Friends to the end

By: Casper

Chapter 2

Going shopping everyone hold on

This story is my first work of fiction. The characters mention in this story are not real, they came from my imagination. If you not of legal age to read this please go away. This story will contain sexual acts between consenting men, if you are offended why are you here? Please email me at with any ideas or suggestion

It was getting closer to my much needed vacation and Jeremy was being a pain in the butt trying to take me shopping. He is an awesome friend, but sometimes he can be very annoying. I decided to relax on the sectional and listen to some Madonna, when the phone rang:

"Get your ass in gear," said a very excited Jeremy.

"Hello to you Jeremy and what brings you to call me when I am trying to relax on Saturday."

"Its 8:00 o'clock in the freaking morning, I told you I was taking you shopping for your trip to Sex West."

"Cough, Cough, Cough, if and when I decide to have sex with a guy it will be when I am dam well ready," I said clearing my throat.

I went to the cabinet in the kitchen and got me a glass. I poured me a glass of Apple juice and sat back down on the sectional.

"Sorry I had to grab me a glass of Apple Juice. All this talk about my sex life made me feel sick."

Jeremy laughed really hard on the phone and I actually had to put the phone in the air.

"Shut up dude. I am not very good with guys and I really do not want to try and start acting like you, with a guy every night you are off!" I said very loud into the phone.

"Any who I will be at your apartment in 10 minutes and we are going shopping and you can wear leather or spandex, but you will try it on or I will start singing." Jeremy said very sure, that he could win this argument.

"Oh I almost had a mental break down the last time you started singing. The neighbor's dog had to go to the vet. I will compromise and get some new clothes but there is no way on earth you are going to get me into leather or spandex."

"See you in a few and wear some sexy underwear," Jeremy said hanging up the phone.

"What am I going to do? I have good clothes and I like wearing these clothes. Ohh what the hell, I could use a few things for the trip to Key West."

I went to my bedroom and started looking through my closet.

"Dress shirts, jeans, slacks, ties, polo's I thank I could use some play shirts and maybe a few pair of khaki pants the."

I walked over to the dresser and opened up one of the drawers and Started to look inside. I liked wearing boxer shorts myself, as Jeremy had this fetish for thongs when he was not working at the hospital.

I figure I can use a few pair of socks. I walked out of my bedroom and decided to go into the bathroom and looked around.

"I need a few more razors blades, and some sun tan lotion."

I went over to my desk and made a list:

3 T-shirts size L

2 swim trunks Large

3 pair's socks

pack of spare razor blades

Bottle of sun tan lotion

I decided to turn walk through the apartment and turn off the light(S). I stopped in the spare bedroom and looked around.

"I wonder how I will be able to tell Jeremy that I do not want him staying at my apartment during the trip." I thought to myself

I grabbed a pair of socks and put them on one by one. I grabbed my Reebok shoes and put them on. I wondered if I should get myself another pair of shoes as a lot of people in Key West walk or ride bikes. Hell Jeremy has like 10 pairs of sneakers besides his works shoes.

"Ring, Ring, Ring." I answered the phone after looking at the caller ID.

"My annoying best friend," I said laughing

"Matt I knew you loved me now lets go, I got your body to dress and time is a wasting," Matt said very hyper.

I hung up my cell phone and walked outside. I went to lock up but I remembered that I had left my list in the kitchen, so I went back inside and grabbed it. I locked the door and started walking to the parking lot.

"Hurry up Matt I want to get to my favorite hobby, shopping for a gay guy."

I saw Matt in his blue Mustang and I walked over to him and waved my list at him.

"I made a list of clothes I thank I need for the trip so get off my back," I said getting in to the car. I handed the list to Jeremy and he looked at it.

"This is work-able but instead of swim trunks, I want you to get Speedos or board shorts," Jeremy said and put the list on top of the dashboard.

"I can do board shorts, but as I am very shy I seriously doubt that I am going to even go near a Speedo," I said but I knew for a fact that Jeremy had already made up his mind that he wanted me to try one on at least.

"So the plan is to go to Sweetwater Swimwear and to Academy and we will get everything I thank you need and more," Jeremy said and started driving.

That kind of worried me a little bit and I wandered what was going through that head of his as he started looking.

"I want to go to the Sweetwater swimwear in the galleria mall but because it is Saturday I thank we will go to the store Frisco"

"That actually makes a lot of sense as we can shop and get some grub while are there," I said really happy that we were not going to have to put up with the crowds and parking night mares of the big mall.

We pulled into the parking lot almost 35 minutes later and Jeremy found a parking spot really close to the store "All right Matt it is time to get your butt in to some clothes that will advertise you to the world," Jeremy said very cocky.

"I said I would try on some clothes but hell no if I am going to walk out of here in something that makes me look like I am a hooker!" I said very agitated.

We are here to shop Jeremy remember, so make sure you keep your pants zipped up at all times."

I looked at Jeremy and often wanted to be him, the good looks and not having to worry about getting a date with any guy you want. He was an Adonis very well defined muscles every where you looked. I had never been attracted to Jeremy since he was my best friend. I just wish I had the looks and charisma that comes so naturally to him.

"I am going to make sure you choose other colors like black," Jeremy said while pointing the way to the men's clothing'.

Jeremy walked around and left me looking at some shorts. He stared at these very low-cut shorts. Looking at them, I looked at my knees and shoock my head at Jeremy. Jeremy put the red shorts back and got a pair of blue low-cut shorts. I nodded at him and started looking for T-Shirts. Jeremy came over and put the shorts in the basket, and went back to find me some other stuff. I saw Jeremy working on underwear and I decided that I better go over there and put my foot down.

"I prefer boxers only."

"Yeah but I want you to feel what a thong is like, and besides I will see if I can find you a blue thong," Jeremy said trying to negotiate with me.

"I do not have the butt to wear a thong!" I said thinking that I had won the argument.

Jeremy picked up a box with a blue thong inside and put it in the basket, "Don't say a word until you try them on." He also put in 2 more boxes: 1 black and 1 red.

"If you expect me to try these on then you had better make it up to me big time," I said realizing that I had lost this argument. Jeremy went around while I went over to the dressing room with my basket. I grabbed the pair of shorts and the blue thong and decided to go into room 1. I undressed and tried to shorts on. I had to admit that I really did like them, although they did reveal a little of my pubic hair. I decided I would get these.

"Hey, Matt you in there?" Jeremy asked knocking on the door.

"Yeah I am trying on a few things so I can see what I like and I don't like," I said taking the shorts off.

I looked down and suddenly Jeremy's head and body appeared from no where. He then squeezed himself into the dressing room

"Fuck cant I have some privacy while I try on these clothes!" I said very angry trying not to give into the urge to kill him very painfully.

"I am your clothing expert and I want to make sure that everything fits right." Jeremy said opening the box and handing me the blue thong.

"Can I have a little privacy please," I said very embarrassed

Jeremy turned around as I removed my boxers and started to put the thong on. I put the thong on as something did not feel right. "Jeremy I thank something is wrong."

Jeremy turned around and looked. The next thing I know he was laughing so hard that you would have thought I told the joke of the century.

"Oh my god, I thought I had seen everything, but I swear that I had never seen anyone put a thong on backwards."

Jeremy removed the thong and turned it around. He handed it to me and I put it back on. "My dick feels 100 times better although my ass feels so weird."

"It takes some getting used, to now walk around in it and model for me," Jeremy asked and opened the door."

"Hell no, I am not going outside this room in a thong, you must be out your mind, and," and I took the thong off and put it back in its box. I decided I liked it enough to keep it and I got dressed..

"So what is the verdict will you wear it in Key West?"

"I am not saying that will wear it but I will purchase it and I will put it in my suit case, "I said hoping to get out of the store as fast as I could without any more embarrassment.

"I thank you will like it and I want you to get these other ones also ok,"

"I will do black, but me and red do not get along, "I said handing him the red thong to put back on the shelf.

Jeremy shook his head and took the box and went and put it back on the shelf. I thought to myself: "You win some and you loose some."
I looked at the basket

2 –Thongs

I decided that I had a few things and besides I liked Academy more. "Come on Jeremy, Let's get this stuff paid for so we can get out of here and go to Academy."

I walked up the cashier and set the thongs down.

"Good choice if I may so myself, "said the lady behind the desk.

"I'm getting these under extreme duress," I said opening my wallet to find my credit card.

"He is going to Key West and he needs to work on his gay side," Jeremy said very friendly with the lady.

"Ah Mr. White one of our favorite customers, can you talk your friend into becoming one our VIP members, after all if I don't see you in here every month we have to call and make sure nothing has happened to you."

"Jeanette, Matt is very shy although I can't understand why he has a great body," Jeremy said pointing to my crotch'

I really did not know what to say, so I kept my mouth shut. . That will be $105.65 Mr. Taylor"

I looked at the thongs for a minute and just handed her my credit card.

I whispered to Jeremy, "I could have gotten 3 pairs of board shorts at academy for that price."

Jeanette handed me the charge slip and I signed it and gave it back to her.

"She put my thongs in a black bag, although the phrase on the front made my eyes stand out: If it sticks out we pack it!

I grabbed the bag and Jeremy walked up and put his thong on the counter.

He reached into his wallet and he pulled out a card and gave it to her, although it was not his credit card. She scanned it and said, "Mr. White I am so glad you are a VIP member."

"Well yeah, after I spent 350 dollars last month I figure I could find some way to save money," Jeremy said putting the card back in his wallet.

""Dam for 350 dollars I could get me a new computer."

Jeremy got his credit card out and handed it to Jeanette.

He signed the slip and I pulled him out the door.

"Come on Jeremy, I want to go to Academy and get me some decent clothes."

"You and Academy, blah blah blah, and you are not even an athlete, why do you like Academy?" Jeremy said.

"There prices are very reasonable, and I like the selection they offer," I said not sure if I was making a point or not.

We left the thong store and we walked for about 3 minutes to Academy.

"All right here we are Matt, now I want you to seriously consider getting a Speedo, "Jeremy said opening door for me.

I reached in and looked at my list of things that I wanted to get for my trip to Key West.

"Mainly what I need are some board shorts and some T-shirts."

"Well Matt I want you to try on some Speedos and let's see if we can broaden your wardrobe with me at the helm," Jeremy said grabbing two baskets.

"I don't need two baskets, I hope one of those if for you!" I said to Jeremy taking one and putting it back.

I walked over toward the middle of the store and started looking for swim stuff. Jeremy slowly followed behind memorizing different departments in the store. I started looking at the board shorts and looking at the different colors and materials. Jeremy came behind me and picked out one.
"This one is blue and I thank it will be perfect for you." Jeremy said handing it to me.

I was really impressed with it although I am not sure I like the draw strings in the front. I decided against my fear and put it in the basket.

I looked right beside it and saw some basic swim trunks that were on clearance. "I want those black ones right there Jeremy."

"All right lets go over here and try and find you a Speedo," Jeremy said dragging me by the arm to the Speedo display.

Jeremy pointed at the black one on the bottom rack, "I have that one right there and it feels amazing."

I touched a Speedo and it was so tight. "Dam I thought that may cut off circulation to a certain part of my body."

I started walking away from the rack nonchalantly toward the T-shirt display but Jeremy caught me

Jeremy grabbed a pair and ran after me like the store was on fire. "This one right here will be perfect for you. I want you to go to the dressing room and try this on."

I shook my head and Jeremy started singing badly off key.

There she was walking down the street singing Do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do"

"Oh Lord please don't sing, I am not trying to go deaf. What have I done to deserve such cruel punishment?" I took the Speedo and walked over to the dressing room. "There is now way in hell I am stepping outside the dressing room in this thing!"

I opened the door and closed it. I put the Speedo on the bench and started getting undressed. I untied my shoes and removed my socks placing each one inside of the shoes. I removed my shorts and removed my boxers. I reached over and picked up the blue Speedo. I slowly put one leg in and then the other. It started feeling tight.

Just then I heard a knock at the door.

"Matt you all right in there?"

I thought for a second as I raised the Speedo up above my knees and slowly got them on all the way. I decided to pay Jeremy back by doing the one thing that would drive him nuts, not saying a thing. I now had the Speedo on all the way on and boy my family jewels were being squeezed. I looked at the mirror for a second and actually liked the logo on the left side.

"Matt do I need to call a manager to let me in to make sure you have not passed out." By now Jeremy was starting to bang really hard on the door frantically, I decided that enough was enough.

"I am about to get dressed right now, so would you get off my case already," I said removing the Speedo and putting on my boxers and shorts. I sat down and put my socks and shoes on. I opened the door and Jeremy was on the other side.

"I know you don't like them but let me tell you that I have had mine for 5 months and I love them. Please give them a chance and I promise you won't be sorry," Jeremy said giving excuse after excuse for me to get the Speedo.

I walked right up to him and placed them in the basket which he was holding.

"Now I need to get a few shirts and I will be done."

"What the hell happened in that dressing room, did you jerk off in them," Jeremy asked as we started walking toward some shirts that I saw earlier.

I decided I was going to make him sweat it out. "So I think I want to get myself a few polo shirts."

Jeremy shook his finger and said, "I want you to look at tank tops and some cooler clothes, as it will be very hot in Key West."

I decided Jeremy could be right, and it has been known to happen once in a while, but I dare not tell him as he already has a huge ego.

With Jeremy's help I got 2 tank tops. I went over to the shoe department and grabbed me a package of tube socks.

Jeremy was at the front waiting for me as I waved at him.

"I am ready to get this stuff paid for so we can get something to eat." I said taking everything out of the basket and putting it on the counter to be scanned.

"Good afternoon gentlemen I hope you found everything you needed "said the nice guy who was running the computer.

"My friend Matt is going to Key west and I wanted to make sure he has some stuff to play in," Jeremy said making eye contact with the guy.

"I have a brother who is planning to go to Key West next week. He is a bit shy and would not even tell me where he was staying." I noticed his name was Ronald.

"Well I expect that my buddy Matt will have a terrific time," Jeremy said putting his arm around me.

"That will be $96.85 Mr. Taylor" I pulled out my credit card and scanned it in the machine. I entered my pin number. The receipt was printing.

"I hope Ben and you get to see each other he is very shy." Ronald said handing me the receipt. I was waiting for it, still waiting for it, and here is the wind up.

"Well it sounds like we have a match in the making," Jeremy said and I could see that he was cooking up a plan in his mind. All I could do was wonder about Ben.

"You gentlemen have a great afternoon, and I hope you have a terrific vacation in Key West. I will tell my brother Ben that there is a guy from our area that will be there also."

I smiled at Ronald. Then Jeremy and I walked out of the store, whilst outside the store Jeremy stood there with a smirk and his eyebrows slightly rose.

"I don't want to hear what is in that brain of yours, so let me say this one time and one time only. I don't want to be fixed up by you or anyone else. If we happen to meet we will, OK? Case closed

Jeremy had a look of shock on his face and I was thankful I got my point across very clearly. "All right you win, but that does not mean that I won't encourage you to be open to the possibility of meeting someone in Key West."

We found Jeremy`s car and got in. "What do you want to eat Matt my stomach thanks my throat has been cut in half."

"I feel like going to Sonic, and getting myself a Cherry Coke." I said putting my seat belt on.

Jeremy started driving back toward a Sonic near my apartment. "So what exactly are you going to do for excursions while you are in Key West?"

"Well as this is my first time to the ocean I have planned 4 separate ocean excursions and I did book a few trips with that all gay company you told me about."

"Excellent choice buddy, I have never been on it but I have heard from some friends that the crew treats you like you are a prince."

"Well this is my first time in the ocean so I am still a little scared about sharks."

We pulled into Sonic and Jeremy rolled down his window and pushed the button. "So what do you want to eat Matt?"

" I want the number 1 no tomato, no onion with bacon and cheese and you know my drink."

"Welcome to Sonic may I take your order."

Jeremy thought for a second and said, "I have two separate orders. I need a number 1 cut the tomatoes and onion with bacon and cheese, and a route 44 Cherry Coke. That is all for that order. For the second order I would like the number 7 Coney and tots meal with a route 44 Coke to drink."

The lady repeated both orders and Jeremy rolled up the window as it would take a few minutes. I took out my billfold and handed him a 10 dollar bill to pay for my meal. "So tell me about the other excursions that you are going on."

"I am going on a dolphin/ snorkeling excursion and I am going on a glass bottom boat tour of the coral reef."

"I knew that you would do something with dolphins, knowing how attached to them you are," Jeremy said.

A guy carrying two bags came toward Jeremy's car so he rolled down the window. He set the tray down. "I have a number 1 with a route 44 cherry coke the total is 7.29."

Jeremy handed the guy the 10 dollar bill and the guy handed Jeremy a bag and drink. Jeremy handed me the bag. The guy handed Jeremy the change.

"The second order I have a number 7 Coney and tots with a route 44 coke. Your total is 5.99"

Jeremy handed him some money and got his bag of food. The guy handed Jeremy his change and some straw and napkins. I started to open everything and began eating.

Jeremy put his change in his pocket and started eating. We did not talk to much as we were both very hungry.

Ten minutes later we had finished and were very satisfied. "I am ready to get back to my apartment and get these clothes put away."

"Well I am going to come over Monday and help you pack for your flight Tuesday, because I don't want you to wait for the last minute and accidentally leave something at home."

15 minutes later Jeremy had pulled up to my apartment. I got out and grabbed the 3 bags of clothes. "Thanks for helping me shop for some clothes, although I make no promises as to what I will actually wear in Key West," I said walking away.

"I am working quite a bit next week, but I will give you a call on Friday," Jeremy said and drove off.

I unlocked my apartment and went inside. I put the bags on the dinning room table and put my cell phone the charger. I took off my shoes and socks and set them down beside the couch. I went into the bedroom, and looked at the laptop for a second. I grabbed a piece of paper: Confirm all the reservation and excursions by Wednesday. I took my glasses off and I drifted off into dream land.

I hope all of you are enjoying this story. I wanted to take a short minute and let you know that this story is actually posting late as my father passed away a week ago, after a battle with a bad infection. It hit me hard, but I am healing well with the strength of some amazing friends. Also I want to thank those very friends who took time to edit this story and help me become a better author. Please let me know what you thank of this story. Please stay tuned next week, the same bat time, the same bat channel for another exciting installment of friends to the end.