Grinding the App on my iPhone

It was early one morning and I was on my iPhone using a new app for gay guys to meet up. It's a pretty cool app and you can see the distance from one user to the next. One morning while I was getting ready for work a guy Patrick messages me on this social app I used on my phone. To my surprise, he was only a few miles away from me. When we started trading pictures I saw he was a very muscular and sexy young guy. Naturally as the conversation progressed we started sharing nude pictures and since I prefer bottom, I sent him some photos of my soft, round ass. I was in shock when he sent me pictures of his beautiful 21 year old cock he wanted to fuck me with. When his photos came through, he had an amazingly thick 9.5" pipe. I'm 40 and suddenly was in awe and wondered if I could even handle such a big, thick dick. Seriously, any dude would have trouble sucking him and I don't know how in the hell he'd find any rubbers to even fit the thickness of his cock. Nevertheless, we continued to chat for days after and finally we decided to meet up.

I'm a small guy at 5' 7" and 150 pounds and 40 years old, but I've got a nice build with a small waist and thick thighs. Patrick on the other hand is a 21 year old stud standing over 6' 1" and about 185 pounds. Soft, his cock is probably a good 5" or 6". I couldn't wait to at least suck it and seeing how big it got. I told him I was getting off around 7p that night and that he could come over. We set a time to meet around 9:30p which gave me some time to wash up and get ready to take his cock in my hole if we got that far. I'd much rather be prepared just in case. So after I got out the shower, I put on some clothes and the TV and waited for his call. He was on his was and needed directions, so I gave him directions to my house. Around 9:35pm, he knocked on my door. He was a beautiful young guy and I was anxious to get to it, but instead, I talked with him for a while and we got to know each other a little better.

Through our conversation, I discovered that he had a bad boy side and a very kinky sexual side to him which I LOVED! He said he loved getting his dick sucked and he wanted to fuck and take pictures or video tape him fucking some white ass with his big, black dick...My hole tingled, my balls jumped and I was glad my video camera was charged. I smiled a devilish smile inside and asked him what he wanted to do...He looked me dead in the eye and said, "Hey Kerry, let me see that fine ass of yours I want to fuck." I stood up from the couch, turned around and unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down to reveal my creamy, white round ass cheeks and bent over slightly. I heard him exhale a little. I pulled up my jeans, looked back at him and said, "Patrick, it's your turn now. Let me see that dick and if it's really that big." He smirked and said, "Oh you'll see sexy." He stood up, unzipped and unbuttoned his jeans and PLOP...his big fucking cock fell out and immediately started getting hard. I have never seen a dick so big in person and I was going to try and take it in my mouth and in my lil asshole. I asked him if he wanted to go to my bedroom, and he said, "I thought you'd never ask."

We got to the bedroom and I started taking off my clothes and so did he. When I was completely naked, I laid on the bed on my stomach while I watched him finish undressing. His dick was so thick I couldn't even wrap my fingers around it. I mean, I really love a good thick cock, but damn he is the thickest I've ever seen. After he was fully nude, he stood at the side of my bed and aimed his big, young dick at my mouth and asked me if I wanted to suck it. Without any hesitation on my part, I reached up, grabbed his dick and started sucking it. I could barely get it in my mouth and I loved the way he grabbed the back of my head and tried to get his dick deeper in my mouth. My lips were so stretched on his dick I couldn't wait to feel him stretch my hole out and see how much I could take of him. I kept slobbing away on his dick and his legs started to tremble. He pulled his dick out of my eager mouth and laid on the bed, spread his legs and guided my face back towards his young, very hard dick again so that I could suck him some more. I loved sucking his dick and could taste the drops of pre-cum ooze from his dick while I watched him tease his own nipples. Suddenly, he leaned over and slapped both of his hands down on each cheek of my ass and shook my ass cheeks and spread it open wide to see my lil pink pussy. He moaned softly and said he couldn't wait to video tape his big dick fucking my hole.

On that cue, I got up out of the bed, got the video camera and set it up on the night stand next to the bed. When I was all set up, I leaned over and went into the drawer and pulled out my bottle of lube. I lubed up my hole real good and then greased up his enormous fat cock. He asked me if I wanted to sit on it and I asked him to fuck me doggy style first slowly to get my hole warmed up. He did as I asked him to, but fuck his cock still was FILLING. I had never had a dick that huge before. He kept slowly stroking half of his dick in and out of my hole until my hole finally started warming up and giving way for more of his dick. I was moaning like a lil bottom boy in heat and I'm sure the neighbors could hear me moaning on that good dick.

I asked him to let me get on my back and he pulled his fat, raw dick out of my greedy pussy. When I got on my back, I spread my legs as far as I could and he was between my thighs quick. He was ready to dive back into my lil hole and let me milk his dick good with my asshole until I made him cum. Pat took his strong, hands and spread my thighs even wider and literally pushed my thighs deeper into my own chest to really open up my hole for his spear. He didn't even have to reach down to guide his rock hard cock because it was aimed perfectly as my sweet spot. I felt the heat and strength from the head of his smooth, fat cock pushing against my rectum...and before I knew, we both felt it POP back inside my ass. My body jolted from the sharp intense entry, but I quickly recovered. I exhaled and let him start to slow-stroke my asshole again, except this time he was getting deeper inside me. Each time on the video camera, you can see him thrust it deeper into me while his ass muscles flexed. He enjoyed grinding it deeper and hearing me moan. He liked the idea that I was enjoyed his young cock and that he was the biggest I had taken in my hole. I think he loved the idea that he was digging a new depth into my ass and it was HIS cock doing it.

I was leaning up sucking on his nipples and holding his ass muscles. I loved feeling the sheer power in his muscular, young body and knowing my ass was going to take his young nut deep inside. A little while later, he really started to fuck. My bed was rocking and the sweet sounds of his hips and pelvis slamming into my thighs and ass were becoming louder and louder. The room was filled with sex noise and me moaning. My cock was so hard from such good dick and the hottest fucking I had ever gotten, that a puddle of pre-cum was building in my belly button as I continued to take the drilling from him dick. He reached down and put my legs on his shoulders and that was it. Before I knew, Patrick was fucking the shit out of my asshole and kept looking down at my expressions of pleasure and pain. He said, "You like that big dick huh Kerry?" I moaned out loud, "FUCK YES PAT." He then came back with, "I TOLD YOU IT WAS BIG. I KNEW YOU'D LIKE IT IN YOUR HOT ASS." With that, he started hammering my hole. My ass was so warmed up at this point, I started begging him to fuck me harder and bury his load in my hole.

He let my legs down off his shoulders and I reached around, locked my elbows behind my knees and spread my ass wide for his big dick. I was looking down at my lil hole just taking that big, black, young dick over and over again. I was feeling his manly nut sac slamming against my ass too. It was so hot feeling that young dude fuck me.

I let me thighs stay open and started to jack off and with my other hand, I reached around to fucking hold on to him because he steadily fucked me hard. He never slowed down. I looked up into his eyes and I said, "FUCK THAT HOLE PAT, I'M ABOUT TO SHOOT DUDE."

He smiled and said, "I'M ABOUT TO CUM TOO." My bed was rocking so hard and I was looking at the video camera at this point, moaning and grinning as I took his big dick over and over and over again. I could see in the video camera how his fat, raw dick was driving deep into my pussy.

I continued jacking off my dick and all of sudden, when I came while getting fucked on my back, I shot and it hit my own face! I had never shot like that before while getting fucked. I heard Patrick say, "FUCK KERRY, YOU SHOT ON YOUR OWN FACE.." It turned him on so much, he pounded my ass a lil while longer and I heard the emphasis exhale...AHHHHH and I felt his dick grow thicker inside my ass and then the warm rush of his cum go off inside my opened, fucked hole.

He collapsed on top of me and I could feel his heart beating against my chest. His dick never got soft. As we lay there a few more minutes, he reared up and started stroking my asshole with his still-hard dick again and asked me if I was ready for round two. We both laughed. Even though I was super horned up and just got really fucked like I have never gotten fucked before...I thought about taking another fucking from him...but instead I said I couldn't.

Needless to say, we are still fucking and no one even compares to the fucking this dude gives me every time he comes over. We still take pictures and we video tape and when I'm super horny and we can't meet up, it makes for great jack off material or dildo play when I'm alone.