Best friends to the end

Chapter 11

Packing, good bye, and promises


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"Hello," Ben said.

"Hi there, so I was wandering what are you doing tonight, and if you would like to come down to my room for a little strip poker," I said into the phone.

"But what do I get once I get you out of your clothes?" Ben laughed

"Just get down to my room, and I will show you who will win this game, besides I thank I am already a winner." Just then the phone went dead. I reached into my bag and pulled out a deck of cards with Key West on them. I waited patiently for Ben to get to my door, but 20 minutes came, but there was no knock at my door. Just then my phone was ringing.

"This is the front desk, I thank your friend Ben is helping some people. There was an accident over by the store."

"Thank you so much." I hung up the phone and decided that Ben needed to do what he needed to do. I opened my curtain and sure enough there was a red car and a blue SUV that had been in a pretty bad wreck. From what I could see, Ben was working with the firemen to get people out of the blue SUV. I could see people standing by the red sports car. Ben was pulling a piece of the roof from the blue SUV as the jaws of life were being used. I noticed the police begin to talk to people, as a 2nd ambulance had arrived. I decided I did not want to watch anymore, but seeing Ben do what he does was amazing. I decided to put on the TV and just wait for Ben. I decided to watch some TV. My cell phone had started ringing.

"I got your message from the desk, and I can see that you are helping with a big accident."

"I was going to get us a snack over at the store, and as I walked outside the red car runs the red light. I am going to have to give a statement to the police, and I won't be done for about another 30 minutes or so. Sorry for not making it to your room quickly."

"No don't apologize, just do what you need to do, and come by my room when you are done. Stay safe out there, and I will see you in a little bit." I hung up the phone.

I started watching some TV although I wanted to be nosy and see Ben. I found a baseball game on ESPN so I decided to watch. The Houston Astro's were playing the Boston Red Socks, and from the looks of things, the game was very intense. It was the bottom of the 8th and Astro's were leading 5 to 4. Just then the guy I had many wet dreams over, Hunter Pence got up to bat and sure enough he wanted to take a trip around the bases because he hit a homerun. After a sad strikeout the SOcks were up to bat , but apparently there bats were cold because after the third out, everyone rushed the field. That cheered me up as the Astro's were the underdogs. I was watching the post game and I heard a knock at the door. I stood up and answered it. Ben looked very emotional as he came in.

"What is wrong Ben tell me?"

"I have worked accidents before, but when alcohol is involved, I just want to kick something. An entire family went to the hospital because of an idiot who could not wait until he got home." I was unsure of what to say, but I new I needed to comfort him. I sat him down on the bed and hugged him.

"People make terrible mistakes, and the moron who did this will be held accountable." I reached over and removed his shirt. I slowly started giving him a back massage. He closed his eyes and started to relax. I slowly started to rub his nipples really softly. I laid him down on the bed and took off his pants and shirt. I looked at the clock and finally understood why Ben was asleep, it was 9:45. I put his pants on the floor. Ben opened his eyes, and I smiled at him.

"Why don't you get under the covers, and go ahead and sleep here tonight," I said smiling at him. Ben nodded and got up. I pulled the covers back and Ben got back in bed. I covered him up and turned the lights off. I put my CPAP gear on and turned on the machine. As I went to sleep, I felt content sleeping next to the person I loved and hopefully would spend the rest of my life with.

I felt something touching me and then my eyes opened all of a sudden. I opened my eyes and Ben as kissing me all over, very playfully.

"What a way to wake up Ben, how did you sleep last night?" I asked squeezing his nipples.

"I slept very well, at the firehouse; I may not sleep at all as we go out on fire calls and medical calls. I want some play time as I fly out at noon."

"I wish you did not have to go so soon," I said to him. I felt Ben starting to lick my stomach and eventually the head of my dick. I began to moan as Ben was really making feel erotic. I got up and jumped on top of Ben and we began to wrestle in bed. He managed to pin me down and I liked the taste of his tongue in my mouth. He turned around and stuck his dick into my waiting mouth. I really loved his dick, although, I began by stroking the bottom of his dick with my tongue. I felt him really sucking my dick off and I was really getting excited. I took his entire 6 inch dick into my mouth and worked it quite a bit. I felt his finger begin to probe my butt. I decided that his dick was well lubed. I went over to the night stand and grabbed a condom, and put it on him. I turned over and laid my head on a pillow and stuck my butt in the air. Ben pulled my butt cheeks apart and I felt his tongue start to push into my butt.

"Eat my butt Ben. Oh that feels so good, your tongue is so dam hot."

"Matt your ass is so tight I am going to fuck you good." Then I felt his dick touching my butt. "That's it Matt, your ass was made to be fucked."

"Yeah fuck my ass hard. I want you to pound me." I could now feel Ben's entire dick inside of me and the pain was there but it was beginning to fade. He did not wait for me to say anything and he really started to thrust me hard. I could hear the sound of him rubbing against my ass cheeks. I felt a sudden surge or electricity as Ben pushed hard inside of me.

"Ohhhh right there Ben, slam me good. Show my ass who is boss. I began to squeeze as Ben entered my ass, and he it felt like he was shoving a pipe inside of my ass. Ben removed his dick from me and turned me over. He pushed my legs up into my chest and dove into my ass. He grabbed my dick with one of his hands and really started to jerk me off as he fucked me. He leaned it and we kissed. He was pounding me with every ounce of strength he had.

"I am getting close Matt." I felt his dick starting to rise as he was going deeper and deeper inside of me. I began to moan as he started to empty his load inside of me.

"Take my load Matt, take my load Matt." Ben thrust in and out of me 7 times as he shot. He took his dick out of my butt and jumped on top of me. He kissed me again as my dick was now ready to empty its seed.

"Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh and I creamed on Ben's face. He came up to my face and I kissed him. I reached down and grabbed a wash cloth and cleaned cum from his face. He laughed as I wiped his nose. I had never felt the way I did. Emotionally I felt like I was actually connected to Ben. We had really made love rather than had sex. I truly knew that I loved Ben.

"Well now that we have had our fun, I am ready for some food, how about you Matt," Ben said getting off the bed and going over to my dresser drawer.

"What do you want to wear my boxers again Ben?" Ben opened the drawer and pulled out a pair of boxers, but then he did something I did not expect. He came over to the bed and put them on me. I was a little shocked. Ben reached down and put on his boxers, and shorts he had on last night. I got up and walked over to the dresser and pulled out shirt and shorts. I looked at all of the clothes and realized that I needed to pack at some point and time today.

"You need to get back to your room this morning and pack, don't you Ben." Ben nodded and I put on a pair of socks and shoes.

Ben stared at all of the bags and I realized that he was looking for his present I bought him last night.

"I plan to ship back all of the presents to Dallas, and I will get with you this weekend."

"You mean I have to wait until Saturday to see what you got me, I don't like waiting for my presents." Ben started to pout and it looked so cute seeing his bottom lip frown.

"I am going get a box and walk it down to the post office this morning, and it should get to Dallas on Wednesday or Thursday. Depending on your work schedule, we can get together anytime after Friday."

"Let's go get some breakfast and then I need to do some work in my room." I was feeling a bit naughty.

"Well I can certainly help you work in your room if you want Ben." I put on the biggest smile trying to convince him that it would be a good idea.

"Now that does not sound like a half bad idea, although if you work in my room with me, I will never get my packing done."

Ben got up, "I am going to my room and grab a shirt and shorts and we can go out to that cool café you were telling me about."

"Cool, well I will see you in 5 minutes in the lobby. I am going to write an email to Jeremy. Ben came over and kissed me again and I put my arms around Ben.

Ben got out of my arm lock and walked out of my room. I picked up my laptop and logged in and checked my email. I opened a blank email and started typing to Jeremy:

Hey guy,


I never thought I would actually fall in love, but Ben is amazing. We have had an amazing weekend here at Island House. I plan to meet up with him this weekend. Maybe we can have a BBQ at someone's house and just get to now everyone a little better with there clothes on. I do have a present for you, and no you can't have it early as I am shipping it back to Dallas today. I hope you are doing well with Ron, I really thank it would be awesome if you settle down and stop playing the field every 3 days if you know what I mean. I have one question for you Jeremy, how did we end up with brothers as our boyfriend? I have to leave Island House at 5 AM tomorrow and I will be back in Dallas around 11:30. I thank I am going to take the T back into Dallas and used the subway back to my apartment. I will give you a call sometime in the afternoon.


Take care


Matt who finally has a boyfriend at long last

I sent the email to Jeremy and grabbed my wallet and cell phone. I opened my wallet and realized that I had no cash. I made a mental note to myself to get some for the cab ride tomorrow and breakfast at Miami International. I grabbed my key and put it in my wallet. I walked over to the door and realized that I actually had to send a lot of stuff back to Dallas. I walked out to the lobby and Ben was waiting for me.

"About time, it is already 8:45 and my stomach is about to have a stroke if it does not get food." Ben grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the resort and he was walking really fast toward Duval. I had forgotten that we could have eaten at the resort, but oh well. Ben decided that he wanted to run and took off as we reached Duval. That shocked me as I continued walking. I did not feel like running so I proceeded toward Flamingo Café at a normal pace. I passed Walgreen's and finally reached Flamingo Café. I saw Ben sitting at a table in the corner. He just smiled as I walked over to the table and sat down. He handed me a menu.

"Now why did you feel the need to run down Duval? I am on vacation and running is too much work for me." The nice waitress came over and I ordered me a Sprite." Ben started laughing and I was just puzzled.

"I told you I was hungry and you were walking to slow for me. Besides, I get on the treadmill every morning I am at the fire house." The waitress came back and set my Sprite down in front of me. I looked at the menu as did Ben.

"I will take a supreme sampler." Ben said handing his menu to the waitress. I study the menu for a while. "Will you hurry up and decide the food is not getting to me any faster."

"I will take an order of pancakes, side of sausage and hash brown." I stuck my tongue at Ben, and handed my menu to the waitress.

"So what happens to us when we get back to Dallas and the real world Matt?" Ben asked and then it hit me that we had never talked about what we want our future to be.

"Well I defiantly want you to be part of my life. I would defiantly like to start a relationship with you Ben." Ben smiled and I new his answer before he opened his mouth.

"I really look forward to spending a lot more time with you Mr. Taylor." Ben reached over and I held his hand. The waitress brought out Ben's 2 plates and it was huge. Ben did not wait for me to get my food and dug into his breakfast. I had to laugh as Ben was eating really fast. I waited patiently for my food to arrive.

"Well let's see if we can get to know each other better. I am 26 years old, and I live in an apartment over in the medical district. I work on computers for a living, and I like to watch Sci-fi movies."

"Now the pieces are starting to come together, my sister Beth is a manager of an apartment complex over in the medical district and she told me this guy in Key West is awesome. She was speaking the truth." I started to blush quite a bit. "Well as I told you I am a fireman/ EMT for the city of Dallas. We go out on medical and fire calls. Station 24 is kind of in South Dallas. I like to watch all kinds of sports. When I am off I like to hang with friends." The waitress came by and refilled my drinks. She brought my drink, and was carrying my breakfast. She set down the 2 plates and I began to eat.

"I go back to work on Thursday, although I am sure that I will be too lazy to do anything useful," and I laughed as I dug into my pancakes. I looked over and Ben had almost no food left on his plate. I thought for a second about what I wanted to say to Ben.

"So I really have nothing planned, except to mail off all of the presents today. I may walk around with my digital camera and shoot some pictures for my niece and nephew. I may work out in the gym at Island House this afternoon. I am going to bed early tonight. The waitress came by and asked if we were doing all right and we both nodded.

"Well I have to be back at the station tomorrow at 7:45 for normal shift change for 24 hours on. If my schedule holds I am off Saturday and Sunday, so I would defiantly like to hang get together." I smiled back at him. The waitress brought the pay book and Ben before I could even look at it. He took out his wallet and put his credit card in, he walked it back to the front counter and handed it to the waitress.

"I am buying you breakfast," and Ben stuck his tongue out at me.

"If we were not in public I would show you were you could put that tongue now put it up. I am going to go somewhere and get me a box, if you will wait for me I will head back to the resort with you." The waitress brought back the charge slip and Ben signed it. I finished my dink and stood up. Ben followed me and we walked out of the Flamingo Café. I decided to go to Walgreen's since it was really close. I looked at my cell phone and the clock said it was 9:40. We only had to walk about 5 minutes and we walked inside of Walgreen's. I walked over to the supplies isle and found a really big box. I picked up some tape, and found Ben on the candy isle. He had like 4 bags of candy in his hands, and I started laughing.

"Is there a reason you have so much candy in your arms?" Ben turned around and looked at me like he got caught.

"It's not every day that I get to go to a store, with different types of candy that I like. Besides, I might want my boyfriend to ship some of these home for me."

"That's not a problem, but I don't want that bag of snickers, as it will melt before it gets to Dallas." I looked and Ben had a bag of snickers, a bag of gummy worms, and 2 packs of gum.

We walked up to the cashier and I put my stuff on the desk, I grabbed Ben's candy and put it up there too. After paying for everything we walked out and quickly made our way back to the resort. Ben followed me back to my room and I put the box on my bed. He gave me the gummy bear and smiled, "I know you are obsessed with these critters so I got them for you." He put the gummy bears on the bed and I motioned him to sit down.

I reached over and started to kiss him. I did not want it to end but I new that he had to go. He stood up and I hugged him.

"I am so glad I met you Matt Taylor." Ben said holding my hand looking directly into my eyes.

"I am so honored to call you my boyfriend Ben Waters. I grabbed my laptop and asked him for his email address." I typed it into my address book. He opened my door and left my room. I decided to start packing up all of the stuff that needed to be shipped back. I started taking all of the t-shirts out from there bag. I grabbed all of the shells and spread them out. I decided to wrap the pink conch up in a t-shirt to protect it. I started putting in all the t-shirts in the bottom. I decided I would make a bed for all of the shells and breakable stuff that needed to be protected. I looked at the sea shell I got for Jeremy. It was a painted shell with his name on it. I figure he could use it as a paper weight at work. I took the shirt wrapped conch and placed it inside of the box. I surround it and made sure it would not move. I looked at the glass light house I bought for Beth. I remember her telling me that she liked them. I decided to make my life easier and I wanted to ship my snorkeling gear. I put the goggles in as well as the fins. I started looking around the room and found another bag of trinkets. I put them inside the box. I went into my back pack and pulled out my notebook. I took out a piece of paper and made an address label for the box. I could not believe this box was so full of stuff. I taped the box closed. I picked it up and it actually was heavy. I taped the address to the front of the box. The phone rang and I answered it.


"Hi there, I missed your voice. I am about to head down to the front desk and check out. I have to leave for the airport soon but I wanted to talk at ya."

"Ah Ben, that is so sweet thank of me like that. Well I got everything put in the box, and I got to tell you it is heavy. I promise you that we will get together this weekend and do something fun."

"Well Matt, I promise to be a great boyfriend, I have to get downstairs and take care of all the paperwork before I have them call the cab. I love you Matt."

"I love you to Ben. I hope you have a safe flight back to Dallas. You have made my life awesome. Thanks for wanting to be part of it." Ben hung up the phone and I thought about going to the front desk and seeing him again, but I would not want him to leave. I put the box on the floor. I decided I wanted to go get in the hot tub and soak. I stepped out and saw that there was someone working on the outside hot tub. I decided I would just watch some TV. I put on TV and my cell phone started ringing. It was my sister, and I told her I got her and the kids a few gifts from Key West. I told her I would ship everything to Dallas, and then send it on down later on that week. I talked to my niece and she told me that I was not to go on vacation again with out her. I looked at the time and saw it was now 11:30. I decided that it was time to go to the post office. I grabbed my cell, wallet and keys. I picked up the box, and it was a bit heavy.

I left the resort walking down Fleming Street. I passed Duval and kept going straight on Duval. I had walked for about 15 minutes and saw a mail truck leaving a building. I saw the post office. I turned down one street walking up the steps. I walked in and noticed there was a huge line of people. I set the box down, scooting it on the floor as I moved closer to the counter. I got to the counter and put my box on the scale. The lady asked how I wanted it to be shipped and I told her priority. She punched in some buttons. "I do have fragile items inside." I would like for this to be insured. She took out a card and put in on the box. She took out a stamper and stamped, "breakable" on the box. She then asked if I resided in Key West as there was no return address on the box. I shook my head no and told her I was vacationing. She told me to write my address in the top left. I was stunned as the box weight 29 pounds. She put some priority tape on it as well as a shipping label on it. I swiped my visa through the machine. She gave me my receipt and told me it would be there Wednesday but more likely Thursday. I thanked her and left the post office. I decided to head back to the resort and pack all of my clothes. I made it back to the resort at around 12:30 and went straight to my room. I put my suit case on my bed, and removed everything from the dresser drawers. I got everything to fit back inside the suit case with little problem. I put the suitcase on the floor and decided to take a nap.