Driving from Chicago to Peoria, I kept thinking back to my hot black stallion and his 10 inch ebony rod. The look and feel of his cock, the smoothness of his skin, the taste of his lips, the twinkle in his eyes. Fucking awesome fuck! It had been a while since a quickie had left me so satisfied, and wanting more. Just thinking of what happened between us as I drove along the highway made me so horny again. My cock was hard again. Boy was I ever hoping that he would be there when I returned the car, and that I thank him, in my very own special way, for the discount he had given me.

During the two-hour drive, I kept thinking of the weekend ahead of me. How the fuck would my step-family react to their gay step-son coming to the step-sister's weeding? Why the fuck was I putting myself through this bullshit? Despite the unknown, the smell of cum on my chest and the feeling of having had a big cock up my ass made me smile.

I pulled in to the hotel parking lot and headed in to the check-in counter. It was really quiet for a Thursday afternoon. In very little time, I had my key and was off to my room to unpack my suitcase and to take a warm shower. The messaging water made me feel so good, reenergizing me in very little time. The family wasn't expecting me until the early evening, so I decided to take advantage of my free afternoon. I got dressed in a pair of very tight Levi's, one that really showed of my ass and my basket, and a tightly-whitey T-shirt that showed off my chest..

Getting into the car, I rolled down the windows to enjoy the warm air on my face and headed for downtown, where the only gay Peoria bar was located. As I looked for the bar, I came across a beautiful park, with beautiful men playing football. So many hot men, so many of them playing without their shirts. Still fucking horny from before, my mind started imagining them in a locker room, all naked, and boy what a hot picture I was getting. If all the Peoria men looked like that, I was gonna have me some fun!

A couple of blocks away, I finally found the bar. It was closed since it too early in the day. Next door to it, however, was an adult video store, The Brown Bag. I always enjoy flavouring the local arcade, and the locals. I walked in and looked around. Nothing much more than used books and old videos. But beyond one door was the mystery world of the sex arcade. Wanting to know what this one was like, I paid my ticket and was let in. As soon as my eyes adjusted, I could see a few men lingering around. The old dirty men type! Not my game. Having paid 10 bucks to get in, I didn't want to live to quickly, plus I had a few hours to kill.

I walked around and say a big older black man, stroking his massive cock vigorously with the door opened. He asked me to help him out. I declined and kept walking. I walked around, disappointed there weren't more men. As soon as I walked into one of the booths to check out the movie selection, I noticed two older guys enter the booths on each side of me. As soon as their doors were closed, they motioned for me to take out my cock and let them suck it. Here I was with two older men wanting a taste of my cock. Plus watching a movie about a mechanic fucking his client up the ass in the back seat of a car was getting horny again.

I pulled down my Levi's to free my 7 inch cock. I didn't close the door to my booth -- I like jerking off when people are looking at me. As I sat on the stood, the older men on both side of me were now begging me for a taste of my cock. They both promised me a blowjob I wouldn't forget. I had heard that promise too many times As I sat there with my hard cock in hand, gently stroking my meat, I was hoping that one of those football players would walk by and service me.

At one point, I had three old farts looking at me stroking my dick. One even took out his cock and offered it to me to suck on. I wasn't even sure if he could have got it hard for me. While I liked jerking off in front of others, this was not my ideal audience. My sexual interest was fading fast. I pulled up my pants and walked out of my booth. Two of men starting groping me -- one grabbing my bulge, the other pinching my ass.

As soon as my feet hit the pavement, I found my way back to the car, very disappointed not to have been able to have some "real". With one hour before the weeding rehearsal, I headed back to the hotel. Remembering that my dress shirt needed to be ironed, I stopped off at the hotel reception as I walked in to borrow their iron. The young man at reception was all to eager to get it for me.

The rest of the night made me feel like I was back in the video arcade with old men looking at me, but not talking to me. The family turned their cold shoulders to me, the discussions were mundane, the wine was bad. I kept thinking-what the fuck was I doing there wasting good money and valuable fucking time.

At 10pm, I told everyone I was tired, and headed back to my hotel for a change of clothes and off to the bar to hopefully find a hot playmate. Taking a quick shower, I jumped back into my Levi's and white T-shirt and headed out on the town.

As soon as I walked up the stairs to Peoria's only gay bar, I immediately knew this was my kind of place. The music was incredible, the men danced without their shirts, some wearing as little as a jock strap, and the beer was cheap. What more could this horny Canadian ask for! I made my way up to the bar and started talking to the bartender. He was a hot number-great pecs and a tight ass-but too much attitude for my taste. With my back to the bar, I scoped out the place, taking in the eye candy. I was just thinking how many of those football players I meet earlier were here.

Fuck, I was horny. Heading up to the dance floor, I took off my shirt and started doing the nasty with a few men. Peoria men can't keep their hands to themselves, but you won't hear me complain. After dancing for about 30 minutes, and groping and getting groped, I needed another beer. Ending up to the bar, I was quickly followed by one of my "dance" partners. He wasn't the hottest of them, but his lips were so full and I knew he would give great head.

After drinking my beer, I whispered to this young man that I didn't know where the washrooms were. Surprisingly, he grabbed my hand and brought me down a dark hallway that led to the bathroom. Outside the bathroom, I saw many couples kissing and groping. Not wanting to be ungrateful to the man who brought me to the washroom, I pushed him against the way and held him around his ass. We kissed for a few minutes, but we both wanted something different. Surrounded by other men, I forced my guy down on his knees to service my cock. In 10 seconds flat, my pants were on the floor and my cock was in his month. His lips were so hot and sweet.

"Oh, aye, keeping sucking me boy, keep sucking" was all I kept thinking and saying. He would suck my cock into his month until his nose was smelling my pubic hairs and so slowly, he would go up and down the length of my shaft. He would take my balls into his hand and massage so slowly. He would pinch my nipples, hard.

Grabbing the back of his head, I rammed my cock down his throat. This guy was not going down on his first cock that's for sure. He was moaning, enjoying the mouth fucking I was giving him. This slut really knew how to suck, and he knew how to make me happy. Slowly he worked his lips back up my shaft and played with my piss hole. Lubricating two of his fingers with the pre-cum and saliva on my cock, the kid started fingering my ass. With his hot mouth on my cock and his fingers up my ass, I knew I wouldn't last long. In little time, my juices were flowing. Ramming my cock down his throat, the kid had no choice but to suck and swallow.

"Oh fuck" I yelled out, as my cock shot its load down this guy's throat. Felling weak in the knees, I pulled the guy back up on feet and put my arms around him, kissing him and savouring the taste of my own cum. It felt that we had been holding each up for hours.

Then reality hit me. I was standing outside the men's bathroom naked at a gay bar without my shirt and my pants were still around my ankle. At least 10 guys stared at me, some with their cocks in hand, stroking away. Kissing my fuck friend for the last time, I pulled up my pants and entered the bathroom for a good piss. No one came in after me, and no one was standing outside the bathroom when I left. It was like nothing had happened.

Thirsty, I headed back to the bar for another beer. By this time, it was near closing and the bartender was calling out for last rounds. The place was still more crowded than before and I knew I had definitely picked the right night to "cum" here.

After the beer, I headed back to the dance floor for a few more songs. Dancing away in the middle of a large unknown group is always fun. Cher was a popular choice that night and I was losing myself to the music. The music was blaring and I felt like I was in another world.

At closing time, many men were frantically cruising the younger boys inviting them to come home with them. Many looked my way, but I glared away. But this guy from across the room kept looking at me with piercing eyes. With my balls already drained, I wasn't looking for another trick for the night.

Heading to the john before hitting the road, I walked up to a urinal and pulled out my cock. At that time, the guy from across the room walked up to urinal next to me and pulled out his cock. Nice size, I thought. Nice ass. And he was definitely cute. But he looked familiar. I couldn't understand why. With warm piss coming out of our cocks, the guy turned to me and asked "Are you heading back to your hotel soon?".

Puzzled, I looked at him and made the connection. This was the guy that the front desk, the one that had lent me the iron and wanting to be polite, I said: "Sure am, do you need a ride?". "Only if you ride my ass when we get there!" he blurted out. He was one of the guys stroking his cock when I was getting head. This guy was really sweet, and so innocent. Looking at his smile, I moved toward him and kissed him on the lips.

To my surprise, his tongue was pierced and the feeling on metal on my lips was making hard. I can only imagine the feeling that his tongue piercing would have on my cock heard.

Grabbing his hand, we left the bar and headed for my car. And the night was still so young.

Well, you horny men from Peoria and beyond, my trip to Peoria is still no over. All of this is real. No bullshit. Sorry it took so long to write chapter 2. If you liked it, let me know and I will keep going with it.

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