Chapter 13

Best friends in the end

A big bump

The following story is a work of fiction; none of the events are true. If you are not of legal age, go away, then why you are reading this story. Please email me with your comments as this story continues develop,

I woke up from my nap around 4:00 and decided that it was time to unpack everything from Key West. I rolled the suit case to my room and put it in my bed; I unzipped the case and opened it up. I really liked that a lot of the clothes were still folded from when they were washed at Island House. I hung up everything. I started putting my boxers and shorts up as I saw something very unusual. I picked up the red thong and stared at it. I immediately thought that Ben had left something in my room. The question I had in my mind, did he leave them in my room on purpose? Well I would certainly have to have a talk with him. I really wanted to throw it away but I decided to put it at the back of my drawer of boxers. I went back to the living room and grabbed my backpack. Just as I was going back to my room there was a knock on my room. I answered the door and there stood Beth with a big grin on her face

"Dang Beth, did you just get some, the way you are smiling someone did," I said and invited her in. She sat down on the couch.

"So know I want details of Key West, and I mean who, what when and where"

"Sheesh no how was your trip, did you get me anything, just cut to the heart of it don't you. Well I did meet that guy you told me about, and that is all I am going to say Beth. I don't kiss and tell. Ben is an awesome guy, and I had a terrific time with him. We are planning to hang out on Saturday."

"You are worse than Ben, I talked to him this morning and he was mum about the whole thing, and said that it was up to Matt to discuss. I am his sister for gosh sakes. So what does the future hold for you and my annoying brother?"

"Don't call the man that I love annoying. Well I did discuss it somewhat and we both want a relationship, although I am new to this whole dating thing. Shouldn't you be at the office for another hour Beth, I said trying to get rid of her?"

"I took off early; I decided to make sure that I wanted to visit with my best friend. "

"Well I have not been to the store, so I am going to order something for dinner would you like to join me"

"Food that I don't have to cook, I am all for that. I got some Pepsi in the fridge of my apartment. I will provide the drinks, and you do the food." That sounded like a good idea so I went over to my delivery drawer and started digging through.

"I was going to order pizza and some dessert, what toppings do you prefer?" She looked at me and smiled.

"Well I really like pepperoni." She got up and opened the door. "I thought I could have some of your sweet dessert. I will be back in 5 minute with the Pepsi." I threw a pillow at her but she was too fast. I pulled out my cell phone and dialed Papa Johns.

"Yes I would like to order something for delivery." I gave the person my phone number. "I would like a large Pepperoni Pizza with original crust and I would like a Cinno-Swirl." I found out my total would be 17.50.

The lady entered repeated my order, "IT says here that male delivery drivers should not deliver is the case?" I thought about Jeremy for a second.

"Any driver will be fine, as long as they come soon, I am quite hungry, and can I add a tip of 2.00 for the delivery driver." I was asked how I would like to pay for order and I started looking for my wallet. I pulled out my visa and gave it to her over the phone. Just then there was a knock on the door. I opened the door and Beth came in carrying a 6 pick of Diet Pepsi.

"Took you long enough, you just live in the next building who did you do?" Beth started blushing big time as I teased her.

"Well for your perverted imagination and poopy sense of humor I had to go to the bathroom."

"So tell me about Matt Taylor and my brother Ben?" Beth said sitting down on the couch I tried to get up and she pulled me back down. "No you are going tell me everything sitting down, besides I know you. You get up start walking around stutter, and forget your train of thought."

"Well we met at Island House on Friday and we had a great time getting to now each other. He is a very special person to me and we just fit together. I felt really special watching the parade with him. His present should be here tomorrow."

"Oh present, do I get a present?" Beth asked in her sweetest voice.

"Well all I am saying is the box I shipped back to Dallas weight 30 pounds." I wanted to keep her guessing and add a little suspense to the fire.

"What did you get, all those used condoms," hearing that I started coughing. "As long as I got the best present."

Just then my cell phone rang and I instantly was happy.

"Hi there boyfriend, what are you doing?" Ben asked and I was really happy to hear his voice.

"Well your sister is trying to pump me for details about my trip to Key West, and I am not making her happy."

"Tell her I said hello and to leave my boyfriend alone. I love you Matt Taylor." Just then I heard a really loud and annoying buzzer.

"Take care Ben and I will see you on Saturday."

"Your brother just got a call," I said and hung up my cell phone, Beth got up and went in the kitchen and pulled out some glasses. She poured some diet Pepsi and brought both glasses in. Beth put the glasses down on the coffee table and sat down on the couch again. I grabbed my digital camera and decided to show Beth my pictures that I took in Key West. I started telling her all of the things I did in Key West as she browsed through.

"Why didn't you take any pictures of nude guys at the resort you and Matt stayed at?" I really started to blush, and I honestly did not have an answer. I thought for a minute.

"Well I don't thank any one guys would appreciate me taking pictures of them nude. What you need some porn to look at late at night?"

"Biotch, I wanted to see your response, and besides it would have been a golden opportunity," Beth said. This picture of you at the marker is awesome. Beth continued to scroll through the pictures. Just then there was a knock at the door. Beth got up and answered it as I stood up near the coffee table. The pizza guy handed her the boxes and she set them down on coffee table. I walked over to the guy and he handed the charge slip. I signed it. Beth said thank you and kissed the delivery boy.

"I am sorry you will forgive my friend she is in need of a mental expert," I said shutting the door. Beth shot me a death look and threw a pillow at me.

"I am trying to find me a boyfriend and you go and mess it up for me. What kind of friend are you, here I go setting you up with a great guy and you bust my game." I went to the kitchen and took out 2 plates. I gave Beth a plate, and I opened the boxes. We both ate dinner.

"Well if you want a boyfriend you need to change your approach, you were trying to undress him with your ears," I said to Beth.

"Well I am dying to eat some of that cinnamon pie." Beth took out a piece of it and ate it.

"My best friend Jeremy can eat a whole one of these by himself," I said nibbling on a cinnamon swirl. I went to the kitchen and grabbed a lot of paper towels. I put then on the coffee table.

"Would you like to go to a movie with me on Friday?" Beth asked as she put the pizza in the refrigerator.

"Yeah I would love to go to a movie, but what would my boyfriend say to me going out with a lady of no morals."

"Well I will assure Ben that I will be on my best behavior Friday night, and since he is working, you will have nothing to do."

"As long as we don't have to see a horror movie, I will be fine."

"Matt, I can't believe after 27 years you still get night mares."

"Don't pick on me Beth, I just do not like watching Freddie Krueger or Jason killing a bunch of people." I picked up the empty box and other cans and threw them away.

"Well Matt, as long as we don't have to watch Harry Potter I will be fine."

"I will look up times tomorrow and email you a list of possible movies to go see. Email me and I will buy the tickets, and you can buy all the food."

"Well I need to get to apartment; I have to pay some bills. Why can't we have a month of no bills?"

I opened the door and hugged Beth as she walked out.

"Later, Matt you sex god."

"Bye Beth, you tramp you."

I closed the door and decided I wanted to set my laptop back up. I took my backpack to my room and unpacked the laptop. I set it up on my desk and turned it on. I went back to the living room and found my digital camera sitting on the coffee table. I decided I wanted to upload all of the pictures I took from Key West. I logged on to the laptop and decided I needed to check my email.

Sure enough there was one from Jeremy

I hope you had a safe flight back to Dallas. It is weird as yesterday and today has been quiet, which usually means that this weekend, I will work very hard. I get off Saturday at 7AM so I was thanking maybe that the two of us could get together over at Ron's apartment. He has this big screen TV that is incredible, and a propane grill that does food well. I sent Ron an email and he liked he idea a lot, but I will let you ask your boyfriend. Well[SL1]  my lab reports are printing so its time to go heal patients. Call me Thursday, and if I don't get a better present than your boyfriend I will give you a shot in your ass.

Jeremy Waters M.D. Baylor University of Medicine Dallas


I decided I needed to send an email to Ben to see if he wanted to hang out with Ron and Jeremy. I opened up a blank message to him:


I just got an email from Jeremy and Ron has invited all of us over to his apartment Saturday to hang out and get to know each other. I know you want to hang out so if you want to come over I am free all morning. I hope you are doing well.


Love Matt


I sent the email and decided to plug up my digital camera.

All of the pictures downloaded and I decided to look at them for a while. I was really amazed at how beautiful Key West was. I saw one picture that made me jump when I saw it. A guys Speedo lowered and his dick erect. Now I wonder if that was Ben's or if it was Jeremy's. I laughed a little and scrolled through the rest. I decided to watch some TV for the rest of the evening.

<Friday afternoon>

I opened my email and saw there was an email from Beth



I never got an email from you so I took a look and saw that Fantastic 4 will be playing at 6:45 tonight at the cinema on Riker Street. Call me when you get it.



I logged onto the Cineplex website and purchased 2 tickets for Fantastic 4 Silver surfer. I picked up my cell phone and called Beth.

"Thanks a lot Beth; I got the tickets for the 6:45 movie. Do you want me to drive or do you want to?'

"You can drive, after the movie we can go over to BJs to play some pool and have a few drinks."

"Well I am going to fix me some dinner, and watch some TV I will see you over here at about 6:15 then and we will head over to the movie.'

"I have to primp myself. See you then," Beth said and hung up the phone. I hung up my cell phone and realized that my box was sitting in the corner of the living room. It had arrived yesterday; I just did not want to fool with it. I grabbed a pair of scissors and cut the box open. Everything was in good shape. I started removing everything setting it on the carpet. I started trying to figure out what I had got for Beth. I then saw the thing I was looking for: a glass cure with a dolphin in the middle. I grabbed it and put it on the coffee table. I folded all of the t-shirts and put them back in the box. I loved looking at all of the sea shells that I had gotten. I don't know why, but I had now found a hobby. I put the shells back in the box on top of the shirts. I decided to keep Ben's pink conch shell out to show Beth. I put the box in the corner of the living room. I made a mental note to call my sister and let her know that I was going to send some shirts in the mail. I turned on the TV and started watching the news. For some reason a strange feeling came over me. I had never felt this way before, but something felt wrong. I could not put my finger on it. A knock on the door had jerked my attention away from the TV I looked at the clock as I got up at the time said 6:15. I opened the door and Beth walked in.

"Hi Matt, where is my present?"

"Hello to you Beth, yours is right there in the middle of the coffee table." I said pointing to the cube. Beth went over to the coffee table and picked up the glass cube. She studied it for a few moments.

"This is so awesome Ben. Thank you. Now I want to know is that for me also?" Beth asked noticing the pink conch at the end of the coffee table.

"That is for my boyfriend. I wanted to get him something special and this just seemed to be the thing that drew my attention.'

"You are no fun, Ben gets the good present and I get the leftovers," Beth said pouting.

"Well we need to be going to the Cineplex or we will be late, and maybe if you are good I will give you a shell when we get home." I grabbed my keys and opened the door. Beth walked out and I followed her downstairs to my truck. After a short drive we arrived at the theatre and there was a line. We both got in line and it started moving.

"Matt there is a red dot by Fantastic 4; I am glad that you bought them online." Beth was right as the red dot meant that they had no more tickets for the 6:45 showing.

We got to the window and I handed her my credit card. She scanned it and our tickets printed. The lady handed my credit card and 2 tickets. I handed Beth her ticket and pit mine in my pocket. We walked toward the snack bar. Beth opened her purse and started looking for her bill fold.

"What do you want to eat Matt, remember the food is on me," Beth asked. I studied all the snacks for a few seconds. We reached the counter.

"I want a medium popcorn, butter finger and a root beer." Beth nodded and placed our order;

2 medium popcorns

1 large root beet

1 large Dr. Pepper

1 butter finger

1 skittles

Beth paid for the food. I told the guy at the counter I wanted some butter on my popcorn. Beth decided she wanted a lot. All of the snacks were brought to us really quickly. We walked over to the attendant near theatre 5. I reached in and handed him my ticket. He gave me my stub. Beth reached into her bra and handed him her ticket.

"You slut, putting it in there just to get a reaction from him, I bet you give him wet dreams tonight."

"Can't blame a lady for being a lady can you?" Beth said and we walked into the theatre. We found 2 seats in the middle section. Beth and I sat down and enjoyed the movie,

<2 and a half hours later>

Beth and I stood up. I picked up all the trash. We walked out and I threw away everything.

"If you want to go to BJ's we can, but I have had a weird feeling all afternoon."

"We can head back to the apartment if you want, is everything all right Matt" Beth got into my pickup as did I.

"Yeah I thank so, I just thank something is wrong, but I don't know what." I started driving down Mitchell Street toward the apartment. I came to Bailey street and stopped at the red light. I put my blinker on.

"Well when we get back to the apartment I will dig you out a shell as I have about 40 of them. Although, you are not getting any of the good shell ones."

"So what are you going to do with the others Matt?"

"I thank I found a new hobby, as I love the color and feel of all the shells." The green arrow had appeared on the light and I started to turn. Just then there was a loud sound coming from the other side. I jammed my breaks as hard as I could, but apparently the other car wanted to keep going. The car had collided with my side of the truck. I was defiantly not feeling to good. I looked over at Beth and saw that her air bag had blown, but mine had not.

"Matt, Matt please say something." Beth shouted.

<Beth's point of view>

"I hurt so badly Beth. I thank I am bleeding from my chest."

"This is Beth Waters; I have been in a Motor Vehicle Accident at the corner of Bailey and Mitchell. Please hurry I thank my friend has some type of injury to his chest, because he is breathing kind of funny."

"All right we have rescue and medical help on the way, can you raise his head, that will help me breath better, and keep him awake."

"Matt don't fight me, I need to raise your head." I gently lifted Matt's head from the steering wheel. I saw a huge bruise on his forehead. I heard a siren getting closer.

"I am getting sleepy Beth, It's hard to stay awake. Please tell Ben that I love him."

"Matt you tell him yourself, you hear me! You stay awake." At that point I new I needed to call Ben but I decided to wait until help arrived. I heard the sirens turn off.

"We need help over here, my friend his hurt really bad, and I thank he is about to loose consciousness."

2 police officers came over to Matt's window. "This is Officer Wright, advice EMS that we have a trauma on scene and might need air evac."

"Sir, sir my partner officer Fox is a paramedic, he is going to examine you."

"Can you step out of the truck mam?' I grabbed my cell phone and stepped out of the truck. I went around to Matt's side. His door was pushed in abut 6 inches.

"My partner is going to tend to your friend; would you tell me what happened?" Officer Wright asked.

"We saw the green arrow and started our turn onto Bailey. We heard a car speeding and Matt stopped. The car hit us full force." I looked over and there was a guy standing outside his car. The red car had no front. I decided to turn my attention to Matt. The other officer had gotten into the trunk and was working on Matt. I heard a fire truck pull up. They ran over to the car carrying 3 bags. It seemed like everything was in slow motion. I saw them put something around Matt's necks.

"This is rescue 18; we need air1 to Bailey elementary on Bailey Street. This is going to be a hard extraction."

"Air1 is in route to Bailey elementary for trauma patient, eta is 8 minutes." Hearing that I decided it was time to call Ben. I picked up my phone and found Ben's firehouse.

"Fire station 49 Caption Lions may I help you."

"This is Ben Waters's sister Beth, his best friend and I best friend have been involved in a bad car accident and they are calling for the helicopter."

"Your brother is out on a call right now, I will send him to the hospital when he returns from the call he is on"

"Thank you and I will call when I know what hospital I am going to." I hung up the phone and saw the ambulance pull up. The two guys got out and ran over to the car. I walked over and saw the firemen start to pull the car apart.

"We got a bad trauma here, male driver early30s. Vitals are 85 over 40 pulse 160. I don't hear breath sounds on the left side. Patient is Conscious times 1. Air1 will be at bailey elementary in 8 minutes.

I saw someone pushing a stretcher over to the car and I new I needed to see Matt at least once. I saw 4 people around the car as the firemen had cut the door out. I saw Matt being lifted out and put onto the stretcher. A firemen came over to me and looked me over

"mam because of your cut and injuries we would like to take you and get you checked out. " He walked me over to the same ambulance and opened the front door. He wrapped my left leg and told me to try and not move it. I looked down and saw that I had been bleeding some.

"I looked back and saw 4 people in the back as they put Matt in."

<the back of the ambulance>

"Mr. Taylor, I need you to stay awake. Jim we need to get going, he is really struggling to breathe and his o2 sat is really low at 75."

"I will have us there is 2 minutes Mike." Mike got out of the ambulance and got into the front of the ambulance.

"This is ambulance 14 to Air1 we are 2 minutes from Bailey elementary."

"Understood, Air 1 is landing now, flight nurse Neely will be ready."

"What hospital are they taking Matt too if I may ask?"

"Air 1 is stationed at Baylor medical Center, and will transport Matt there."

,<Beth's point of view>

The ambulance went to the grassy field behind the school and parked. I saw the helicopter. I saw a women running toward the ambulance.

The driver got out and went around back. I saw them take Matt out and they rolled him over to the chopper. I heard an alarm sound real steady they put Matt in the chopper. I got out of the ambulance and ran toward the chopper.

"I know you are worried about your friend, they will have him in a trauma room in 4 minutes. Now let' get you over to Methodist and get your cuts taken care of." I walked back over to the ambulance.

"Is it possible I can go to Baylor medical center, my brother is a doctor over there? " One of the guys got in the back and motioned me to get in with him. I heard the helicopter taking off, and then something sent chills down my spine.

"This is air1 we are in route to Baylor medical center trauma alert patient is in full respiratory arrest."