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Some parts of this story my not be 'politically correct' or offensive to people of certain ages or races.  I humbly apologize for those who may be insulted but that's the way people act and talk in the real world, and is the way it really happened.

Grocery Store Tales III: Venturing Out

by Jacob  Adams

At breakfast the next morning after my fling with Tommy my mother was quieter than normal. I could tell by the way she kept looking at me that she had something on her mind. 

"So Jason, who was that David boy that called for you yesterday?" She finally asked as she took the empty plate from in front of me.

"He sits next to me in Algebra class Mom and had a question about a homework assignment." Luckily I was awake enough to think fast hoping this would be enough to deter further interrogation.

"He sounded like he was missing a few male hormones." I kept my eyes glued to the comics' page from the newspaper, this was unexpected.

"What do you mean?" I decided to play dumb, she fell for it and went about her business washing the breakfast dishes. I could tell out of the corner of my eye that she was watching me for a reaction. After a few minutes of silence she finally speaks.

"Jason, why is it you're seventeen and don't have a girlfriend?"

"Well Mom I..." Saved by the bell, the telephone started ringing and I could tell from the side of the conversation I could hear that she was talking to her best friend Marge. I knew I would have plenty of time to finish getting ready for work and out the door before the Gestapo went back to work on me.


That day at work I started noticing guys more and more. Well I always noticed good looking guys. But it was that day that I realized that my gaze was probably lingering a bit longer than it should, customers and co-workers alike. I found myself watching especially the guys wearing tight t-shirts or tank tops. Looking at the finely developed bodies gave me a hard on several times, I was so glad I could stand behind the counter in such a way to hide it. But the ultimate turn on was the legs. I was so going to hate when cooler weather came and the end of shorts season. I began looking at bulges in crotches and wondering what was hidden behind the fabric, wondering what is would taste like, and if he would let me find out.

Several time Chris caught me staring at him. The first few times he would flash me his award winning smile, the one that I noticed the first day he started working at Grocery World. The one he flashed at me that night... My mind wandered off thinking about the night behind the store when I got to feel his dick, to stroke it to orgasm, instant hard on. After the first few times he just gave me a blank look, and finally a cold glare which was meant to intimidate.

When it was my turn to work the lot, Chris went to the manager and volunteered to help. We had just gotten past a really busy spell and there were a lot of carts on the lot so Bob quickly agreed and thanked Chris for his enthusiasm. What an ass kisser.

All was fine at first, Chris was all smiles as we lined up several rows of carts and pushed them back to the corral just inside the front door. It wasn't until we went to gather some strays on the side of the building and was sure he was out if earshot that he spoke.

"Listen you little faggot, I usually don't mind you checking me out. I don't even mind if you wanna suck my dick. But you gotta stop before someone notices."

"Like you didn't tell anybody already." I barked back with a sudden spell of courage.

"What the fuck are you talking about?"

"I saw you talking to Tito and Brock and looking in my direction. Then they smiled at me every time they saw me the rest of the day, and all day yesterday too."

"I don't know what you're taking about, I didn't tell them shit."

"Yeah, whatever."

"Yeah, well just don't make it obvious if you ever want to get any again. I'd let you have it today but I have a date right after work." He stopped for a moment as if in thought. "Man that reminds me, I need to lift some rubbers."

I didn't know what he meant nor did I want to know. If he was planning on stealing it was his ass. Grocery World didn't take too lightly to theft, especially employee theft. I've heard of them calling the cops and walking people out in handcuffs for grabbing a Twinkie from the shelf and taking it to the break room.


When I went on break Isaac from the bakery was sitting at the table. I bought my standard Dr. Pepper and Snickers and sat on one of the sofa like vinyl chairs and just leaned my head against the wall closing my eyes.

"Is everything OK?" I opened my eyes to see Isaac with a look of concern.

"Yeah, everything's fine," I lied. But other than a few words here and there, he and I had never really spoken other than the obligatory "Hi" as we passed each other in an aisle or when I was in the mood for a snack and he waited on me at the bakery counter. And that was rare since he usually worked in the kitchen and was only at the counter if it was busy or the counter clerk was on break. I'd always wondered about his nationality. He had a dark complexion, but not really dark enough to be African American. He had black wavy hair that he always kept cut short and the brownest eyes. But what I always liked about him was the way his cheeks formed little dimples when he smiled also showing the whitest teeth. I guess I had always thought of him as attractive but this was the first time I had really looked at him. 

"Earth to Jason," he interrupted my daydream.

"Oh, sorry," I smiled back.

"You don't seem to be yourself these last couple days, you just seem like you're in a daze."

"Just had a lot on my mind." I couldn't believe that he had noticed. If I hadn't been such a newby at the time I would have read more into it.

"I hope you get it worked out," He stood and looked like he was going to say something else but was interrupted by the door opening and a couple cashiers coming in. "See ya," he flashed what I would come to call a killer smile as he left the break room.

It was early afternoon when I clocked out on that gorgeous spring Sunday. I only had one more week of school before summer vacation, my last summer before I graduated and joined the working world. I headed home thinking how pretty the day was and how I was going to waste it doing homework. I though it was stupid for the teacher to give an assignment on the last Friday before the end of the year.

As I turned the corner into my street I saw several cars in front of my house that I recognized as belonging to people in my parent's church group. I really didn't want to go in there and get a lecture on why I wasn't in church that morning. My parents were the ones who had pushed for me to get a job and now were upset that I worked Sundays. Usually I worked the afternoon shift and could attend an early mass, but darn it, every once in a while Bob would go and schedule me a morning shift.

I made a last second decision to just keep on driving hoping nobody was looking out the front window. I drove to the next street and stopped. I really didn't know where to go! As I sat there thinking I was startled back to reality by an impatient driver behind me honking his lack of appreciation for my indecisiveness. I turned the corner onto Washington Avenue which took me past the church where I had picked up Tommy the day before. As I drove through town my mind slowly drifted through the events of the past two days. From my hand job with Chris behind the store to losing my virginity to Tommy. Before I realized it I was at the foot of Washington Avenue looking right at Riverfront Park. I knew this park and had been past it hundreds of times in my life time. My family used to come here to watch the Fourth of July Fireworks. We had picnics under the large oak trees when I was younger and I learned how to play tennis on the courts there. But it wasn't until that moment that the park's reputation as a gay hangout had any relevance. When the light turned green I crossed Riverside Boulevard and into the park. It wasn't a large park but in it's heyday had been popular with the locals. The city had tried a renewal and beautification project a couple years back but people only complained that it gave the vagrants a nice place to go. It has a small parking lot, enough for maybe a dozen cars. There was a pathway along the river with several concrete benches. At the far end was a combination basketball/tennis court. In the center there was a small gazebo surrounded by a grouping of mature oak trees.

I pulled into a spot and brought the car to a stop, I put it in `park' and engaged the parking brake but did not kill the ignition. As I looked around I saw four occupied cars around me, all except one was occupied by an old man. And all three were looking in my direction. The forth occupied car had two younger guys, one in the passenger seat reclined, with the driver's hand in his crotch. Even in my young na´ve days it didn't take long to figure out what they were doing. There were three younger guys at the picnic table under the gazebo whom I guessed belonged to the empty cars. A fourth guy was sitting on a bicycle with balancing it by having one leg propped on the table. While they appeared to be involved in a conversation they also took turns turning and looking towards me. I have a feeling I could have been the topic of their conversation. I sat there for several minutes and was about ready to leave when bicycle guy left the group and rode along the pathway slowing down when he was right in front of my car trying to inconspicuously get a look at me through the windshield. Then cocking his head back to get another look as he rode by. He rode maybe another hundred feet then turned around repeating the maneuver as he went back to the gazebo rejoining his friends. I could tell he was talking to them and had their attention when he finished they all turned around and looked towards me. From the distance I couldn't really make out the details of their faces or tell their ages. I just knew they were all fairly young. The one on the bike that rode by looked to be in his early, maybe mid twenties and had a slender build with medium length brown hair that was fairly curly towards the ends. He was wearing a pair of bright yellow sweat pants and a gray muscle shirt.

By now I was at least curious as to what might happen and finally killed the ignition. I looked around and saw that the old men were still staring. One raised his hand, kinda half waving and half motioning me to come over. I quickly turned my head in the other direction to the the elderly occupant of that vehicle's arm moving up and down as he was breathing hard which could only mean one thing. 

I didn't notice one of the guys from the gazebo walking in my direction until he was right next to my car. He was very skinny and his jeans and t-shirt barely hung onto him. He had greasy brown hair that was in as much a need of a shampoo as it was a combing with bangs so low they almost covered his spectacle covered gray eyes. He was probably still a teenager I deduced from his severe acne problem which had left pits and bumps all over his face. He had some stubble on his chin but barely enough to qualify as peach fuzz. His upper lip protruded enough to indicate the buck teeth that became visible when he opened his mouth to speak.

"Hi," was all he said as he walked by. I looked in to the rear view mirror as he walked on past my car and to an earlier model Ford Taurus parked directly behind me. He opened the door and sat in the car for a moment leaning over as if he was looking for something in the glove box. He got out and walked to the rear opening the trunk. He had backed the car into the spot so I couldn't see what he was doing. He finally closed the trunk and began walking in my direction. When he was right next to my open driver's side window he stopped and momentarily looked in.

"Got a light?" he asked. It was then I noticed the cigarette between his index and forefinger. 

"I... uh... well..." I stuttered more then tongue tied. I didn't know if he was gay or not, possibly a setup. And he wasn't really what I would call my type. 

"That's easy for you to say," he laughed, rather snorted at his own bad joke. But it was enough to break the ice and for me to relax. 

"Sorry I don't smoke," I finally managed to say.

"Does your car have a lighter?" He used a tone of voice that was a little cocky and made me feel stupid.

"Uh, yeah, I mean no," I stuttered again. "I mean it did but it quit working."

"I guess I don't need this then," he put the cigarette back in the pack then pushed the pack into the pocket of his t-shirt. We heard lighter being clicked in the car next to me and behind him. 

"Troll you need to quit it." He turned around and scolded. Then turned around leaned on the frame of my car and looked in the window at me alternating between my crotch and face. "So how are you doing today Jason?"

"Huh?" I asked as I turned what I'm sure was a bright shade of red with embarrassment wondering how he knew my name.

"Been working at Grocery World long?" That is when I realized I was still in my work clothes and that he has seen my name badge with the store logo.

"Oh.." I momentarily looked down at my name badge, "Uh, only for about a month."

"Cool," he responded, "my ex-lover works there. You at the west side store?"

I meant to say I was at the east side store but once again it came out as a stutter so I finally just shook my head.

"There's nothing to be nervous about, we don't bite."

"We?" I questioned with no problem.

"Yeah, you know, fags."

"Oh," I slowly drug out the single syllable word surprised at his being so blunt.

"You sure are a man of few words, you just come out?"

"Just a few minutes ago," my naivety caused him to bust out laughing. 

"I mean how long have you been gay?" he said as he came back to Earth.

"Oh," I bowed my head down, I felt so stupid.

"You are gay aren't you? After all this is a gay hangout you know."

This was the second time in as many days I had been asked that question. But unlike on the phone call from the previous day I didn't hesitate to answer "Yes." 

"Do you have a lover?"

"No," I blushed.

"Good," he said under his breath but loud enough for me to hear. He saw me giving him a questioning look "I mean I can't believe someone as cute as you doesn't have a lover." Another blush, "you wanna come over and meet some of my friends?"

"Uh, sure." I said after a few moments hesitation.

As he started to walk away he looked into the car next to me. "If that's all I had I sure wouldn't be showing it off." I took my name tag off and dropped it into the center console before I grabbed the keys and exited the car. I couldn't resist a quick peek to see the older gentleman in the Buick stroking his hard cock sticking out of his unzipped fly.

At the gazebo introductions were made. I found out their names were Peter, Richard, Eric and Danny with Peter being the one who had spoken to me at the car and Richard being the one on the bike. Since I had my work smock on it wasn't long before they figured out where I worked which became the topic of conversation for several minutes. They all knew and talked about Shawn, of which only Peter referred to as his ex who worked at the west side store. It appears there were quite a few gays at the three Grocery World stores in town most of them working at the west and north side stores. They all knew of Kenny at my store. 

Soon the topic switched to just gossiping about people who I obviously didn't know so I sat there and listened contently taking it all in and studying their features and personalities. Eric and Danny were both what you would call stereotypical queers speaking with the expected effeminate lisp, trying to raise their voices an octave. Richard could be best described as putting on a show to act butch, but not very convincingly. Peter was somewhere in the middle, while he may have been ugly as sin he was honestly the only one of the crowd that `acted normal.'"

"Oh God look who's here," four heads turned to see an old beat up Corolla pulling into the lot. You could hear the breaks squeaking and the gears grinding as it came to a sudden halt backfiring once as the ignition was killed. A very heavy young man got out and started walking towards us.

"Can you take me home?" Eric said to Danny.

"Sounds good, see ya girls," they quickly walked away as the fat guy walked up.

"Where are you going?" I only thought the others acted effeminate, he took the cake.

"I gotta wash my hair,: Danny said not even looking back. He whispered something to Eric then they both busted out laughing.

"That's rude," he held up one arm with his wrist hanging limp. He finally turned around and said "Hi girls," he said it in general but his gaze was directed to me.

"That's Jason," Peter said.

"Hi, I'm Paul," he somewhat extended his rather limp arm.

"Hi," I replied accepting the obligatory shake.

"Oh how cute," he took his hand back, "you're new aren't you?"

"Leave him alone Paul," Peter showed just a bit of jealousy.

"Where is everybody?" Paul quickly changed the subject.

"Ten Dollar Tim is over in the car getting a hand job, that's all that's here today." Richard spoke for the first time in a while.

"They must have smelled you coming." Peter said slow and long.

"Or saw your face pizza boy."

"Girls girls pull in your claws." Richard tried to calm things down. Paul flashed Richard a `who do you think you are glare' while Peter gave Paul an `eat shit and die' look. I was beginning to feel uncomfortable.

"Oh well," Paul turned away but looked towards the car where the guy was still having his dick played with, "since I don't feel like a quickie with a troll today I guess I'll go home. See you girls downtown tonight. As Paul started to walk away Peter walked over behind him holding his arms out about a foot from his sides walking bow legged in an attempt to make fun of Paul's weight. 

"God'll get you for that," Paul turned around looked at me holding up his pinky finger wiggling it slightly. "And Jason, in case you didn't already know," he looked down to Peter's crotch then turned and left without further comment.

"You wish Mary," Peter yelled after him.

Not long after Paul, Richard made his exit leaving just Peter and me under the gazebo. We talked for a while, or should I say he mainly talked and I listened. I found out that both Eric and Danny were hair designers and Richard was a student and part time personal trainer. Peter was also a student and part time delivered pizza for Mr. Gatti's, a local pizza chain. One thing I noticed about Peter was the way he was constantly pushing his glasses up. As he talked the slowly slipped down his nose until they were right at the edge ready to fall off. This got me to wondering if sub consciously did the same with my own glasses. 

We talked as various cars pulled into then left the parking lot. He was a virtual fountain of information telling me who was who. I found out the guy laying back in the one car was known as "Ten Dollar Tim" and a local hustler. He was supposedly straight but would come to the park a couple time a week and let the old men suck him off, always charging ten dollars. While we were talking Tim got out of the car and walked past managing a slight smile as he just glanced at us and kept walking. He was wearing the oversize jeans that were popular at the time and a black pullover that looked a couple sizes too big. His hair hung well below his shoulders with bangs that covered his eyes. For the next couple years I would see Tim on occasion as he was `working' but we never spoke. I guess since I had no need for his services he had no need for me. He just all of a sudden disappeared one day and no one ever saw him again. 

Peter asked me if I wanted to take a walk and I followed him along the path. At the edge of the city park the concrete suddenly stopped and was replaced by a well worn path leading into a wooded area. Once in the woods I could see the ground was well worn with paths leading in all directions. Peter led me down one that took us right to the edge of the river where he sat on a log under a cypress tree and motioned me to sit next to him. Nervously I took a seat and looked out into the river. Peter lit a cigarette just as a barge was tugging by, it's wake sent waves crashing to the shores barely missing my new white Reeboks. It didn't occur to me at the time that if he had a lighter then he must have had it when he asked me for a light. As the tug moved down the river and the waves subsided Peter took one large final puff then flicked the half smoked cigarette into the river. The then reached over and grabbed my cock through my jeans catching me by surprise causing me to jump slightly. 

"Easy, easy," he said, "we won't do anything you don't want to." How many times I have not only heard that line since but used it myself as well. Just as I have also since done more then my own fair share of groping in those woods.

We both sat in silence as he continued to kneading at my crotch bringing me to a full hard on. While I was a bit nervous and not sure I wanted to be doing that there, or with him, another part of my anatomy was in control. When I made an involuntary instinctive low groan Peter took this as his cue to go further. He was able to open the flap of denim but was unable to grab hold of the tongue of the zipper. I exhaled and sucked my gut in hoping to make it easier but to no avail. He finally asked me to stand. After I complied and stood in front of him it took only seconds to lower the zipper and reach over the elastic of my Fruit of the Looms and grab my pulsing cock. Just having another guy touch me sent electric shocks throughout my body and had me ready to shoot. 

Once he had my cock out he looked at it from a couple different angles before moving closer and taking a few sniffs. I admitted to myself that after working my six hour shift there was at least a little perspiration odor but I'm quite sure I didn't stink. It must have passed inspection because he opened his mouth and slowly let my rock solid cock slide in until I could feel the back of his throat against the tip. He didn't give his gag reflex sufficient time to adjust and pulled almost completely off my throbbing member as he choked. When he returned to normal he wrapped his lips around the glans then stopped and raised his eyes to look at me. 

"Sorry," he pulled off long enough to mumble before going back down. This time slower and getting used to having me inside his oral cavity. It felt wonderful to have his warm lips gliding across my dick. I was just beginning to enjoy when...


"What?" He pulled off and gave me a questioning glance.

"That hurt, watch the teeth."

"What ever," He didn't seem concerned but none the less seemed more careful as he once again took me into his mouth. I made up my mind right then and there that not all blow jobs are created equal. I much preferred Tommy's slow and sensual movements over the clumsy attempt Peter was making. Even though at that point in my life my lips had not yet touched the male organ, I knew that I wanted to be more like Tommy than Peter. Peter did get better but I still didn't cum almost immediately like I had with Tommy the day before. I closed my eyes to enjoy the performance Peter was demonstrating as he tightened his lips and increased speed. I was right at the edge and ready to shoot when...


My dick went instantly limp and my eyes flew open hearing the twig breaking.


"What?" Peter quickly pulled off and looked up.

In the turmoil of the situation Peter had once again bit down. He could see my gaze fixed on the area behind him and turned around to see what I was looking at. There behind a tree was one of the old men who had been sitting in one of the cars, He had his pants down to his ankles masturbating as he looked directly at my now limp cock.

"Christ, is that it? Man if you're gonna have sex here you'd better get used to an audience."

I couldn't help but to stare at our voyeur when my peripheral vision picked up movement off to the right. I turned to see another in practically the same pose as the first. Peter laughed as I jumped. It was then that I realized that my dick was still hanging out. I quickly stuffed it back into the confines of the cotton denim and raised the zipper. As Peter continued to laugh I quickly exited the woods and practically ran to my car. Peter caught up just as I was putting the car into gear no longer laughing, but looking like a puppy sorry for peeing on the rug.

"Yes?" I asked rather angrily as he leaned against the car.

"I'm sorry Jason but it just looked so funny."

"I gotta go," I said not really wanting to talk anymore. Looking back I see the humor in the situation but at the time all I felt was embarrassment. 

"You going downtown tonight?"

"What's downtown?"

"Duh, fags."

"Really?" I raised my eyebrows and gave him a questioning look. This was new information to me.

"Yeah, come to the park behind the post office over on Main Street around ten. I'll be there and Danny and Eric probably will too. I can introduce you to more of the gang."

"Yeah, maybe." I replied slowly backing up causing him to step back.

"I hope so, I'd like to finish what I started." Peter stood there as I left the parking lot and quickly headed up Washington Avenue home. My mind was racing with so much to think about. There was no doubt in my mind that I liked to have my dick sucked. But did that mean I was gay? I had not yet experienced being on the giving end of a blowjob so had no idea if I would like that part of the act or not. Yet I did want to try. I also realized that the men I had been with so far were more into their pleasure than mine. I was so lost in thought that I almost passed up my house that then only had my father's car in the drive. 

"Where have you been Jason Andrew?" I knew I was trouble when my mother used my middle name.

"I was out with friends," I was learning to think fast although I hated lying to my mother. But then again it wasn't too much from the truth; I had made some new friends that day."

"Marjorie was here with her sister and brother-in-law with their daughter and I really wanted you to meet her. She's so pretty and your age I was hoping you may hit it off." She took a piece of paper off the fridge and handed it to me. I look and see a girl's name, Lisa Becham and a phone number. I put it in my pocket and head towards my room. 

"Where do you think you're going?"

"To my room I have homework to finish." I used a tone of voice I knew I would regret.

"You wait until Sunday Afternoon? You are getting so irresponsible young man."

"Mom, you're the one who wanted me to get a job." Even though I liked the job for a way to get out of the house and have for extra spending money I still loved throwing that in her face.

"But I also want you go get good grades so you can get a good job. You don't want to bag groceries all your life do you?" Little did either she or I know at the time just how prophetic that statement would be.

"Don't you mean to get good grades to get into a good school?"

"Your father and I never went to college and we're doing just fine. If that's what you want fine but it's up to you to figure out how to pay for it. We're not going to." 

I had heard same line from my parents my whole life and believed it. If only at that time I had really heard and thought about grants and student loans. "Yes ma'am." was all I could think to say as I continued on to my room with Tinka at my feet. 

"Dinner is in the over when you're ready to eat."

Truthfully I was hungry, but with my stomach tied up in knots there was no way I could eat. I know my mother has always hoped I would get a good job and find a nice girl, then get married and live in the proverbial house in the suburbs with a picket fence and a mini van. I knew she wanted grandchildren but I already knew that wasn't going to happen. 

I went into my room and closed the door. Tinka went to her bed box and curled up. I emptied the contents of my pockets into a bowl on my desk. Then took off my jeans and work shirt and threw them into the basket in the corner. I had been responsible for my own laundry for years. I stood in my underwear looking at myself in the full length mirror on the back of my bedroom door. I was not happy with myself; I had been skinny all my life and still was. In looking myself over it was painfully obvious that I was not interested in myself and wondered how any guy could be. I wasn't that good looking; I wore out of style glasses and had an out of style haircut from the same barber my dad had been going to for years. My face carried some scars from my teenage acne but luckily even though I had my share of zits had been spared a full scare outbreak like Peter had experienced. You could barely tell my eyes were blue behind the thick glasses I had to wear. I had wanted to wear contacts. But my eye doctor told me that due to my nearsightedness and astigmatism I couldn't wear them. I had nearly zero muscle tone from not playing sports and hardly getting any physical activity. I sighed before turning and going to my desk where I sat down, turned on the gooseneck light and started working on my homework.

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