Good For Nothing

by Larkin

Fictional Story, sexual content, male/male Copyright Larkin 2006

Good For Nothing

by Larkin

Sometimes I just stare at my stupid face in the mirror. I am totally over the earrings. I might just get rid of them. You know, I think dying my hair black was probably a stupid idea. I'm going to let it grow back in blond. When I look like someone else for a while, I'm all happy, but then it turned back into me and I have to try something else. I really like my pierced tongue. I don't care that it gave me a lisp I mean, after all it is for suckin dick. Maybe I invent all these changes because I don't really like myself. A lot of times I wish I could be a cartoon. Life would be easy and fun all the time if I could just be like Sponge Bob.

All my teachers tell me I'm no good. My Mom doesn't care, she just watches TV.
My gym teacher says that I'm a good for nothing and that I'm a total pussy cause I'm not good at sports. It's too bad cause I sort of like him. I know he has a big dick, I saw it in the showers once.

Mr. Slatterly, my math teacher says I'm just plain stupid and says he's going bump me back to remedial math.

Sometimes guys at school hassle me too. The jocks are the worst. They call me faggot and push me around. Sometimes one of them can get me alone and they come on real nice like they want me to suck their cock. I don't mind that, but they'll turn on you just as easily.

I hate my real name so I'm not even going to tell you what it is. I like to be called Rabbit. It took a while, but now everyone calls me Rabbit. I'm fourteen and I specialize in just hanging out. You might find me at the Mall or sometimes the skate park. Other times I might be downtown or just hanging around the bus station. I have a thing for public bathrooms. Weird, huh?
If I ditch school I'll be out in the middle of the day, but the all time best is to sneak out way after midnight and I get to meet all kinds of people. There is a place where guys hang out late at night and I go there.

I meet guys there. I check out guys and try to figure out how big a cock they got. I like it when they try to get me alone cause I know they want to do stuff to me. I would do it in a second, but I found out its better to let them talk me into it and if I like the guy, I'll do it.

It seems like a really low life thing to do, but you got no idea how fuckin exciting it is to have a guy stick his stiff boner in your mouth. Everyone says I'm no good so I guess it dosen't matter if I suck dick cause everyone's made up their mind about me anyway.

Into The Night

I can't help it, I just lay awake at night with my mind goin so crazy until it sit up and automatically start getting dressed.

The room is dark and I am so quiet. I skip my underwear and pull on my old nikes. I creep silently through the house and then out into the street. Suddenly I am so fucking free! I run incredibly fast into the night.

It was during these times that I discovered that guys lurk around late at night by the stadium park that leads down to the tracks. There is no reason for anyone to be around this place especially late at night, but they are. I see a guy I seen before.
He sees me and calls out. "Hey Rabbit, get over your ass over here."

I got a smile on my face because I know what's going to happen to me if I do. The guy comes up to me and starts talking to me real low. He looks into my face real serious. I can tell he thinks I'm real cute but he's nervous. I love it so much and smile up at him. I tell him I'll do anything he wants.

"You can fuck me if you want." That pretty much did it.

I follow him down the alley to where the vacant lot is.
I sing silently to myself from Iggy Pop's album, "I want to be your dog."

He tells me how fucking hot he is to get off which gets me totally on his side. I don't matter no more. Getting him off becomes the most important thing for me. I want to do it so bad. I'm so excited I can feel it in my legs and my butt and my boner is poking up in my pants. I know he's going to treat me so dirty.

Behind a half destroyed brick wall we settle in. It smells like a place where guys go to piss. I squat down in front of him and in the darkness, he hauls out his big cock. It's long fleshy and uncircumcised. I suck and draw his dick all the way into my mouth and then pullback holding it tight with my lips. That way it stretches out nice and long. I do that a few time and he begins to get hard.

My Mom thinks I'm asleep in my bed, but I'm not, I'm here and this guy and he's making me suck on his big stiff cock. I have to do what I'm doing, I can't not do it. Suckin dick is the only time I am really happy.

This dark guy stops to free up his big nuts so I can touch them while he uses me.
He lets me do it for a while and then holding my head with both hands, he begins to fuck my mouth like he was a hot killer stabbing me to death.

It is so unbelievable intense. It's a mental thing that starts with his big stiff dick going in and out of my mouth, then it goes up to my eyes where I can see it all happening to me and then through my whole body and up my ass, it feels so fucking good that I just want to let go and pee my pants. I did everything I could to make this happen and now I'm getting what's coming to me for all my sick and twisted thoughts.

If he starts to cum I wouldn't back away. He can squirt it all over the roof of my mouth and I'll let it fill my mouth only swallowing when it melts away. If he wants to, he can teach me a lesson by squirting it all over my stupid face.

Sometimes I'm lucky and he will turn me around, big stiff boner swinging between his legs and push my low hanging pants down off my ass. They fall in a pile around my ankles and he probes my ass with fingers. He wraps his arms around me and holds me tight. I cuddle while he pushed his big cock up my ass hole. He fucks me so hard like a dog. I can tell when he's getting ready to cum cause he gets all sweaty and grunts and moans. Then he holds my shoulders real tight and pushes his cock as far up my ass as it can go and keeps on workin it until all his cum is squirting up my ass.

I wander home alone before it gets light. I think about that guy holding my head in place and I wait while he jacked off.
When he starts cumming, I opened my mouth and let him shoot it in. It was so awesome.

You know, even though I'm walking home and maybe my mother knows I've been out and into stuff, or maybe she still is asleep and is still clueless,
I don't feel so lonely as I did before I sucked a strangers dick. I feel good and I know I'm going to do it again.