Friends to the end

Chapter 8

Surprises, Sex and a Busy Saturday

This story is my first work of fiction. The characters mentioned in this story are not real, they came from my imagination. If you not of legal age to read this please go away. This story will contain sexual acts between consenting men, if you are offended why are you here? Please email me at with any ideas or suggestion. Also the names have been changed.

It felt like my heart had skipped a beat as I saw my best friend, Jeremy White, in the hot tub. From what I could see, Jeremy was fucking a cute guy in the hot tub. The guy looked kind of familiar, maybe Jeremy brought someone from Dallas. Ben looked and I decided that we would sneak into the showers.

"That is my best friend, Jeremy, who is supposed to be working in the ER this weekend," I said to Ben.

"That is my brother Ronald, getting fucked by your best friend." I was definitely going to have fun with this one, but I decided I would play a joke on him some other time. I did not want to get into a fight with him. Ben was watching the action going on, as I was too.

Jeremy was sitting on a ledge and was thrusting forward every 2 seconds into Ronald's butt. You could see sweat rolling off of Jeremy's peck's as he was using every amount of strength to fuck Roan. Ronald was moaning softly although from the shower we could hear him quiver. I could not see Jeremy's dick through the water, but by the way his hips were moving, I could tell he was getting close. Jeremy really fucked Ron and he was now grunting. Now, I have seen Jeremy's dick before, and I got to admit an 8 inch dick would hurt. I could tell by the facial expression on Ronald's face that he was really enjoying it. I heard Jeremy moan really loudly. Jeremy thrust really hard into Ronald's ass and I assumed he shot his load. He thrust like 10 times. I have never seen Jeremy have sex with another guy, but I was a little aroused by the action. Jeremy and Ronald switched places. Ronald stood up on the ledge and pushed his dick into Jeremy's mouth. Jeremy began sucking and I saw him tonguing a very nice pair of balls. Jeremy started to lick all around Ronald's dick, especially circling the head. Jeremy engulfed the dick in his mouth, and began to bob it.

I decided I had seen enough, as I was starting to get excited. Ronald began pushing his dick in and out of Jeremy's mouth with a steady rhythm. Ben was watching, too, and he reached into my Speedo and rubbed my dick. Jeremy reached down with his hand and began rubbing really fast. I whispered to Ben that we should not spoil their fun, so we decided to go up to the cultural room. I looked over and Ben's dick looked like it was being strangled by his Speedo. We quietly walked over to the stairs and walked up stairs. Neither Jeremy nor the other guy noticed us walking.

We got upstairs and I lead us into the cultural room. I guess Ben had not been inside the room before so I showed him around. I lowered my voice and looked at Ben as I gave him a tour of the place.

"The movies in here are very hot," I said.

I decided to sit down on the left side on some comfy benches. Ben sat beside me and I pointed out the TVs. There were a couple of guys on the opposite side of the room. They were nude and jerking off. I slowly removed my Speedo and decided to relax. Ben lowered his Speedo and started rubbing my nipples. I definitely liked this and so I reached down and decided to start jerking off Ben. I began a slow pace of massaging his cock with my fingers. Ben smiled and began to run his fingers down my abdomen. The guys across from us got up, grabbed a condom, and left. I wanted this to last a while, so I worked Ben's dick at a nice slow pace. He smiled and licked his lips, and then kissed me. The kiss was very hot and seemed to last forever, as he worked his tongue into my mouth.

He reached down and began to stroke me. We both were watching the movie on the TV screen. Ben stopped stroking and stood up. His dick was nicely erect and he presented it to me. I got up and motioned him to sit down on the bench. I got between his legs and slowly put worked my tongue around his dick starting at the base. I then went around each of the side of his dick. I reached his ball sack and put each of his balls in my mouth for a second. I slowly Ben's erect dick in my mouth. I kept the head in only and I started to run my tongue all around his head. Every time I would touch his p-slit he would try and jam more of it in. He started to insert all of it in there, and before I new it I was giving Ben a blow job. I started to move his dick in and out of my mouth. I could tell Ben was really enjoying it. I could feel Ben's dick starting to get stiff. I did not know if he was close or not, so I decided to slow down and have some fun. I took his dick out of my mouth and put his legs on the padded couch.

I jumped on top of him and kissed him. I felt our dicks touch and it was like electricity. I opened his mouth with my tongue. I started to hump him and he was softly moaning. I slowly tongued his nipples and ran slowly all over his entire chest. I scooted down until I reached his cock, which was standing straight up. I blew air on it, and he moaned. I bent over and started to tongue his dick. I could tell that by his breathing he was really enjoying himself. I engulfed his dick in my mouth and decided to move it around in my mouth. I began to move my mouth on and off his dick. Ben put his hand on my head and guided me. Ben was really getting excited, so I decided to slow down a little bit. I took his dick out of my mouth. It was about 6 inches very nicely erect

"If you are gentle, would you like to break my cherry?" I said looking at him.

He nodded and stood up. He and I picked up our Speedos, and walked toward the front of the room. He grabbed a condom and I pointed at the little room on the left side. I turned the light on and stepped inside. He nodded. I put my Speedo on the floor. I got inside and bent over a small padded bed, with my ass pointed ready for an assault. I heard Ben open the condom.

"Turn around; I want you to see me for your first time. I am not very experienced, so you don't have to worry,"

I turned over and kissed him and grabbed his dick and rubbed it a few times.

I turned over and laid with my legs up in the air. Ben moved up to me, and stuck his finger in his mouth. Ben stuck his finger inside me. I began to whimper and he kissed me. I felt his finger starting to penetrate my ass. He started to move it around inside of me, and then I felt a really sharp pain, and a weird sensation. Ben began to kiss me very passionately. He took his finger out and I felt the head of his dick touch my ass. He pushed his dick into me, and I felt a sharp pain run through my body. He slowly pushed his dick inside of me, I could feel his balls touch my hip and I new that he was all the way in. I nodded my head, but I think Ben could tell that I was in pain. I felt Ben pull his dick out, and then push it back in. The pain was intense, but it started to subside after a few seconds. My dick was really hard. Ben had worked up a nice pace, and I could feel him pull all the way out until his dick was at the edge of my ass. I thought I felt his dick getting longer as he thrust back in. He reached over and started to jerk me.

This was very erotic to me, being fucked and jerked off at the same time. He began to increase his speed and I loved the sound of his balls slapping my butt cheeks. He looked at me in the eyes and really started to fuck me. I began to moan and breathe harder, as I was getting close to losing my load. Ben began to grunt and he was pushing really fast.

"I am so close Matt, I am going to explode, oh god" Just then I really was moaning as Ben pushed his dick in me really hard

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." I felt his dick explode in my ass as he finished my ass really hard. It felt like he was thrusting into my abdomen. He removed his dick from my ass and took off the condom and started to jack me off. I felt my dick start to get tight. I began to thrust forward. I started to cum really hard. Ben reached down and pulled my dick off as I shot my load. I was breathing hard as I shot my load on us. I reached over and took the condom off of Ben. I kissed him and he pulled me off the bed. He reached down and handed me my Speedo. He put his Speedo on. I really did not want him to go anywhere, but I did not know what to do. I pulled him close to me, and kissed him again, with all the passion I had. He got up and started walking out of the room. I followed him quickly.

Ben looked at me, "Let's walk around and see what this party looks like." I nodded and followed him. We walked around the corner to the sunning beds. As we got closer, we saw that they had been removed. There were curio tables set up and it looked like a dance floor. About 10 guys were dancing. The one thing I noticed was a cage had been built at the far corner. I looked inside the cage and there were guys in different positions of sex.

Ben pointed at the stairs and he led the way downstairs. I followed him. We went over to the café, but it was very crowded. There were about 75 guys sitting around the café and pool.

"You want to go sit in the outdoor hot tub?" I asked with a pleading look.

"Sure, I would not mind sitting in the hot tub for a while." Ben said.

I grabbed his hand and led us around the corner. We put our towels on a bench and got in the hot tub. There were two other guys in the hot tub making out, but I ignored them. I decided I wanted to relax with Ben. He moved to one side and I scooted close to him. I wrapped 1 hand around his.

"So you want to do something tomorrow after you finish with Blue-Q," I said to Ben.

"Yeah, I figure I am going to get me some grub, then watch the parade, so maybe we can get something to eat."

"That sounds like a plan. I am going to be downtown tomorrow doing the tourist thing all day." I looked at Ben and just felt totally comfortable with him. I splashed a little water at him, and he giggled. As we were talking, I noticed more and more guys coming into the resort. After about 20 minutes, my fingers were beginning to shrivel up.

"I am about ready to get out, how about you?" Ben looked at me and nodded.

We climbed out of the hot tub and grabbed our towels. We were both extremely soaked. We decided we were going to go back to the cultural room and dry off and see what kind of fun was there. We went the back way, walking around the front desk. We went into the locker room, and there were a few guys getting undressed. We stepped inside the hot tub, and it was empty. We went upstairs and walked inside the cultural room. There were guys all around. Most of them were nude. There was so much action that we both started getting really excited. I pointed to the room and we decided to sit down. To our amazement there was a group orgy going with the tower, and Ben and I had front row seats. This younger guy was laying on the tower with his legs up against the stakes. I lowered Ben's Speedo and he did the same to me. Ben's eye's got huge as we saw this older guy with a 13 inch dick start to fuck the guy lying down on the table. You could tell that it hurt like hell, as he grimaced with every thrust. He did not push in slowly; he ravaged the ass and it looked painful. Ben really liked the action going on. About 8 guys had surrounded the guy in the tower and all were stroking their cocks.

The guy laying down getting fucked looked up and asked, "Are you close yet?"

The guy slamming said no, and sped up. Ben reached over and began fondling my balls. The older guy began slamming really fast. He made 8 hard thrusts and pulled out. I could feel Ben's dick really getting hard. I saw a really long dick begin to remove itself from the ass of the guy lying down. It had shrunk a little bit. The guy lying down got up and walked out, walking a little funny. I was beginning to ooze pre-cum and Ben loved it. I grabbed Ben's dick in my hand and I decided that I wanted some fun too. I began to stroke Ben really fast. I had begun to breathe really fast, as I realized that I was getting close to blowing my load. I turned toward Ben and kissed him. I really stroked fast with one hand, and I squeezed his nipple. I felt my dick began to tighten up. I began to bounce as he stroked me harder and faster. With a few more strokes, I blew a load.

Ben was breathing really hard and I new he was not far behind. I grabbed his balls with my other hand and squeezed. I took my index finger and touched his pee slit and he went crazy. I began to really stroke his dick. He grabbed my leg and began to spew cum. Ben had shot 8 loads of white cream out. His dick was really sticky. I ran my hand through his cum and then put it in his mouth. He opened his mouth and I inserted my finger. He licked it off. I removed my finger. I picked my Speedo up.

"You having fun Ben, because I know I am having a blast?" I said pulling my Speedo on.

Ben leaned over to me, "This is an awesome party dude. You are an amazing guy. Let's go walk around and see what is going on since it is about 10:45."

Ben started to get up, but I lowered him down and put his Speedo on. I kissed him again, and we got up. We walked around and saw a police officer utilizing the glory hole. He was getting a blow job. He still was still in uniform and had his utility belt on. We looked at the smaller rooms, and sure enough there was an orgy going on. Someone was in the middle and both of his holes were being used. They had the lights off, but I could hear a lot of slurping and slapping action. I saw a cute athletic dude at the end of one hall fucking an older guy. He did not have his shirt off, but only his pants were unbuttoned. Ben decided to stand at a corner and watch some action going on. I looked over. I walked right beside Ben. We were both pretty spent, but liked the action going on; a really young twink getting nailed by a butch guy. Another guy went in front of the young guy and stuck his dick inside. Ben reached over and started squeezing my nipples. Two can play at that game, and I decided to run my fingers around his butt cheeks. The young twink had shot a load of cum on the floor, and I assume the other two had just gone over the edge.

"Let go relax out on the sun deck," I said and we walked out of the cultural room. We went the corner and looked at the sun deck. We saw an empty curio and we decided to sit down. There were guys all over the place. Ben got up and walked inside the cage. I watched as he looked around. He came out of the cage, carrying a rag. He handed it to me, and I cleaned up a little bit.

"So what is going on in that cage, Ben?"

"A lot of sex, and in every position. One person is leaning against the cage, another cute guy leaning over a hammock getting gang banged."

"That is something I would never do, have sex outside," I said. Ben nodded. I was feeling a little tired, but I did not want to leave Ben. I let out a small yawn and Ben heard me. We relaxed and visited about everything over the next half hour learning more about each other. I found out that Ben lives in a condominium near North Lake.

"Would you like to come out to my pad sometime Matt and hang out, watch some football?"

"Sure I would Ben; I have never been to a lakefront property. I will cook us some dinner."

"Well why don't we go get our cells phones, because I want to watch the parade with you." I stood up and went downstairs to my room. I looked for my phone, and it was buried under all of my dirty laundry. I went back upstairs and saw Ben sitting at the curio.

Ben held up his phone and said, "My phone number is 214-765-9870." I typed in his information and closed my phone.

I replied, "My phone number is 214-321-5643." Ben also did the same.

"This has been a great party but I got to tell you Ben, I am pretty tired. I have been up since about 6:30."

"I agree dude, I am a little tired also. This party is winding down." Ben got up and walked over to me. He leaned down and kissed me very passionately.

"Good night Matt. I am an early riser, so if you want, we can go find us some breakfast, and we can goof around a little bit."

"Hope you sleep well, I will call your cell tomorrow at 8:00 AM. I think I am going to find some doughnuts or kolaches."

I got up and walked downstairs. I unlocked my door and went inside. I decided I really needed to do a load of laundry tomorrow as I had clothes everywhere. Jeremy would laugh really hard, as I typically am a neat freak. I removed my Speedo and tossed it into the pile of dirty clothes, and put on a clean pair of boxers. I turned out the light and pushed the button on my CPAP machine. I laid down and put my head gear on and went to sleep.

I awoke very groggy, and looked at the clock. It said 7:35. I sat up in bed and decided that I wanted to relax for a few minutes. I put the key around my neck and went over to the communal bathroom. I used the bathroom. I went over to the sink and ran some water over my face. I went back to my room and opened up my dresser, looking for some shorts. I only had 1 pair. I put them on. I opened the dresser and found a shirt. I put my shirt on and grabbed my cell phone, keys, and wallet. I decided to go to the front desk and ask where the nearest laundromat was.

"Excuse me, where is the nearest washateria because I have a lot of clothes that need washing?"

"We can wash your clothes and charge it to your room." Now, I really liked that idea quite a bit.

"Do I need to put them in a bag and bring them up here?"

He went over to the side and grabbed a brown bag with the word "Island House". He handed it to me. "Just put everything in here and bring it back and we will deliver it back to your room."

I took the bag and went back to my room. I stuffed the bag with every piece of dirty clothes. The bag was quite heavy. My cell started ringing; I reached into my pocket and answered it.

"Good morning Matt, how are you doing today," Ben said very chipper.

"Well a little better, now that Island House is going to do my laundry for me. I have like 5 days of clothes and my room looks bad with clothes everywhere."

"So what is the plan for today, I am somewhat hungry."

"Well I am going to take this to the front desk and then I am free. Why don't I just hang around at the front desk, and wait for you."

"Be down in about 3 minutes," Ben said and the phone went dead. I put my cell back in my shorts. I looked at floor and could actually see the carpet again. I picked up the bag and carried it to the front desk. There was another guy, so I waited patiently. The guy finished his business, and I put the bag on the counter.

"What room are you in?"

"I am in room 128." The guy wrote number 128 on a piece of paper and stapled it to the bag. I walked over to a very comfy chair and sat down. I only had to wait for a few minutes and Ben came along. He saw me and I nodded. Ben walked over to the front desk.

"Can you get me booked on Blue-Q today?" Ben asked the guy at the front desk.

The guy picked up the phone and dialed a number. About 2 minutes later, he hung up the phone. "You're booked on the Blue-Q for 11 today, they accept cash and credit card. I recommend you arrive about 15 minutes before your excursion."

"So I was thinking of trying to find a doughnut shop, but I need to go get my camera," I said getting up and heading to my room. Ben followed me and I unlocked my door. I invited Ben inside, but he choose to wait outside. I grabbed the camera and put in some new batteries. I walked out, and Ben and I left Island House.

We started walking and reached Duval Street in no time at all.

"I think I saw a doughnut shop about 6 blocks that way," I said pointing to the left. We took a left and headed toward Truman. We passed Flamingo Café and I started telling Ben how much I liked it here.

"This is a really cool café, I could eat here all the time, and it only cost me like 10 bucks to eat." Ben decided to lead, and we passed the 801 bar. We looked inside, but it appeared to be closed. We kept walking and found Simonton. I saw the sign, Jack & Jill doughnuts. We walked over and it was not that crowded at all. I looked at the menu and did not see kolaches.

"Matt they don't have kolaches anywhere on the menu. I am too hungry to go somewhere else." I put my hand on Ben's stomach and sure enough it was empty. I got up to the counter and decided to order.

"What do you want Ben, I am buying breakfast this morning." Ben looked at me.

"I just want some glazed doughnuts, and lots of them. Matt can I get the biggest glass of coffee they have."

I stepped up to the counter and placed an order: "I would like 3 chocolate covered doughnuts, 3 glazed doughnuts, 1 large orange juice, and 1 extra large coffee." She punched some buttons on the register and I took out my wallet.

"Your total comes to 12.50."

I opened my wallet and took out my Visa and handed it to her. She went over to a machine, and swiped it. She came back and handed me my copy. She started putting our order together. I motioned Ben to come to the counter, to help me carry everything. Ben came up and carried his coffee and a bag of doughnuts. We sat down at a table. Ben opened his box and realized he had chocolate covered doughnuts, so we swapped boxes. I looked at my cell phone and it was 8:40, so Ben had plenty of time.

"I am doing a glass bottom boat tour of the reef, and a sunset cruise on Blue-Q. Today I plan to do some tourist stuff and shop."

"I think I am going to relax, explore a little bit, and head back to the resort. I need to switch clothes."

"Don't forget to take sunscreen when you go out today. I still am nursing a bad sunburn." Ben had finished eating. I ate the last of my doughnuts and drank my OJ. I gathered the trash and put it in the bin.

"So what do you want to do, I am game for some exploring and shopping today."

Ben stood up and said, "I think I want to go to the Southernmost marker."

I pointed to the left and told Ben it was all the way down Duval. We started walking and we reached the side street. Ben walked a little faster and got to the marker before me. I caught up with him and he had a really goofy smile on his face. I went over to the gate and pointed to the satellites.

Ben pointed to the naval base, and said, "I bet that was put there, during the Cuban Missile crisis." I took out my camera and snapped a few pictures of Ben.

"Why don't I get a few pictures of you and the marker?" Ben moved back to the marker and I snapped a few pictures. Ben thought he would be funny and made faces as I was snapping. I could barely hold the camera as it was just funny. As we walked back I pointed out the cool design on the sidewalk. Ben tried to make his hands fit the hand prints, but his hands were just too big.

"Well I am going to walk around, shoot pictures, and maybe do some attractions."

Ben looked at me and said, "I think I am going to walk back to the resort. I need to shower and freshen up before I leave for Bight."

We started walking back toward Duval. I made a mental note of a store I saw that had seashells in them. We got to Duval and Fleming.

"Well I will give you a call later Matt, I really want to get with you later on today, for dinner and we can watch the parade." I held up my cell phone and he started walking down Fleming.

I decided I wanted to try and find that store I saw earlier. I walked across the street and started looking for it. About 15 minutes later, I was at the end of Duval, and I was getting pissed off, as I could have sworn I saw it. I slowly walked back, and saw the store. I stepped inside, and was amazed at how many collectibles there were. I grabbed a little hand basket and started walking through the store. I saw a bag of seashells and I new I would be the uncle of the year if I brought them back home, so I put it in my basket. I grabbed a few trinkets. I decided I would buy my Mom a t-shirt. I went over and got her a white shirt. I decided I wanted to get my cousin something. I walked all over the store and was really impressed with a pink conch shell. I picked it up and it was really heavy. I put it in my basket. I decided I would get my cousin, Mike, a shot glass. I grabbed a deck of playing cards. I went over to the counter. The clerk started scanning everything. Her partner took the conch and the glass light house over to the butcher paper. He wrapped them up. I saw the total of 64.32. I handed the clerk my Visa and she swiped it, she gave me the receipt and put everything in a bag. I decided that I want to go to some of the attractions, but first I need to get rid of this bag. It was heavy and I did not want to break anything. I got over to Fleming really fast. I walked all the way to Island House. I thought about calling Ben, and letting him know that I was there. I got to my room and set the bag on the floor. I decided I might need my backpack. I opened up the little fridge and took out 2 waters. I put one on each side of my backpack. I put my camera inside of a front pocket. I left Island House again, and headed back toward Duval.

Once I got to Duval, I decided that I wanted to go over to an information booth and buy some passes for the attractions I wanted to go to. I walked down to a display stand. I walked up to a window and a nice lady greeted me.

"I was wondering if I could buy some museum attraction passes." She handed me a brochure and I started scanning all of my choices.

"Well, what I know for sure is that I want to go to Hemingway house, and the Key West Aquarium."

She punched in a few buttons. I looked at the brochure and noticed a Ripley's Believe It or Not. "Can I add a Ripley's ticket please?" She nodded.

"Since you are going to Hemingway House may I recommend the Lighthouse?" I thought for a second and I nodded. I started trying to compare the 2 sight seeing tours.

"What is the difference in these 2 tours?"

"Well one of them is on a trolley, and the other is on a train. The train is a 90 minute tour of Key West, while the trolley tour is more open as you can get on and off all day."

"I will take a trolley ticket please." She punched it in the computer, and brought up a total.

"Give me a second and let me see if I can get this any cheaper for you."

Now this I like. She was trying to work the price down a little for me. The total came to 98 dollars. I gave her my credit card, and she swiped it. I heard something print behind the counter. She pulled out a information folder and handed me my receipt. She showed me the 5 tickets.

"You will need to present each of these as you enter the attraction. When you board the trolley, make sure that he stamps your card."

"Where do I catch the trolley?" She opened up the booklet and turned to a map.

"The stop closest to you is in front of the Flagler Station by Bight Seaport." She circled it on the map and handed me the book and tickets. I looked at the map, and saw that Ripley's Believe It or Not was on Duval. I put everything in the main part of the backpack and started walking toward Ripley's. My cell started ringing, and I answered it.

"Matt where are you, I never saw you yesterday," Jeremy said.

"Well I did see you and Ronald very busy in the hot tub. I am walking toward Ripley's right now. What you doing, or should I said who are you doing?"

"Funny, Ronald and I had a blast last night at the 801 bar. I just woke up and thought I could hang with you."

"Well Jeremy, I am going to be doing museums and attractions all day."

"Well do you want to get together for lunch Matt?"

"Sure, but give me a call, I am not sure where I am going to be. I have tickets to different things," I said and looked at the front of the cell phone to see what time it was. The clock read 9:28.

"I am going to get some breakfast here at the café, and lounge around all morning. I will give you a call around 12 or 1, and see what's up Matt."

"All right then, I will be expecting your phone call later then." I hung up the cell phone. I pulled out one of the bottled waters. I drank it while I was walking down Duval. I crossed the street and saw a sign for Ripley's. I went down the street a few blocks and found the place I was looking for. I stepped inside and opened my backpack up. I pulled out my booklet of tickets and looked for the Ripley's ticket. I found it and decided not to break the staple. I walked to the turnstiles and handed him the booklet.

"Ripley's is the 2nd ticket." He opened the booklet and detached his ticket and left me the stub. I stepped through the turnstiles and he pointed me to the entrance.

"Are pictures allowed?" I asked.

"Yes, but you may want to turn off your flash, as some of the artifacts are behind glass."

I got my digital camera out of my back pack and turned it on. I came to a really awesome car made out of nickels. I thought that was kind of unusual. I kept walking and saw a very old box of medical tools. I snapped a couple of pictures so that I could ask Jeremy if they were real or not. I saw a sign that asked if I could roll my tongue. I tried it and was successful. The sign said that 1 in 3 people can. I walked into a different display area, and began snapping pictures. I noticed a purse made from deerskin. I thought of sending that to my sister as a gag gift. I walked around the corner and saw something very strange, a pair of women's underwear. The sign said that these were worn and autographed by Madonna. I stared at them for a minute trying to understand why anyone put a pair of panties on display. I saw a replica of a white bison on display. I saw a teepee right beside the bison that had a little statue inside. I kept walking around the different displays and came upon the guinea fertility statue. There were 2 small figurines on the inside, and a lot of dollar bills. I wondered why people had inserted those dollars. I figured there were about 75 one dollar bills inside the glass case. Just then my camera made a beep beep sound and I looked at it. The battery had turned red. I opened my backpack and took out some batteries and switched them out. I put the old batteries in my backpack and continued on. As I continued on I noticed some musical instruments from Tibet. A Tibetan flute and prayer wheel were being displayedI was kind of disheartened when I came to the Turtle shell Warrior's Shield. I really did not like the idea of turtles being killed for their shells. One display that I spent a few minutes on was a slave auction coin. As I read, people would use this coin to attend slave auctions in the 19th century in Southern US. I moved into a room full of ocean/sea life. The first thing I saw kind of made me sick. A guy had tooth marks that were in the shape of a shark. Then beside him was a Megaladoon shark with its jaws open wide. I saw a hammerhead shark hanging from the ceiling. I came to a display of Ernest Hemmingway stuff. I saw a typewriter being displayed, and the sign said "Hemingway's typewriter." I moved along and saw a picture of Hemingway carrying a very large fish at port. A Civil War cannon was being displayed, and it looked ancient. I reached the end of the artifacts, and walked outside. I looked around, trying to figure out where I was. I pulled out the map and started looking for Hemingway house.

I saw that Hemingway house is on Olivia Street. I got back on Duval, and walked about 9 blocks. I reached Olivia and turned. I walked four blocks down the street and saw the lighthouse entrance. I walked across the street and saw Hemingway house. I stepped up to the ticket booth and pulled out my book of tickets. He found the one he was looking for and detached it.

"You are free to explore the grounds, but tours start in the grand room."

He handed me a booklet; I put it inside my backpack and walked in. A group was already forming in the grand room so I joined them. The tour started and I was really fascinated, as I wrote my Comp 2 paper on, A Farewell to Arms. I knew that Hemingway lived in Key West for a time in his life. I found out that he visited one of the bars at night and based his characters on them. The tour came to the kitchen and I noticed a really old stove. Spanish tiles were above the stove, and I found out that he gotten a lot of items from Spain. We went upstairs to the 2nd floor. The bed was very big, with a very soft bedspread. The headboard was very interesting. I saw a two drawer dresser with Spanish plates. It looked neat. The guide told us that his third wife had gotten the chandelier. We walked along the veranda outside, and the size of the back yard was amazing. I saw the top of the lighthouse from one side of the 2nd floor veranda. We noticed a bathroom with a window that was very low. The guide told us that Hemingway would look out as he took care of business in the bathroom. The tour continued downstairs and outside where I learned that there were 50 cats on the estate. I wonder if that was Hemingway's or his wife's idea. We went to a small room off to the side of the house and saw Hemingway's study. Here I learned Hemingway typed a lot of his novels. There was a typewriter, a table, 2 shelves full of books. I walked back downstairs and came to a pool. The guide told us that Hemingway's wife put in the pool, without him knowing it. Out of spite, he brought home a urinal and fashioned it as a drinking fountain for his cats. I decided that I had seen enough and walked out of the house. I figured this house was valued over 1 million dollars. I walked across the street to the lighthouse, as I had never been in one before. I walked into the entrance. I went inside of the gift store and handed the clerk my ticket book.

"We have a display through here. If you are not afraid of heights, you can go up 98 stairs to the top of the light house. Don't forget to visit the keeper's quarters.

I stepped inside of a museum display and took a few pictures of different lamps used in the tower. I stepped outside and got a good look at the lighthouse. I went inside and started the climb toward the top. The stairs were very narrow. After about 5 minutes I reached the highest point I could go. I reached the observation deck. I went outside and looked out at Key West. I was so amazed at how far out you could see. I could see the ocean from here. I walked around and took some pictures. I figure the people back in Texas would love the view. I went back inside and started my descent. I heard a few people at the bottom. I banged my feet really loudly so they would know that some one was on their way down. I got to the last step and my legs were aching. Some people had just stepped inside. I told them the view was amazing. I went over to the little house beside the lighthouse. What I really liked was the Coast Guard flag, and a log book of the ships.

I walked out of the keeper's quarter and my cell phone rang.

"Matt, I was wondering where you are? I am getting hungry."

"I am just coming out of the light house on Olivia. What do you want to eat Jeremy?"

"I noticed a burger joint on Duval; you game for that, Matt?"

"Yeah, I think it is about 15 minutes from where I am." I looked at my watch and thought for a second. "I will be there in about 15 to 20 minutes, okay?"

"I am leaving Island House now, so it will take me about the same time to get there." Jeremy hung up the phone and I started walking down Olivia. I reached Duval and started toward the little hamburger stand. It took me about 15 minutes to walk all the way down Duval. I reached the little place called, "Cheeseburger Key West." I decided to sit down and wait for Jeremy before ordering. I set my backpack down on the table. I saw Jeremy walking across the street. I waved at him as he was crossing the street. I got up and went over to the order window. Jeremy came over and gave me a hug. I hugged him back.

"Hey Matt, how are you?" Jeremy said.

"I love Key West; things are so relaxed here, let's catch up later, food first." I went up to the window and started looking at the menu.

"I would like a bacon cheese burger, hold the tomatoes and onions. I would like a medium order of fries, and a large root beer." Jeremy stepped up and ordered a double cheeseburger and a large fry. I handed my Visa to the clerk and he ran it through the machine. He gave me the slip and I added 2 dollars for a tip. I handed it back to him. Another clerk gave us our drinks. We sat down and waited for our food.

"So Matt, how has your vacation been so far?"

"Well, other than getting rained out Wednesday, and getting sunburn on my back, it has been really good."

"So what kind of fun have you had while staying at Island House, Matt, and I want details." I had to think for a little bit and decided not to tell him about Ben as I did not have his permission.

"I had a couple of opportunities present themselves, and that is all I am going to say. Now how long have you been seeing this Ronald guy?"

"Well, on our way out of academy, he slipped me his phone number, and we just hit it off, I told him I was coming to Key West, and he asked if he could come. I did some quick work on the phone and sure enough he came too."

"So where is he now?" The clerk called us up as our order was done.

Jeremy and I went up and grabbed the two trays of food. We went over and got some ketchup for our fries.

"Ronald decided to go out on the Blue-Q, and I will meet with him at the resort this afternoon. Island House asked us if we would like to ride in the parade."

"That is awesome, just make sure you wear clothes, and don't be humping on anyone."

We both ate our food. Jeremy had finished his burger. He went up and got a refill of his soda.

"So what are your plans for this afternoon Matt? I am going to head over to Bourbon bar and hang out for a while, then head back to Island house and get ready to board the float."

"I think I am going to walk around some more, do a little more shopping, head back to my room and take a nap. Then I will head down to watch the parade this evening."

"Well I fly out tomorrow, I have to be back at the ER at 7 PM, and so if I don't see you take care."

"I will see you Sunday morning before you fly out, lets go out to Bight and have breakfast together."

Jeremy came over and hugged me and said, "That will be good idea, maybe Ronald will want to come. I know this great place called Turtle Krawl that makes awesome food."

"Jeremy, I will be back in Dallas Tuesday around noon, so give me a call and we can hang out."

Jeremy walked away heading back down duval.

This is a very long chapter, sorry all. Please bear with me as I continue to grow as an author. I hope all of you like this story so far.