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By Lee Mariner


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Like most teenage boys, the full force and effects of puberty struck like a bolt of lightning. I could feel the changes that were occurring within my developing body but, I didn't understand the why for the changes. Hair was growing in my armpits, on my arms and legs, and around the base of my cock where none had been before. When I was taking a shower and scrubbing my cock and balls it would start getting hard, and it felt good.

When I pulled the skin back to wash where it covered the crown of my cock it would starting getting real stiff and the more I played with it the more intense the tingling feelings became, and it scared me. I didn't know that on the underside of the crown there were extremely sensitive nerve endings.

My Dad had told me to wash that area really good because that is where I would sweat a lot and the air did not get in my groin like it did in other places. He had told me about the birds and bees and what would happen if a boy had unprotected sex with a girl but nothing about why sex effected boys the way it did. When I tried to ask him, he would say, "In time you will understand.'' Of course he was right but I learned a few things about boy sex before then.


It Begins


Most of the boys in the neighborhood went skinny dipping in our local creek. Physically, we all had the same equipment. The big difference was some of the older boys who were hung a little better and bigger then most of the younger boys.

It only took one boy to start talking about sex and that led to all of us getting hard and jerking off. There were a couple of kids who hadn't started getting the feelings that preceded puberty but, they would try.

Roland was fourteen years old, the same age as me. Both of us were hung about the same, six-inches when hard, and his cock, like mine, uncircumcised. His balls hung just a little lower than mine but, other than the color of our eyes and hair; our physiques were pretty much a match.

After he shot his load, he would pull the foreskin of his cock all the way back and squeezing real tight he would play act like he was milking a cow and slowly squeeze out the remnants of his sperm. He got a kick out of seeing how intently the younger kids watched as he milked his cock. I must admit that I did as well.

Shaking the remaining cum from our softening cocks, we ran knee deep into the creek and washed off the remaining sticky cum.

I remember one time when we were washing off together; he reached over and washed off some cum that was still on my thigh. It startled me but I didn't say anything until I saw he was grinning. "Damn it, Roland," I said, attempting to sound angry but failing. "Do you want the other kids to see you doing that?"

"What's the difference, Kenny; they watch when we are jerking off and they get excited. Right now they're more involved with themselves instead of paying attention to us."

He was right; the others were making a splashing game out of washing before they dressed. All of the kids were shoeless except for a couple. They all wore briefs or boxers under their shorts and an undershirt except for Roland and me. We didn't wear anything except our shorts and a sleeveless undershirt.


Except for Grant Madsen, a really good looking well built blond who lived a couple of doors down from me, almost all of the kids had left. I really didn't know but, Grant was probably eighteen or nineteen years old. Occasionally he would swim with us but other than that, he kept pretty much to himself. He would stretch out on a patch of grass a little further down the mostly grassy bank from the rest of us. He usually left before we did but today, he was hanging around longer than usual.

Most of the boys left in small groups as soon as they had dressed. Today was no exception except for a cute thirteen year old dark headed kid that I knew as Brighton Carlson. It took Brighton a little longer to dress than the others since he was wearing socks and shoes as well as briefs and a sleeveless undershirt under his shorts and a button front short sleeve shirt. Except for the beginning of dark hair in his armpits and around the base of his circumcised cock, he had a smooth body that was showing promise of being well developed.

Roland and I were starting to dress when I noticed that Grant was still lying on the grass naked except for an undershirt laid across his mid-section. He was stretched out on the grassy creek bank with his eyes closed and both of his hands under his head for a pillow, exposing the thick blond hair in his pits. His lean well-muscled body glistening in the bright afternoon sunlight caught my attention. He was a handsome, well developed young man. He didn't know that I had seen him naked when he was sun bathing on a second floor porch off the back of his house. It excited me to watch him rubbing lotion on his body, even down into his groin. "Damn;" I groaned, rubbing my hardon. "He's hot as hell."

I knew that he was older than us, and it was wishful thinking on my part but, I would have liked to know him better. Except for an occasionally perfunctory greeting when we by chance met, I didn't know anything about him other then he was good looking, had a gorgeous body and turned me on. A strange, inexplicable tingling feeling always swept over me and settled deep in my groin as I gazed at him. "Damn," I mused to myself. "I`d like to get him in bed even though a little voice deep inside my brain said, "Fat chance."


Roland calling my name brought me out of the reverie that I had slipped into while I was looking at Grant. "Kenny, Kenny," he whispered. "Are you gonna get dressed or are you gonna walk home naked?"

"Not right now, Roland," I replied, sitting down with my back to him and then twisting sideways to stretch out on the grass on my stomach to hide my stiffening cock. Placing my hands under my chin, I looked at him and said, "Nah, I'm going to stick around for a little longer. If I go home now, the old man is going to want me to help him clean out the garage and I'm not about to get into that. He will go off for a beer and I'll wind up doing it all. But, unless you have something to do, why don`t you stick around for awhile longer and maybe we can take another dip?" I asked while in the recesses of my mind hoped he would not.

For a moment he hesitated and I thought he was going to stay but, he finished putting his shorts on and was pulling his sleeveless shirt over his head while he said, "Nah, I'd like to Kenny but, I promised my mom I'd be home early. She bought me and Raymond new suits for going to church and she wants to be sure they fit. She always says she doesn't want to have to go over the same ground twice just because we can't seem to be home when she needed us but, she always does double check everything."

Raymond was Roland`s twin and he usually went swimming when we did but he had gotten a part-time job after school and on Saturdays bagging groceries at Sav-More and we didn't see very much of him after that. He wasn't like Roland who was more carefree than he was. Raymond sort of kept to himself but when he and Roland were together, it was hard to tell them apart even when we were swimming. It was like watching two of the same guy jerking off.

"Okay," I said, glancing out of the corner of my eye to where Grant was still laying on his back.

"Maybe we can get together Monday after school;" I asked.

"I don't see why not," he replied with a sudden twinkle in his eyes. "We can check out old man Gerts watermelon patch."

"Hey, that'll be great," I said with real enthusiasm although my attention was more on Grant who had turned over on his stomach while I was talking with Roland.


After saying `so long', Roland headed for the path that led to Birch Street. Brighton had finally finished dressing and as he was putting his last shoe on, he hollered, "Hey, Roland, wait up and I'll walk with you if it's okay?"

I didn't hear what Roland said but he waved his arm in a beckoning motion and Brighton broke into a trot to catch up.


When Brighton called out to Roland, Grant lifted his head and looked around. When he saw me lying on the grass, he rolled over and bending his arm at the elbow, he put his hand under his head.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him flicking his partially flaccid cock with his free hand as he called out, "Hey, Kenny, are you going to be sticking around for a little while longer?"

"Yeah," I replied, turning my head to look at him.

His eyes locked with mine, and while we were looking at each other, I deliberately slipped my fingers in between my thighs and pulled my swelling cock and balls free of their confinement into full view while asking, "Are you going to be swimming anymore?"

"Nah, not now," he replied, his stare focused on my crotch. "I just want to get an all over tan, that's all. What about you are you going to be swimming anymore?"

"Nah, I've had enough for today, I think I'll lay here and soak up some rays until it's time to go home," I replied.

"Would you mind if I lay with you?"

A sudden surge of excitement swept over me, and inhaling deeply and exhaling, I said, "Sure, why not, there's no one here but us."

I watched as Grant stood and slipped the fingers of his right hand into his crotch like I had done. He flipped his balls and his partially flaccid cock into clear view. His equipment appeared to be a little larger than mine.

Turning around and bending over with his ass facing me, I could see his walnut sized balls swinging free. Gathering his shorts, briefs and an undershirt, he casually walked the twenty or so feet that separated us. I watched breathlessly as he moved, his thick thigh muscles rippling smoothly, and his thick uncut but not fully erect cock and balls swayed from side to side. `Christ,' I thought, breathing in deeply, `he's a hell of a lot better looking than I first thought he was.'

Dropping his clothes, he knelt down to stretch out beside me. "I thought you would be leaving with Roland," he said in a deep melodic baritone.

"He had something else to do," I replied, glancing at him and noticing the thick trail of golden hair that trailed downward from his innie belly-button to mingle with the golden bush that surrounded the thick base of his hardening cock.

"Are the two of you buddies?"

"Maybe, "I said. "But, I never thought about us being buddies, we just do things together."

"What kind of things?"

"Oh, we play ball, help each other cutting grass and do chores. We go swimming a lot time with some of the other guys but once in awhile it's just the two of us and sometimes, we jerk off."

"Do you jerk each other off when you are alone?"

The melodic tone of his voice was soft, almost sexy and, I wanted to roll on my side to get a better look at him but, I felt a little intimidated. The fear of not knowing what to do if his questions were leading to where I hoped they were. I didn't want to appear to be as inexperienced as I actually was so; I started to take my hands from behind my head when I felt the soft touch of Grant's fingers on the sensitive flesh of my ribs. .

He had stretched out beside with his arm still bent at the elbow with his hand supporting his head. Turning to get a better look, I saw his thick stiff cock just millimeters from my thigh, sort of hanging down from his thick golden bush. His blue eyes were looking in mine and when I started to speak, he said, "have you ever played with another guys cock, Kenny?"

His directness caught me off guard and for a moment, I hesitated before answering.

"N-n-no," I stammered, breathing in deeply in an effort to control the feelings that filled my body. "We don't do that,"

"Have you ever thought about it?" He asked, grinning sexily.

`Jesus,' I mused, a little confused and uncertain. `I could say no, even though I had often thought about sex with other boys including Roland but, I wasn't sure if Roland would do it even though we jerked off together all the time. I had a feeling that if I denied having thought about it, Grant would be able to tell.'

"Yeah, I`ve thought about it," I replied. "Sometimes, I've thought about asking him if we could jerk each other off but, I wasn't sure he would do it. Besides, I didn't want him to get mad or think I was a faggot."

Grant moved closer until his cock touched my thigh. "Would you like to do it with me, Kenny? He asked softly, his hypnotic gaze rendering me motionless as his brilliant blue eyes searched mine. His fingers moved over my ribs, across the hard muscles of my stomach, and then upwards over my chest. Squeezing one of my nipples, I felt something akin to a lightning bolt streak downward to my groin. The ecstatic sensation caused me to involuntarily suck air into my lungs. My back arched slightly, and I dug my fingers into the thick grass as feelings of ecstasy spread through my loins. "Good God, Grant, that feels good," I whispered softly.

"Do you like feeling that way, Kenny?" he asked in a seductive tone.

"Yes, I do, wouldn't anybody?"

Grant's answer was the movement of his hand slowly, caressingly downward through the valley between my abdominal muscles until his fingers were entangled in the silky brown hair that encircled the thick base of my cock. My entire body was tingling and it felt so good that I didn't want him to stop...he didn't. I jumped when I felt his fingers touching my pre-cum oozing cock and I groaned. Squeezing gently, he moved his hand in a vertical pumping motion. "Jesus, Grant, that's awesome," I said, trembling with an excitement that I had never felt.

Opening my eyes to look at him and watch what he was doing, he whispered softly, "I'm not going to hurt you, Kenny. Close your eyes and relax and let me make you feel good."

"You are already doing that, Grant," I said as I closed my eyes.

"It gets better, Kenny, a lot better," he said in a soft, sensuous tone as he stroked my cock and continued to explore my body with his free hand.

`God,' I thought, `how can it get any better`.

Except for an occasional tremor and the sensuous feeling of his cock touching my thigh, I lay quietly with my eyes closed, reveling in the erotic feelings that spread over me. His touch was like the feathers of a bird's wing brushing over me. Occasionally, his fingers would touch a sensitive spot and my muscles would tighten.


Slowly pumping my steel hard cock and squeezing gently, he slid the foreskin of my granite hard cock back uncovering the crown with each downward motion of his hand. The sensual feeling of pre-seminal fluid oozing from the urethral opening and the coolness of the air touching the exposed glans of my turgid cock was overwhelming. I could feel my muscles slowly tightening, and deep inside of me, I was wishing he would bring me to the ecstatic precipice preceding ejaculation. "Grant," I whispered in a guttural tone. "Please, I can't wait much longer before I blow my nuts."

"How close are you Kenny?"

Breathing in deeply and opening my eyes, I exclaimed, "Damn close, and if you keep it up it won't be long before I shoot a helluv a load."

"Well now," he said, grinning broadly, his brilliant blue eyes gleaming as he repositioned his body over my chest with his broad muscular back to my face. "We don't want to waste any of it do we?"

Right then, I wasn't sure what he meant by 'wasting elixir' but, from the way I was feeling, he could have done almost anything he wanted and it would not have fazed me. I did feel something wet running down my ribs. For a moment, I thought in all of the excitement and passion that we both must have felt that he must have lost control and had pissed on me. Just as I started to ask him, an intense feeling of warmth engulfed the length of my turgid cock and my churning balls were being rolled by the fingers of one hand as my ball sac was slowly tightening. "God Almighty, Grant," I groaned, thrusting my hips skyward, my heart pumping like a fire engine. "What the fuck are you doing?" I asked.

Holding my burgeoning cock with one hand, he said, "What I have wanted to do ever since I first saw you."

"Oh, Jesus," I groaned as he continued sucking my cock. The passionate excitement of my first blow job increased and the pressure of ascending sperm building in my loins. Waves of ecstasy swept over me and a fog of surrealism enveloped the two of us as I thought, `this can't be happening.' But it was.

Gripping his lateral muscles with one hand with the fingers of my other hand squeezing his neck muscles, my hips automatically started pumping, driving my cock deep into his throat. There was a delicious pain in my nuts from his squeezing them. I felt my cock increasing in hardness and in girth as hot sperm rose through the urethral canal, exploding with the cataclysmic force of an erupting volcano filling his mouth and then flowing down his throat.

Our muscles, tightened in unison and my spasming cock was filling Grant's mouth and throat, when I felt something hot flowing across my stomach. The powerful bursts of my hot nut juice were slowly receding when he gripped my waist tightly pulling me closer to him. He moaned softly as thick streams of his sperm flowed over my stomach and onto my chest.

Except for the intense feeling of Grant slowly draining the elixir he craved from my softening cock, the feelings of ecstasy slowly receded.

Grant slowly milked the remnants of nut cream remaining in my urethral canal with his lips. His suckling mouth must have felt the way a cow felt when her calf sucked her teats.


We lay quietly for several minutes, his golden head resting on my pelvis, my soft pubic hair his pillow. My flaccid cock rested on his lips the tingling feeling of evacuation lingering. Except for the feeling of my cock on his lips, the feelings of ecstasy that had co-mingled with passion had receded to be replaced with a feeling of utter contentment.

Grant though, not content with having drunk the hot elixir of my nuts played with the crown of my cock. His tongue washed the glans and I felt my cock responding. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of Grant's mouth and tongue washing the length of my cock, his tight lips drawing the remnants of my nut juice from its partially flaccid length.

Running my fingers through his thick hair, I whispered, "Keep that up Grant and you will get another mouthful."

Releasing my cock momentarily, he said, "Would that be a bad thing?"

"No, it wouldn't, "I replied. "But it's getting late and I better be getting home."

I really didn't want to break off the excitement and feelings of contentment that had enveloped me as Grant sucked my cock for what I hoped would not be the last time. Memories of the experience remained with the feeling of his ministrations, and I didn't want it to end.

It felt like an eternity before I felt the weight of Grant's body shifting off of me to again rest beside me. He left one arm across my chest, his fingers gently, slowly stroking my bicep. His head was beside mine, and I felt his soft breath caressing my ear as we drifted off for a few minutes. I felt him moving beside me and then the soft touch of his lips on mine and the probing of his soft tongue. My eyes flew open, and he lifted his lips from mine asking, "haven't you ever been kissed?"

"No, not by another boy," I replied. "But, I liked the way your lips felt on mine."

Moving a little closer, he said, "that is what a kiss is all about Kenny. It's a way of telling someone how you feel and right now, I don't know how you feel but, I feel fantastic."

For several seconds we gazed at each other. His eyes were filled with a softness that spoke volumes. Roland would get excited when he blew his load but when he looked to see how I was doing, there was no excitement left, only a sort of `hurry up, get it over with' attitude. I never liked rushing when I was jerking off with or without Roland. I wanted to enjoy the feeling of my hand holding my throbbing cock, the feeling of my foreskin sliding back and forth over the crown of my cock, a soft breeze touching its velvety softness before the up stroke. I enjoyed the lingering feeling of his fingers playing with my balls and rubbing my hand over my chest and stomach sometimes with the hot sperm that had gushed with intensity from my cock. `God, how I loved the caressing feeling of my hand." I mused.

Lifting my arms around his neck, I whispered, "I feel the same way Grant. I've never felt the way I do right now."

Gently pulling his lips down to mine, I opened them to his probing tongue. Our tongues engaged in a passionate duel, searching and exploring unknown areas. I felt my cock stretching, hardening as our kiss lingered and I felt his pressing against my thigh.

"Grant," I mumbled, pulling my lips from his. "As much as I love what we have done, I've really got to be getting home."

"Yeah," he replied, gazing up at the sky, a sad softness in his tone. "It is getting late."

He seemed to be disappointed and, I knew I was. I didn't know what to say even though I knew deep within me that I wanted to be with him again if he did. We sat silently gazing out across the smooth creek water.

"Kenny," he said, breaking the silence. "If you get a chance, would you like to come over to my house? My mom and dad work during the day and I'm alone and I`d like to have you over if you want to."

A sudden sense of excitement swept over me and I said, "Gosh, Grant, I sure would."

"Great," he exclaimed, his face lighting up, his blue eyes filling with excitement. "We can play some really neat computer games, and if you want, we can sunbathe on the porch off my room or do what ever we want."

"I've seen you on the porch," I said, grinning slightly.

"I know you have," he replied, leaning in and softly kissing me. "I was tempted to let you see more but, the neighbors might object."

"Hah," I said, "give them a heart attack is more likely."


Laughing together, we waded into the creek to wash the sticky sperm from our bodies. When we finished, Grant put his arms around me and pulled us close together. Our hard cocks were pressed tightly between us and I could feel the beat of his heart matching mine. Slipping my arm around his waist and kissing him lightly, I said, "Do we really have to play games and sunbath?"

"No, we don't have to but it all depends on the games you want to play," he replied, a devilish glint in his eyes.

"How about tonight?" I asked. "After supper, I usually go over to Roland's but, I could change that and visit with you, I like the part about doing whatever we want."

"So do I," he said, as our lips merged.

There was a feeling inside of me that I had never experienced. A feeling of oneness with Grant, a feeling of fondness that I had never felt with anyone other than my parents. Memories of when I had asked my dad why sex effected boys the way it did, and his answer was `in time, I would understand', he was right. I was starting to understand the feelings that had been perplexing me until Grant came into my life. He was the teacher that I had been searching for.

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