Chapter 12

Best Friends to the End

Bye Bye Key West

This story is a work of fiction made up in my imagination. If t is illegal for you to view this story, go away. Other wise sit back and enjoy. Please send me email and tell me what you

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Cast of major character:

Matt Taylor computer technician that lives alone

Jeremy White Matt's best friend, Emergency Medicine resident

Ron Waters work at Academy and brother of Ben

Ben Waters work for Dallas fire rescue, brother of Ben

Beth Waters Matt's apartment manger, sister to Ron and Ben

I woke up from the nap around 7 PM. I really was sad that Ben was gone, but I understood he had to report back to the fire station. I got up and grabbed my key and put it around my neck. I walked out of the room and decided to go to the cafe. I walked around the corner and arrived at the cafe. I noticed some guys sitting at a table. I asked if anyone was sitting at one seat and they nodded no. I grabbed a menu and started scanning the items.

"My name is Matt and I live in Texas." A guy came over and I told him I asked for a cherry coke.

One guy extended his hand out, "Name is Mike. I am supposed to go back to Louisiana, but my flight was cancelled because of something with the plane. They have booked me at the Conch Republic with a free meal, but I don't thank I will be eating again." I looked over and he had a piece of chocolate cake that he was nibbling on.

"I am Pete and this is my partner Rob. We spent last week in Orlando for Gay Day, and then we drove in. We live in San Antonio"

Rob had black hair and a Spanish complexion. He had brown eyes. Pete had brown hair and green eyes.

"We fly back tomorrow and will have a miserably early flight back," Rob said eating some type of sandwich.

"That is awesome as I booked on a early as hell flight also." The waiter brought my cherry coke back and set it down in front of me. I decided to order chicken breast tenders with BBQ sauce.

"Are you all following the Spurs through the playoffs, I could not get the game in my room Saturday?"

"We are very much Spurs fans and love watching the Spurs at a Sports bar in San Antonio. It looks like the Spurs may be able to go all the way to the finals this year."

"I defiantly like that idea a lot even though I live in Dallas. I have been a fan of the Spurs for a long time. I said very intrigued that I met some guys from Texas. The waiter brought my chicken strips out along with some bbq sauce. I looked over and Rob and Pete had pretty much finished there food. Mike had pushed his plate forward. I ate my food occasionally having conversations with the guys.

"Rob's grandmother is great, but we took her on an Alaskan cruise and she was so embarrassing. I mean my gosh, we got on the elevator and "Rob have you had your shower yet." Pete had said and Rob was shaking his head.

"Well I loved making cookies with my late grandmother. I would always make these huge cookies and my grandma would have to reshape them. I wish I had inherited my grandmother's love of gardening because I can't grow a dam thing."

The waiter came by and took Rob and Pete's plate away. I had finished up my chicken breast. I was craving something sweet; I just did not know what yet. I pushed the plate forward and grabbed the menu again. I started scanning through the dessert section.

"My partner had to work this weekend, but he said I needed a vacation," Mike said.

The waiter came back and asked if we wanted anything else.

"I need another cherry coke, and I thank I want a carrot cake." The waiter nodded. Mike ordered a chocolate cake and we continued to visit about everything and anything.

"Something weird today they had a professional working on the outdoor hot tub and all the water was drained." Mike started coughing and I thought he was choking.

"I was in the hot tub around mid-night last night and some guys were nude and well I saw something float to the top. I had never expected to see a terd floating in the water of the hot tub." Mike said in a shocked voice. I was trying to decide if I wanted to laugh, but I decided that it was not a funny matter as I had thought of getting in the hot tub after Ben had left today.

"That is disgusting; although I bet it is not the first time it has happened. I really had been found of that hot tub as it is close to my room."

The waiter brought out 2 plates and set 1 in front of me and 1 in front of Mike. I looked at the huge cake in front of me and my mouth dropped. I counted a 3 tier carrot cake with green sauce spread of the plate. I thank Mike had the same reaction as his chocolate cake was about as big as mine. I reluctantly started eating it, but soon found out that this thing was a bit too much for me.

"Rob, Pete would you like any of this, it is a lot for me to eat by myself," I asked pleading for them to take some of it."

Rob looked at the cake and then said, "I am still stuffed from my dinner. Thank you, but I am going to pass."

Pete looked over my cake and I saw him grin a little bit. "I will take a little piece of your." He picked up a fork and I scooted my plate forward trying to encourage him to take a big piece. Pete took a small piece and ate it.

"Matt you are right, this is an amazing piece of carrot cake," Pete said eating the small piece.

"Matt would you like to try a piece of this chocolate cake, I thank we both got more cake than we now what to do with?" Mike asked me.

I grabbed my fork and cut me a very small piece of his cake. I ate it and it was remarkably good, although I am impartial that my carrot cake was better. I don't know how but I had finished my cake and my stomach told me that I ate too much. The waiter came back with the checks for everyone. Everyone including me signed the charge slips and set them in the middle of the table. Mike stood and extended his hand.

"It has been nice meeting everyone, but I have to get over to the Conch Republic. Take care all." Pete and Rob stood up.

"I assume we will see you at the airport tomorrow for our 615 flight," Pete said and he and Rob got up and went upstairs to there room. I walked back to my room and shut the door. My cell phone was beeping so I decided that I needed to check the voicemail.

"Hey Matt, its Ben, just wanted to let you know that I got back to Dallas safely. Everything is the same as when I left, just paying bills and going through all the mail. Call me back I would love to here you voice. I have to be back at the fire station tomorrow but if you email me I can check it. I hope you have pleasant dreams, and a safe flight."

I hung up my voicemail and found Bens name in my address book.

"Hello man of my heart."

"Talk like that will make me horny Mr. Waters."

"I had a good day, and I did mail off a box full of gifts."

"Oh, that means I get one. Now I want it to get here fast. So Matt, what do you want to do Saturday, I am off and I want to hang out with you. "

"Oh wow the great Ben Waters has asked me out on a date, what will I wear, what will I eat, what will I do?"

`Shut up wise guy. I should bend you over and spank you Matt Taylor. But, I like your butt too much. So what are your plans for this evening Matt?"

"Well it is about 8:30 so I am going to go take a shower and hit the sack. I have to be up about 430 so I can be at the airport at 5:15."

"Well Matt I won't keep you from your shower, I know first hand how you smell."

It took me a few minutes to process what he said, "I resemble that comment and if I was not in Key West I would kick your ass for that. Well take care." I hung up the phone and grabbed a towel. I removed all of my clothes and grabbed a towel. I opened the suit case and put my dirty clothes inside. I took out some clean boxers, a shirt, and a pair of shorts. I set them on my backpack so I can have clean clothes to wear tomorrow. I put the key around my neck and walked over to the shower. I put the key and the towels up and stepped inside the shower. I set my glasses on the sink. I turned on the hot water and it actually felt good. After soaping my body I washed my hair thoroughly. I rinsed off completely. I stepped out of the communal shower and grabbed the towel. I dried off and put the towel in the linen hamper. I grabbed my key and put it back around my neck. I grabbed my glasses and put them back on. I went back to my room and unlocked my room. I reached over and put my boxers on that I had taken out earlier. I put my key on the table. I went over to the phone and dialed the wake up call line. I punched in 4:15, and hung up the phone in the room. I looked at the clock and it said 9:15 PM. I took off my glasses and set them on the night stand. I reached over and turned my CPAP machine on. "Having sleep apnea for the last year has been something different, but the machine has helped a lot," I thought as I turned on the machine. I turned off the lights and put the CPAP on.

I woke up to the sound of something ringing and I did not like it at all. I wanted to sleep more and I kept reaching for the snooze button but it was not the problem. Son of a bitch what the hell is that ringing. I turned and realized that the phone was ringing. I started stretching out in bed. I took off my CPAP and tuned off the CPAP machine. I grabbed my glasses and put them on. I turned on one of the lamps and looked at the clock: 4:25. I got the CPAP case and started to disassemble the machine. After a little struggling I got all the parts put away. I stepped off my bed and put on my shirt and shorts I took out last night. I went over to the table and grabbed my wallet and cell phone. I looked at the batter and saw that it was low. I decided that I had a little time so I went over to my backpack and took out my ac charger. I plugged it in and put the cell phone on the floor. I thought about taking out my laptop, but I decided it would be too much trouble to have to repack it. I decided to turn on the TV and watch CNN.

I looked at the clock and it said 5:15 so I decided it was time to leave. I grabbed my backpack and put it on top of my rolling suitcase. I grabbed my CPAP bag and took a good look at my room. I walked over to the front desk.

"I am checking out." I reached into my pocket and handed him the key to my room. He went to the back and pulled out a stack of paper. He handed it to me and I quickly looked at my room charges. I folded it up and put it in my backpack. "Can you call me a cab to the airport please?" He nodded and picked up the phone. I sat down at the public computer and decided I wanted to print out my boarding information. I quickly logged into the AA website and got my info printed. I was relived as my two flights were on time with no changes. I left the computer and found a nice comfortable chair and to wait in. I wandered if Pete and Rob were taking a cab or not to the airport. Then I remembered they said they had driven from Orlando. It had been about 15 minutes and I was wondering about the cab. I looked at the guy at counter and nodded to him. He picked up the phone and told me the cab was pulling in. I grabbed all of my stuff and approached the cab. The trunk popped and I put everything inside.

"The airport please."

"You are certainly an early bird they don't even start processing passengers until 5:50. I looked at my clock and it said 5:38. It was really dark as we headed toward the airport but I noticed a sign at a gas station that said 3.30 a gallon for unleaded. On the way to the airport I heard them say they needed another cab at Island House. I wonder if that is Pete and Rob. The cab pulled into the airport and I gave the driver a 20 and told him to make it an even 16. He gave me my change and popped the trunk. I got all of my stuff and walked into the airport. The Kiosk machines were not on yet, so I decided to have a seat. I noticed 2 people come out and 1 gentleman punched some buttons on the kiosk. I reached into my backpack and pulled out the printout. I went up to a kiosk and punched in my confirmation code. I approved my seat assignments and my 2 boarding passes printed out. I took my suitcases up to the desk and waited for them to call me. "Waters DFW," I heard. I handed him my boarding passes and my ID. He put the boarding passes in a folder and pointed to the open compartment at the bottom of the desk. I set my suitcase inside. He put a tag on it and stapled the matching sticker to my folder. I watched as the TSA open my luggage. I walked over to the TSA gate, but the line was not open as of yet. I sat down and relaxed. About 5 minutes later I saw Pete and Rob walk over.

"Good morning guys. I am just chilling until the security gates open." Rob looked like he was still asleep. Pete sat down in some chair and was drinking water that had Island House on it. A lot of TSA employees started gathering and finally a women had rolled up the tape. I got up and started putting everything on the belt. I walked through and had no problems. 1 guy had said he needed to conduct a bag check of my CPAP bag. I told him I was used to it. I put on my shoes, and put my laptop back in my backpack. The nice TSA person had brought my CPAP bag to me and thanked me for my patience. I walked over to the American eagle seats and sat near the door. A lot of other passengers had started showing up. I looked at my boarding pass and the flight was scheduled to leave at 6:45 AM today. Well I must have read the time wrong I thought and I laughed. I looked at my watch and it was 6:20 AM.

A lady came to the podium and said, "Good morning, this is American eagle flight 4940 to Miami International Airport. We shall commence boarding in about 5 minutes so please have your boarding documents out." I reached into my pocket and pulled out my folder and put the boarding passes in order. I saw her pick up the phone can call someone. "This will be the first boarding call for flight 4940 nonstop to Miami." Everyone stoop up and got in line. I handed her my folder and she scanned my pass. We went outside we were told to wait at the gate. After everyone was done processing, the lady came out and we followed her. I found my seat really easy, and I really wanted to sleep on the plane. I saw Pete and Rob sitting behind me. The flight only took an hour and before we knew it we landed in Miami. We all got off the plane and just waited for a little bus to pick us up. Finally after about 10 minutes a bus pulled in. Well needless to say it was quite packed with 55 people and 4 crewmembers. We pulled into the lower gate and I stepped inside the terminal. My stomach told me that I needed some food. I started looking for Pete and Rob, but I guess they were further ahead of me. I found a monitor and searched for my next gate assignment. I scrolled through the cities and saw there were 2 early morning flights to Dallas Fort/ Worth, I pulled out my folder and saw that I was on 617 which left gate D37. I walked for a while as I had to change terminals. I made it over D terminal really quick and decided I needed some food. I was looking for a food court. I walking around D terminal and I saw Pete and Rob at gate d 28. I looked on the monitor that there flight left at 8:30. I looked at the other side and saw d 37 and it said departure time of 9:55. I walked over to Rob and Pete and decided to say hello.

"Hey guys glad to see you, although I am on another flight that leaves at 9:55." Pete smiled and was eating an apple.

"So are you thanking of bumping up to our flight and get into Dallas earlier?" Pete asked. I seriously pondered going over to the desk and changing my flight.

"That almost is workable for me, but my luggage is already tagged to my flight and I don't want to get separated from it." Rob had come over carrying 2 coffees. "I thank Rob gave me a very important reminder, I need to find food, do you happen to know where the court is?"

"The food court is past D15 Matt," Rob said pointing it out in the terminal.

"Well it has been great meeting you all but my stomach needs food." I grabbed my luggage and started walking away from the guys. I walked for about 5 minutes and I was happy I had found some food. I sat my luggage down at a table close to the front so that I could see it. I saw an Italian shop and decided to get me a slice of pizza. I went through the line ordering me a piece of pizza. I got me a cup for some soda and the cashier handed me my pizza. I went over to the fountain machine and got me some gator aid. I sat down the table with my luggage and bags. I started eating my food and it hit me that I was eating pizza for lunch. But who cares as long as food goes in to my stomach that is all that matters. I ate my food pretty quickly and saw it was only 8:00 in the morning. I heard a boarding call for an American Airlines flight to DFW on gate D28. I ate my last bite of pizza. I threw away all of my trash and I headed back toward my gate.

I saw Rob and Pete lined up and heading into the air bridge. I did not thank there was any time for me to switch flights. I sat down at my gate and decided I wanted to check my email and surf the Internet. I pulled out my laptop and turned it on. It powered up and it detected the wireless network. I saw the Miami signal, but as I opened the web page, it wanted me to buy time. I decided I did not want to spend any money so I put the laptop up in my backpack. I mostly sat and relaxed as other people were gathering at the same gate. We started boarding at about 9:35. I threw my backpack and CPAP above and decided it was time for a nap. I was able to stay awake until we were cruising. I got lucky enough to get a pillow as they were being handed out, and I reclined my seat. The chime woke me and the pilot said we were about 30 minutes from Dallas and we were going to start our decent.

We landed and we were actually 15 minutes early as it was only 10:35 when we pulled into our gate. I grabbed my backpack and CPAP bag and started moving inside the airport. I was a little hungry but I was eager to get back to my apartment. I turned my cell phone on and walked to the baggage carrousel. Most of the other passengers had arrived and we sat around waiting for our luggage to come up. I decided to send a text message to Ben while I was waiting:

Just arrived at DFW am heading straight to my apartment. I hope you are having a good day.

I sent the message and watched the monitors and our flight was listed on the carrousel. 15 minutes went by and I was getting a little restless. 2 more flight had appeared on the monitors so I guess they were busy sorting all of the luggage down below. Just then the blue lights on the carousel started flashing and everyone moved closer to the carousel. Luggage started coming around the carousel, but it had a different flight number on it. I was getting a little ticked as it was now 11:00. All the luggage had been removed from the carousel by passengers on other flights, and a lot of the passengers including myself were starting to walk toward the luggage attendant. After hearing from about 12 passengers he picked up the phone and started calling people. I was absolutely dumbfounded as were most of the passengers on the flight that our luggage had not come through and it was now 45 minutes past the flight arriving.

One of the attendants said, "The luggage from the Miami flights always gets messed up." That really makes me feel uneasy, so I just started walking around. I thought about gong back into the airport and getting some food. I started mingling with some of the other passengers, just trying to kill time until my luggage came up. I was walking around when I heard, "Matt Taylor if you are in baggage claim C22 please report to the luggage attendant." I grabbed my bags and walked over to luggage attendant.

"Yes I was called over to intercom, my name is Matt Taylor."

"Can I see your travel folder please they may have your luggage in another carousel." I reached in my pocket and pulled my folder out and handed it to him. The attendant called a number over the phone and he hung it up. "We had another Miami flight arrive, and it appears your luggage is at C3." I left the desk very happy but I also felt sad for some of the other passengers. As I started walking away from the baggage terminal I told a few people that my luggage was found on a different gate. As I was walking, I wondered if my luggage ended up on Pete and Rob's flight that left at 8:15. I will never know. I got to the luggage carousel and I went up to the attendant. I handed him my travel document and I was so happy when I saw my luggage. The attendant took off the sticker and handed me the bag. I pulled out the handle and started pulling the rolling bag as I walked back toward C21 so I could catch a shuttle to the TRE. I went by the original carousel and a lot of people were looking at me with envy as I assume that no luggage had come up yet. Now I really felt lucky. I told more people that there was a possibility that my luggage may have ended up on the first flight from Miami. I jumped on a shuttle and connected with the TRE. I made it back to the medical clinic stop at 1:30 and I jumped on a bus to my stop. I got to the apartment complex and I was very hungry. I walked by the office, and I swear I thought a tornado hit me. To my surprise it was only Beth running full force at me.

"Are you trying to kill me with those headlights?" Beth mouth dropped as I started laughing.

"Yeah and you play for the other team, anyway welcome back, Matt, I want details and I want them now." Beth said very hyper.

"Hello to you Beth, I have just had hell at DFW; and I am really hungry so I am going to go to my apartment and eat. I will stop by later on and maybe I will tell you some stuff."

"You are so cruel to me; all Ben told me is that he met a terrific guy." I decided to not show any emotion yet. I hugged Beth and told her I would be by the office around 4 to visit and catch up with her. I got to my apartment and I unlocked the door. I put all of my bags in the corner, and I went into the kitchen. I opened the fridge and made me a peanut butter sandwich. I got 2 celery sticks out. I grabbed a glass from the dish washer. I put some water inside and I sat down at the kitchen table and ate me some food finally. It took me less than 10 minutes to eat my grub, and I decided a nap was in order. I took off my shoes and socks, and decided to crash on the couch.

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