Friend to the end

Chapter 9

By Casper

Pride, Parade, and fun fun fun

This story is a work of fiction. If you are under the legal age to read this go away. Other wise sit back take off your boxers and enjoy the chapter. Please feel free to email me at

I decided to walk back to the resort and take a nap. I got up from my seat and walked back down Duval to Fleming. I walked down to Island House and went to my room. I dropped my back pack and put on my CPAP. I turned it on and laid down.

I was roused 2 hours later by my cell phone ringing.

"Hello," I said very groggily.

"Hey Matt did I wake you?" Ben said. I looked over at the clock and realized that it was 4:45. I sat up

"It's OK, I decided to go back to the Island House and take a nap. So where are you?"

"I am just getting off Blue-Q and you were right; it was amazing. My brother Ronald showed up and we got to spend the afternoon together."

"Well are you hungry for dinner, my stomach is starting to ask for food," I said, starting to look for my shoes. I found them. I turned the phone on speaker so I could still talk while I put on my shoes.

"Yeah I can go for food too. Why don't you meet me at the corner of Duval and Caroline in about 15 minutes, and we can find something to eat," Ben said and hung up the phone.

I grabbed my wallet, key, and cell phone. I walked out of the resort and back down to Duval. I reached Duval fairly quick. I turned left and started walking toward Caroline. I decided to walk slow and give Ben and few minutes to get there. I passed by a few shops and I got to Caroline. I decided I would wait on the right side as it was closer to the seaport. I was looking around as I saw Ben walking up to Duval from Caroline. I waved at him and he smiled, and started running. Ben reached me and I gave him a big hug.

"I missed you a lot Ben," I said, letting go of him

"The feeling is mutual, Matt, now let's get something to eat and find a good spot for the parade," Ben said and we decided to sit down on a bench and talk for a few minutes.

"Well I saw a pizza restaurant walking this morning called Upper Crust, and it is really close to the festivities," I said looking at Ben.

"That sounds like a plan. My brother, Ron, went back to Island House; he is going to be on the float in the parade with your friend Jeremy." Ben got up and I headed down Duval as we took off walking.

It took us about 15 minutes before we reached the pizza restaurant. We walked in and went over to the register. Ben and I looked at the menu.

We waited patiently in line as others were being helped at the front. We stepped up. "I would like a slice of pepperoni pizza and a drink please," I said.

Ben stepped up and placed his order, "I would like a slice of hamburger pizza and a drink also." Then Ben did something that surprised me and whipped out his credit card. He handed it to the clerk and processed the bill. The lady handed us 2 cups and Ben signed his charge slip. I felt really special as my boyfriend had bought me dinner.

I grabbed the glasses and gave Ben his drink. We walked over to the fountain machine. I decided to get Root Beer and Ben got Sprite. We went over to the booth and sat down.

"Thanks for buying me dinner, Ben, that made me feel really special." Ben scooted right in front of me and made a funny face making me laugh.

"So tell me about your plans tonight after the parade Matt."

"Well I plan to watch the parade with you and then the rest is up in the air. I guess I am game for anything, but I do have some stuff planed for tomorrow out on the ocean," I said to Ben.

"That sounds like a plan; we can head back to the resort after the parade, shower and relax together," Ben said.

The lady brought us our orders and set them on the table. She smiled extra hard at Ben and I started laughing "I reckon that lady would like to have her way with you, Ben, although I won't give you up." Ben turned red as a tomato and started giggling.

I grabbed the parmesan cheese and sprinkled it on my pizza. I handed it to Ben. He sprinkled some on then he grabbed the red pepper on his slice of pizza. He handed it to me but I shook my head.

"I don't like hot stuff that will make my stomach hate me for along time," I said putting the red pepper up.

We started eating our pizza and small hamburger came flying into my mouth. I looked over and Ben was laughing really hard. I thought about throwing a pepperoni, but decided on another approach. I set my slice of pizza down and reached under the table and squeezed his crotch.

"No fair, you can't make me hard and leave me with a case of blue balls. All I did was making sure you got to taste my food, too," Ben said.

"You can make me pay tonight. Now let's finish up and take a walk through all the booths on the street and find a place to relax for the parade," I said taking a bite of my pizza.

Ben and I ate our pizza. I decided that I needed a refill, so I got up and grabbed my glass.

"Would you like a refill too, Ben?" Ben held up his glass and I picked it up. "Sprite right, Ben?" Ben nodded.

I went over to the soda fountain machine but I decided to play a joke on him. I filled his drink half full with Sprite, and then I put in a little Coke. I filled my glass up with Root Beer. I walked back to our booth and set Ben's drink down in front of him.

I sat down and acted normal. I watched Ben take a drink and I swear he snorted Coke out of his nose. He looked at me and I was laughing so hard that my chest was hurting. "I thought you could use a mix." Ben looked at his soda and laughed a little bit.

"I put a little Coke mixed with Sprite. You looked like you could use a little mix Ben."

I finished eating my pizza, and Ben actually drank the soda. I pushed my plate forward and finished my Root Beer. Ben stood up and grabbed our trash and took it to the trash bin. I followed him and we walked out. We walked 4 blocks south and we reached the 700 block of Duval. They had blocked off 4 blocks. We stepped out into the street and began browsing all of the booths. Ben and I just walked through all of the booths, not buying anything.

We both saw a float sitting in front of the Bourbon Street pub. The overall theme for pride was, "Follow the Rainbow." Ben and I began marveling at the design of the float. It looked liked the arch from the Wizard of Oz. It had a 3-tier stage, and a small house in the back. These ladies, who were dressed as drama queens, came out and boarded the float. They were standing on different steps. A lady dressed up as Dorothy came out, and she had a lot of make up on.

"Matt, I thank that is supposed to be Dorothy," Ben said and we watched her get on the float. I had never seen a drama queen before but wow she was loud and very obnoxious. Then it was like they opened the flood gates, as a lot of guys from inside the pub got on the float and it began to rock a little. They got inside the house, and it looked like a lot of them were drunk. It was really hot and I felt sorry for all of those guys sitting that were going to be standing in the house on the float for 2 hours. The lady who played Dorothy screamed for something to drink, although no one answered her.

A guy who was dressed in all green came out. "I assume that he is the Wizard, Ben." He went up the float and spoke with the lady. He went back inside. It seemed like he took forever and Dorothy did not like to be kept waiting. Finally 2 guys and the Wizard came back out carrying a bucket of beer.

"That is going to be insane, Ben. These guys are out in the hot heat, inside of a very small cramped house and they are going to drink alcohol to stay hydrated. Jeremy would have a cow if he saw this." Ben laughed a little. A guy got in the truck and the float began moving. All the ladies braced themselves on the steps. We saw the float head down Duval to the staging area.

Ben pointed to some curios outside the Bourbon Street pub, "Why don't we grab a couple of seats over there, as it will be about 1 hour?" I nodded and we crossed the street. We found a couple of chairs and sat down.

"So tell me something about Matt?" Ben asked

"Well I am a computer geek. I am learning about being gay, as I'm not out of the closet yet. I live by myself, and I like to play games online." Ben smiled.

"Would you consider being boyfriends, I typically do not do what we did last night, but I decided to throw caution to the winds. Plus, I actually feel safe when I am with you." Now that made me blush.

"I must admit I felt the same about last night, as it was my first time, but I too feel very comfortable with you, Ben. My friend Jeremy has been pushing me to be more free, although I am very reserved and shy. So my turn Ben; what one thing would you like to do if we go on a date?"

Ben thought long and hard, "I am not really picky, although I do like this restaurant in Euless called Incredible Pizza. They have a buffet and a game room." I really was starting to like Ben.

"I have been to the one in Victoria with my niece and nephew and we stayed for over an hour, and I have to admit I had just as much fun." A lot of guys were now gathering along the 6 blocks. We sat and relaxed waiting for the parade to start. Ben's cell phone started to ring, and he answered it. He barely talked about for 30 seconds before he hung up.

"That was my brother, Ron; he was calling to tell me that he and Jeremy were getting aboard the float and wanted to know where we were."

"That's cool. Jeremy did say they were going to be on the float for Island House. I ate lunch with him today."

"I am a bit thirsty, but I don't feel like a beer yet, so I am going across the street to the store, would you like anything to drink?"

I thought for a second, and opened my wallet and pulled out a 5 dollar bill, "Can you get me a Diet Pepsi please." I handed the bill to Ben but he would not take it. He got up really fast and took off for the Walgreen's. I was a little dumbfounded that Ben was paying for my drink, but no big deal. I could hear sirens blaring from down the street, and I knew they were starting. It sounded like it was down about 2 miles.

Someone tried to sit in Ben's seat but I shook my head, "My boyfriend went to get drinks, and will be right back." The guy smiled and sat in the back. I saw Ben walking back carrying a bag. I waved at him and smiled. He sat down and put the bag between us. He took out the 2 drinks and handed me my Diet Pepsi. He then reached in and took out a bag of trail mix and set it in the middle of the table.

"That is so awesome, I thought I was the only one that liked trail mix," I said to Ben.

"Yeah, I decided we would have a good snack tonight." Ben opened up the trail mix, and took out a handful.

I picked up the bag and got me a handful. I really thought it was sweet of him to buy me a drink and a snack. I really wanted to talk with Ben, but I did not know what to talk about.

"So are you keeping up with the Spurs series Ben, I really want them to go all the way."

"I am a Maverick's fan Matt, I do watch them, but I could not tell you the player's names."

"I get some free tickets, at work." Ben stood up and scooted his chair beside me. "So tell me something interesting that no one else knows about the great Matt."

"I almost inherited 2 kids 4 years ago. My sister was involved in a severe car accident. I got a call from a chaplain, and before I new it 2 kids were my responsibility. The kids' grandparents took care of them, but I was so scared. My sister was in ICU for a week."

"Wow!! Matt, I am not sure what to say, that is something very personal, I feel privileged to be trusted with something so personal."

"I guess turn about is fair play Ben, tell me something about yourself."

"When I was 18 I donated bone marrow to my mom. She was diagnosed with leukemia, and they said that if they did not find a bone marrow donor that she may not survive longer than a year. Well she is still alive and kicking."

"I am certainly speechless, I am very sad that your mom had leukemia, but very proud that you could give your mom a part of you, so that she may live longer. I matched once, but the second test did not match."

I decided to hug Ben. We could hear the police car getting closer. I looked across the street to the 801 bar and about 90 guys had stepped outside the bar. Ben smiled as we saw the parade approaching. I sat there very happy that I was watching my first Pride Parade. The cruiser carrying the police chief passed and I stood up cheering. Ben came right next to me and he put his arm around me. Floats started to pass and we were excited as they were throwing out beads. One was thrown our way and I caught it. I gave it to Ben and he put it on me. A couple of morons staying above the Bourbon Street Pub decided to throw beads out of the window, making every guy across the street rush to get beads. Well the guy who was dressed as the Wizard went upstairs and he looked pissed. It was like mass pandemonium, with everyone wanting beads. The guys in the street backed up, and the parade continued. A really awesome set of guys from Florida Bear Alliance stopped in front of us and did a very sexy performance with a wooden simulated rifle. They performed in unison and Ben and I were amazed.

I had now gotten 3 beads, but Ben did not have any. I took my maroon bead off and put it on Ben. He giggled and kissed me. The 801 bar float came by and they were throwing candy. I really did not fight for any, but a lot of people around us had their hands up. I decided that I wanted beads. A car went by that said "Mrs. Key West." The lady inside was dressed with a red negligee, laced with feathers.

"I love this parade Ben; it is so awesome." Ben nodded. Some really nice lesbians came through the parade, riding on bicycles. Jeremy had mentioned to me that a lot of people in Key West use bikes rather than cars. The 801 bar float came and the guys were cute in with Speedos on. One couple was humping each other on the float. The Bourbon Street float came and damn it was awesome, with all the ladies in the front and the guys in the house. They really did look a little drunk. I was jumping up and down when I noticed the Island House float coming. Ben and I were waving our hands and cheering loudly. As they got closer, I noticed that staff were on the truck, while a lot of the guests were on the float. I looked for Jeremy and saw that he was standing in the middle of the float near a round awning. He was wearing a Speedo and having a great time. Ben pointed out Ron who was on the left side of Jeremy. I decided I wanted to get Jeremy's attention but I needed to do it loudly.

I cleared my throat and scooted close to the float. "Dr. White code blue room 5, Dr White code blue." Jeremy turned his head and looked like he was about to jump off the float. I pointed at him and pointed my finger at him. His face showed relief and he threw me a set of beads. Ron looked over at us and waived at his brother. More beads came flying and Ben grabbed a set, I picked up my cell phone as the float moved away and pointed to it. Jeremy nodded and I knew he got the message. The fire truck came through blaring. A group of guys came through carrying a rainbow flag. I take it that was the end as a ton of people were behind. The whole parade lasted about 30 minutes.

"I am going to sit down and let the crowds disperse." Ben sat down too. There were guys walking back into the bars, although I did not feel like going in.

"I think I am going to go back to the resort, and relax. I had a long day today." I knew that I was kind of tired too.

"I like that idea Ben, one thing I was talking to Jeremy about was all four of us going to breakfast tomorrow. I wanted to see if you would like have the time to go out on the Blue Q for a sunset cruise."

"Well as long as I get back to the resort by 9 PM. I do have a 615 flight Monday."

"I fly out Tuesday morning at the same time Ben."

I grabbed the bag of trail mix and took out a good handful. Ben got up and grabbed the empty bottles. He threw them away in the trash bin. I picked up the bag of trail mix and walked over to Ben.

"I am about ready to head back to the resort." Ben nodded and we headed down Duval Street. I pointed out the Wyland museum to Ben as we passed it. Ben and I turned down Fleming and we were walking in the resort within 10 minutes. We turned into the resort and I saw the float was already parked in the back.

We stepped up to the door, and Ben unlocked it with his key. We walked in, and looked at each other.

"So what would you like to do Ben; I am feeling like I want to sit in one of the hot tubs and let my muscles relax."

"I can certainly help one muscle in particular," Ben said. I am very sure I was blushing at that time.

"Talk like that will not win you any points. Why don't we meet in the outside hot tub in 5 minutes, I need to put these beads up."

Ben nodded and took off for his room on the 2nd floor. I went around the corner to my room. I took off the 3 sets of beads I had and put them in the corner. I made a mental note to myself to give Jeremy 1 set. I took all of my clothes and started looking for my Speedo. I found it in a growing pile of dirty laundry. "Note to self–do laundry tomorrow." I pulled my Speedo on and started looking for a towel, but could not find one. I grabbed my key and put it around my neck. I headed up to gym as I knew they kept plenty of towels on top of the lockers. I grabbed 2 towels for Ben and me. I walked back around to the hot tub and put the towels on a bench. I pushed the button and the hot tub came to life. I slowly climbed in and found a spot. The hot water felt incredible, and I was sitting right over one of the jets. I heard someone approaching, and sure enough Ben walked up wearing a black Speedo. Ben got in, and came over to me.

"Hi there, I am feeling so good right now," I said and I kissed Ben. I darted my tongue inside of his mouth and apparently he had no objections. Ben splashed water at me as I pulled away. I decided to return the favor and before we knew it, we were having a splashing war. Ben stood up and came really close to me. I decided to squeeze his dick through his Speedo.

"Now why did you have to do that, Matt?" Ben had decided that I needed to be punished and squeezed my nipples really tight.

"Ohhhweeee now I am going to get you." I jumped onto Ben and we both fell into the middle of the hot tub. I caught Ben so he would not injure himself. Ben had put his hand around me and carried me back to the side. I took my hand and slowly started to run it on the inside of his leg. I could feel our crotch areas starting to poke out, as they were rubbing against each other. I felt Ben's hand reaching into the front of my Speedo. I scooted forward and Ben lowered my Speedo. I decided that Ben needed to be nude, but I wanted to play with him. I got him standing on a ledge and started to run my fingers along the backside of the Speedo. I started to run my tongue along his abdomen. He smiled, and started to lower his Speedo; but I took his hands off his Speedo. I took both hands and started feeling for his balls. He looked at me and started getting antsy. I took my hands and lowered his Speedo, but instead of playing with him, I got up and took both Speedos over to the bench where the towels were.

"Get your butt back in here, Matt, before I start without you." I walked back to the side where Ben was and stuck my butt at him. I slowly got back in the hot tub. Ben had gotten up and decided that he wanted to be on top of me. He turned around so that we were facing each other. I put my hand on his head and we started a slow passionate kiss. He slowly opened my mouth and our tongues touched. It felt incredible and our dicks were rubbing each other. I was certainly started to get happy, and I figured that Ben was the same. I took my hand and started to jack him off. He decided that my nipples needed some attention, so he started to tongue them. I felt the jets turn off and Ben got out and pushed the button. He stepped back in the hot tub. We continued to assault each others mouth.

I heard people getting in the hot tub but I was quite preoccupied.

"Matt I am glad that you are finally getting busy." I recognized the voice as Jeremy, but at that point and time I really did not want to stop kissing Ben. I waved at him but my attention was focused on pleasing Ben. I looked over and sure enough Ron and Jeremy were watching what we were doing.

Ben leaned over and said, "Why don't we go back to your room and do some more making out?" Ben stood up and got out of the hot tub. I slowly rose, and followed him.

"I brought you a towel so you can dry off." I walked over to the bench and got to see Jeremy and Ron really making out. Ben came over and I handed him a towel. He dried off. I laid down on the bench and Ben got on top of me. Ben turned around and we started to 69 each other. Ben started to ram his dick into my mouth, and I loved it. I squeezed his balls, with my hands.

"Stay here, I will be right back." Ben left and I just relaxed and watched Jeremy and Ron. Ron and Jeremy were grinding each other's dick. They were ignoring me. Ron had stood up and shoved his dick in Jeremy's mouth. Jeremy was giving Ron head, and it looked really awesome. Ben had returned and had a condom on his dick. I smiled as he walked over to me. He got right on top of me and kissed me again. He licked his way down and started licking the under side of my inner hip. He picked up both of my legs and exposed my hole. I felt one his finger start to touch my ass. Then all of a sudden I felt a poke. Sure enough he was fingering my ass. I began to moan. He took his finger out and stood up. I felt his dick begin to press against the outside of my ass.

"Make love to me, Ben. I want to feel your penis in me." Ben heard that and I felt him push his 6 inch dick into me. It felt like my ass was on fire. The pain was not as bad as the first time. I could hear the sound of slapping as his balls hit my ass cheeks. I heard movement and then I felt someone on the other side of me. I looked and sure enough Ron and Jeremy were lying beside us. Ron was lying flat. I heard Jeremy open up a package. I turned back to Ben and he was not gentle this time. He was thrusting in and out of me every few seconds. It seemed like every time he pounded into me, he was getting deeper into me. I felt him hit a spot and it sent shivers all through me. I heard Jeremy grunting as he was fucking Ron, and the from the sound of it, it was intense. Jeremy is a very vocal person. I heard Ron begin to moan really loud. I looked over and sure enough he had blown a load all over Jeremy. This made Ben fuck my ass really hard. He grabbed my dick and it felt like he was trying to pull it off my body. I looked over and Jeremy had collapsed on Ron. I felt my dick starting to get really tight. I grabbed Ben's nipples and squeezed them. I felt the cum starting to reach the tip of my dick.

"Oh god, I am going to blow, here it comesssssss, Ben." My cum erupted, and sprayed all over Ben's stomach. Ben started fucking me so fast. Then I felt it. His dick started to get harder.

"Matt, you are so awesome, I love you. Here comes my juice." Ben thrusts were very hard and long. I felt his dick start to empty. I felt 8 thrusts and then he collapsed onto me. He removed his dick and took off the condom. He sat down on top of me and our dicks touched.

"Would you like to spend the night with me Ben?" Ben looked at me and kissed me. Ben got up and grabbed one of the towels and wiped me off. He then put my Speedo on. I sat up and he put his Speedo on. We stood up and looked over at the other guys; they were just sitting there basking in the afterglow. We slowly walked around the corner and to my room. I unlocked the door and we both stepped in. I allowed him to go first. I took my covers back. I removed my Speedo and found 2 pairs of clean boxers. I threw one to Ben, and he put them on. Ben got in on the right side of the bed. I got in on the left side. I put my CPAP gear on and pushed the button. I was so thrilled as I was sleeping with my boyfriend in the same bed.

I want to thank all of you readers for sticking with me, I promise there will be more chapters. Please bear with me as I am in the midst of a federal audit and won't have much time to dedicate to this story until after the 1st week of December. Again thanks to my editors.