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Though small, the place had a warm and cosy feel about it, with rich mahogany panelling and soft lights. Along one side ran the rustically curved, shimmering, hammered copper topped bar, while the remaining space was taken up by about a half dozen high, circular glass tables... and the best thing of all, the music was soothingly soft, not blaring. I liked the place!

I went up and took one of the high stools at the bar and was greeted by the young guy behind. "Beer," I said with a smile, noting the sharp features, and the perfect sweep of the tight buttocks as he turned away to pick up a beer mug.

Being still early, just seven thirty in the evening, the place was empty, with just two corner tables occupied... and two stools away from me stood an empty glass, maybe the relic of an already departed customer.

"Thanks," I smiled as the guy placed the frothing mug before me, once more eyeing his perfect butt as he busied himself.

Taking a small sip I looked up into the mirror behind the bar, watching the reflected scene behind me... The corner table, near the entrance, had three guys... a half full pitcher and plates of eatables between them, laughing as they happily chatted away. At the opposite end, the table was occupied by a couple, painfully young, and for a moment I wondered if they could even legally enter a pub, let alone drink... hurdled close, as they smiled sweet nothings into each other's ears. The girl, surprisingly pretty, sipped a colourful cocktail, while the guy, cute and boyish, nursed a beer.

Back to my own beer, I took another swig... and then setting it down flipped open the book I was carrying...

Well, before you guys start wondering, let me tell you something about me... I love to read, and when visiting restaurants or pubs alone (especially during my travels out of town), I always carry some reading material; helps me pass time fruitfully, instead of twiddling my thumbs and gawking at strangers, and getting impossibly nasty ideas.

Now, as I turned to the chapter I had been reading earlier, through the corner of my eyes I noticed a figure emerge from behind the door set at the far end of the bar. I returned to the page and heard him say, "Another one..." and then I was totally engrossed in my book... eagerly following the wife as she returns home late, and after a refreshing shower enters the kitchen to find her husband slumped over the kitchen table, the carving knife sticking out of his back... She screams... and I nearly jumped as I heard the excited squeal, "Hey, Aryan!"

Surprised, I turned and saw the guy get off the stool and come towards me, a huge grin, lighting up his face.

I went like 'duh', for a moment, and then recognition dawned... "Oh, hey, Karan!" I responded with a smile, reluctantly shutting the book.

"What you doing here, buddy?" he asked coming over and thumping my back.

"Visiting, dude," I responded, shaking his hand.

"Gosh, just imagine," he said sitting down by my side and pulling over his glass of scotch, "meeting you here. You're staying at this place?"

"Yup, just arrived," I replied, "meeting a prospective client, tomorrow."

On graduating from business school, while my fellow mates, including Karan, had grabbed up the lucrative offers from multinational corporations, I had gone my own way, setting up a small enterprise and working hard to establish myself. It had paid off, and now I was building up on a clientele spread across the country.

"Oh," he said, "and I'll be leaving tomorrow afternoon. Was here for a conference and was wondering how I'd spend the last evening, all alone..."

"Why, what about your colleagues?"

"Ah, they all left by the evening flights, and I'm stuck here since all flights to Mumbai are booked and nothing before tomorrow afternoon!"

"Oh," I tut-tutted sympathetically.

"Say, you haven't changed much!" he suddenly observed.

"In just two years?" I asked, rolling my eyes.

He laughed and then leaning close raised his eyebrows, "You should see Manish then."

"Why, what about him?" I asked.

"He's put on at least twenty kilos, and looks more like an overstuffed elephant, than a human," he giggled, "besides, he's lost all his hair!"

Suddenly it dawned on me that Karan was a bit tipsy... his speech, as I noticed, was slightly slurred, and his eye, just a wee bit unfocussed.

"And what about you, you haven't changed either, still the same," I said, looking him over, still handsome, still desirable. Thinking, how at one point of time I had desperately wanted to get into his pants... back when we were in business school together.

"Ah, I take good care of myself, dude," he grinned with satisfaction, "I don't allow the desk to rule my life, I jog and visit the gym... and Tina makes sure that I never over indulge."

"Tina, you married?" I asked, feigning interest.

He gave a pleased smile, but shook his head, "Nah, not yet, but maybe later this year," he giggled. "Oh, she's awesome!"

I turned my face and rolled my eyes... well, he and his 'awesomes' were the talk of school... each visit home for the summer always managing to miraculously produce a new 'awesome'... and of course, each batch of freshers always had its own share of `awesomes'. But other than his consistent drooling, nothing much ever came out of these `awesomes', except the sly snickering of fellow mates!

"Why the maybe? I asked, turning back to him.

He shrugged and took another sip, "Well, she wants it to happen..." he trailed off.

"And you don't?" I asked.

"No, not that," he shook his head, "but, like... I'm..."

"Not sure?" I asked, "Or, not yet ready for the responsibility and commitment, huh?"

He just shook his head but didn't answer.

"Another one, please," I told the bartender.

"Yes, one more for me too," piped in Karan and then turning back to me asked with evident relish, "Do you know what Mr. Kakodkar's daughter has done?"

I shook my head and he was off... giving me, in great details, the alleged doings of Mr. Kakodkar, one of our professor's, daughter... And then some more... about fellow batch mates... A few I recognised, while the others didn't even register, but one thing was for sure; Karan kept in touch with all... and kept himself updated! On and on he went, swilling and quaffing his scotch, giggling continuously as he narrated the tales, dropping his voice, and raising eyebrows at appropriate moments for effect...

"Another one..." he turned and told the bartender, the words barely discernable.

"Don't you think you've had one too many?" I ventured, tentative.

"Huh," he retorted, giggling some more, "this is just my, maybe, third..." he shrugged, "and, it's just started to feel good."

I couldn't help but shake my head, for after joining me, he already had three, and who knew how many more he had downed before I entered the place.

"You see..." he slurred, leaning closer, "this is my only chance. Once I'm back home, no alcohol for me," he shook his head, "not even a drop!"

"Tina's orders?" I asked, signalling the bartender for a refill.

He giggled and nodded vigorously, "I'm not allowed to even touch the stuff, and she's strict."

'No wonder...' I thought to myself but said nothing.

"Have you eaten anything?" I asked, hoping that if he had something solid in his stomach, the alcohol would have a slightly milder effect on him, not that there remained much to be saved!

He shook his head and took another gulp.

We ordered the platter and chatted as we ate... some more about old days and then about his work and colleagues... some gossip, and some inane banter. And as often happens once the potent fluid has sufficiently soothed and lubricated the senses, loosening the rigid grip of our pre-programmed code of social correctness; making the tongue, along with the thoughts to become loquacious... Karan suddenly leaned closer, and dropping his voice, whispered, "You still that same way?"

"Huh?" I wondered as to what 'way' he was referring to.

He saw the blank look on my face and casting furtive glances this way and that, lowered his voice even further, giggling, "You know, still going for guys?"

Ah, the lights finally blinked and I couldn't help smiling as I nodded... but of course, without adding that my greatest passion was introducing so-called 'straight' guys to the joys of man-man sex.

"Oh!" he exclaimed, giving a disappointed shake of his head, before giggling some more and then straightening up.

Well, I live a life of moderation... maybe because I don't have a Tina to restrain me, and therefore not given to profligate indulgence when that restraint is removed. And having had my quota of beer, I was ready to move on.

"You're leaving?" Karan asked as I signalled the bartender for the check.

"Yes, buddy," I replied, pushing the empty mug aside, adding, "I'll take you up to your room."

He giggled once more and then emptying his glass in one gulp looked into my eyes, "Think I'm drunk, eh?"

"Oops, no..." I smiled at him, "but what's wrong if I take you to your room, huh?"

"Um, nothing I guess," he slurred as he slid off the stool, standing up on unsteady feet.

"Well then, let's go," I said, putting down the cash and getting off the stool.

He let out another giggle and then swayed a bit before following me out of the pub.

"Which floor?" I asked as I guided him to the bank of elevators.

"Uh..." he stared back at me and then gave a sheepish smile, "I don't kno... er... can't remember. Well, wait, Aryan, I've got the key with me," he mumbled, fishing in his trouser pockets and extracting the swipe card. He handed it to me and as I stared back at him, questioning, he just gave a silly grin. Well, I knew it was no use, he was too sloshed and beyond reproach...

"C'mon," I said, taking him by the arm, steering him into the elevator. Luckily it was empty and as I pressed the button and the doors closed, he slumped against the steel wall.

We rode in silence for a moment and then he asked. "What do you do?"

`Huh...' I thought, looking at him, wondering if he had spoken to me and found him staring at me, the eyes glassy. I smiled, "Well, as I told you, back there, I'm into..." but couldn't finish as he waved a dismissive hand at me.

"Um, not that..." he clucked, giving me a sly smile, "what do you guys do?"

"Huh?" I asked.

"What do you guys do?" he repeated, a sloppy grin on his face, "you know, when you get together... alone, in bed?"

I don't know what, but at that instant I wanted to grab him and kiss him... slip my hands into his pants and feel those amazing globes that I had once lusted for.

"Well, why don't you find out for yourself?" I asked in turn, grinning back at him.

"Um, but... but I'm not gay, you know..."

"Of course, you're straight, and you're not gay..."

"Er, then?"

"Well, we sure could work that out, eh?"

"Yea, guess so..." he nodded, uncomprehending.


"Huh, this isn't my room..." he stated looking around, as I closed the door behind us.

"Nah, this is my room..." I said.

"Then why did you get me here?" he asked, swaying slightly as he stood.

"Well, you don't remember your room number..."

"Bu... but I gave you the key!" he slurred, tilting his head to one side, sounding incredulous.

I sighed, "Well, the swipe cards don't have room numbers on them, how the hell do you expect me to find your room, huh?"

"Oh!" he exclaimed, stunned, and then seemed to relax a bit as he flopped down on the sofa before asking, "Can I sleep in your room for the night?"

"Of course!"

He sat for a while, and then letting out a nervous giggle stated, "I'm straight..."

"Well, I'm not crooked, either," I retorted.

"Huh?" he shifted, looking up at me, the eyes still dull, and then with a gentle shake of his head added, "But I'm not gay..."

"Sure..." I responded, sitting down by his side on the couch.

"You won't... get naughty, eh?" he asked with another sly look in his eyes, grinning like a drunken fool.

"Naughty, as in?"

He didn't reply as he sat surveying the room, lost in thought... and as usually happens when the alcohol numbs one's senses and the mind flits, talk becoming inconsistent and disjointed... suddenly, as if waking up, he observed, "You know, this room is different!"

I had to smile, Karan was now making me really want to carry this forward... well, he may be drunk, but he did seem curious, but unfortunately, tied up with the usual societal hang-ups about gay love and sex... Desirous, yet ridden with shame and guilt.

"You guys suck each other?" he suddenly asked, once more switching topic.

"Well, there is a lot that can be done," I answered. "And as I said earlier, why don't you try it out for yourself, eh?"

He didn't reply for a moment, just staring at me instead, his eyes dull, and then he let out a sigh, "You know, Tina will never go down on me..." he confided.

"You want me to go down on you, buddy?" I offered, turning to face him.

He sat slumped and went on giving me that blank stare, and then shaking his head mumbled, "But... but, um, I'm not... I'm not gay..." the words rolling over each other, slurred.

I nodded as I lifted my hand and lightly brushed the back of my fingers across his cheek. He closed his eyes and sucked in air, letting out a moan, his right hand lifting to grab my wrist... but he didn't force my hand away, nor stopped me from caressing his face.

"I'm not gay!" he whispered again, and then straightening up a bit, looked at me, "I'm straight, you know, and I have a girlfriend..." he trailed off, his hand releasing my wrist as his eyelids fluttered and closed again.

I nodded again... my other hand now on his thigh... slowly massaging... and I felt him spread them apart...

Then he perked up once more, and turning around, held my arm, "Are you... are you, um... uh, going to fuck me?" he slurred, and then let out another nervous giggle.

"I would love to," I said, "but only if you are willing."

"Oh..." he exclaimed slumping down with a sigh, "I don't... know... I'm not..."

"Yup, I know, you're not gay, you're straight, and you have a girlfriend!" I completed it for him.

He nodded vacuously as I ran my fingers across his forehead, brushing away the curly locks... and then traced it down his high cheek bones... to his lips...

He let out another moan... but didn't move away or stop me...

I leaned over and lightly brushed my lips across his parted mouth... smelling the scotch in his breath... he stiffened, but only for a moment and then I felt him relax... his right hand slowly reaching up to grab my shoulder, as if for support.

I kissed him with a bit more passion, licking his lips as I gently nibbled the lower one... He parted them wider, opening his mouth in response and I inserted my tongue, hearing the nasal whine... and then he was kissing back... working his lips against mine as he sucked on my tongue...

Kissing him felt wonderful... and as I explored each corner of his willing mouth, my other hand continued to caress his thigh... cautiously inching higher... closer to the centre.

His breath was harsh now... and his fingers dug into my arm as he returned my kiss... But every good thing must come to an end, and as I broke the kiss to come up for air... he flitted his eyes open and stared at me, the eyes glazed... and then with a sloppy grin said, "You kiss very well..." the voice low, the words barely discernable.

I pulled him to me, and he came... and then wrapping my arms tightly around him, we were kissing once more, Karan clinging to me... moaning desperately.

Suddenly his hands deserted my shoulders and with palms against my chest he pushed me away, "I'm... not... gay..." he said shaking his head, his eyes focussing on my face for a fleeting moment.

"Yes, Karan, I know you're not gay," I repeated, "you're a straight stud and you have a girlfriend..."

He nodded with that 'so there!' look and gave a stupid smile... before going blank once more.

"And tonight, I'm going to make love to you..." I whispered in his ear, reaching for the button of his shirt...

He giggled and squirmed as I opened the buttons and parted the shirt, baring his torso...

Well, I had already seen him bare-chested, many times... but now it seemed different... and I licked my lips as I noted the well sculpted pecs... firm and smooth... topped with two, most mouth-watering nipples, erect and pointed... like ripe raisins, ready for the plucking... And unable to resist any longer, I leaned forward, kissing his right tit... gently wrapping my lips around the tiny nub and sucking it in...

He jerked and shuddered and then let out a long moan, before giggling some more... his hand on my head now... the fingers wrapped around tufts of my hair.

I sucked his tit... lavishing it with love and saliva... and as it turned a deep blush, I shifted to the left one... flicking my tongue across the heaving chest.

"Mmmm..." he moaned again, both hands gripping my head, as he shoved my face into him... pushing the chest out.

I went on kissing and sucking... alternating between the right and the left... and then licked my way up along his throat... back to his mouth. He just lay slumped, moaning his pleasure, his hands resting limply on my head as he kissed be back... his lips working furiously against mine. My left hand was back on his thigh... once more kneading... caressing along the inside as I reached between them... my fingers sensing the heat before touching his amazingly rigid arousal there... and was pleased that the alcohol hadn't affected his erectile capabilities... after all, what use would a limp wiener be, with all its stuffing knocked out?!

He groaned at the contact and stuck his hips forward, pushing down on my groping hand...

Pulling my mouth away I tugged out the shirt and then slid it off his broad shoulders, stripping him. He flicked his eyes open and stared up at me, uncertain... and then mumbled something incomprehensible... and as I lowered my face, flicking his navel with my moist tongue he once more grabbed my head... his pelvis grinding against my caressing palm.

"Ar... Aryan..." he called out my name as my tongue traced the faint treasure trail where it began under the belly button, following it as it crawled seductively into the pants... and then let out another groan, his fingers once more tugging at my hair, as I reached lower... slipping my tongue into the waistband as his stomach flexed.

Leaving his turgid erection, I worked the belt open and then undoing the button I lowered the zip... Getting up I squatted between his spread thighs and hooking my fingers, slowly began to slide his pants down... and Karan raised his ass off the couch, helping me, as I tugged it off.

He was wearing one of those normal, average briefs... the front swollen with his aroused manhood... the pouch bursting with the swollen package... the cotton moist with just a hint of wetness where the large head rested.

I leaned in and kissed the covered shaft and as he jerked his hips up in response, I slid my fingers in the waistband... pulling his briefs down... Once more he aided me by raising his ass as I tugged it off... baring him to my thrilled sight... His cock sprang out and then slapped back against his abdomen, the exposed tip glistening with the slimy precum... beads of it leaking out as the shaft flexed and throbbed. I sat staring, admiring the beautiful penis...

Tall and slender, Karan's cock was indeed a work of art... a perfect male appendage sure to please anyone! Smooth and soft, the skin was silky... criss-crossed by a network of delicate blue-green veins... The foreskin partly retracted to reveal the ruddy glans, wet and glistening... The jet black pubes, neatly trimmed and shaped!

I smiled as I reached for it... slowly running my fingers along the throbbing length... and saw him squirm, pushing his pelvis up, against my caressing palm... I wrapped my fingers around the healthy girth and slowly lifted it off his belly, thrilling at the heavy feel... the firm rigidness... and then leaning forward, lashed out with my tongue, lapping at the drooling tip.

He growled and shuddered, his fingers curling as he grabbed fistful of my hair, tugging at me... "Ohhh..." he let out another moan and sank back on the couch.

Holding it straight up I bathed the pink shaft with my saliva... licking along the full length, from base to tip... and then swirled my tongue around the twitching head. He called out my name once more and then just sat gurgling as I pulled down the foreskin, exposing the glans completely... I licked and kissed around the crown... under the flared rim... and then once more dragged my tongue down to the base... licking his humongous balls as they sat heavy in their leathery casing... gripping the thick skin between my lips and gently tugging... and then I was back up again... lick, kiss and swirl... up and down... and as the swaying of his hips got more desperate, and the moans shriller, I tilted it and placing my mouth over the drooling tip sucked it in!

A sharp, jagged groan filled the silent room and he arched high... his legs jerking spasmodically.

Letting the saliva flow, I slid my lips lower... steadily taking in more of his cock, working my way towards the base. And all the while, tickling the underside of his cock with my tongue, as I hollowed my cheeks to create a powerful suction...

Karan babbled away, his hands rough on my head, as he tried to guide my action... force the cock deeper. And as my nose made friends with his manicured pubes... he lunged up.

"Oh, God... oh, God... oh, God..." he chanted, his pelvis doing an Elvis, as I deep throated him, his fingers clawing my shoulders as he fed me his crazed cock... I tugged and cradled his balls, feeling the twin globes roll and knot at the base of his humming penis... the loose skin now crinkled into a tight pouch... And he was gasping... calling out my name in a jagged voice...

I knew he was close, dangerously close... and desperate to get off... The frantic hunches, the animal groans... waiting for that final twitch to send him over... hurtling into orbit... belch out all his pent up passion... unleash the treasure that his balls had so lovingly produced and nurtured...

I could easily grant him his wish... but no, I wasn't willing to give it to him... let him cum, not yet... I wanted him, wanted him in a way that I had almost forgotten once we parted after graduating... Wanted to take him... fuck him... and so I needed to keep him that way, hot and wanting... hanging on the edge... furious for release, hot and horny... and allowing him to expend his passion could well mean an end to my endeavour... Besides, I wanted him to cum only once I was deep within him... feel that frenzied flexing of the rectal muscles around my buried cock as he launched into orgasm...

So, pulling away I stood up, looking down at him, "Karan, c'mon, get up..." I said.

"Huh?" he mumbled, flicking his eyes open.

"Let's get to the bed..." I smiled.

"Oh!" he exclaimed, his eyes still unfocussed, glazed.

Holding him by the shoulders I stood him up and then slowly guided him to the bed... his flexing cock swaying as he walked, leaning heavily against me, his arm across my shoulder.

I gently lay him down and then stood back, watching him... sprawled out... legs wide apart and arms flung on either side... the turgid cock lying across his belly... flexing constantly... his glazed eyes staring back at me... watching me... "You... um... you're going... going to fuck me now?" he asked, his face expressionless, the voice curious.

I nodded, slowly pulling my t-shirt off... and then undoing the buttons of my fly... before shedding the jeans along with my briefs and standing back up, naked.

He stared, observing me... and then his eyes travelled lower... down... and came to a stop... watching my raging erection.

I heard his gasp and then he was staring back into my eyes and I noted the look of surprise in them... the look of shock... tinged with terror?

"Will it hurt?" he asked, his voice timid.

I nodded as I got in, between his legs, "A bit, the first time," I whispered soothingly, "but don't worry, I'll make sure that it doesn't."

He nodded, but remained as he was, staring back... the mouth parted... the chest heaving...

He looked so ravishing... yet like a child, vulnerable... curious and scared, so maddeningly desirable... I wanted to jump him... lift his legs high and spread his ass wide, and just ram in... bury my raging cock deep in his belly and fuck him like I've never fucked anyone before... But that would be unfair on him... unforgivable... I wanted to pleasure him... give him joy as I took my own... make it as enjoyable for him, as I knew it would be for me... make his first time as perfect as possible...

Well, success may attract many explanations, while failure has to grope around for excuses... but what endeavours of passion call for, is patience, buckets full of it... And that's one thing I have in good measure, what with my passion for introducing the homo sapien-hétérosexuel to the joys of gay sex... patience come in handy.

Pulling a pillow I manoeuvred it under him, under his ass... and then, smiling down at him I ran my fingers along his thighs... feeling the fine hair bristle... and then dropping down on my hunches I slowly lifted his legs...

He went on staring... eyes still glazed, but the breathing rapid... and as I watched I saw the hands curl into fists, grabbing at the sheet...

I pushed them high and away... holding them apart... my eyes leaving his face to look down... watch the plump cheeks part, giving me my first, fleeting glimpse of the treasures that lay within its folds... I lowered myself, scooting down, lying flat on my belly, my face at level with his parted buttocks, staring into the deep cleft of his ass...

The opening was tiny, the toothless mouth cringing tight... a small, circular bump... hairless and smooth... tender pink... I groaned as I reached in with my mouth, kissing his rosebud before lashing it with my moist tongue...

He growled and quivered... his ass jerking away and then instantly shoving back at me... His silly giggles had now been taken over by the unmindful groans of lust... untainted and naked... ready to try out the forbidden act of male-male congress.

I darted my tongue over and around the opening... jabbing at the centre... and then dragged it along the cleft... up and down... from the base of the spine, and over the perineum... to the base of his dick... giving the tingling balls a fast lick before returning to his virgin opening... I lavished him with love and attention... licking, kissing and probing... up and down... And he went on gurgling... his legs tensing and then flexing...

"Oh... Aryan..." he stuttered... the words as slurred as ever.

And as I laboured, I noticed the slight change... the gentle relaxation of the tight ring... And as his ass hole became more yielding, I put a finger in, slowly inserting it deeper... The way he accepted my finger, I knew that Karan was ready for the final assault... and so, pulling away I scrambled out of bed, going for the small case that stood on the side table.

I opened it and took out the tube that I always carried with me in my travels... well, one never knows when such things come in handy. I took the tube and again reached in, extracting the packet of condoms... I debated for a moment and then discarded the pack, deciding on bare-backing him. I knew I was clean, and was sure that he too was... and yes, there was that intense desire to fill him... fill him with my own seed!

Back on the bed I carefully lubed him up, using copious amounts of the gel... and then once more nudged his opening, inserting, first one, and then two fingers deep inside... working the lubricant into the snug passage...

He went on, letting out short groans... and rotating his ass, shoving back at my probing finger...

Well, it was time... and flipping the tube away I got up, and kneeling between his legs I lifted them up, placing them over my shoulders as I moved in, "You ready for it, buddy? I asked grinning down at him.

He nodded uncertainly, licking his parted lips, the nostrils flared and the eyes still glazed, with both drunkenness and desire.

Fitting the broad head to the fluttering hole I steadied my hips, and against the demand of my desire intoxicated brain to urgently ram in, I softly butted Karan instead... swaying my pelvis gently... urging the relaxed muscle to part and let me in.

He held still... his eyes fixed on my face... unblinking... and then on the fifth jab I felt the delicate lips part and the mouth open... sucking the lubed tip in. My hips jerked and I shook as I felt the moist warmth engulf me... and felt him go stiff under me... and as I looked down at him I saw the eyes close... his chest rising and falling at a rapid rate.

"Ahhh...." he groaned, as I tugged back and then slowly fed him another inch... and with great patience I carried on, gently to pull back a fraction of an inch... and then feed in some more of my flexing column... going deeper, and higher into his virgin belly.

"Take it, baby, take it..." I encouraged softly, as his head rolled on the pillow... and his ass jerked with each fresh inch... and then, suddenly, he opened up... wide... and I was sinking in... right to my thick base... my pubes coming to a grinding halt against his parted bottom...

I was in... Karan was taken!

"OH, GOD, ARYANNNN..." he hissed... tugging at the sheet... his eyes wide, the mouth open in a snarl... and then he was gurgling away as I held still, letting him get used to the new feeling in his ass... get comfortable with the thickness...

And once I felt the tormented shudders of his colon subside a bit, I pulled out... holding the flared rim just within the constricted sphincter... and then slammed in, once more burying myself deep into his torrid folds... thrilling at the incredible flexing of his stomach as it gripped me, surrounding me with its moist heat... enjoying the awesome tugs and suction of his powerful rectal muscles... as his body revolted against the assault... fucking him to my hearts content...


I pulled out and looked down at Karan... seeing the closed eyes... the parted mouth... the cum drenched torso... lying there, sprawled and languid... and was thrilled to find myself still rigid, the slimy shaft still throbbing with an insatiable passion... Well, why waste a perfect erection when you have one, eh? And especially, when there was a most desirable ass to plunge into... And so, rolling him over on his stomach, I mounted him... and guiding my cock back to the deep trench of his awesome butt, sank in...

He let out a groan and then pushed back; accepting me completely... and a new fuck began...

We swayed and we rocked... moaning out our joy as I nibbled his ears... and the nape of his neck... showering little love-bites on his shoulders as he lay there, under me, moaning away, clutching on to the pillow, hanging on ... working that magnificent ass of his, rotating it in circles, and then lifting off to push back at me... the warm sheath of his colon, unmercifully voracious as it grabbed and tugged at me... making my hunches short and forceful.

Time ceased to exist for me... and there was just the mind-numbing eroticism of each, full length plunge into the seething sleeve of tender membrane... a wanton desire to delve even deeper... go higher... And suddenly he was gasping... lifting his pelvis high as he shoved back with a greater force and then he tensed and went rigid before shuddering and going still again... but his ass still worked, around my embedded cock... gnawing at the exposed head as the sleeve held me in it's torrid grip...

And then it began... a slow tingle... gradually building into a roaring conflagration as it engulfed me... sending me spiralling over the edge. I reared back and ground in... holding still as I unleashed a torrent of cum deep in Karan's belly, flooding his innards a second time...


I opened my eyes and saw Karan... lying on his side, facing away... He had thrown away the covers and as I watched I saw the gentle rise and fall of his shoulder... the bare skin glowing in the early morning light filtering in through the window... My eyes travelled lower... along the narrow waist, and over the gentle sweep of his buttock...

I felt my morning hardness flex and twitch with a renewed hunger, and reaching out I touched his shoulder. He didn't move or react, but I did perceive a slight flicker of tension at the contact, and knew that he was awake... Moving in closer I kissed his shoulder as my erection settled in the small of his back and I felt his ass jerk, move away and then settle back...

I slid my hand lower... over his hips, and around his butt... gently caressing and kneading those awesome globes... Sliding my fingers along the cleavage... and reaching lower... under... And as my hand slid between his closed thighs... he shifted the upper one... allowing me to explore further. I reached in, caressing the scrotal sac as it peeked in from between the thighs, and then was back to those amazing globes, running my hand over the smooth flesh mounds and back into the crack... And as I prised the pliant cheeks apart, sliding two fingers into the valley... I felt the moisture there... still slimy from last night's extra lube... and felt the crusted remains of my own visit...

I touched the swollen mouth, and felt him give an involuntary shudder... the tiny orifice pouting out as my fingers gently caressed it... warm and welcoming.

Well, that's it... I took myself in my hand and shifting my hips, guided it to the waiting anus... and then, slowly, with gentle rocking of my hips... entered Karan...

He moaned, and he quivered... pushing back at me... as we slowly worked the full length into him... and then, reaching in front, I pulled him closer, hugging him tight as I began the mating ritual.

He was as willing as the night before... moaning with abandon as he lurched back at me, into my pubes... taking me in deeper... And as his moans got louder... the swaying of his hips more pronounced, I ran my hand down his flat belly and gathered up his cock, already throbbing rigidly, firm and hot.

Letting out another groan he shoved into my fist, swaying along with me... fucking my hand, as I fucked his ass... the strong rectal muscles fluttering and grabbing at my entrenched cock...

It was slow and gentle... soft and soothing... without urgency... without the maddening need for release... just that languid feeling of eroticism...

And slowly we climbed higher... together... headed towards the inevitable precipice... both grunting as we rocked in tandem... bodies glued together as I nibbled his shoulder... And then it happened... With a strangled groan he went stiff, before shaking uncontrollably... his ass clamming down on my penis, squeezing it with a vicious ferocity as he ejaculated... I too let go... grinding in and surrendering to the tumultuous orgasm as it took over... once more flooding his innards with my day's first libation... my third, gratified offering to his amazing male ass!


I pulled out and lay back... my head still slightly turned, watching Karan.

I saw him reach between his legs... lifting the upper thigh slightly as his hand reached under, touching himself down there... feeling the swollen mouth, and the leaking cum... he then slowly got out and stood up, swaying a bit, before steadying himself, and walking into the bathroom. No word was spoken, and he didn't even look at me...

I still lay, sprawled out... my sticky, slimy cock resting on my pubes, sated. There was a long period of silence and then I heard the shower go... I wondered what he'd do next, would he come out all wrapped up in a towel... Would he talk... would he accuse? The shower stopped and after about three minutes the door opened...

Karan stepped into the room... fresh and clean... neither a towel, nor a fig leaf... buck naked... bold and confident!

He came and stood by the side of the bed and looked down at me, his eyes studying me... from head to hip... the eyes lingering at my groin for a while, and then back to my face, looking into my eyes.

"Well, to be honest, I had always been a bit curious ever since I came to know that you were gay," he said in a low, but steady voice, "wondering what you guys did, and what it felt like. Though not curious enough to try it, ever, until..." he stopped suddenly and grinned, "until you took advantage of my inebriated condition!"

"Advantage?" I asked, raising my eyebrows high in feigned consternation... suddenly wanting to take him in my arms and kiss him... throw him down on the bed and again take 'advantage'.

He sat down on the rumpled bed; legs spread wide, the cock, as pink and handsome as ever, within reach.

"Frankly, I don't remember anything about yesterday, don't remember if I asked you to do it..." he paused for a moment before continuing, "but today, now, I was awake, and sober... and I allowed you to..." he paused again, for a long while.

"Thanks," he finally said, getting up and looking around for his clothes. They still lay on the couch where I had disrobed him the previous night, and going over he began to pull them on.

"Hope I didn't make a fool of myself..." he said after he was dressed, looking back at me.

I smiled, "You were terrific, and to be perfectly truthful, I'd want to make love to you again..." I said, hoping desperately.

He shook his head, "Well, again, to be very honest, I don't remember last night, but this morning when you did it I... I... um," he paused, shifting uncomfortably, "kinda... you know," a paused again... and then coming over to the bed looked down at me, the face just a shade brighter, "I liked it!"

I suddenly felt very good... and felt my flaccid cock give a slight twitch.

"Well..." I began, but he reached over and placed his hand on my shoulder.

"No," he shook his head, "I liked it, but no, I can't do it again... you know that I'm..."

"Yea, yea... you're not gay, and you're straight, and you have Tina..." I finished it for him, I must confess, a shade scornfully.

He remained silent, his hand still resting on my shoulder, "You know, it actually didn't hurt, just felt kinda odd, real weird, inside..." he looked away and then back at me, "and there was this strange sensation deep inside, something incredible..." he stopped and I noticed a hint of blush on those high cheeks. He hesitated... turning away and then his eyes back on me once more, "Aryan," he paused, "like, what happened... it's just between... um... ah..."

"Hey, Karan, relax," I smiled, sensing what he wanted to say, "I never share private info, never compare notes, and I never gossip."

He visibly relaxed and then gave a wan smile before straightening up, withdrawing his hand from my shoulder.

"At least you can join me for breakfast," I offered with a smile, "your flight is in the afternoon and my meeting is scheduled after lunch."

"Well, can I return to my room and at least change into some fresh clothes..." he asked with a smile.

I nodded... and then, with a wicked grin asked, "Remember the room number?"

He grinned back sheepishly and then he was off as I got up and headed for the bathroom, my cock, surprisingly, hard once again, leading the way like a directional arrow.

Well, I felt a thrill deep within... there was hope... between breakfast and lunch...

And, I was confident that the bed in the room was set to see some more action...


a story by outlaw

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