Fat fuck at forty thousand feet.

I was woken from my slumber by the gentle touch of a hand on my thigh.

The plane droned through the night at 36000feet, the cabin lights were dimmed and most of the other passengers were asleep, dozing or reading quietly. I was sitting in the centre seat between a grey haired lady who had been reading most of the night and had now dropped off, and a very large bearded gentleman. We hadn't talked much and he had fallen asleep straight after dinner.

I had drifted off with his leg pressed against mine as he overflowed his seat somewhat and now his arm had slipped off the armrest and his heavy hand had come to rest on my leg. Still groggy and not too concerned about this intrusion on my personal space, I dozed on feeling the warmth from his palm soak through the fabric of my trousers. Some minutes later however, I noticed that his hand might be acting under more conscious control as it had unfurled and spread gently down my inside thigh. With this realisation, I felt some heat flushing in my groin as his fingers moved gently, almost imperceptibly stroking my inside leg. His thumb resting near my swelling organ must have picked up the movement as his hand moved up to gently fondle and squeeze. Involuntarily I sank a little in my seat and spread my legs giving him better access so he could cup my balls and explore the expanding bulge.

Things were getting pretty hot here. The lady on my other side dozed in the semi-darkness facing conveniently away. I leaned a little into the shoulder of my new bed friend. He leaned over and kissed me, just gently with a little tongue to reveal his intent and I snuggled into his shoulder. On his lap he had a blanket which he now unravelled and spread over our legs. I also used this opportunity to pop the belt on my trousers and his hand soon returned under the safety of the blanket to rub my now rock hard penis through my underpants. We kissed more deeply and his hand went under the waist band for naked skin. I nuzzled him again and said "careful, I am so close". In his gravelly voice he replied "good" and started to wank me in earnest. His rough hand was clumsy, pressing as he pulled. Almost immediately I exploded over the underside of the blanket and over his hand and he gathered most of the jism in his hand and rubbed it up onto my tummy making it all wet and sticky.

I pushed up the armrest so that I could lean over him and rest down onto his lap. My right hand could then get to work on his steaming bulge. He released his trousers and I slipped my hand between his legs to grasp his massive organ. Under the blanket I could quietly massage it and hear his gentle stomach growls of appreciation. I ran my fingers around his swollen member, now leaking and twitching with anticipation, teasing at the curves and bumps in the stiff rod and the soft areas around the top and the underside. I felt out the shape of his hairy scrotum with his swollen balls. As I lay across his lap with my heady on his belly, it now occurred to me that my face was right in front of his dick and apart from the blanket between there was nothing to stop me getting it into my mouth. I had always dreamt about blowing somebody before but never had the courage. I looked over to check that our other neighbour was still dozing and gently pulled the blanket up over my head.

His nob was soft and spongy on the top and the head went straight into my mouth. I could feel his hips buck slightly as the new sensation grabbed him and I tried to get as much in as I could. From my awkward angle lying sideways in my seat, it wasn't easy and I could only manage to gentle tongue the end and run my lips up and down the top few inches. However, just a few strokes of this and I felt him tense up and I prepared for my reward. Spurts of hot man soup started to fill my mouth and I had to drink greedily to keep up. I squeezed the balls with every pump to help them empty and then came up for air. We lay contentedly whilst the plane droned on, my head on his lap with his hand gently tousling my hair. My hand still cupping his balls, my mind started to wander about how we could improve on this. I decided it had to be worth a try and his dick was far too nice to pass up on the delicious opportunity of getting it right up my arse.

I sat up and whispered that we should go to the loo, so we quietly gathered up and shuffled down the aisle to the cubicle toilets. He went in first and I made as if to go for a different cubicle, but slipped into his behind him. As soon as we were inside he embraced me in a long hug and kiss, but before long we were shucking off clothes and getting down to naked flesh. He had plenty of it so it was quite a wriggle in our sweaty little cubicle and we had to try to move without banging the walls. Once he had his trousers off and was squashing his massive dick against me he ran some water and started to soap up his bum. Then he turned over and straddled the bog so I could mount his voluminous behind. I leapt on and got my dick lined up and pressed home. He shoved back and then I started a delicious grind as I tried to work the whole of my torso between his massive cheeks. Reaching round I grabbed his cock and started to pump in time and I came in not much more than a dozen slow comfortable strokes.

Of course he wanted his turn, so he rotated his corpulent body around and sat back on the loo with his thick cock pointing straight at me. I was nervous about such a fat dick, but I soaped up and then leant over on his shoulders while I lowered my arse down on to his throbbing rod. He tried to push forward, but I shushed him to calm him down and grabbed his cock and rubbed it round my soapy bumhole dipping a little each time it slotted home. Repeating this but getting a little braver I pushed down to feel his head invading my rectum and kept as relaxed as I could as it pushed further in. A sudden grip of pain and I froze and held him in a kiss until the sensation passed. Then I could push down harder and sit in his lap with the whole of his warm cock deep inside me. My own dick squashed into his stomach. At this point things got really exciting as I began to slide up and down on his lap. His hands massaged my bum in time and gave me some extra support in the awkward space. Over the noise of the plane engines I could hear him grunt and a deep delicious slurping sound from my back passage. Gradually I increased the pace and felt my own boner rising to the beat. As I felt his body stiffen up he reached around me and hauled me in close, burying his dick as far in as it would go and letting lose his load. I gently milked him and stood up to clean up, but with his hands on by bum, drew me forward so he could bury his face in my groin. I had never had a blow-job before and he seemed to relish swallowing as much as he could. The hot mouth on my dick was a real turn on and I was cumming again almost instantly. We lay together for a ten minutes afterwards, sweating in the afterglow letting our hands roam the intimate areas, french kissing, but eventually getting too uncomfortable in the cramped cubicle. I washed up, dressed and escaped back to my seat. It was nearly time for breakfast and the rest of the plane was beginning to stir.

Steam Queen - Aug.08