Friends to the end

Chapter 5

The hotel and rain, rain go away

This story is my first work of fiction. The characters mentioned in this story are not real, they came from my imagination. If you not of legal age to read this please go away. This story will contain sexual acts between consenting men, if you are offended why are you here? Please email me at with any ideas or suggestion.

I sat in front and started taking in all of the sights as we drove from the airport to Island House. I saw Smather's beach driving north on Truman. The beach kept going. We turned and I was not sure where we were. I saw the rainbow flags flying on buildings. I also noticed two naval bases. I had read that the Navy has a huge presence in Key West. We drove down one street and I saw the entrance gate to one of them. We made two quick turns and the cab stopped. I pulled out my wallet and handed him a 20 dollar bill. The actual cost was 12.50. "Make it 15 dollars." He smiled and gave me a 5 dollar bill back.

I went to the trunk and grabbed all my bags. A gentlemen with a white shirt was sitting outside greeted me, and opened the door. "I am checking in, my name is Matt Taylor."

"May I see your photo ID and the credit card you used to book the room with," he said.

I handed him my license and visa and he started typing some stuff on the computer. "Would you like to leave your credit card on file so you can charge stuff to your room."

"Yes, I would like that very much." I looked at his name tag and saw that his name was Chris. Chris swiped my credit card into the computer and then stamped it. He printed off something. He went to the back counter and picked up a set of keys.

"I need you to sign these two pages," he said and put the keys on the counter.

I signed the charge slip and the room charge consent. He filed the papers, "I will show you where your room is."

He left the counter and I grabbed the keys. I walked behind him. We came to the welcome center and he made a left, and I saw the outdoor hot tub. He told me that my room was to the left of the hot tub. I saw a set of rooms off to the side. I saw room number 128. I inserted my key and opened the door. It was really small. I looked around and was really pleased. I had my own air conditioner, fridge, and a DVD player for me to use. I noticed that I did not have any closet in my room, only a dresser drawer. I had 2 night stands on each side of the bed, both with lamps. The bed had 6 pillows, and I was in shock as I only sleep with 2. There was a small packet of brochures on my bed, but I wanted to continue the tour with Chris.

I put my luggage in and left so I can continue my tour with Chris. "This is the communal shower/ bathroom," Chris said pointing everything out to me. I looked around and saw 3 showers. I expected more than 1 toilet though. Chris walked out, and I followed him. He led me back around the desk and to the gym.

"This gym is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but you must have a pair of shorts on and shoes" he said and he pointed out another set of showers. I could smell some strong chemicals as we turned the corner I saw an indoor hot tub. We went up stair and he led me into the cultural room. "Allot of guys will come in here to relax."

As you walked in you made a right and you had a choice. You can go the right and watch a TV by your self or you can go to the left which is what I did. Chris opened the curtain and I was very impressed as I saw a tower in the middle of the room. I looked up and there were 4 TV's running some hot porn. I noticed that the seats were padded. I walked on and Chris showed me the two private rooms that were on the side of the fun room. Chris led me out and we continued on around the 2nd story.

"Only once a year do we ever have women on the property, and tonight happens to be the one. We are having a mixer." Chris led me to the tanning area and I looked down and saw a huge party going on at the swimming pool. I did indeed see allot of females around the pool.

Chris led me down another set of stairs and I saw the café that sits in front of the pool. "If you need anything please don't hesitate to let us now. "

Chris walked back to the front desk and I decided I wanted to unpack. I went back to my room. I got up and went over to the window unit and turned the air conditioner on. I put my suit case on my bed and opened it up. I decided that I would put everything in the dresser drawer. I took all of my shorts and put them in the top drawer, the boxers and socks in the next one. I put my shirts in the bottom drawer. I unpacked the CPAP, assembled it, and put it on the left side of my bed on the floor. I decided I wanted to type Jeremy an email and let him know that I made it safely. I pulled out my laptop, and plugged in the power jack. I turned it on and set it on the bed. I decided to turn the TV on and see if anything good was on.

I had never used the laptop wirelessly, but I had no problems, and I decided to leave the AIM off. I opened up yahoo and typed up an email to Jeremy:


Hey just wanted to let you know that I made it safely to Key West. I ma now sitting in my room here at Island House and this place is incredible. I can see why you like it so much. I missed happy hour, but I am going to get me something to eat after this mixer party finishes up. I am so happy as my room is right beside the shower. I unpacked everything and am going to go explore the hotel. I don't thank there are that many people here. I am going to keep my AIM logged off so if you want me call the cell or send me an email. By the way I am not in my network, so my cell phone is on analog power.


I decided to look at some of the handouts that were left in my room. I saw the one that said, "Pride week." I began reading and noticed that there was a bad boy party at Island House at 8:00 PM. The other thing I looked at is the Pride-fest; street fair will be Friday and Saturday between the 600 and the 900 block of Duval. The pride parade would be Saturday at 7:00. I decided I would probably spend all day Saturday downtown. I put it down and looked through some of the booklets. I saw a booklet that said map of Key West. I decided that this would be my best friend. I put it on the night stand to the right of the bed. I took out my cell phone and started looking for my charger. I searched for a while and I finally found it. I plugged in the jack, and I decided to charge it as I was not planning to use it. I was watching the welcome video about Island House. It was now 8:30 and I decided to go and explore the resort. I decided I wanted to go to the culture room. I followed the path that Chris led me on, and I entered. I took a seat and started watching a video. It was so cool in there, and I just slid my shorts down.

I started to slowly stroke my penis as I was watching a very awesome gay movie. An older guy came in and sat down to the left of me on another set of seats. He had a towel wrapped around him and I turned my attention back to the movie. I continued stroking as the action was getting better and better on the TV I was watching. I began to jerk off faster, and faster. I was starting to breathe faster, and I was stroking really fast. I hit my climax, and I blew a load. I raised my shorts back up and I decided to leave and go get me a snack from the café. I got up and grabbed a wash cloth and wiped the mess I made. I went downstairs and out to the café/ pool. It was quiet as the party had finished up. I ordered a cheesecake and a cherry coke. I really did not talk to anyone as I was just taking in all of the amenities the resort had to offer. I looked at the cheese cake when it was brought to me and it was huge. It was a 3 tier cake covered in cherry sauce. I got me another cherry coke and the server brought me the charge slip out. I signed it and finished my cake. I walked back to my room. It was early and I decided I wanted to go back to the cultural room. I decided to be brave and go without any clothes. I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around. I put the keys around my neck and walked out. I went back upstairs and went inside. There were a few guys inside. I sat down and began stroking my penis. Two guys just walked out. One reached in and got a condom out of the basket sitting on a ledge. An older guy came over to me and started jerking me off.

"Do you like that?" he said sitting right beside me.

My mind raced with a few thoughts and I just nodded.

"Do you want to go to your room and fool around?"

"Sure, I am in room 128 downstairs."

"I will meet you there, in a few minutes," he said and left.

My heart was starting to race, as I got up. I wrapped the towel back around me and I left the cultural room. I went back to my room and he did come. He stripped his clothes and he got on the bed.

"I just want to cuddle and kiss for a while,"

I started kissing him and I ran my tongue inside his mouth. I reached down and started stroking him off.

He got up and I laid back. He started licking the base of my dick. He stopped after about 5 minutes and started to stroke me off really fast.

"I am going to cum, ohhhh here it comesss."

€I shot 5 volleys of come right on his hands and his chest.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh," I said panting and catching my breathe.

I started to jerk him off to return the favor. "I already shot a load early today." He got up and got dressed and left my room. I sat there for a minute trying to understand what just happened. It seemed like it took like an hour, but I bet it only lasted 15 minutes. I decided I need to take a shower. I grabbed the towel, and a wash cloth. I walked only a few feet to the shower/ bathroom. I took the towel off and removed my glasses. I put my keys on the towel holder. I walked over to the sink and put my glasses down. I walked into the shower and cut the hot water on. I reached over and pushed the soap button, and got my wash rag real soapy. I began to wash my self clean. I finished and rinsed off. I turned the water off and stepped out. I grabbed the towel from the towel rack and dried myself. I threw the wash cloth into the laundry hamper to the right of the sink. I walked over to the sink and put my glasses on. I wrapped the towel around me again, and went back to my room. I got out some fresh boxers from the drawer and put them on. It was now 9:30 and I decided I wanted to lie down and watch some TV. I was so confused and all of my normal programs that I watch on Tuesday were not on. Then I remembered that I was on Eastern Time.

My cell phone started ringing and I new right away who that was. I really thought about just letting it go to my voice mail, but I reached down and answered it.

"If this is Jeremy you are late getting some action, otherwise leave me a message at the tone. Beep," I said laughing.

"Hello to you to Matt, I got your email. So do you have anything to report to me about your relaxing time at the resort?"

I pondered if I should tell him about what happened only 30 minutes before in my room, but I choose a different path.

"I did go up to the cultural room for a while and it looks very interesting. I am getting ready to go to bed as I did not sleep much on the plane rides," and I yawned very loudly into the phone.

"Well that is an improvement, I did not thank you would go in there until Thursday evening. I am proud of you for letting loose. I will let you get to bed, and you will have a surprise on Friday," and he hung up the phone.

My mind started racing again trying to figure out what the hell he had planned. I decided to get ready for bed. I reached up and turned the big light off. I took my glasses off and put them on the night stand. I turned on my CPAP machine and went to bed.

I woke up the next morning and the clock said 6:15 AM, my normal wake up time. I decided I wanted to go and find something to eat, as well as find this marina that I was supposed to go to Bright. I took off and started walking. I passed the entrance one of the naval bases. It had been about 30 minutes and it started to sprinkle. I saw a lot of boat slits but I did not see any signs.

"Where the fuck am I supposed to go?" I looked around in every direction, and it was starting to sprinkle. I walked toward a couple of men loading some supplies on a boat and asked where Bright was and they said

"This is the marina; you need to take Margaret Street and just go until you see the boat, and it is called Bight Seaport."

"Thanks for your help." I turned around and walked back the way I came except it was really pouring down rain. Walking back, I was extremely angry as I did not bring my map, and I did not check the weather before I left my room. I could hear Jeremy laughing from Dallas, as I am the one reminding him to be more responsible. I was relieved when I came upon Fleming Street, as Island House is at the end of Fleming. I turned and I started walking slowly down the street, trying to memorize different buildings in my mind. I got back the resort and one of the guys at the front stopped me.

"Blue Q just called and they have cancelled your excursion this afternoon because of all the rain. They have rescheduled you tomorrow; let us know if you have any problems."

"Thanks a lot, tomorrow will work perfectly or me."


I stopped by the welcome center and picked up the restaurant guide to Key West. I walked back to my room and stripped out of the wet clothes. I grabbed a towel and dried my body off. I reached in the dresser and got some clean clothes. I got dressed and I started thumbing through the pages of the restaurant guide until I came upon Dam Good Food. It said that they deliver for free to any place in old town, which is where I am.

I started reading the menu, and I picked up the phone, and I dialed the number.

"I would like to order something for delivery. I want a stack of pancakes, hash browns, an order of sausage, and a milk to drink."

"Where are you staying?"

"I am staying at Island House."

"Give us 30 to 45 minutes and we will have it over there."

"What is my total?"

"Your total comes to 8.35."

I hung up the phone and pulled out my wallet and noticed that I had a 10 dollar bill. I decided that I would just give that to the delivery driver and let them keep the rest as a tip. I opened my door thanking they would come into the resort and just bring it to my room. I was watching the Today show on TV when one of the employees came to my room.

"Your delivery is at the front desk."

I grabbed the 10 dollar bill and my key and walked to the front desk. The delivery man had (three) separate boxes and a drink holder. I gave him the 10 dollar bill and thanked him. I took my food back to my room and decided to eat on my bed. I started putting syrup on my pancakes, but I was making a mess on my bed spread. I was really amazed at how much food I got. I figure this was about what Jeremy would eat, and I could not eat it all. I decided to throw the little I had left away.

The gym was really old, but I got up on the treadmill. They had 6 TV's but no audio to them. There was music playing, but I thank it was on the same system that they had upstairs in the cultural room. I walked for about 15 minutes then I decided to get on one of the bikes. I did about 2.5 miles and I was happy.

I started working my way around on the weight machines. I did a few sets on the chest press machine as well as the bicep machine. I came over to the squat machine and I started looking at it. I got in position and tried to pull it off the support, but this was unusual. I looked and the bar had triangle hooks so I pushed it up. It made this awful noise and I began to do my squats. I did not know what he noise was, but I figure it had to do with the triangles hooks hitting the supports. I re-racked the bar on the support and decided I had worked out enough. I decided I wanted to get into one of the hot tubs and let my muscles feel the jets, so I walked around the corner to the indoor hot tub. I took off my shirt and set my room key on top.

I stepped inside and it felt amazing. It was kind of small, but you can smell a lot of chemicals. My legs were starting to feel a lot better. I saw a few guys go upstairs, maybe to the cultural room, or to there room on the 2nd floor. I stayed in for about 30 minute and my fingers were beginning to shrivel up. I stepped out and I grabbed a towel and dried off and put my shirt back on. I grabbed my key and decided to go back to my room. I opened the door and my bed had been made. There were clean towels, and my trash can had been emptied. I took off my shoes and I decided to watch TV. My favorite show, Home Improvement was on and so I watched and hour of it. I decided to take a nap, so I flipped on my CPAP and put it on.

I woke up and it was about 2:30 and it was still raining. I decided to get the laptop out and just check my email and see if I could catch Jeremy. I picked my laptop off the floor and turned it on. I logged in and waited for it to come up to the desktop. I opened my email and there was nothing important. I decided to write Jeremy an email:

Well Mother Nature has changed my plans today, as my kayaking excursion has been rescheduled for tomorrow. I am full as I just ate breakfast that was delivered to the resort. That is so awesome dude they hardly do that in Dallas. You are going to laugh so hard you may give your self an ulcer when you hear that I went out today without my map. I went looking for the seaport, but I ended up about 3 miles south of where I was supposed to be. I was soaked as it started raining really hard as I came back. Oh well, that will be my morning work out. I did go to the gym and gosh it has been around the bend a few times. I really do not thank I am going to do much of anything except eat and enjoy happy hour and make some friends tonight. I really want to know what this surprise entails.

I sent the email to Jeremy and decided to listen to some music on the laptop.

An IM popped up 30 minutes later


JeremyER: You fucking got lost. I can't believe it. I snorted coke out of my nose when I read that. You are so good with directions; you had a map for Christ sakes. I am going to heckle you about this for a while.


Matt0717: Here I thought you would say it's all right and people make mistakes. Some friend you are.


JeremyER: Yeah but you are the one who is always nagging my ass when I get lost when I have to go to different cities for away rotations. So anyway what else have you done?

Matt0717: Hardly anything this weather is being a pain. I thought about going downtown but according to we are in for it all day. So funny I am still on Central Time. So what is this surprise that you are sending me and when will I get it.


JeremyER: Well I will say only that you will be shocked, as I will pull a rabbit out of my hat for this one. Oh yeah, will you buy me something from Key West?


Matt0717: You want me to buy you something after laughing at me.



JeremyER: Please, you would not forget the person, who helped you plan this trip would you?


Matt0717 I plan to spend some time on Duval tomorrow morning, and yes I will get you a t-shirt.


JeremyER: Thanks in advance, but I don't want anything blue hehhehe. Well I need to get ready; I am going to work a shift.


Matt0717: You are working some weird shifts dude. What are you doing trying to impress the attending?


JeremyER: Well we got the big audit from Joint Commission coming in and also some of the Medicare reimbursements got returned, so they are trying to make up for the loss.


Matt0717: Just don't work your self so hard that you don't have time for fun. Remember that you can't work over 80 hours, as you told me that when you first started your residency two years ago.


JeremyER: I do have plans this weekend. But I am sure you don't want the details.


Matt0717: You are right. I am going to go it is about 4:30 and I am going to go out and get some dinner and get something to drink for happy hour. I will probably send you an email tomorrow after I get back from the kayaking excursion.


JeremyER: I would say be good, but you already do that too well. So I will say, have fun instead.


I ended my chat with Jeremy. I got off the bed and put on my socks and shoes. I grabbed my wallet, cell phone, and room keys. I walked out and decided to go to the café and get something to eat.

I sat down at a table and picked up a menu. A server came over to me.

"What would you like to drink?"

"I would like a Cherry Coke."

He disappeared to the counter and made me a drink. He brought it back to me and set it down.

"Are you ready to order?"

"I thank I will take a Black Angus burger with cheese, no tomato or onion, and I would like an order of waffle fries. I put the menu down and he walk away. I looked around and all the tables were full of guys. I was sitting next to these 2 guys.

"How are you all doing today," I asked trying to start a conversation.

"Good, just kicking it here, since the rain is coming down pretty hard, "the guy with orange hair said. He had glasses on and was drinking a beer.

"I was supposed to go out on Blue Q, but that was rebooked for tomorrow, so I just decided to be lazy."

"My partner and I just got in today and we are pretty much stuck at the hotel too. We drove down from North Carolina, all the way though. We stopped at Gay Days in Orlando."

"I am Matt and this is my first everything, my first pride, my first time to an island, and my first time to the ocean."

"Well Dave and I are here until Sunday morning, and then we are driving straight back, my name is Paul."

Dave was a little quieter than Paul. He was a bit smaller and he seemed a lot like me, introverted. "I am a tech support specialist."

Dave looked over at me and then at Dave, "Wow another computer geek, Paul works from home for AT&T."

Now I had found me a good friend. I started talking to Paul about different things that were going on at work, and I felt really comfortable. I loved talking computers with a fellow techie. Jeremy would have thrown a fit at me every time I talk computers with him. I tried to tell him how to hook up his DSL, but he just ended up frustrated and threw the darn thing into the hallway. I got there and sure enough the modem was in the hall way.

The waiter came back and took my dish away as I had finished eating dinner.

"I think I am going to relax and maybe sit in the hot tub for a while. I am a morning person and I want to go to the seaport and eat breakfast tomorrow."

"Matt you are on vacation, why don't you sleep in and just enjoy yourself," Dave said.

"I have been getting up at 6 AM Texas time for many years and it's in my body. Besides I like to have a morning walk if I can," I said really intrigued.

"It has been nice chatting with you, I hope to chat with you again, I am sure I will be around tonight, I don't plan on getting out with this bad weather," I said getting up.

I walked back to my room and the rain was really coming down. I sat down and decided to play a few games online just to occupy my time. I really was bored out of my mind and I wanted to let Dave and Paul have some time together for them. I got on yahoo and decided to play spades, but then my wireless connection disappeared. I decided to reset the laptop, but that did not help. I called to the front, and they said that they would reset the big router. I waited for about 15 minutes, but no Internet. I walked up to the front to get an update and see if I could be of any help.

"The storm took out the main Internet cable, and Internet is down all over the Island. I can't even do any reservations as our LAN is out to," he said and he looked a little annoyed.

"Wow, well I wish I could help you all out." I walked back to my room and decided to watch TV, mainly sports so I could find out how the Spurs were doing.

I saw Paul and David walk to there room right across the hall. It was about 10:00 and I decided to go to bed. I tuned off the TV and put my CPAP on. I layed down but all these pillows were driving me nuts. I threw 2 pillows on the floor in front of the bed.

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