FIAT LUX !     
Let there be light...
A Story by Outlaw  


Fiat Lux !
Let there be Light...

[ dixitque Deus fiat lux et facta est lux ]
And said God let there be light, and there was light

"You wait here, Sir," the driver had said as he dropped me off, "I'll be back in about thirty minutes."

The place was neat, some kind of a theme-pleasure park and resort rolled in one and I was in the main, um, rather the 'entry' area... It had these pieces of lawns, with cute little buildings all around - the main reception/office block, a lounge bar, a coffee shop, a restaurant, a convenience store and to one side was, the only multi-storied building in the whole complex, a hotel.

The driver had said I could relax at the lounge, or spent time at the coffee shop... and he'd be back soon. And it was already forty-five minutes now!

I looked at my wrist watch once again and shook my head... I hate 'hanging-out', doing nothing, and this was getting a bit too much. I had already had two coffees, and been at the lounge... getting all those funny looks since I hadn't ordered anything... Had even peeked into the restaurant... and now the only option was to go and sit in the hotel lounge/reception. At least, there I wouldn't have guys coming over and asking me what I wanted... or get any funny looks from the staff because I wasn't ordering anything.

It was a very brightly lit area, with huge glass panels all round, and lots of potted plants, giving it a wild, outdoor look. The lobby was spotless clean and the sofas and chairs looked comfortable. Going to one, at the far corner, I sat down... wondering what was taking the driver this long.

I had started early, well, I had a long way to go, and things went fine till suddenly the car started to splutter and stall... slowing down and then revving up... It happened a few times and the driver said that he wasn't getting it and wanted it checked at a garage. He mentioned this place and said I could wait till he got the car checked and I had agreed.

This area had been a typical, laid back village, struggling to keep alive, when a nearby town made it big with a couple of giant corporations setting up shop there, and soon more followed... And all the adjoining villages suddenly became hot property. With cash-rich youths to cater to, and nowhere for them to go, all sorts of parks and resorts, multiplexes and entertainment centres soon sprang up, and this was one of them, and considered to be the best of the lot, and therefore very popular.

Flipping through the magazine that lay on a nearby table, I sat observing the people, mostly young men and a few ladies too, walking in and out... picking up or depositing keys at the reception counter; getting out or getting on the elevator... singles, couples or groups. Silent, talking or laughing... And as I watched, the elevator came to a stop and a young person emerged, grabbing my attention, immediately, for some odd reason... Stepping out he paused, looking around and then headed for the reception bay, standing there, leaning against the counter...

Probably in his very early twenties, he was tall, maybe 6+, and slim... exceedingly slim, yet, not thin or bony, rather, very well formed. The features were sharp and he had a very square jaw line, with a deep indentation, a dimple, on his chin... The lips, very full, stretched over what was obviously buckteeth. I couldn't see his eyes, since he was wearing shades... but looking lower, I noted his packed crotch, bulging blatantly!

Very macho, very masculine... he was indeed, a strikingly handsome package!

He stood a while longer, and then with a shake of his head, and a crooked smile, lifted off and headed for the exit, my eyes following... He had a real sexy swagger, and as he turned away I nearly gasped out loud as I saw his awesome butt... filling the seat of his tight jeans like nobody's business! Tearing my eyes away I looked down at my wristwatch and realised that it was well past an hour now and yet the driver hadn't returned with the car.

Getting up I went and stood near the glass panelled front, looking out into the parking lot, trying to see if I could spot the car or the driver...

"You're dark..." I heard a husky voice say, close to my ear.

Slowly turning around, wondering what sort of person would greet anyone with a line like that, I saw a blue shirt... and then as I lifted my face, looking up... up... I saw the smiling face of that same youth, grinning down at me.

In a society obsessed with the colour and the shade of the skin, I'm dark... a rich chocolaty brown, and, unlike most dark people, I never qualified myself as 'wheatish', 'light wheatish' or 'dark wheatish'... simply dark. And he had a glowing complexion, a very fair skin, almost translucent... shimmering in the brilliant light of that glass panelled lobby.

Honest, I don't know what got into me... or how those words even formed, and then came out... but I heard myself speak, "Then, let there be light... fill me with yours!"

"When I fill, I fill completely, you game?" he replied with a crooked smile, moving closer, standing by my side.

And surprisingly I felt my elbow bend, the back of my palm rubbing against his solid thigh, lifting higher, towards his packed crotch, "Anything..." I heard myself mumble as my hand reached up and patted the bulge... A respectable gentleman in his mid-forties, and with a pretty wife and two teenage sons tucked, safely away at home!

"You staying here, got a room?" he asked, looking straight into my eyes.

I shook my head.

"OK, then come to my room," he said, turning around and heading for the elevator.

I followed...

We were silent, avoiding looking at each other, and as we walked out of the elevator, for a moment I panicked, but my feet followed him, down the carpeted corridor... to his room.

"You alone?" I asked, as he inserted the key, uncertain.

"Nopes," he replied, turning the lock, "with a friend, a colleague, but he's away and isn't expected till later," he informed, turning back to me as he pushed the door open. He held it for me, coming in behind and then slamming it shut...

And then all hell broke loose!

Grabbing my shoulders he pulled me close, plastering his mouth over mine... I gasped at the suddenness, yet felt myself go hard in one single twitch as I shoved myself against him, lifting painfully high on my toes, as he bent low...

But I wasn't the only one hard in that silent room, I could feel the thick chord against my lower chest, throbbing hotly, the heat radiating through my formal shirt. The feel of him, his strong arms, his cock against my chest was very powerful, very physical, and grabbing his awesome butts I moaned out my hunger in his mouth...

I was going to have sex, going to fuck this total stranger... I was going to spread my legs wide apart for him, and would let him plough me as I clung to his broad shoulders and looked up into his amazing hazel eyes... my legs around that awesome slim waist. I was raving horny... something I myself didn't know... a part of me that I wasn't even aware of, tied up, as I was, in my oh-so-proper corporate world... It was animal.

Sucking on his probing tongue I reached for his zipper, tugging at it... desperate to feast my eyes on the bulk that I could feel against me... grab it, squeeze it... lick it... suck it! I suddenly had this frantic urge to feel him inside of me, deep within my innards... ripping through me!

He pulled back and grinned down at me, his eyes twinkling, "In a hurry?" he asked and then without bothering to wait for my answer began to strip himself...

I gawked... my mouth open and the tongue licking the parched lips, fast and furious... totally hungry.

Stepping out of the tiny briefs he stood back, tall and proud... I nearly blacked out as I tottered and reached out for the table that stood near the door.

He was truly gorgeous... a smattering of hair covered his well formed chest, the nipples surprisingly large, and hard... the hair travelling lower in a thin line before fanning out to cover the whole lower abdomen... and from that mass of dark, curly patch rose something that was unbelievable!

His cock was thick... and I mean THICK! And equally long... Maybe if it was on another guy, who had a more muscular or heavier body type, then maybe, the cock wouldn't look so huge, but on him, with his slim frame, it looked massive, no, grotesquely massive!

He grinned again, seeing the amazement on my face and quickly coming closer began to strip me and I just stood, shivering, like a teen on his first encounter...

Throwing away the shirt he undid my pants, and then sliding them over my ass, his fingers pushed them down... and slowly I reached down, helping him with my disrobement, pushing down the pants and the boxer, stepping out... suddenly shy... apprehensive...

He grabbed me again and pulled me closer, his mouth covering mine as I let out a moan and wrapped my arms around him. Pushing the lips apart he once again entered me and wiggling his tongue, probed every corner of my mouth... making me gasp and pump against him, rubbing my leaky phallus against his solid thighs... wetting the flesh.

He pulled back once more and as I looked up, into his eyes, I saw him grin. Reaching lower and grabbing my throbbing genitals, he lowered his gaze for a moment and I saw the smirk... and then he was looking back at me, his eyes laughing, his hands still holding my package, softly squeezing.

"Go ahead, feel him..." he said in his husky voice, now heavy with lust.

I lifted my hand and reached out... and God, I nearly cried out... he was hard, hard as steel, rigid and unbending, and the heat was unbearable... Trying to wrap my fingers around the thick girth of his cock I slid my hand along the length of the shaft, my eyes captivated, watching it throb and flex... The foreskin was totally retracted, snugly wrapped around the flared, broad head, ruddy red with passion. And the tiny 'eye' pouted out, as if grinning with glee at the thought of soon entering my tight hole, a clear drop of crystal oozing forth.

Bending forward I licked it clean and then dropping down on my knees I took it between my lips, stretching them w-i-d-e... breathing in the strong masculine scent of his pubes... His cock jerked and throbbed, pushing my jaw uncomfortably low, lower than it would normally go... For a fleeting moment I wondered if I'd dislocate them... and how I'd ever explain that to the doctor, but then nudging the though away, I lunged forward, taking nearly a quarter of his fat cock into my salivating cavity... moaning with joy, thanking God for giving me such an awesome dick to suck on...

I licked and I slurped, not seeming to get enough of it... My hands roaming the thighs, running along the groin... reaching for the bubble butt, caressing those amazing mounds of flesh... going between the thighs and grabbing those low hanging globes... bizarrely large and heavy, loaded, no doubt, with immense quantities of youthful passion... Lost in my own, amorous world of shameless lust.

Suddenly bending over he jerked me up and then passing his arms under my butt and around my shoulder, he lifted me clear off the floor, and as I clung on to his broad shoulders, he carried me to the bed and depositing me on it, grinned down, "You're hungry, let's fill your belly..."

He was over me, covering me... smothering me... and I cried out my want, parting my legs wide and bending them at the knees. But no, he wasn't ready yet... he wasn't done!

Licking my face, he nibbled at my ears... then my nose... biting down hard on my lips as he licked them... and then dragging his tongue he went down my throat, to my heaving chest... to my hardened nipples... biting them painfully... licking into my shaved armpits... and lower again... He pushed my thighs wider and just dived in, lashing out with his tongue, licking the tiny shaft with long swipes... holding the buzzing head between his lips, and then scraping the glans with his teeth. And as I groaned at the amazing feeling rushing through my body, he sucked me in... I screamed and I pushed up, my hands reaching out to grab his head, tug at his thick hair... asking him to 'oh, please, fuck me'!

And suddenly waking up, I wondered where I was... and what I was doing... disbelieving the words that I was uttering... But the hot mouth around my cock, and that moist heat, that awesome suction, that he was creating with his hollowed cheeks, soon made me loose my tenacious grip on my cultured facade and I was lost, once more, in the lust filled world of lewd fulfilment of desires.

He sucked and he licked... and then shoving my legs higher, ground his mouth to my anus... I howled and pushed down at him... I had never been rimmed before, and nearly blew my mind as that powerful tongue licked along the cleft... flicking it's way up and down... nudging at the tight orifice between my buttocks... sucking on my tightly knotted balls... and then back to the hole... He was a fucking octopus, all over the place, all at once!

With his mouth still stuck to my ass, I felt him move and twist... reach out into the nightstand by the side of the bed... Through closed eyes, and the constant moans, I heard him fumble and then felt the cool touch of the grease... his fingers working it on me, around me... in me... lather up my ass, prepare it... and then suddenly he pulled back.

I watched silently as he reached into the nightstand once more; bring out a packet... and then extract a condom from it. He ripped the foil with his teeth and then kneeling between my parted thighs, rolled it down his shaft... grunting at the extra tight fit... and then looking into my eyes asked, "You've done his before?"

I nodded slowly, not trusting my voice.

"Good," he said and then lifting my thighs over his shoulder, smiled down at me... "I love dark guys, they are tighter."

And suddenly he was all over me, surrounding me, covering me... in me... and I could just grunt and groan... and weep and cry out... At the joy and the pain... at the thrill and the discomfort... I was fucking... he was fucking me!

The pain was fierce, and he was unrelenting... the discomfort was unbelievable, and he persisted... but like a brave soldier I bore it and as my body gave up resisting and the raw membranes surrendered to the unmerciful assault, natural lubricant rushing in to ease the passage, it got better... felt better... and then the pleasure started... mind-numbing pleasure!

I lifted up, pushing back at him. He understood and thrust in harder, sending the whole hulking phallus deep into my belly, setting it churning... I cried out and held on tight as he drew back, to slam in with another ferocious thrust... his mouth gathering my left nipple, the teeth sharp...

The hips of a youth... ah, what power drives it! Rocking, with a steady rhythm, he fucked me with a speed, and a force, that was both amazing and totally incredible... making the bed squeak and groan, the headboard rapping the wall with a regular beat... filling the background with a music that complimented the song we were singing... a bawdy song of grunts and moans, of lustful cries and ravenous need... and the gross slapping of flesh on flesh...

His cock continued to crash into me, deep... deeper than anything had ever gone... reaching areas I didn't even know existed... And the swollen column scraped my prostate... sending my body into a frenzied dance, thrashing under him. I was lost in passion and tried desperately to cling on to the single thread that held me... and then, he broke it...

Shifting his knees, he changed the angle of entry and instead of being satisfied with the deep hunches, he pulled back, completely... and then rammed in, repeating it, time and again... and the hidden gland rebelled, already swollen beyond imagination, it just exploded, liquefying my balls and sending them gushing along the narrow urethra... shooting out of the numbed cock head, to splash hotly all over our heaving bodies...

I had cum before... but those were nothing in comparison to what had just happened... Those were orgasms muffled by the sneaky feelings of guilt and shame... But now I was free and it roared at me, as it flashed and flared all around me... consuming me!

I must have blacked out from the massive orgasm... for the next thing I knew, was his hands under my arms, pulling me up and soon he was standing up, off the bed... carrying me around the room as I sat impaled upon his cock... his hips still swaying, his palms under my ass, holding them, as he lifted me up and then dropped me down into his pubes... fucking me as he carried me around the room! I hung on for dear life, my legs wrapped around his slim waist, my arms clinging on, to his shoulders... my face buried in his neck, sucking on his flesh in desperation and hunger... moaning out my desire for more...

And he went on... fucking me furiously, like some robotic machine made just for screwing... and I was lost, all sense of time and place obliterated from my consciousness.

Grabbing my waist he suddenly wrenched out his cock, making me cry out in pain and disappointment... but before I could complain he was throwing me down on the bed, rolling me over... and then he was between my legs, pulling up my hips, as his thighs pushed them apart...

I cried out at the fresh entry and buried my face in the pillow, slamming back at him... and he got over me, on his hands and knees, covering my back, shielding me... his monstrous cock ripping in and out of my sore hole... We were like some wild jungle beast at mating season, ripe in heat... growling and groaning, slamming into each other, mouthing obscenities that could put a slut to shame.

Throwing back my head I cried out loud, asking him to fuck me harder... faster... Pumping my own hips as I humped the empty air, urging him on, aiding him.

I felt the buzz... and I felt the tingle... I felt my stomach tighten and then flex... and with awe realised that I was hard again, and my balls were readying to eject... A cock that had gone sluggish with age, and never stirred more than once, each night, this was something wondrous, something beyond my wildest dream... But that wasn't a moment to dwell on dreams... and as my knees buckled and I humped my way into my second orgasm within, maybe, an hour... I saw the flash... A blinding shaft of light... filling the room, engulfing me and then entering me... permeating every pore, filling me completely... awakening me, bringing along a tremendous joy! And there was an accompanying jingle... loud and persistent... ringing out clearly, filling the room, filling my senses.

As I regained my sanity, I felt him swell... felt him grow... and then a heat entered me as I felt the flaccid teat of the condom balloon out... swell with the copious cum that the vibrating cock was unleashing in my ass...


With our mouth gnawing, teeth clashing noisily, biting the puffed lips, we tumbled out of the bathroom after a quick shower, and as we stood, still near the open door, moaning into each other's mouth, we heard a click... and as we looked around I saw the front door open and this young person walk in...

"You're in the room?" he asked, and in the same breath continued... "God, why didn't you pick up the phone then, and I was wondering that you had gone off somewhere, with the keys, and so asked the reception guy to open the room for me..." and suddenly he stopped... his eyes widening in shocked surprise, as his jaws dropped... "What the fuck's going on...!" he rasped, and then turning around rushed out of the room, slamming the door behind him...

We stood for a moment, and then burst out laughing...


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