Expressions NYC


About two months ago, I was walking in the area of 53rdst. and 2nd. ave. here in NYC. For those of you not familiar with New York City, the area is a middle-class area with small businesses and apartments scattered about, but nestled amongst all this normalcy is a small adult bookstore. Since the chances of me knowing anyone in the area were slim to none, I got up the courage and started towards the bookstore. I was nervous, and tried to avoid eye contact with anyone, assuming they might be able to see the lustful glare in my eyes as I approached the door.

It may not seem it since I am posting this story here, but I am really a rather shy guy and have until recently, remained straight and faithful to my wife of many years. But my curiosity this day got the best of me and I walked quickly through the door and into the small shop. Racks of videos and sex toys lined the walls and there was a small cashier's counter with a rather surly looking Latino guy behind the counter. I tried to walk slowly along the wall, looking at the videos -- they had every type imaginable -- but as I got towards the back of the store the gay and bi videos caught my eye and I stopped to admire the packages, with the photos of young, sexy guys on the covers and the erotic titles, beckoning me to pick them up and ogle them, but I resisted. I considered buying one and hiding it away for my next business trip, but as I said earlier I had always been straight.

Looking towards the darkened back of the store, I noticed that they had video booths there, down a short staircase. I caught a brief glimpse of a guy walking around, and decided to step down and see what was there. Like I said it was dark, but after a few seconds my eyes adjusted and I could see two rows of booths, with red and green lights above them -- obviously if it was red there was someone in the booth. There were a couple of guys, looking a lot like myself, just standing in the narrow hall, waiting quietly, although there were a lot of open, unoccupied booths.

I slowly walked down the stairs and stopped at the bottom and looked in the small display booths at the videos showing -- it was about a 60/40 split, between straight and gay, but a couple of the gay vids looked really hot. I walked into the narrow hall and looked into a booth with an open door. It was small with a hard plastic seat fixed to the wall and a small monitor screen and a money slot. The floor inside was clean -- I guess I had expected it to be otherwise -- but more importantly there were holes, about 4 inches wide cut in either side of the walls allowing access to the adjacent booth -- the venerated glory-hole.

Nervously, I walked down to the end of the booths and turned around. The other two guys were just standing there, trying not to make eye contact. In the background I could hear moans and music, obviously from the videos playing in the occupied booths. Four of the booth had read lights overhead, so I assumed there were six of us there.

I walked over to a vacant booth between two that had red lights above them, and stepped inside. I didn't close the door, but bent down to look at through the glory-holes just to see what the situation was. The inside of the adjacent booths were dark, except for the light from the video monitor and I had to lean closer to see what was happening on the other side, but not too close. In the booth to my right, I could see the shape of a guy sitting on the seat, his pants pulled down to his ankles, slowly stroking his cock. Just the sight of this caused my cock to harden a bit, and I quickly leaned over to the other side. In the booth to my left was another guy, standing this time, also stroking his hard cock and I could see his balls-sack move with each long stroke -- I caught myself almost gasping a breath and I thought I would have a heart attack when I heard a booming voice short into the dark booth area "Put the money in the machines guys, if you are in the booths, feed the machines!"

I stepped out of the booth so quickly I almost tripped, and the other two guys standing there finally managed to do something aside from stare blankly at the booths -- they smiled and chuckled at me. They obviously knew I was a first-timer, and I could see the humor in the situation myself. I stepped back into the hall and considered my next move.

After a few seconds I decided to just leave, and maybe buy one of the gay videos I had seen earlier, and make my escape. But as I approached that stairs, another guy was walking down, so I turned and walked back to the end of the booths. He stopped at the bottom of the stairs near the display cases, just as I had and was obviously letting his eyes adjust to the darkness. The other two guys began their staring into oblivion thing again, so I just stood in the darkness and watched.

In the dull lighting near the staircase, I could see that this guy was taller than me -- maybe 5'09"-5'10' , maybe my age or a bit older, clean shaven and was wearing a blazer and jeans, and it occurred to me that maybe this was his first time as well. He also began to look over the display cases and the video boxes within, and I could see him stop when he got to the section that was mostly gay, just like I had done only minutes before. And like me, he slowly entered the booth area, walking directly towards me, past the other guys. He slowly came closer and even in the darkness I could tell he was just an average-Joe like I was, probably off for lunch just like me, so I assumed he just as nervous and perhaps even as na´ve as I was. Unlike the other two guys, I allowed myself a few seconds of eye contact with him, and was met with a warm but obviously nervous smile, and I returned the favor.

This guy stopped a few feet from me and looked around, trying to make sense of the situation. It didn't take much to figure out the occupied light system, and I could see him looking about to see which were occupied or not. Sensing that he was a first-time like me, I stepped forward and whispered "It's my first time too -- they all seem to have glory-holes in them". He smiled again and whispered back, "Are you interested?"

Now I have never been approached by another guy, so I was shocked, even though I probably should have been under the circumstances -- and I hesitantly mumbled "I guess". He smiled back and quietly whispered, leaning so close to my ear that his warm breath sent chills down my spine, "The first booth is private and the cashier's camera can't see it. I will go in, you join me in a minute or so. Ignore those two, motioning to the other guys waiting in the hall", and he walked down and entered the very first booth. My heart was pounding and I tried to focus on what had just happened and after what I thought must have been a minute I began to walk towards the booth -- and as I approached it, I hesitated for a second trying to will myself to just walk past it and up the stairs, buy the video and leave. But I found myself standing in front of the booth and placed my hand on the doorknob, twisted it slightly and found it was not locked. I slowly opened the door, and looked into the small space to see him standing with another welcoming smile, I stepped into the booth and he closed and locked the door.

Now the booth itself is less than 4 feet square, and there is the chair there as well, so it was cramped, but there was a bit of room to move around -- just barely. My new friend put his coat on the small chair, and I placed mine on a hook on the door, partly covering the door just to add to the darkness and trying to imagine there was at least some privacy. My friend pulled a few bills from his pocket and inserted them into the machine, and the screen changed from a still image of a sexy girl on a beach, to a video of two chicks licking each other's pussy. My friend clicked a button and the videos changed, and he stopped when he reached a video of two guys seated on a sofa, both guys were slowly rubbing the front of the other's pants, their hard cocks obvious under the fabric.

I was intently watching the scene on the screen, and I felt the pressure of another hand on my crotch -- and I looked over at my friend's face. He was intently staring downwards, and I followed his gaze, watching his hand run over the front of my pants, feeling my dick harden underneath, and I slowly reached forward and began to do the same to him.

It was the first time I had ever touched another man intimately, but it seemed natural and I was surprised to find that I not as nervous I had been just a few minutes ago in the hall. I felt my friend's pants at the fly, feeling his cock underneath, hardening just as mine was, and I glanced over at the small screen again. The two studs were still rubbing each other, and one was slowly unzipping the fly of the other's pants, and at that instant I felt my friend moving his hands to my beltline, unbuckling my belt, unbuttoning my pants and feeling for the zipper.

Aside from the low music and the groans in the background, my friend was silent as was I, and I swear that I could hear him slowly unzip my fly.

I unbuckled his belt as well, although I must have seemed like a clumsy fool doing it, but as I began to unbutton his jeans, I could feel his hand finish with my fly, and begin to slowly track its way over the tight fabric of my underwear. Today I was wearing white Jockey mesh-type boxer-briefs, the type with no fly but which make a pocket to hold it all in so-to-speak, and I could feel my cock harden again at the soft touch.

When I looked back to my own hand, I could see that I had successfully unbuttoned his jeans, and my hand was moving the zipper downwards, revealing my friends white y-front briefs and their bold Calvin Klein waistband. I separated the flaps of his jeans and moved my hand inside, feeling the warmth of his skin against my hand, and the hard but soft tube of his cock under the fabric of the CK's. My friend let out a quiet moan.

I stepped slowly in place, allowing the soft fabric of my tailored suit to slide down my legs, so that I was standing in my white boxer-briefs, with my pants around my ankles. If I had seen myself in this position I probably would have laughed, but I glanced over at the monitor again, and watched as the two young studs began to push their pants downwards, revealing their hard cocks under the tight fabric of matching white athletic supporters, and I felt my cock twitch, and my friend reciprocated with another quiet moan and a more intense grope to my hardening cock.

I continued to feel-up my friend again, trying to focus on my task, and watching as his cock hardened still, the outline pushing against the stark white fabric of the CK's, and I moved my other hand to his jeans, pushing them downwards, so that he was standing as I was.

The screen went dark, back to the still image, and my friend whispered, "Now it's your turn to feed the beast" and I scrambled to find the bills in my pants pocket, which was still wrapped in a heap about my ankles, and managed to hand him a $20 bill which he fed into the machine. `The beast' came back to life and I glanced up to see the two guys on the screen again, with one of them now mouthing the fabric of the other's supporter, his tongue pushing at the open sides against a thin line of cock-skin just visible underneath.

Again I forced myself to look away, but I was still almost on my knees and when I looked away from the monitor, my friend's CK's were right in front of me. I managed a strained gasp as he moved a step closer and pressed his white briefs into my face, and I could feel the warmth of his skin through the fabric, as he pressed it against me. Again he moaned gently, and I mimicked the scene I had just witnessed on the video screen, and opened my mouth and began slowly moving my lips over the fabric, feeling for the first time another man's dick smooth, hard-yet-soft against my lips, smelling the lightest scent of soap and cologne, and unconsciously pressing my mouth closer, moving my tongue over the covered flesh-pole, slowly moving up and down, so that I could feel the length of his cock against my mouth, and at the bottom of his briefs, the covered orbs of his balls underneath, moving slightly at the touch of my lips as I pressed them against the fabric.

I did this for about a minute or two, maybe longer, I couldn't be sure, and then pulled away and stood again. My friend immediately bent downwards, sitting slightly on the plastic seat in the booth, and I felt his hot mouth begin to press against the tight fabric of my Jockey boxer-brief's the mesh fabric allowing his hot breath to penetrate instantly. He mouthed my hard cock and my balls though the fabric, just as I had done only moments earlier, and I looked at the video again to see that both guys had moved into a 69 position, allowing their hard cocks to work free of the supporters and each was slowly beginning to lick and suck at the other's cock -- it was a very hot scene and I briefly wished we had more room so I could try it myself.

I looked down at my friend and he was eagerly mouthing my hard cock, using his hand to pull my shaft away from my body so he could wrap his lips around the fabric and move them up and down my shaft. I let out a moan inadvertently, which I thought must have sounded like a scream, but he was un-phased.
I felt my friend's warm hands at the waistband of my shorts, and he deftly pulled my boxer-brief's out and down, so that my hard cock was free, and my shaved ball-sack was resting on the waistband at my thighs. I felt his hand over my cock, and his fingers wrap around it and he began to slowly jack my shaft, and just as I thought that it couldn't get any better, he moved his mouth over the head and began to slowly suck and lick at my cock-head, slowly moving his mouth over it and down a bit of the shaft and then back up, in time with his hand-jacking. I could feel his hand as it rubbed against my balls at the base and then as it slid upwards, and then he would plunge slowly down again, rhythmically, and once and a while he would pull his mouth away, stop his shaft attention and lick gently at my balls -- since they were resting against the waistband and not hanging lower, he had easy access and his gently licks and mouthing sent shivers through my body, and before I could focus he was back to the shaft and cock-head.

This continued for a few minutes and I could feel that I wasn't going to last much longer and I bent down and whispered `I'm `gonna cum soon" to my friend, and he simply continued, obviously willing me to finish.

I looked at the screen again, and the two guys were still in a 69, but were now fully involved in a hot sword-swallowing session, taking each other's cocks into their mouths from tip to base, the glistening saliva coating the other's balls, both sets of which were shaved like mine. I felt my load churning inside and I knew I was not going to last long.

I glanced down and my friend was moving up and down my shaft almost in exact measure with the two guys in the screen. I looked back to the screen and one of the guys was jacking the other, his mouth close to the tip of his friend's hard, glistening cock, and the sound from the video was soon filled with groans and grunts, and I felt my friend's warn, wet mouth sliding up and down my cock, licking and gently sucking at the tip, his hand caressing my balls, and as the guy n the screen groaned again and I witnessed his cum burst forth from the tip, coating his friends lips, I felt my own release begin.

My friend moved his mouth over my cock-head, licking and sucking as I felt my load move though my shaft and squirt from the tip, just as I had seen on the screen, except that my friend caught all my jizz in his mouth, his tongue swirling and lapping at my cockhead, so that I could feel the slick warmth of my cum coating it and the next jet come forth, followed by another and then the final shot. I was panting and stifling a moan as my friend moved his mouth up and down my shaft, sucking the last of my sperm from the tube, and then he stood and turned to discretely spit it into a small pile of tissues - that I had not noticed before.

There were still several tissues left, and my friend didn't have to hint to me -- I pulled up my shorts so that my still-hard cock was again enclosed in its fabric, and I kneeled down so that my friend's CK's were again in front of me.

As I pressed my mouth against them once more, I could feel that the saliva from my previous journey there had cooled a bit, but I changed that quickly as I again began to mouth at his hard cock, which elicited more groans and I felt his hand at the back of my head, gently encouraging me as I mouthed at his still covered cock and balls.

I moved my lips upwards, so that I could feel his soft cock-head under the fabric with my lips and tongue, and as he moaned, he moved his hands to the waistband and pulled his briefs forward and downwards a bit, so that the head of his cut cock was just poking out from the waistband. I leaned forward and began to lick and gently suck at the underside of his cock-head, feeling the curves of the bell-shaped head and the taught bit of skin that joins the head to the shaft, and managed to pull away just a bit and pause and noticed that with another slight moan, a drop of glistening pre-cum appeared at the tip, and I hesitantly leaned forward, sticking out my tongue to taste my first drop of man-juice, sliding the tip of my tongue over the soft head until I felt the warm drop slid onto my tongue and then I started again to lick and suck, hoping for more of the salty-sweetness.

I heard the machine rumble as my friend fed a bill into it, where he had it hidden I have no idea.

I glanced over to watch the other guy on the video shoot his hot load, caught attentively just has he had done earlier, the slippery whitish jets of hot semen dripping over his mouth.

I moved my mouth back to my friends cock, and he pulled his waistband down more, just as he had done for me, so that his balls -- also shaven, rested on the waistband, and his whole cock was exposed for me. I moved forward to try and do for him what he had done for me, trying desperately to remember how he had done it and wanting to please him.

As I moved my hand up and down his shaft, and my mouth over the first few inches of his cock, he began to moan more often, obviously intensely aroused. I was pleased at myself for apparently doing it correctly, and just as he had done, I paused briefly to lick and suck gently at his balls, feeling the wrinkly skin slide over his twin egg-like orbs, and feeling him again gently pushing my head with his hand so that I knew he was pleased.

I moved again to the shaft and head, and picked up the pace, and was met with more quiet groans, and as I began to focus on the rhythm so that my hand jacked his shaft while my mouth moved over and around his cock-head, I heard his voice louder now, whispering as I had that he was about to blow his load.

As he had done for me, I simply continued, closing my eyes and imagining the video I had seen just a while ago -- the hot sperm flowing in spurts from the tip of that guy's cock and remembering the feeling I had just experienced as my friend took my load and the slickness of my cum on his tongue as he moved it over my cock-head.

I felt my friend's hand again at the back of my head, ever-so-gently, and I moved my hand over his soft balls, feeling the slickness of my saliva as it dripped off the shaft, and the base of his cock as my mouth moved over it, and the taste of more pre-cum as it began to flow, and then I heard my friend moan differently.

I tried to mimic what he had done earlier, and I used my mouth to cover the first two inches of so of his cock, as my hand moved faster over the slick shaft, and used my tongue to lick at the underside feeling the soft bulbs of flesh of his mushroom-head slide over the tip and back again as my mouth moved back over the hard shaft.

I barely felt it with my hand that still caressed his balls, but at the base of my friends hard cock, there was a bit of a pulse, and then I felt it.

My friend moaned gently, intensely, as I felt a warm jet of his sperm shoot from the tip, just as my lips got there, the saltiness of his hot cum filling my mouth with a flavor that was simply pure sexual energy, and the slipperiness of the semen as it coated my tongue. I moved again over the cock-head and felt another burst and then another, and although I cannot say it filled my mouth, I sensed that if I did not maintain a seal over his hard cock, it would spill out, so I sucked gently and moved my lips over it a bit more tightly, and he pushed his cock into my mouth -- maybe four or five inches of it, which caused me to swallow inadvertently, and I felt some of his hot, slick jizz slide down my throat.

He moaned again and even though his jets of hot cum stopped, I continued to lick and suck until he gently pulled away. I stood up, and he felt my shorts and giggled, and it was only then that I realized I had cum again, my own load of sperm was coating the mesh of my boxer-briefs. He leaned down and licked, sucked and managed to draw some of my jizz through the fabric -- a sensation I have never felt before, and after a little while, he stood and handed me some tissues. I spit out what I had left in my mouth, feeling the stickiness on my lips and licking it off, tasting again the salty-bleachy taste of his cum.

I did the best I could to clean up my shorts, but in the end I had to step out of my pants and put the sperm covered boxer-briefs in the pocket of my coat. After a few minutes in which we both managed to calm down a bit, my friend casually stepped out of the booth and I followed a few minutes later to find him gone -- but not forgotten.

I left as urgently as I had arrived, and found it difficult for the rest of the day to work in my office with my bare skin and cum covered cock free under my suit pants.

My only regret was that I never asked for an e-mail address or phone number so we could meet again. I am doubtful that if he sat across from me in my own office I would recognize him, unless perhaps he was standing there in his white CK's, hard tool at the ready, and I don't think I could or would want to ever forget that taste -- but that's not reality.

I can only hope that sometime, someplace I will get to experience this thrill again.