Friends to the end

Chapter 4

Getting to Key West

This story is my first work of fiction. The characters mention in this story are not real, they came from my imagination. If you not of legal age to read this please go away. This story will contain sexual acts between consenting men, if you are offended why are you here? Please email me at with any ideas or suggestion

Monday afternoon

I was just relaxing on the blue sofa reading the mail. I had requested a hold form on my mail so that everything will be kept at the post office until I get back next Tuesday. I decided I needed to go to an ATM and get some cash to pay for the cab in Key West. I left the apartment and walked across the street to the corner store. I walked in to the Valero. I walked to the back and I pulled out my Visa check card and put in it the machine. I entered my pin number and got 80 dollars out. I looked at the receipt and was pissed as I paid 3 dollars ATM fee. I walked out of the Valero and went back to the apartment across the street. The manager, Beth, walked out and I greeted her.

"How are you doing today, Matt," she said.

"I am good Beth, getting ready for a much needed vacation in Key West," I said slowly walking toward her.

"Well I hope you have a terrific vacation. When you get back, you can help us set up a couple of computers in the club house," she said standing in front of her car.

"Well I am not thinking about computers right now, but when I get back I will stop in and I will be glad to help you,"

"I appreciate it, and I will find you a boyfriend."

Hearing that, my heart almost leaped into my throat. "Beth, I never said I was gay, how do you know?"

"Well there are a lot of attractive single women who live hear and you don't even look at their chest when you swim, although you get this grin when the guys are swimming. You always have to readjust your shorts."

I turned red as a tomato, and I was very embarrassed. I was at a loss for words as to how to respond. "I told my friend Jeremy that I am just starting to become aware of me being gay, and when I am ready I will find someone."

"Well my best friend is heading to Key West Thursday, and he is a little shy like you, I will tell him that you are going, I think you two would make a cute couple," Beth said hatching out a plan in her mind. "I need to be heading back to my apartment; I am expecting a friend over for dinner."

"Take care Beth and I will find you late next week."

"Have a good trip Matt." She said getting into her go-cart and driving to an apartment down the street.

I went inside my apartment as my mind was reeling. It was strange talking to Beth about me being gay. Besides Jeremy and a few friends I had online, no one else knew. I decided I need not worry myself with anything, when my cell phone started ringing. "Hello, "I answered it knowing full well that it was Jeremy

"Hey, I am leaving my apartment right now. I will be there in about 15 minutes if I can get across Dallas before the traffic rush. My stomach wants to know what's for dinner."

"Well, I am going to cook chicken enchiladas, rice, and beans, "I said walking over to the blue sofa and sitting down.

"Sounds yummy just go easy on the spices, or I can always puke on your bed," Jeremy remarked.

"I will use only a little cayenne pepper, hell that shit will have my mouth burning for hours if I'm not careful."

"Just get your ass over here, because I am going to start cooking." I said going over to the kitchen and putting the phone up. I grabbed the pots and put them on the stove. I went over to the pantry and took out the rice and beans. I took a saucepan out and put it on the front burner. I grabbed all of the spices I needed and set them beside the stove. I opened the fridge and took out the chicken enchilada meat that I was going to use. I also took out the tortillas, and turned the oven on. Just call me Chef Matt as I now had the rice cooking nicely. I took out some floured tortillas and some diced cheese. I seasoned the rice, and took the meat off the stove. I constructed the enchiladas and put them in the oven. I turned the beans off and let them cool. I tasted the rice and added a little salt. I took the enchiladas out, and covered them with cheese, and put them back in the oven. I set the timer for 10 minutes.

Knock Knock

I went over and answered the door.

"Damn Matt, I should come over more often, it smells awesome in here," Jeremy said walking into the apartment.

"The enchiladas have another 5 minutes on them, and everything else is done, so why don't you set the table?" I was quite shocked as Jeremy did not argue at all. He opened the cabinet and took out the plates and silverware. I grabbed two hot pads and placed them on the dining room table. I then brought over the rice and bean pots and set them down. I went back to the oven just as the timer went off. I grabbed a hot pad and opened the oven. The enchiladas smelled awesome, although the steam coming off was intense. I put them on top of the stove, and took off the foil. I grabbed a spatula and put it in the dish.

"What's taking so long, my stomach is going to wither away?" Jeremy asked looking up from the table.

"You did eat lunch didn't you?" I asked

"Well I kind of ate something else," Jeremy said proudly. I should have seen that coming, but some how it hit me out of the blue.

"You told me you were going to sleep after your shift."

"Well I slept during the night." Jeremy said. I carried the enchiladas over to the dining room table and set them down in the middle. I took a pitcher of tea out of the fridge and put it down to the side of the beans. Jeremy did not take long and he went straight for the chicken enchiladas. I counted 4 on his plate.

"Are you sure you are going to be able to eat all of that," I asked putting beans and rice on my plate.

"Yeah, can you please pass the rice?" I handed him the rice and he took a very large helping out. He also reached over and got a good sized helping of beans out.

"If I did not know any better I would think you were eating for two." I said putting 3 enchiladas on my plate. Jeremy did not respond right away as he ate like there was no tomorrow.

"I just need to eat more as I did not eat lunch." Jeremy said and started eating. I poured me a glass of tea, and began eating.

Jeremy did not talk very much as he was eating. So I decided to open the conversation. "According to the itinerary I printed Saturday, my flight leaves DFW at 815 and gets in at 215. So I figure I need to be there at around 6:30."

"Yeah that sounds about right so we will leave about 5:45 and stop some where so you can buy me some breakfast," Jeremy said as his plate was almost clean.

"Not a problem, I will log on tomorrow before we leave and get a gate and terminal assignment, and we will stop and get some kolaches."

Jeremy pushed his plate forward and looked at me, "Are we going to have any dessert?"

"Was I supposed to make dessert tonight, I don't recall now," I decided to mess with Jeremy.

"What, I am sure you have dessert, you always have dessert, when I come over and spend the night," Jeremy said frantically. I said nothing and finished eating.

"Don't fuck with me Matt, I want some dessert. Tell me we are going to Ben and Jerry's for some ice cream" Jeremy pleaded as he started to get up.

"If you will help me carry all of this food and plates to the sink, I will get something out of the fridge," I said and then laughed as I remember the carrot cake I bought yesterday at Kroger. Jeremy grabbed all of the plates and silverware and ran to the sink.

"Come on Matt move that ass, I don't get dessert until this table is clean!" Jeremy screamed. He sounded more like a soldier on a mission. Within 2 minutes, we had the pots of food in the fridge and the dishes in the sink.

"If you will set the saucers out and some clean forks, I will bring the cake to the dining room table." Jeremy moved with incredible speed as he was already sitting down as I opened the fridge and took out a carrot cake I got from Kroger yesterday

"Matt you are too good to me," Jeremy said as he saw me carrying the small carrot cake. Both Jeremy and I loved carrot cake, and so I knew that this would be a way for me to make Jeremy happy. I set the cake down and I had to laugh as Jeremy's mouth began to water.

"Where do you put all of the food," I asked as I cut the cake into pieces. Jeremy stood up and got 2 big pieces of cake. I followed suit and got me 1 piece of cake. I was relaxing quite a bit, as I thought about what I wanted to do for the evening with Jeremy. "You want to watch a movie tonight?

"Sure Matt, I know you have a huge collection of movies, but this time no Harry Potter. I bet you could tell me everything that happens in the 3 DVDs you own"

"Well I can't help it if I am a fan of magic, and besides the good guys win in the end." I remarked knowing that would not convince him. I decided to leave the cake on the table for later and took the saucers and silverware to the sink. I took out all of the dishes from dinner and put them in the dish washer; I added the saucers and started it. Jeremy went into the living room and started looking at my collection of DVDs and videos. I took a wash cloth and wiped down the table. "I will let you pick the movie tonight Jeremy, but I don't have any porn on DVD, it's on my laptop," I said and Jeremy turned his head toward me.

"Well we can always hook up your laptop to the TV, and we can watch porn," Jeremy said.

"That is not an option as I will use it early tomorrow and pack it up." I walked over to the TV. I started looking and grabbed like 4 movies. "Here are some movies, choose one." I said and put the 4 movies on the table for him to choose from. Titanic, Bourne Supremacy, Spiderman, and Good Will Hunting

"It's hard to decide, Good Will Hunting or Spiderman," Jeremy said trying to decide what movie he wanted to see.

"I am going to go make some popcorn. I want a movie starting by the time I get back with the bowl, and drinks," I said going into the kitchen. I reached into the pantry and took out the microwavable popcorn and put it in the microwave.

"I am putting in Good Will Hunting, since Matt Damon does get slightly nude." Jeremy said and I could hear him putting the others away. Just then the bell went off on the popcorn and I took it out. I grabbed a big bowl from the cabinet and poured the popcorn in. I sprinkled a little Mrs. Dash on it. I opened up the fridge and grabbed a couple of root beers. As I was walking into the living room I could hear a loud clash of thunder. I jumped for a second.

"Jeremy turned to the weather channel; I want to see what kind of weather we are in for." Jeremy turned to the weather channel and I took note that the entire DFW area was under a severe thunderstorm warning. I did not worry too much as the storm was actually west of Dallas, in the Irving Arlington area. I set the popcorn on the coffee table and handed Jeremy his root beer. I picked up the remote and turned on the DVD of Good Will Hunting. Jeremy and I relaxed and watched the movie and ate popcorn.

"Now that the movie is over, I want to finish packing up my stuff," I said grabbing the empty bowl and the cans. I took the bowl to the sink, and threw the cans away in the trash.

"I definitely want to inspect your items to make sure that you actually are taking cool stuff and not your preppy stuff that you always wear."

I stuck my tongue out and went to my bedroom, and brought my suitcase in the living room. I set it down on the coffee table.

Jeremy stood up and opened up the suit case. "Let's see, boxers, socks, shirts, board shorts, that's what I am looking for. I am so proud of you for packing the Speedo and one of the thongs."

"That does not mean that I am going to wear them," I said very confidently. I went back to the bedroom and grabbed my backpack, and put it right beside the suitcase. I just need to pack up my laptop tomorrow after I get the right gate assignment and I think I am finished. Jeremy started opening the front pockets of the suitcase.

"What are you looking for Jeremy, all I have in there are some of the essentials." I said a little annoyed.

Jeremy pulled out small box and held it up. "Now do I need to explain how to put on a condom?" I did not think I could be any more embarrassed. I was speechless, as I pondered what to say.

"Yeah, I have seen enough porn, but right now I am trying to figure out how many to shove in your mouth."

"Matt, I got to look out for your best interests, and by the way I brought you something," Jeremy said and went into the spare bedroom. He came back with a bag. He took out a box. "These are a little better for you. They are made for smaller sizes and will be more erotic and they have lubricant on them, "Jeremy said putting the box in my suit case.

"I am still a virgin, how do you know what I am going to like," I said wanting to argue.

"I would be willing to bet you are going to be a bottom, and I bet you are going to have a lot of action, but I want you to keep these handy, "Jeremy said very doctor like.

"I do not wish to discuss my sexual preferences with my best friend, and I am sure as hell not going to listen as you describe yours," I said trying to figure a way to end this discussion.

"Matt, I know you are much closeted but I want you to actually have fun. I am not telling you to have sex 24/ 7 but this is an opportunity for you to relax and let your fun side come out, which I might add has been dormant far too long, "Jeremy said.

"OK that actually seems to make a little sense. I want to finish packing up, and see if I can sleep; this storm is not letting up," I said looking at the window. I went to my room and grabbed m laptop and the power jack. I did not plan on packing up the laptop, but I did want it close.

"Matt I am going bed, so that we can be up about 5:45 tomorrow, what are you going to do for breakfast?" Jeremy said.

"I am not sure; I will probably pick up something on the road. I know you love sausage kolaches, but I feel like I want something that will fill me up until I get to Key West for lunch.

Jeremy turned around at the entrance to the spare bedroom. "I thought I should tell you I have a surprise planned for you sometime during your stay in Key West." Jeremy walked into the spare bedroom and closed the door.

I took off running as my mind began to race; a hooker, a dildo delivered to my room, serenaded by a nude quartet. I was really getting anxious as I took off for the spare. "Tell me what you are doing Jeremy Taylor!" I said opening the door.

"All I am going to say is that you will be shocked and happy, now if you excuse me I want to get some sleep," Jeremy said yawning loudly. I shut the door and walked over to my room, and my mind was still racing. I took off my glasses as I thought I would just worry about it when I had to. I took off my glasses and put on my CPAP machine and went to sleep.

Tuesday morning

"Matt time to wake up, Matt wakey wakey," Jeremy said and I slowly opened my eyes.

"What time is it?" I asked taking off the covers.

"Its 5:40 AM, and you have a problem my friend. I got your notebook out and tried to find your gate and you no longer have an outbound reservation."

"What are you talking about, I printed everything out Saturday," I said sitting up on the bed.

"When I put in your reservation number, nothing comes up. You are going to have to call American Airlines and find out what is going on."

I got up and went to the bathroom to take care of business. I was still processing what Jeremy had said when I walked out into the living room. "Will you do me a favor can you bring my CPAP machine in here so I can pack it?"

Jeremy went into the other room, and I sat down at the laptop. I opened the AA page and put in the record number and sure enough I no longer had an outbound flight. I was really getting upset. "I am going to call American Airlines and figure out what is going on." I grabbed my cordless phone and dialed the number I opened up the AA website and typed in the options for DFW to EYW.

"Thank you for calling American Airlines may I have your record locator."

"It is BNPHPR."

"There was a bad storm at DFW and your plane never made it in. I have you rebooked on the 5:15 outbound flight connecting into Miami and arriving at 9:45 tonight."

"Can you check flight number 1685 that leaves at 8:30 this morning," I said looking at flight numbers.

"One second sir and I will check for you."

"I am sorry sir that flight is booked and already has 15 on stand bye," the representative said.

"Can you try flight 1318 for me please," I said pleading with her and crossing my fingers

"Yes sir flight number 1318 leaves DFW at 1:30 arrives MIA at 4:45 and then connecting flight 4953 leaves 6:25 with your final destination time of 7:30. Would you like me to book you?"

"Yes please, I would like that flight, and can you update my itinerary with the new flight information for me so I can print it out?"

"I am sending it to the email on file; I want to remind you to be at the terminal 90 minutes prior to departure for security check in."

"Thank you so much," I said and hung up the phone.

"Jeremy looks like that storm messed up flights at DFW, as my plane never got to DFW. They tried to book me on the last flight, but I found a flight that leaves at 1:25 this afternoon."

"So I take it you don't want to go to breakfast," Jeremy said digesting what I just said.

"Yeah we can go somewhere close by as I did not get a lot at the store yesterday. Let's get dressed and we can grab something close by." I went back to the bedroom and got dressed. I decided to wear a red polo shirt and a pair of blue jeans. I came out of the bedroom and Jeremy came out in a tank top and a pair of shorts. "My new flight is at 1:30 this afternoon, so I need to figure out how I want to get to the airport," I said beginning to think about a little problem.

"I don't think until I have food in my stomach and you can always drive over to the airport," Jeremy said as we both stepped outside. We decided to go to What-A-burger and I was not going to argue. It took us less than 10 minutes to find one. We walked in and the restaurant was deserted at 6:15 in the morning. "I will buy you breakfast as promised, OK." I said pulling out a 20 dollar bill.

"Good morning what can I get for you this morning," the cashier said.

"I would like 5 honey chicken biscuits 3 hash browns and 1 large drink," Jeremy said.

"Did you get enough food? I would like a #4 pancake meal; can you swap the eggs for an extra hash brown?" I asked still feeling tired.

The cashier typed in the orders in the computer. She repeated the order. "That will be 16.50."

I handed her the 20 dollar bill, and she gave me the change. She handed Jeremy and me our drink glasses. Jeremy went over and filled up his drink, while I waited at the counter. Our order came out and I claimed it. "Find a table Jeremy and I will follow you with the food."

Jeremy chose a booth in the back, and I was glad as we could have some privacy. I set the tray of food down and went to the fountain machine and got me Power Aid and root beer for Jeremy. I sat down and gave Jeremy his drink. I began opening my pancakes and poured the syrup. I looked at Jeremy and he had already eaten 1 sandwich and a half a hash brown.

"How can you eat so fast, you are going to choke Jeremy," I said trying not to watch him eat.

"I am used to eating fast; being in the Emergency room you never know how long you are going to actually have to eat before you get a page that a trauma is coming through the back door."

I was eating a pancake and a thought came to my mind, "What can I expect for pride?"

Jeremy had put down his sandwich and looked at me, "Well Pride is a celebration of a person's right to be gay and be open about it. Usually you can expect a lot of guys to be there. There are parties every day and a pride parade the last evening."

"Well as I have never been to one I am not sure what to expect," I said drinking some Power Aid.

"Don't worry, everyone there will be having a good time, drinking beer, and you will get to see all the queens out." I had finished as Jeremy was now on his 4th sandwich. "I think I am going to take this last sandwich back to the apartment and I will eat it later on.

"So what time does your shift start?" I asked.

"Actually, I don't have to be at the hospital until 12 noon. So if you want to go a little early say around 11:15 I can take you," Jeremy said and I was very happy.

"I really did not want to drive and have to pay the parking fee for 7 days. " I said gathering up all the trash on the tray. I dumped the trash out as Jeremy got a refill on his Coke. "Now that I have fed you really well, will you tell me what the surprise that I'm going to get is? I am curious as hell," I said trying to get on his good side.

"So breakfast was just buttering me up. That is not going to work. "Jeremy said and we got into his car. He drove us back to the apartment. "Well Matt, I am going back to sleep for a couple of hours. I think today will be a quiet day at work; I just have to catch up on my charts and get ready for case conference on Wednesday."

Jeremy went to the back room and I decided to pack a few things that I had not packed. I went to the room and grabbed my CPAP. I unplugged it and unhooked all the hoses.

Having sleep apnea never bothered me, its like Jeremy said, "You have a problem, you may not be cured but once you are on the machine you will feel a hell of a lot different."

I found the CPAP case and secured everything into its compartment. I went back to the living room and grabbed the laptop off the coffee table and brought it to the desk. I opened up my email and printed my new itinerary from AA. I next decided I had better make some ID tags for all the bags, and suitcases I am taking, just in case we get separated. It took me less than 5 minutes and I put in the labels and they printed out with little trouble. I turned off the laptop and closed it. I put the CPAP bag on my shoulder and carried the laptop to the living room. I set the CPAP bag down, and put the laptop on the coffee table. I grabbed my backpack and opened it up. I put the laptop inside and secured it with a bungee. I zipped up the bag, and placed a label on the back of the laptop backpack. I then put a label on the CPAP bag and one on my suitcase. I decided I would watch ESPN and see what's happening in the world of sports. It was now 10:00 and I wanted to watch Regis and Kelly. I really liked this show a lot although I hardly get to watch it. I went into the spare bed room to wake up Jeremy.

"Hey sleepyhead, oh Jeremy oh Jeremy yeah put it in," I said as Jeremy stood up looking a little confused.

"I thought you were a good friend, teasing me when my brain is not even up to full power yet. I should put a condom on you right now and let you go through security with it on," Jeremy said trying to wake up.

"Why don't you get something to drink, while I walk around the apartment? I need go get the digital camera."

Jeremy went to the kitchen and I went into the bedroom. I walked over to the desk and opened the drawer. I pulled out the camera and turned it on. I cleared off all the pictures on the camera so that I could have an empty memory card. I turned the digital camera off and went back to the living room.

"You had better take a lot of pictures of men, I need something to prove to me that you had a good time," Jeremy said

"I plan on having a good time, and if I do not take any pictures I will be busy doing other things," I said and I knew I had actually made a point with Jeremy.

"Well I need to get you to the airport, if I am going to take you, so I am not late for my shift." Jeremy grabbed my suitcase and I grabbed my backpack and my CPAP bag. I locked up the apartment, and we went to Jeremy's car. Jeremy opened the trunk and we put the entire luggage in. What should have taken us 30 minutes only took us 20 minutes as we pulled into the toll gate at the north side of DFW. Jeremy grabbed a ticket and we went through.

"Shit I forgot to get a gate assignment, I was so wrapped up in getting my ticket done, give me 2 minutes." I picked up the phone and called the 800 number and hit gate assignments. I found out that my flight was due to leave gate C-21. "Jeremy I need to go to C terminal and my gate is 21," I said hanging up the phone. Jeremy drove around the maze of different entrances until we saw the turn off for terminal C. We found the unloading zone quite easy. Jeremy made my life easy as he parked at C-20. He got out and he unlocked the trunk.

"I want you to call me when you get there, and please relax and you will have a terrific vacation."

I hugged Jeremy and said, "I plan to have a good time." I grabbed my suitcase and put it on the ground, and picked up the back pack. I put the back pack on my right arm and got the CPAP bag on my left arm.

"I want all of the erotic details when you get back, or I am going to sing to you," Jeremy said and got back into the Mustang and started the engine. I waved at him and went inside. I quickly found what I was looking for the kiosk machine. I had fallen in love with these things. I set my backpack down and got my notebook out. I entered my flight information and my details came up. I confirmed my seat assignment and put in that I needed to check 1 bag. My boarding passes printed and I went up to the self-serve counter and waited. The gentleman was calling people by city and last name.

"Taylor, Key West Florida." I stepped up to the counter and showed him my boarding passes. "May I see your ID please?" I got my wallet out and took out my license and handed it to him. I put my luggage underneath. He put my boarding passes in a small envelope and pointed me to the drop off bin. I grabbed my luggage and walked it over to the security check point. I handed my luggage to him. I then turned around and now realized I could actually relax with only the back pack and the CPAP. I got in the TSA line and gosh it was slow. I slowly inched closer to the screening area.

"Please have your boarding pass and ID out," I heard a lady say. I had my ID in my pocket and I pulled it out. I handed it to her, and she put a check mark on my envelope. I got up to the table and I realized it would take me a few minutes. I unpacked my laptop and put it into a bin. I decided to let my backpack just go without a bin. I put my CPAP in another one. I took off my shoes and emptied my pockets. I was the next one to get screened.

"There is a CPAP in that blue bag," I said as I went through the gate. I apparently was safe as no alarms went off. I waited at the end for my stuff to come through. The attendant called another TSA employee over to the screen and pointed to the monitor. I grabbed my wallet and cell phone and put them back in my pocket. It was fairly simple to put the laptop back up. I put on my shoes as an attendant came over to me.

"I need to run a special test on this machine. It will not take that long at all." I decided to follow him and watch as he stuck a wand with a piece of tissue in. He then stuck the tissue into the machine. I guess everything checked out as he handed it back to me, "Thanks for keeping our airport safe." I looked at my cell phone and it was 11:45 and I decided I wanted to eat. I saw a food court as so I went over and walked around to look at all the restaurants. I decided to eat Mc Donald's. I ordered me a chicken nugget meal and told them I wanted BBQ sauce. It seemed like forever, but finally my order came up. I set my food down and set my bags down on the other side of the small table. I went over and filled my cup up with Gator Aid. I sat down and began to eat. I started thanking about why the airport was so packed for a Tuesday. Then I remembered about all of the problems that I had trying to reschedule because of the storm. I finished eating and threw my trash away.

I grabbed my backpack and CPAP and decided I would go over to my departure gate. I found a chair, but I did not see a plane. I started wondering if it would show up at all as it was 1:00. It was now 1:30 and I saw a plane starting to come into view. My worries were now over, as I knew that I had a 1.5 hour layover in Miami before my quick flight to Key West. Passengers started moving through the air bridge and came out the door. I saw two AA employees come to the desk and start working on our flights. They started calling people over the intercom to claim their upgraded seats. Just then I heard them say something that caught my attention, "To all the passengers on 1318, there are no more upgrades available as all seats are full. We are now asking for 4 volunteers to give up their seats as we have overbooked this flight. You will be rebooked on our 5:30 departure and also receive a 250 dollar certificate for your time." No one got up at first. Then I saw 2 gentlemen go over to the counter. I did not hear their conversation but I saw them give their boarding pass to the agent. "We still need one person to volunteer to give up their seat, if you can rebook your flight we would greatly appreciate it."

I started looking at my boarding pass, and thinking of what I could do with the extra 250 dollar coupon. I wish it was a 250 dollar check. I decided that I had been rebooked enough and I was not going to do it again. I assume another person volunteered.

"Ladies and gentlemen because of the late arrival of the plane, we will board, in 30 minutes." I looked at my boarding pass and I was in group 5 seat 11F. I would have preferred a window seat, but I am not going to argue, as long as I get to Key West. The agents stepped over to the scanning machine in front of the door and called groups to board. I stayed seated. I have never flown first class, but I got really envious as they always got on the plane first. The intercom had asked for group 4 to board the plane. I decided to stand up and slowly move toward the line. The last few people had walked through the line and I walked really close to the front. Group 5 was called and I got in line. There were about 15 people including myself. I handed my envelope to the agent and she scanned it through the machine. I walked onto the air-bridge and made my way toward the plane. It seemed like forever as there were a ton of people in front of me. I boarded the plane and noticed the nice first class seats as I walked back toward my seat. I put my back pack and CPAP in the bin. I got in my seat and put my seat belt on. I just sat there and relaxed. I kept looking at the front of the plane, as more people came through. I kept listening for the door to shut. I looked out the window and saw the luggage being loaded. I hope my suitcase is on the plane somewhere. It looked like every one was finally on as I heard the door shut. The flight attendant came over and we watched our safety movie. The plane started to move, and I was finally on my way to Key West. The plane started onto the runway, and then we came to a stop. "This is the flight deck; we are number 4 for take off. Our flight time today will be 3 hours and 15 minutes with an arrival time of 5:10 into Miami International Airport. Flight attendants prepare for take off." The flight attendants came through the plane shutting the bins. I stopped one of the flight attendants and asked for a pillow. She went over to the station and brought me a pillow back. I thanked her. We lifted off and my ears let me know they did not like it. They started ringing, as we started ascending. About 15 minutes later, my ears got quiet and I grabbed my pillow and fell asleep.

I woke up half way through the flight. I was bored and thirsty. I reached up and pushed my attendant bell. The flight attendant came over to me. "I was asleep when drinks were handed out and I was wondering if it would be possible for me to get a Sprite." She went over to the station and came back with a small cup ofSsprite and a can. I pulled out my tray. I started drinking my Sprite. I noticed that Everybody Loves Raymond was showing, even though I did not buy any head phones. It was my first time flying over the ocean so I took a peek out the window, "nothing spectacular."

"Ladies and gentlemen we are about 20 minutes from Miami so we need you to bring your seats back to an upright position. Please store any carry-on that you took out, and prepare for landing." I pushed the button and my seat popped up. I pulled out a magazine and looked for the terminal layout section. The plane started to descend. "This is your flight attendant and I want to give you gate information for our passengers going on to other destinations." My ears perked up, as I did not have a gate for my 6:20 flight. I listened intently as she called out city and gates. She finished but I did not hear Key West.

"This is flight crew; we are going to be landing in 5 minutes into Miami International Airport. Our arrival gate is E-17, and the temperature is 87 degrees. On behalf of the crew I would like to thank you for flying American." We landed and began to taxi toward our gate. Since I have never been through Miami before, I decided to pull out the terminal map again. I noticed that American eagle was on terminal D on the lower level. It seemed to take forever to actually get us parked into our gate, but I bet it took less than 5 minutes. I heard the door open, and I could see people in the front standing. I decided to stay in my seat as it will take a few minutes for every one to deplane. I stood up and grabbed my CPAP case and my backpack. I walked off the plane and thanked the attendant for a good flight. I walked fast on the air bridge as I needed to take care of business. I walked into the terminal with one goal in mind find the men's room so I don't make a mess. I walked to the left and saw the sign. I went potty and my bladder felt 100 times better. I walked over to the monitors and got my envelope out of my back. I was booked on flight 4953; let's see if we can find it. I slowly scrolled through all of the flights, until I found mine. Gate D 35D. So I looked for the signs and started walking. Man why can't they have a people mover like DFW or Las Vegas. It took me less than 8 minutes to get from terminal E to terminal D. I saw a sign to the left: D 30 to D35 and the arrow pointed the left. I walked around the corridor and saw the gates. I saw the AA Eagle sign and it pointed down. I went around the corner and saw the escalator. My stomach let me know that it needed food, as I stepped off the escalator. I have only been on the small planes once. I got off the escalator and saw that the gates were labeled with letters rather than numbers. I decided to go over to the snack bar and get me something to eat, although their choices were rather limited. I got me a fruit roll up and bottled water. Sheesh, for $4.50 I could have probably gotten me something close to a meal. I pondered going back up to the main terminal but opted out of it as it was now 5:50. I took my back pack off and set it and the CPAP bag down on the floor. I started to eat my fruit roll up. There were a lot of people boarding for another flight so I decided to relax. I had never boarded by shuttles before as I saw them pulling away from the gates. As it was now 6:10, I was wondering when our flight would be called. I walked up and asked the agent when would my flight board.

"There is another flight we are boarding right now, and then we will board the flight to Key West." I went back and sat down and started watching as a large group of people was now boarding. The group had gone outside and gotten on two busses. The agent changed the sign and it now read 4953 to Key West. I looked around and there were only a few people standing around me. My flight was called and I took my envelope out of my backpack. I handed it to the agent and she scanned it. I stepped outside and onto a shuttle bus. Other people got on board but something was weird. There were not that many. The driver went inside and came out carrying something. We drove around a while until we got to a pad of about 25 small planes. We drove around for a while and then parked. I stepped off and realized the door was in the back of the plane. I had booked a seat near the front so that I could be close to the door. I boarded the plane and it looked completely empty. I got up to my seat in the front and I just looked around. I thought maybe there would be another shuttle of people. The flight attendant in the back welcomed us aboard and asked for 4 people to move to the back of the plane. I did not understand why. The female flight attendant at the front told me that we only had 11 passengers on board. I was thoroughly shocked. I raised the blind from the window, but was told to please shut it as we were on ground power and that would let the heat in. The plane made lift off and I made small talk with the flight attendant at the front. The flight lasted 45 minutes and before I knew it we were landing in Key West.

I saw the airport as we taxied in. We went to a pad and the plane came to a stop. I grabbed my stuff in the bin and stepped off. I noticed the sign on the airport said, "Conch Republic." We were told to follow a landing person and we went into the airport. I waited for a few minutes and hoped that my luggage had made it here. The luggage started coming out on the carousel I spotted my suitcase and grabbed it. I went outside and took a seat on a bench as I did not know where the taxis were. I saw the flight crew walk out and get into a taxi across the street. A nice lady who was on the flight with me asked me if I was waiting for a taxi. I said yes and she volunteered to call one for me. I thanked her and tried to relax and take in the scenery. I waited for about 15 minutes and I saw one pull up. I walked over to the cab stand and got in. "Island House please."