My Greatest Orgasm - The Day the Earth Moved

by Bob Pierce


In February of last year, I had my first and only experience so far jacking off with another guy. It was an exceptionally warm weekend, and I felt spring in the warm wind. Ever since I was little, with the feeling of spring came and increased sexual desire and arousal. It was Saturday, just before noon. And I had already pounded off four times since waking up. My balls were aching but there was still this fire inside that I was desperate to quench. Every time I'd sit and try to do something to take my mind off of my horniness, I'd end up in my room frantically pounding my aching cock to another orgasm. I believe that I am addicted to orgasms. There is no food, no music, no experience on earth that I love more. So I enjoyed my orgasms, but they left me aching with loneliness and sexual frustration - and that firey need that had to be met.

At 18, I was a complete virgin. I began thinking about all those afternoons after school, up in my room, stroking my hard cock and desperately wanting it to be another guy's. I remembered all those late hours in bed in the still of the night that I would wonder what it would feel like to actually touch another man's dick, and have him touch mine; to cum WITH someone, instead of on my own. Up until that weekend, jacking off had been bittersweet: I loved it, but it made me feel more lonely, more horny, more desperate to...know.And so after my fourth load of that Saturday morning, I logged onto the computer and opened my e-mail. I opened the folder names "Personal Ads" and began browsing. I had posted a few ads on the area's Pride page, but had always gotten scared and backed away. Today would be different. It had to be. I remembered a guy of 25, who lived a few miles outside of the city. He had left me his number in an e-mail, offering me some mutual J/O when I was ready. I was. Nervously I called him up, praying he'd be home, praying he'd be alone, and praying he'd remember who the hell I was. He was home, and remembered.

10 minutes later I was heading toward his house with a slip of paper in my hand with the address on it. I was cold and shaking, my stomach sick, my face sweating, and my genitals, despite their busy day, almost disappearing into my body with nervousness. But there was a stronger drive - the fire in my balls that needed to be put out.When I rang his apartment buzzer, I thought I'd pass out. I was so nervous, my stomach started to cramp up, and for a minute, I thought I'd have to ask to use his bathroom before I even said "hello."

He greeted me. He stood about 5'9", with dark hair and eyes, not too muscular, just average. I was one inch shorter with lighter hair and hazel eyes. I was still nervous as he took my coat and offered me a Pepsi. We talked for a few minutes, and I felt better. We went into his room, and I knew this was it: either my downfall, or what my life was created for.He undressed and I followed. I had never seen a guys dick up close before. I felt tingly all over, when he came an grabbed mine. Something overcame me, the nerves melted away, and I grabbed for his. After stroking each other a few seconds, my dick was rockhard and dripping. "You're leaking", he said. "I know", I answered, a little embarrassed. "Hey, that's OK." He winked.We went to the bed and lay side by side, stroking ourselves, and eachother back and forth. The smell in the room was incredible. His body, his sheets, even his gym shoes. This dark young guy, as cute as a button, turned me on in every way. That's when he suggested a self-control game.

He wanted to stroke me, and make me hold off cumming until I couldn't stand it. He told me to lie back and enjoy. Taking my cock in his expert hands, he went to work. He's stroke hard, then light. His other hand would take my balls and roll them around, gently squeezing so it hurt just a little - and the slight pain was exquisite. I groaned."That's right," he said. "Savor that feeling."I sat back on his heels, his prick hard and dripping, but was concerned only with my pleasure. For what seemed like eternity, he stroked and pulled. When he swirled his hand around the head like he was polishing it, I screamed out in the delightfully agonizing sensation that made my stomach muscles tighten like steel. He just chuckled a little, and told me he knew how delicious the feeling was. As I got closer to cumming, he stroked harder. Now this man was a genius. He knew EXACTLY by my body language when I was nearing the edge.

I felt the tingle and knew I'd come, and he stopped. There was a throb through my groin. I reached my hand up and he pushed it away. He went through this several more times, bringing me to the edge, then stopping. It was the most delightful torture I had ever felt. I was sweating and groaning, with almost no sensible thoughts left in my head. Just him, me, and my extended state of desperate sexual arousal. My entire body was racked with an agonizing hunger and need. My mouth watered, my toes curled, my face contorted in ecstasy, and there were tears in my eyes. Again and again he brought me to the edge, and let go - fondling my balls, or pressing on my pleasure spot between my nuts and asshole.

I was delirious. I was in heaven. This WAS what I was created for. And while I wanted to cum, another part of me wanted this wonderful torment to last forever. The sensation of need was just too delicious. My body was literally going crazy. After nearly a half hour of this, I could take it no more. I began to sob, in pleasure, pain, exhaustion, horniness, and the most intense sexual arousal I had ever experienced. He took pity on me. "Are you ready?" he whispered. "Oh shit yes..", I sobbed.He pulled me up and had me sit back on my heels. I was quivering, nearly on the verge of fainting. He told me I would love cumming in this position.

He started stroking me again. My hands desperately tried to take over, but he kept pushing them away. And then it happened:Every muscle in my body tensed up. The explosion was beginning. After all of this torture, that feeling I lived for would happen. I began babbling and sobbing incoherently, by breath coming in short gasps. His hand pumped and pumped. And just before it happened, he took my hand and guided it to my prick, knowing I would be able to give myself the maximum pleasure. The tension in my thighs from this position was otherworldly. I screamed out in delicious pain as this wonderful second-long delay before my orgasm gave me the ultimate tease. The first jet of cum shot. I screamed in pleasure. It kept shooting and shooting. My prostate was burning. My body was wracked with pleasure. I convulsed. My face was contorted in a look of painful pleasure and a stream of moans and obscenities poured from my lips. And it wouldn't stop. I yelled because it wouldn't stop. My nuts were busting. When it began to subside, I lost all vision and consciousness. I fell forward in utter release and exhaustion and was blank for nearly thirty seconds. He rolled me over. I was limp. My face bright red, by body covered in sweat, tears streaming down my face, and his bed and my hands drenched in jism. I was panting. I couldn't believe the feeling.

As I slowly returned to earth, he said "Wow..." Never before had I cum like that. And never since. That was the single most exciting and enjoyable experience of my life. I am still amazed at the human body's ability to produce such a mind shattering, ball busting feeling. No drugs, no alcohol, just to guys together. It took me 15 minutes before I could move that day. As I started to get up, he said,"Hi, I'm Kenny.""Uh...Bob", I said, weakly trying to dress myself. I noticed he was already dressed."Hey, aren't you going to shoot off?""I did. It was a mere fire cracker compared to your Supernova. I was enjoying yours too much."I smiled. We said goodbye and I drove home, weak, exhausted, my whole body aching, including my teeth.

I knew why I was put on this Earth - for an orgasm like that.It hasn't happened since. I want to call Kenny again one of these days. My orgasms on my own have been good, but not like that. But looking forward to the next one keeps me getting up every morning. I'm going to go look up Kenny's number. I think I have a phone call to make. And my cock twitches in anticipation of the coming delight, agony, and ecstasy.