Friend to the end


Chapter: 1

By Casper

This story is my first work of fiction. The characters mention in this story are not real, they came from my imagination. If you not of legal age to read this please go away. This story will contain sexual acts between consenting men, if you are offended why are you here? Please email me at with any ideas or suggestion.


I never expected to fall in love with someone so quickly. Meeting Benjamin Waters has made my life bearable. I can't believe that I am saying this; I, Matthew Taylor, am in love. That thought ran through my head like a firecracker going off.


I walked into my apartment after a hard day of working on computers. Sitting down on the blue sectional sofa, I threw my shoes and winced as they hit the sliding glass door. "Just my luck, maybe one of these days I will break it and actually get a new door." I started looking for my remote and was getting frantic. Going over to the black love seat, I started digging around in the cushions. PC World nope, newspaper no, and then something very strange a used condom. "That's what I get for letting Jeremy spend the weekend here and the least he could have done was to use the spare bedroom. "I thought, somewhat disgusted and yet perhaps a bit envious, too." I walked over to the kitchen and threw away the used unmentionable. You would think Jeremy would have known better being an ER resident but no. I loved having a soap dispenser to the left of the cold water faucet so that I could really wash my hands well. Returning to the living room, I finally found the remote under the brown coffee table. I was so happy because I could now watch my Astros - although being in last place kind of sucks. I went into the spare bedroom and looked at the desk. I was very proud of myself as Jeremy and I had put that beast of a desk together in 3 hours, although we used plenty of words that my Mom would have slapped me for Detaching all the support cables, I picked up the laptop and carried it into the living room. I sat down on the blue sofa and began checking my email. Nothing interesting going on in email land, so I decided to put the laptop on the coffee table and see if Jeremy was working. He has these really strange hours; 24 hours on, then 48 hours off. I do not know if I could handle that type of work schedule.

I sat on my blue sofa sectional watching the Astros playing baseball on TV. I grabbed my laptop and saw that there was an IM from my best friend Jeremy.

Jeremy: I just got done with working my shift, and I was wondering what you're doing?


Matt: How was I not surprised. You are either working or making out with a guy. I am watching the Astros and I think I am going to order me some food

Jeremy: Ohhh, food, as long as it is not super spicy I am good

Matt: Yeah man, I would never say no to you, but I don't want to hear any details of the great Jeremy Ass-Capades from last weekend at my apartment

Jeremy: Oh man I am sorry I meant to clean up but his body was so good

Matt: Please don't say any more. I found something in the couch. Now get over here.

Jeremy: will be over in 10 minutes

Jeremy: Later

I logged off and went back to the kitchen to rummage through my junk drawer. My collection of coupons was kept there. I found one that I liked: "Cowboy Xl Combo," from Papa Johns. I decided that a pizza would be a great idea since Jeremy would be over soon and I had no intention of cooking, much less cleaning up after Jeremy. I called Papa Johns and thought about my order.

"Matthew... you're putting on a bit of weight!" I said to myself as I patted my stomach and then winked at myself in the mirror. "Better leave the double cheese off of the Papa John's pizza." I reasoned to myself.

"I would like to order a Cowboy Large Combo for delivery. I want half to be Pepperoni and Black Olive, and the other half Canadian bacon and Ground Beef. I would like those cheese/bread sticks. Yes Ma'am, I would like it to be original crust. How much will the total be?

"Your total comes to 21.75."

I gave her my credit card information.

"Mr. Taylor, would you like to add a tip to the bill?"

I started to add 10 percent to the bill but my brain did not like figuring that!

"Yes I would. Can you add 2.50 to the bill and please make sure that a female driver brings the order?"

"I will send a message over to the store notating your specific request."

I had to admit that my friend Jeremy was very appealing to guys and girls. Jeremy White was 28 years old and 185 pound with a height of 5' 11". He has black hair and blue eye, and those drive me nuts so I bet they would drive any guy nuts. I had seen his dick before, too. Although I am afraid to think of what his length is, I had told him that I cared too much about our friendship to let myself do something that could ruin it.

I hung up the phone and then some one started banging on the door. "Open the damn door Matt! I'm hungry."

I asked, "Did you take a shower?"

"Fuck, don't I always?" Jeremy replied very annoyed.

I opened the door and just laughed as he threw his jeans straight at me. Jeremy stood there in a blue scrub top and boxers. His hair was very smooth. He had red sneakers on which I thought was really strange.

"Get inside before some one calls the cops," I replied pulling him inside and slamming the door and locking deadbolt.

"Maybe he will put me in cuffs and have his way with me?" Jeremy joked.

Jeremy walked in and put his blue scrub pants back on.

"The pizza will be here in 45 minutes." I remarked.

"Matt... will the deliver boy be cute?"

"After last month, I decided no more male delivery people I darn near had an ulcer hearing you and that pizza boy in the spare room!

"He got an incredible tip, didn't he?" Jeremy responded, laughing.

I decided to change the subject quickly as I was making no headway.

Jeremy sat down on the black love seat and decided to put his red sneakers on the other coffee table.

"Do you mind taking off your shoes so you don't stain my coffee table?" Gosh! Now how many times have I had to clean up after you? I did not get a two bedroom apartment for you. I got it so that my niece and nephew could come for a visit."

Jeremy took off his shoes and the next thing I knew I saw this streak of red going across the living room and then the sneakers landing right beside the door.

"That is too funny, one blue sock and one red sock. " I could not stop laughing.

"Hey it is better than all the blue you have around the house. Sheeesh! Blue sectional, blue carpet, blue mirror, blue pillows, and that's not counting what is in your bedroom. Do we need to have a discussion about you being anal?" Jeremy teased pointing out every item like he had just scored a grand slam.

"I happen to like blue. I have liked blue since I was a kid, and besides me being anal about the colors is no worse that you being anal about getting a piece of ass every night you are off." I retorted very eager for his come-back.

"All right you win. I bow down to your wisdom, oh great Matt."

Jeremy had gotten off the black love seat and was about to start bowing when I threw a pillow at him and hit him smack in the head. He sat back down and had this look that he always gets. His eyes narrowed, and that usually meant that he had a plan.

I thought to myself, "Do I even want to know what is in that brain of yours?"

"Matt, we've got to find you a guy. You are 26 years old and have been alone since you moved out of the apartment with your mom 8 months ago."

"Jeremy, I am not ready. I am real busy at work, and besides I really enjoy my quiet apartment. I have two kids who may come to visit me as often as they want."

"You need to find someone to take care of you, after taking care of your mom so long."

I thought for a second and what he said struck a cord with me. "That actually made sense, but I would like to meet a guy on my own terms and in my own way, instead of your unreliable method"

"Fuck, you still have your cherry. I lost my cherry at 15." Jeremy replied, sounding very proud.

"I don't think you were even born with a cherry, but rather more of an over ripe banana. If he breathes and has a butt, you will boink him or he will boink you."

"You are a very successful computer nerd, an awesome friend, but what about your love life? Do I have to take an ad out in the paper to get you some loving?"

Computer geek seeks a guy to have long, hot, steamy, sex with, call now he is desperate.

"Hell no, I would rather meet someone online and be able to exchange profiles." I said very sure that idea was dead on arrival.

Jeremy walked over to me and stood me up and took me over to the mirror hanging in the dinning room.

"You see, you should not be alone. There is a guy out there for you, but you have to do something besides sit around and watch(ing) porn."

There was a knock at the door and I knew that I had to get to the door first. I opened the door and found a really nice lady in her 30's carrying our order. She handed me the 2 boxes and the Pepsi.

"Do you have my receipt to sign?"

She handed me the long strip and I signed it. She turned it over and I had to laugh...


What you laughing at..." Jeremy asked.

The nice lady left and I carried the boxes to the end table and set it down.

"Oh, just a message that I needed to give to the store." I said.

Jeremy opened the box of pizza and stuffed a piece of pizza in his mouth like he might never get to eat again.

"Dude, are you that hungry?" I asked as he pigged out on the food.

Jeremy replied, "We had 15 traumas at the ER and yes, I am hungry. "

I grabbed a cheese stick and sat down and started to eat.

"Hey Jeremy, I decided to go to Key West the first week of June for my first pride fest."

Jeremy looked up and actually stopped eating. "You lucky dog! Key West is a very gay friendly island, and with pride week there will guys crawling every where."

"I am not going to do something that I am not ready for.'" I said very unsure.

"I have been to pride parties in bigger cities, but you will find a lot of action on that small island."

"Yeah, I'm going to stay at that gay resort you went to last year."

"I'm so happy for you. If you don't get screwed within 5 hours I will personally fly out there and find someone for you."

I shot soda out my nose and almost fell backwards.

"You have to work, Mr. White, so don't get any ideas. I bet the resort is all booked up this close to pride."

The pizza and cheese sticks were gone down the drain.

"I've got to get out of here Matt; I need to be at work early tomorrow."

I started laughing because Jeremy had just started his 2nd year of residency at Baylor Health Care System.

"How do you not get all boned up with your male patients?" I asked, very interested in his answer.

"Gross dude, those people are sick and besides I only have 1 more year left in Emergency Medicine before I become a staff doctor. I don't want to do anything to jeopardize that. I have to be all professional, besides I am not trying to get an STD or worse."

"I will say this; you've got balls to pick Emergency Medicine in Dallas of all cities."

"Hey, I figured the training would be tough but I'd get tons of experience here. Speaking of experience... "I am taking you shopping this weekend for Key West. We are going to have you wear some very sexy clothes."

"Hell no, I don't do leather or spandex. Anything else is negotiable, I suppose." I said very adamant that I had won that argument. "Later Jeremy..."

Jeremy walked out and I went over and looked at my laptop. I opened up my Key West folder and just stared at my flight information.

"Crap, how did I manage to get a 6:00 AM flight? That means I have to be at the airport at 4:45 so I'll have to wake up at 3:45." I knew that I wanted to have a lot of time to play in Key West, but (is) that's just plain suicide. "I wonder if Jeremy can drive me to the airport since he's already awake at that hour most days."



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