Friends to the end

Chapter 3

Planning and Dreams

Saturday June 1 2007

I woke up very excited as my trip to Key West was starting to get close. I decided to jump on my laptop and open up my Key West folder and began looking at all the stuff I had to check on for my trip. While waiting for the document to open I opened up my email, and saw an email from American Airlines. As I was booked on AA I decided to open it up.

Dear Mr .Taylor

Due to scheduling and flight changes we had to change your flights. If you have any problems please contact an AA customer service representative and they will be more than glad to help you more. We apologize for any inconvience and thanks for flying American Airlines.

I looked at the new flight times and I was all right with the times, I leave DFW at 815 and I arrive at 2:30 PM. Well I opened up my reservation folder and copied the new flight information in. I looked over the rest of the file. I was so thrilled that I was going to stay at an all gay resort. The two main reasons I had chosen Key West was because I wanted to go to my first pride fest, and Jeremy's recommendation that this resort was awesome. The thought of clothing optional made me cringe quite a bit, as I still am quite modest and shy. I continued down the file and looked at all of my excursions that I had booked.

Wednesday -- all male- kayaking- bight seaport slit e 21 10:45

Thursday -- dolphin/ snorkeling bight sea port 1:30

Sunday -- bottomless coral reef tour 1:30

Sunday -- all gay- Sunset cruise- bight seaport slit e 21 5:30

The all male kayaking trip was front in center in my mind as I had never been on the ocean before. Hell I did not even know what a kayak was. It said on the website that once we left the seaport we could be in the buff, but I really did not foresee that ever happen. I looked on the computer and saw the email from the owner.

"We are sorry but when I ran your credit card it was returned can you please resubmit the correct information and I will be glad to re-run it."


I took off running around the apartment looking for my wallet. I started in the living room. I looked on the coffee table and found it sitting right where I left it. I grabbed my check card, and went back to my desk. I typed in the website, and opened up the booking form. I put in the information and I typed in the numbers very slowly. I re-read each number and made sure they matched. I submitted the information. I typed a quick email to the owner again:

"I am so embarrassed as I mistyped my credit card information. When you get a chance can you please make sure that the new info went through all right?"

I sent the email out and I decided I wanted to explore some of the websites about Key West a little; after all I do plan to do some exploring and learn as much as I can.

The first thing I wanted to do is to plan out what I wanted to do during the day when I am not on the ocean. I am after all a morning person. I really wanted to visit the Ernest Hemmingway house, as I did my Comp 2 paper on A Farewell to Arms. With my love for marine life I decided that I wanted to go to the aquarium. Ever since my trip to Las Vegas I had fallen in love with wax museums so I knew I would have to visit Ripley's Believe It Or Not. I decided I had better print out a map so I can figure out where I am going, so I don't get lost. The map printed and I circled the things that were important on there. I looked on the website that there were 5 beaches in Key West, the biggest being Smathers Beach. I decided that I wanted to go to something smaller so I thank Fort Zackary Taylor would be better as it was closer to my resort.

Just then there was a knock at the door.

"Fed- EX. I have a delivery for Matt Taylor."

I got up and answered the door. The nice man handed me a package and I signed for it. I shut the door and went back to my desk with the box. I had ordered some snorkeling gear on Wednesday, but I had never had to use airmail before. I cut the box open and looked at my new pair of snorkeling fins and goggles. I was impressed but, then for 24.99 I thank I did well. I knew better than to tell Jeremy or he would have a cow over the 20 bucks I spent on delivery. I put them on top of my blue suit case.

Ring Ring Ring

"Hello, you have reached Matt Taylor, please leave your name, number, message and I will call you back when I can."

"What the fuck, Matt answer this phone now."

I knew getting that answering machine for my home phone would piss Jeremy off but at least it will keep the telemarketers away.

"And good morning to you to," I said

"What are you doing? I am just relaxing before I have to start my shift."

"Just working on my trip, had a little problem with one of my excursions, but I fixed it. I just printed a map and am locating where everything is."

"I got one question for you Jeremy, have you started packing yet?"

"I am still working out the details," I remarked not sure if I had convinced him.

"You still want me to pick you up at 4:30 Tuesday morning for your early morning flight?"

"That is one of the changes, apparently my flight has been rescheduled, my new flight leaves at 8:30, and that sucks as you know I am a morning person."

"Hey don't mess with a good thing. You get to sleep longer," Jeremy said laughing.

"I want you to finish packing by 3:00 pm tomorrow so you won't have to stress. I still can't get over why you want to wait until the last minute, run around with your head cut off and all you clothes end up getting wrinkled.

I really wanted to tell Jeremy to fuck off, but I knew that he would figure a way to annoy me.

"I will pack tonight; if I get all the laundry done, now get off my back!" I said screaming into the phone. It felt nice to yell at Jeremy for a change.

"Geez don't get your boxers in a knot. I was wandering if I could come over Monday after my shift. I can just drive you to the airport and then run errands around the city. "

"I actually do not know what my plans are on Monday, I start my leave at work, but I may be running some errands too. Just give me a call before you come over."

"Hey Jeremy I am going to let you go so I can look at what restaurants I want to visit."

"Oh Matt, you have to visit Flamingo Café, it's an awesome little place right on Duval."

"Alright Jeremy I will jot that down. Before I forget, I never checked to see if you could pick me up on the 12 when I come back."

"Sorry man, I am working a shift."

No worries Jeremy. I will just catch the TRE train and just ride back to Dallas. I can just catch a bus and be at the apartment with hardly any trouble."

"Sounds like a plan Matt, just get yourself something to eat either in Miami or at DFW as you will probably leave before the little airport café even opens."

"Jeremy, I am going to have to let you go, I am going to go for a walk, and you are right I am serious about my diet and exercise."

"All right, Matt, you are going to have a really awesome vacation."

I hung up the phone to find my mp3 player. I looked on the dinning room table, but it was not there. I went to my bedroom to look on the dresser drawer but it was not there either. I went in to living room and looked on top of the TV. I grabbed my keys and walked out of the apartment. I put the ear pieces in my ear and I turned on the mp 3 player. I went two blocks to the high school. Since it was Saturday the track was open to the public and there were not that many people around. I got to the gate really quickly and walked in. I waved at a few people as I began stretching my leg muscles.

A normal work out for me is 4 miles I typically walk at a moderate pace as I am allergic to running. After 12 laps around the track my legs began to ache a little bit, but I wanted to finish strong. I kept going as my pace began to slow. By lap 14 my legs were cussing me out every way they new how. I was starting to walk a little faster as I was bound and determined to finish what I had started. I came around and finally crossed the line at lap 16 and I thank my butt was even cussing. I sat down for a second and stretched out. I left the high school and walked across the street over to the 7-11 so I can get me something to drink. I made the goofy mistake of not bringing my water bottle with me. I can just here Jeremy now "Do I need to put an IV in you to keep your fluid up."

I got over to the 7-11 and I forgot about how hot and sweaty I was. I walked in and went over to the soda machine. I pulled out a Super Big Gulp and put ice inside of it. I put it under the Gatorade spout and pushed the button. As I was waiting for the cup to finish filling a really nice lady walked by and began checking me out. She came very close to me. I could smell her perfume as she went over and got a slushy. She was dressed in a black blazer with white pants. She came up to me and whispered, "You must workout quite a bit. "

I was floored to say the least as I was being checked out by the opposite sex. I thought about my answer for a while. "I try and work out every day; I said and put a lid on my drink. I walked over to the counter and handed it to the cashier. She came behind me to pay for her slurpee. "You are really cute for a guy who just worked out."

I really had to figure a way to ditch her without causing problems for myself. "Thank you, you look very nice in that dress. If you will excuse me I need to get showered and go so I can get ready for my baby."

Little did she know that my baby was my laptop, but it worked as she took a few steps back. I handed a 5 dollar bill to the cashier, and she gave me my change. I thanked her and smiled at the lady who was trying to pick me up.

I put my mp3 player back on and walked back to my apartment. I stopped at the mail box beside the main office and checked my mail. "Junk mail, junk mail, and bills. Why cant I actually get something different. "

I walked back to my apartment and unlocked my door and stepped inside. I went into my bedroom and threw the bills into the bill basket. I took off my shirt and shorts and went over to the dresser and grabbed a clean pair of boxers. I went in the bathroom and took off my boxers. I threw my boxers in the closet. I got into the tub and began soaking my muscles in a nice hot bath. I stayed in the tub for about 15 minutes as my leg muscles were thanking me repeatedly. I got out of the tub and dried myself off. I put the clean pair of boxers and decided it was time to do laundry. I grabbed the basket of clothes in the closet, and walked over to the machine in the middle of the hall. I put all the clothes inside and put the liquid washing powder inside. I turned the knob to jumbo load and started the washing machine. I decided to just lounge in my boxers, for a while.

I decided to start printing out my confirmations and get myself organized for the trip. I opened up my email and printed out all the confirmation emails. I reached up and grabbed a 3 ring notebook and the whole puncher. I grabbed the AA paperwork and put it in after I first highlighted my confirmation code which I would need to print out the et-ticket. Next I put the resort confirmation in. I had 3 of the confirmations for the excursions, so I decided to go and check my email, and sure enough the transaction for my gay kayaking trip had gone through. I printed it out and put it in the notebook.

I decided to do the one thing that I did not want to do: to start packing. I went and grabbed my rolling blue suit case out of the closet. I took the fins and goggles off the suitcase and arranged them inside. I went over and grabbed the bags of clothes I got with Jeremy and packed the clothes. I went over to my dresser drawer and opened the top drawer. I grabbed 2 pair of boxers and put them in the suit case. Just then the buzzer on the washer went off. I walked over to the machine and took all the clothes out and put them in the dryer. I started the dryer and went back to my room. I opened my 2nd drawer and grabbed 2 pair of shorts. I put one aside and put one in the suit case. I went over to the closet and took my laptop backpack out. I put it on the bed and put the pair of shorts in the spare pocket, just in case my luggage was lost on the trip. I went back to the dresser drawer and opened up the bottom drawer and too 4 pair of socks out, ( I will only wear tube sock). I put three of them in the suit case and 1 in the backpack. As everything was done until the dryer finished I decided to do some banking.

The first thing I needed to do is to transfer money out of my savings account to my checking account. I logged in and I checked the balance of both my checking account and savings account. I had been saving money each month putting it in the savings account. I went over to the transfer screen and I typed in the transfer

Transfer 2050.00

From: Savings account

To: Primary checking

Authorization code: xxxx

Notes: for Key West trip

I pressed submit and the confirmation was displayed on the screen. I was surprised it was Saturday and the transfer had already gone through. I then logged on to my credit card account and wanted to check it. I was quite happy as I had 500 dollars to charge if there was an emergency.

With everything done that could be done I decided to go in the living room. I sat down on the black love seat and cut the TV on. I decided to bring up the DVR and found a Star Trek TNG that I had not seen yet. I pushed play and relaxed. I got up and went in the kitchen and fixed me a ham and cheese sandwich. I went into the pantry and found some Pringles. I put some on my plate. I was craving something sweet, just not sure what. I put the Pringles back up and started looking. Which do I want more, Oreo cookies or fig Newton's. I thought for a second and grabbed the fig Newton's. There were only 4 left so I took to them out and threw the bag in the trash under the sink. I went into the fridge and grabbed me a root beer. I closed the fridge door and went to the blue sectional.

I set my plate down on the coffee table. I really liked that I had the blue sectional facing the TV, with the black love seat to the left. As I was now finished with the DVR I switched it over to the news. I started eating my sandwich. My phone began ringing, but I was having an attack of laziness so I decided to let the machine get it .

BEEEEEEEEEEP: "Matt this is Jeremy, I tried calling your cell but you were not answering. Just wanted to see what you are doing? Because I am at work send me an email, and don't forget to buy some condoms. Later."

Hearing that, I nearly chocked on my Pringles. But I did need to go to the store, and pick up a few things that I needed mainly a new toothbrush, and some sun screen. I decided I would go to Kroger tomorrow afternoon. I finished eating my food while listening to the news. I was quite happy that the San Antonio spurs were doing extremely well through the NBA playoff games. I took my plate over to the sink along with my coke can. I threw my coke can away, and put my plate in the sink. I washed the dishes and put it in the drain board. I went over and sure enough the dryer was finished. I took all the stuff to my bedroom. I put a pair of boxers in the back pack, along with a polo shirt. I had three more clean shirts in the basket that I folded up and put in the suit case, I put two more pair of socks in the suit case. I zipped up the suit case and stood it up beside the dresser. I zipped up the backpack, and it felt light. Once I packed up the laptop, I am sure it will be quite heavy I thought. I jumped on the laptop and decided to send Jeremy an email:

Hey heard your message and I am almost all packed up, except for some of my utility stuff which I will pack Monday afternoon. I plan to go to Kroger tomorrow to pick up some things. I wanted to ask a couple of questions: What would you like for me to get you in Key West? What should I get for my niece and nephew? How early should I go to the seaport for my excursions, as I don't know the first thing about Key West? I have never had Key Lime pie before, do you have any preferences?


I hit the send button, and decided read my favorite online story, The Road Home. I started reading. I had been reading this story for about 8 months. I finished the chapter I was on. I continued reading for about 2 hours. It was getting late, so I closed the laptop and went in the living room. I cut the light out and went back to my room.

I walked in and cut the light out, but I forgot to look where I was going. "Fuckkkkkkk" and then I had pain shooting from my toes as I had hit the suit case. I decided I was too tired to go back to the kitchen and put ice on it so I took my glasses off and set them on the dresser and got in bed and went to bed.

Matt's dream

I was at the resort in Key West when I saw this beautiful man sitting at another table. He looked to be in his mid 20's with blond hair. He had a swimmers build. He was not alone as it looked like his boyfriend was sitting next to him. I was enjoying my dessert until suddenly he came up to me

"Is this seat taken?" the guy I was looking at said.

"No, your welcome to sit down," I said trying to picture him without any clothes on.

"So what brings you to Key West guy?"

"This is my first pride, and I needed a vacation from work."

"Well I and my brother come down every year for pride, but this is our first time in this awesome resort." he said waving at his brother.

"Why don't you ask your brother to come over here he looks kind of lonely?" I asked waving to him and motioning him to come over.

His brother came over, but instead of sitting down he came toward me and kissed me. To say I was shocked was an understatement. I pulled away, and smiled. My brother and I were wandering if you would like to come back to our room and have some fuck. Holy fuck, I have always wanted to play with two brothers. "I would love to have my way with you." I immediacy felt my shorts twinge as my dick stated to come to life. Both brothers got up.

"We are in room 214." The two of them walked away and I got a good peak at there butt.
I waved my hand to the bar and asked for my tab. I signed the charge slip and took off like a kid in a candy store. I saw the two brothers waiting at top of the stairs.

The blond hair guy spoke first, "My name is Peter this and my brother is Greg."

"My name is Matt," I said I as followed the two around the corner. Greg pulled his key from around his neck and opened the door.

I stepped inside there room. Immediately Peter came over and shut the door. He then came up to me and stated to undress me, as Greg started to get undressed. Peter removed my shirt I reached in and started undoing his pants. Greg was now totally nude and he came right beside me. Peter removed my shorts and began rubbing my dick through my boxers. I moaned softly Greg stared tonguing my back starting at the top, and slowly working his way down. I had shivers going down my spine every time his tongue hit my back.

"Why don't we go over to the bed Peter. " I said taking off my boxers. Peter laid on the bed first and I got right beside him. I motioned Greg over and he came on the left side of me. I started kissing Peter very erotically. I opened his mouth with my tongue I and I slip my tongue in. I stood on my knees and started kissing Peters chest. I circled each nipple with my tongue. I started rubbing my hand all over Greg's nipples as he was jerking off. I reached over and starting stroking him while continuing to kiss Peter's abdomen. I slowly licked back and forth over his treasure trail.

"Ohhhh god Matt." Peter said and I scooted my whole body over him. I could feel his chest rise as our nipples touched. I grabbed both dicks and began jerking them side by side. I started humping Peter's dick. I bent down and took his dick in my mouth. It looked like he was about 5 inches and was still growing. I started to slowly suck his dick off. Greg got up and sat down right next to Peter with his dick near me also. Greg began to kiss Peter and this really turned me on so I began to suck him really fast. I took his dick out of my mouth and started sucking Greg. Peter got up and I felt him behind me.

"Your ass is so tight; I am going to pound the fuck out it." Peter said.

I took Greg's dick out of my mouth and said," My ass is hungry for you dick."

I went back to work on Greg's penis starting to suck it. I had built up a rhythm and he was smiling. The next thing I know Peter is touching my ass with his fingers. The strangest thing I feel his mouth on my ass. This made me really erotic so I started to hump into Greg as I sucked him. I felt Peter's hand pulling my cheeks apart. The next thing I know I feel weird as I feel his tongue going into me. I decided to turn my attention to Greg. I took his dick out and started jerking him off.

"Yeah baby, this ass is what my dick needs." Peter said and I felt him starting to push his tongue into my butt.

"Oh god." I felt like I was in heaven with his tongue inside me.

Greg got up and I lay down and raised my legs up. Peter went to the dresser and got out a condom. Peter put the condom on and got on the bed right near my ass.

Greg stood near my face with his dick near my mouth. I opened my mouth and he put it in. At that moment I felt Peter start to put his dick inside me. "Please go slow. I am not very experience." Peter slowly pushed his dick into my ass, and the pain was intense. I took Greg took his mouth out so I could talk.

All I could do was moan really loud.


I grabbed Greg's dick and started rubbing it against each of my nipples. Peter was now all the way in me as I could feel his balls against my sack. I looked up and Peter started to fuck my ass. I felt the balls popping my butt cheeks as he went in and out of my ass. I could feel Peter's dick move out of my ass until I could just feel the head. Then Peter violently shoved his dick back in. I was starting to get used to the pain I was feeling in my ass and I wanted to play with Greg. Instead of putting his dick in my mouth I decided to run my tongue around his dick. Greg started moaning so I new he liked it. I took my index finger and started squeezing his balls. Peter was thrusting in and out of me picking up speed. I let out a moan as it felt like Peter hit something deep with in me. I threw my head back, "Ohhhhhhh Gooddddd that was incredible."

"I think Peter's dick finally went deep enough to hit your g-spot." Greg said putting his dick near my mouth. I opened my mouth and Greg did not waste any time as he started fucking my face. I could not believe two brothers were fucking me. Peter had worked up a rhythm and my ass was his slave. Peter started to pick up the pace, and with each thrust it felt like he was getting deeper inside of me.

"Ohhhhh gooddedddddd, I am going to cummmmmmmmmmmm" Peter said. It felt like Peter's dick was all the way in my colon. I clinched my ass around his dick and he really pushed . I felt his dick starting to pulse inside me. He continued to thrust in and out of me really fast

"Yeah Matt, I am going to fill your ass up with my juice," Peter said starting to pant as he thrust.

. Hearing that drove me nuts as I started licking Greg's dick really fast. Just then I started feeling Greg's dick tense up. He took his dick out and I opened my mouth.

"Give it to me Greg. I love the taste of cum."

Greg leaned over and his dick started firing volley after volley of cum.

"That's it Matt take my cum, you know you want it," Greg said as most of it landed in my mouth. Peter had gotten up and took his condom off and put it in the trash. He sat down beside my legs and started jacking me off. Greg finished shooting his cum and immediately he came right up to my mouth and kissed me. He inserted his tongue and I let him taste his cum. Peter jerked me off really fast. It took me less than a minute and I shot my cum. Peter bent down as I shot on his chest.

"That was amazing," I said panting.

Peter and Greg stood up on there knees, and so did I Peter started kissing me , Greg joined in and before I new it all threw of us were tasting each others tongues and saliva. It was so erotic kissing two hot brother's together. I pulled back and got off the bed.

"That was amazing," I said looking for my clothes.

Peter came over to me and handed me my boxers as Greg came up behind me. Greg took his fingers and started stroking my back.

"You are an amazing guy; we will have to get together again before we leave." Greg said kissing my butt as I pulled my boxers up. I reached down to grab my shirt but Peter had beaten me to it.

"Allow me to do it," Peter said and I raised my arms. The shirt went over my chest. Greg handed me my shorts and I put them on.

"I hope we see each other again here in Key West., Your butt was made to be fucked," Peter said as I opened the door.

Back to reality



I woke up in my bed breathing very hard, as I began to remember the dream I just had. I removed the covers and there was a wet spot on my boxers. I decided I would worry about the sheets later, so I went to the bathroom to drain the pipe. I went back to my bedroom and grabbed my glasses from the dresser and put them on. I decided I need to change boxers, so I opened up the dresser and found a clean pair. I took off the wet ones and set them on the floor. I pulled the clean pair up. I reached the 2nd drawer and found me a shirt. I went over to the closet and started looking for a pair of blue jeans. I found a pair, and put them on.

I went to the kitchen and put the lights on so I can see what I am doing. Getting up at 6:00 am during the week is all right, but tough during the weekend. I opened the cabinet above the dishwasher and took out a glass. I closed the cabinet, and went over to the fridge. I pulled the sunny d out and filled up my glass. I went over to the counter and decided I wanted to eat 2 bagels for breakfast. I opened the bag, and removed two cinnamon bagels. I closed the bag and put it back on the counter. I put the bagels in the toaster and pushed down the lever. I looked at my list on the fridge and starting thanking. "I am going on vacation for a week, so I don't need a lot from Kroger today." I decided that wanted to do something special for Jeremy tomorrow for dinner. I thought for a while about what Jeremy liked. Then I got it: Chicken Enchiladas, rice, beans. I decided to get some sherbet ice cream for dessert. I had to be very careful as Jeremy does not like spices, and this recipe calls for cayan pepper. I remember making this recipe for the first time for my mom, and I man I nearly got shot. I did not thank 1 tablespoon was enough, so I put 3 in the meat. I blinked thanking about having to eat that spicy food. I thank I had heartburn for 4 days. I new that I had plenty of spices, as I looked at the spice rack right beside the stove. My bagels popped up. I opened up the fridge and found the butter. I went over and grabbed a knife from the silverware drawer. I reached above the sink and opened up the cabinet, and found a little plate. I put the bagels on the plate, and put butter on them. I took the plate of food and set it on the dinning room table.

I grabbed my glass and walked back to the counter to get the butter. I opened the fridge and put the butter inside. I grabbed the milk out and poured me a glass. I put the milk back up, and reached down toward the bottom. I opened the crisper and decided I wanted to eat me a banana. I walked back to the table, sat down, and ate my breakfast. I really had nothing planned today other than going to Kroger, so I decided to go to a movie this afternoon. "

I finished eating breakfast and took my plate to the kitchen. I threw all the trash away, and put the glass and the plate in the sink. I went to the front door opened the door as I wanted to read the Sunday paper. After about 30 minutes I decided I had read enough and I wanted to get online and find out what movies were showing over in the shopping center.

While on the way to the bedroom, I decided I would go into the spare bedroom and check things out for Jeremy. "Everything seems normal." I set this room up for my niece and nephew to come visit when I moved to this apartment 8 months ago. They keep asking for bunk beds, but I just got 2 full sized beds. I walked over to the toy box and picked it up. Who would thank in 8 months this thing could be really heavy. I carried the toy chest to the closet and dropped it. I left the spare room satisfied, and walked over to my bedroom. I went over to my laptop and sat down. I typed in galaxy 5 and waiting for the page to load. I started browsing the different shows, trying to figure out what I felt like. Just then an IM popped up:

Jeremy: Hey what are you doing?

Matt: I am looking for a movie to go see this afternoon to kills some time?

Jeremy: Cool. I start my shift at 12 noon today, and will get off tomorrow at noon.

Matt: So I should expect you at around 4:00 pm

Jeremy: Yeah that should give me some time to sleep.

Matt: Thanks again for helping me with my trip to Key West. I got everything done, except what I have to get from Kroger.

Jeremy: Well I am going to go to sleep, then head to the hospital.

Matt: Take care and save some lives

Jeremy: Thanks and don't forget the condoms

Matt: what ever