the story AGAIN


BRITSTUD: sex on the cruise?

BRITSTUD: tell me more

HoTCruIsInBoi: mmmmhhhmmmmm

HoTCruIsInBoi: In the sauna and in the jacuzi and the steam room, in my room and on the bow of the ship at 2 am

BRITSTUD: how very Titanic

HoTCruIsInBoi: boy was it ever except I was king of the world

BRITSTUD:any one stand out as the winner?

HoTCruIsInBoi: huh?

BRITSTUD: was any of your sexcapades better than the rest and worth telling?

HoTCruIsInBoi: Finding out about the guy giving me the massage and facial was fun

BRITSTUD: like... did you meet a guy with two dicks, or a 12 incher or something?

HoTCruIsInBoi: I took advantage of the cruises in port special of a massage and minifacial for 45

BRITSTUD: you had sex with your massage guy?

HoTCruIsInBoi: well, when I went to make an appointment they said that the only appointment left was for Robert, they said they werent sure if I'd be comfortable with that

HoTCruIsInBoi: I said it would be fine

HoTCruIsInBoi: I figyered a man giving facials HAS to be gay


HoTCruIsInBoi: so im in there and hes going over my questionaire

HoTCruIsInBoi: I marked I had a lot of stress

HoTCruIsInBoi: so while giving me this deep massage that was amazing, he kept straying near my ass which was a good sign in my mind.

HoTCruIsInBoi: He asked me why I marked all the stress. I said the usual

HoTCruIsInBoi: school, peer pressure, friends, backstabbing, college, coming out

HoTCruIsInBoi: he looked up and twitched when I sed coming out, i felt it

HoTCruIsInBoi: I sed, you could go a little lower if you want, he did

HoTCruIsInBoi: he took off my towel and being we were in a massage room we had so much oil around us is was nauseating. He fingered me for 10 minuts with one hand while massaging my cheeks and the small of my back with the other

HoTCruIsInBoi: I sytarted moaning a little and then he said its time to turn you over

HoTCruIsInBoi: at this point I was VERY hard

HoTCruIsInBoi: I turned over and he massaged everywhere covering me in oils from my shoulders to the insides of my thighs, not ONCE touching my dick

HoTCruIsInBoi: then he stopped and washed his hands off in the sink and took off his shirt, a little hairier than I would have liked but beggrs cant be choosers

HoTCruIsInBoi: Then he stated sucking me off. and I was TOTALLY screaming

HoTCruIsInBoi: i was THAT CLOSE and he pulled off

HoTCruIsInBoi: he dropped his pants and briefs

HoTCruIsInBoi: his cock was HUGE and I made him lay on the table

HoTCruIsInBoi: i put his legs over my head started sucking him so hard

HoTCruIsInBoi: he was fucking precumming like mad

BRITSTUD: i have to keep hiding the screen

BRITSTUD: was he cut?

HoTCruIsInBoi: yup
my mouth was full and he hadnt even gotten close to cumming yet

BRITSTUD: awesome

BRITSTUD: i love that

BRITSTUD: i do that

BRITSTUD: tons of it

HoTCruIsInBoi: at that point he pushed me off and had me lie face down again

BRITSTUD: how much did you say this cost?


HoTCruIsInBoi: he started massaging minus the oil as our sweat was doing it pretty well

HoTCruIsInBoi: her was grinding his thick cock in my crack

HoTCruIsInBoi: licking my earlobes and neck

BRITSTUD: how big was he?

HoTCruIsInBoi: i was fucking screaming at this point

HoTCruIsInBoi: 9 inches at least no question


BRITSTUD: like your dildo

HoTCruIsInBoi: probably but not THAT thick

HoTCruIsInBoi: then i heard his door close


HoTCruIsInBoi: apparently he's done this before because he pulled out a condom and a wet bottle, or maybe he uses the wet for massages?

BRITSTUD: what country was this?

BRITSTUD: or was this on the boat?

HoTCruIsInBoi: Belice, this was on the ship tho

HoTCruIsInBoi: yeah

BRITSTUD: so, did he let you have it all?

HoTCruIsInBoi: i see him slip on the condom and i feel him squirt so much lube in my ass i was like jesus

BRITSTUD: he squirted it INTO your ass?

HoTCruIsInBoi: with me still laying face down, well a litlle at the hole, i flexed and let a liitle in

BRITSTUD: i love that

BRITSTUD: I've emptied a whole tube of KY into a boy's ass once.

BRITSTUD: awesome

BRITSTUD: it feels great once your inside then

HoTCruIsInBoi: then he lays down on top of me and slowly sliped his dick in in that position

BRITSTUD: how big did he feel?

HoTCruIsInBoi: huge

HoTCruIsInBoi: almost like kong

HoTCruIsInBoi: (the dildo)

BRITSTUD:did it hurt like your dildo?

HoTCruIsInBoi: not really hurt

HoTCruIsInBoi: it was moan worthy

BRITSTUD: did it make your cock jump and go rock hard?

HoTCruIsInBoi: then he shoved the rest of the thing in hard and i felt my cock between my stomach and the massage table

BRITSTUD: oooo yeah

HoTCruIsInBoi: he just started slamming into me


HoTCruIsInBoi: fuk yes

BRITSTUD: all the way? did it hurt?

HoTCruIsInBoi: yep

HoTCruIsInBoi: then the faster he went the better it was

BRITSTUD: what did you do?


HoTCruIsInBoi: moaned


BRITSTUD: the harder he went the better

BRITSTUD: i love it

HoTCruIsInBoi: then after 10 minutes of that getting slower and faster, he reached around me and barely brushed his finger tips on my cock as he grabbed my chest and pulled me up while still inside me

HoTCruIsInBoi: that felt awesome


HoTCruIsInBoi: then, by instinct i brought my knnes up and we moved to doggy style

HoTCruIsInBoi: he started fucking extra hard

BRITSTUD: ten minutes of hard slamming action?

HoTCruIsInBoi: it was 15 minutes of doggy

HoTCruIsInBoi: first 5 he did the slamming then

BRITSTUD: he could go deeper in doggy style

HoTCruIsInBoi: yeah..I KNOW

BRITSTUD: did he put his knees up by your sides?

BRITSTUD: or was he just kneeling?

HoTCruIsInBoi: while he was fucking me he put his knees up...then i started pushing back and he stopped moving

BRITSTUD: you can go even deeper like that

HoTCruIsInBoi: i was going up and down on it, wiggling my ass, he started screaming

HoTCruIsInBoi: i could swear he was gonna cum

BRITSTUD: oh yeah

HoTCruIsInBoi: then all the sudden he pushed me off and grabbed ice from his water glass andrubbed it over both of us

HoTCruIsInBoi: his hard on went way down and sio did mine

BRITSTUD: did he put ice in your ass?

HoTCruIsInBoi: no


BRITSTUD: that can be intense

BRITSTUD: big ice cube up your ass after being rammed like that by a huge cock.

HoTCruIsInBoi: he still had the condom onand i started licking his nippples and he got very hard again

HoTCruIsInBoi: i laid on my back and he started fucking me again

HoTCruIsInBoi: i was screaming and i started to jerk off

HoTCruIsInBoi: he took both my hands and pinned them on the table


BRITSTUD: so he could fuck you longer.

HoTCruIsInBoi: while he facking really hard, he started at my earlobes and went down to my stomach


HoTCruIsInBoi: i made a joke and said, now, i'm going to top that, double meaning

HoTCruIsInBoi: he pulled out and said be my guest, he ripped off the condom FILLED with precum

BRITSTUD: like how much?

HoTCruIsInBoi: the whole area for the head was filled he grabbed another one from his drawer and slipped it on me

BRITSTUD: did you use it as lube?

HoTCruIsInBoi: at this point we were BOTH very close

HoTCruIsInBoi: no

BRITSTUD: i love to do that

HoTCruIsInBoi: thats dangerous hun

BRITSTUD: no no, outside the condom

BRITSTUD: in his ass

HoTCruIsInBoi: precum is the BIGGEST...OH

HoTCruIsInBoi: well, next chance for me ;-)

HoTCruIsInBoi: so i pushed on his back and rammed mine into him, he very much felt it, i dont think he takes it too often cause he was tight as a virgin

HoTCruIsInBoi: i moaned and his hand went straight for his dick, i said no no

BRITSTUD: and you're not small

HoTCruIsInBoi: i made out with him for 15 minutes with me banging him and his arms pinned

BRITSTUD: awesome

HoTCruIsInBoi: i let his arms go after that for a few minutes and he rubbed my back and massaged my ass

BRITSTUD: you were really getting your $45 worth.

HoTCruIsInBoi: hellz yeah

BRITSTUD: so what next?

HoTCruIsInBoi: after he was threw with my mini massage i pinned his hands agin and sucked on his nick and his nipples

HoTCruIsInBoi: i've never heard a man yell like that

HoTCruIsInBoi: neck*



BRITSTUD: sound proof massage rooms?

HoTCruIsInBoi: i moved just my tongue down his six pac which was where he stopped and acted like him like i couldn't go any further

HoTCruIsInBoi: very much sound proof

HoTCruIsInBoi: i frenched him for a minute or so and said remember when i sed i could top this?

HoTCruIsInBoi: he's like, yeah

HoTCruIsInBoi: i sed, well, i can

BRITSTUD: so you started to suck him at the same time...

HoTCruIsInBoi: at that point in half a second while ramming his ass i went down on him



HoTCruIsInBoi: i have NEVER gotten the response out of anyyone lke i did out of him


HoTCruIsInBoi: he was moaning and screaming, his ass tightened, but he didnt cum



HoTCruIsInBoi: i let his hands go and he started fingering my ass and i went faster on both ends

HoTCruIsInBoi: soon, i started playing with his chest and stomach

BRITSTUD: make the poor guy cum

HoTCruIsInBoi: shut up

BRITSTUD: for the love of god, let me hear you cum!

HoTCruIsInBoi: he started shaking and moaning and pushed my head down on him

BRITSTUD: this is torture

HoTCruIsInBoi: he started cumming in my mouth

HoTCruIsInBoi: buckets

BRITSTUD: awesome!

HoTCruIsInBoi: i kept swallowing

HoTCruIsInBoi: he didnt stop

HoTCruIsInBoi: he just kept going

BRITSTUD: he kept shooting?

HoTCruIsInBoi: so i pulled off and let him shoot in my face

HoTCruIsInBoi: yeah

BRITSTUD: was it forcefull?

HoTCruIsInBoi: hellz yeah

BRITSTUD: did you let some fly?

BRITSTUD: how far would it have gone?

HoTCruIsInBoi: what mised my face hit my chest

HoTCruIsInBoi: the first shot would have hit the ceiling no question


BRITSTUD: It's been too long since I've had one of those infront of me

BRITSTUD: not since I was maybe 17

HoTCruIsInBoi: when he finished shooting i pulled out and i was moaning and wimpering

BRITSTUD: how long did it last?

HoTCruIsInBoi: dunno, but long enuf to have him shoot all those places

BRITSTUD: did you shoot then?

HoTCruIsInBoi: he ripped the condom off, threw me on my back, went down on me and shove two very lubed fingers in my ass


HoTCruIsInBoi: i screamed i was gonna cum and he pulled out to my head in his mouthand jacked it all down his throat

HoTCruIsInBoi: i was shaking and screaming


HoTCruIsInBoi: i probably shot for a minute and a half


BRITSTUD: down his throat?

HoTCruIsInBoi: yup


BRITSTUD: man, that was great

HoTCruIsInBoi: he licked his cum off my face

HoTCruIsInBoi: i sed, you know, i never DID get my facial


HoTCruIsInBoi: he traced a finger down my nose annd sed, i beg to differ

BRITSTUD: awww babe

BRITSTUD: you are a true stud

HoTCruIsInBoi: but we both washed up and he gave me the ship facial. obviously i was his last appointment

BRITSTUD: you make me sooooo horny

HoTCruIsInBoi: wespent that time teling each other how i was rthe best yada yada, where did you learn that, and ouir sex lives



HoTCruIsInBoi: i got a private massage in my room from him later that week


HoTCruIsInBoi: wasnt nearly as good tho ;-)


HoTCruIsInBoi: but the price wuz right

HoTCruIsInBoi: now if you excuse me, i sooooooo need to cum

BRITSTUD: me too

BRITSTUD: me too

BRITSTUD: don't go

HoTCruIsInBoi: i've been jacking this hole time

BRITSTUD: do it here for me

HoTCruIsInBoi: but yer at work

BRITSTUD: i've been rubbing it in my jeans


HoTCruIsInBoi: you wanna call me, talk dirty and listen to me shoot my load?


BRITSTUD: i can't

BRITSTUD: i really want to

BRITSTUD: hang on


HoTCruIsInBoi: well, u wanna talk dirty to me on here

HoTCruIsInBoi: oooh sounds good

BRITSTUD: what area code are you in?

HoTCruIsInBoi: 818

BRITSTUD: i guess i could do that

HoTCruIsInBoi: kewl

BRITSTUD: but i'd so want to cum too

BRITSTUD: and i'm at work


HoTCruIsInBoi: 818- HA HA...YOU WISH.

Hope you enjoyed, as stated earlier, I have more stories to tell, if I get enough response I'll talk about the two Jehovah's Witness H20 Polo playing cousins I had sex with in the Sauna. Everything else from now on tho will be in story form. L8z Remember,