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Grocery Store Tales IV: Abducted
by Jacob Adams

The school year ended quietly for me on a Friday at 2:30 PM. I had just enough time to rush home, have a snack, change clothes and rush to put in my hours at Grocery World. I had requested my hours be cut back the week before so that I had more time to study for finals. But I was already back to my old self begging for hours. As a general rule it wasn't hard to find someone over me in seniority who only wanted to work just enough hours to buy the latest CD and as much free time to play as possible. I was greedy and wanted cash so it didn't take much to ask around and have this person give up a couple hours here and another couple more there. As long as I stayed under thirty six total for the week management didn't care. 

I really wanted to speak to Kenny but I just barely missed him. Everything else was a normal work day. Smiling to the customers as I bagged their groceries and keeping an eye out for hot guys but trying to avoid watching Chris. He was sending mixed signals smiling at me one minute and frowning the next. 

I couldn't wait until 10:00 and the end of my shift. What I didn't pay any attention to was that Chris and two of his buddies, Brock and Tito were in the store. Chris and Tito's shifts were already over and it was Brock's day off. They were cutting up with a couple of the female employees then slipped out just before the end of my shift. 

The employee parking lot was on the South side of the building, there was a fenced-in retention pond that separated the company property from Jennings Street. The employee lot was usually fairly dark. Grocery World was a small chain that believed in spending as little as possible on maintenance. When a parking lot light burned out in the customer area they called a local contractor to replace it almost immediately. But they usually waited until the lights in the employee lot were completely gone before they replaced them, and even then only if the contractor was called for something else and had them do it at the same time. This was one of those times when illumination was minimal. 

If I noticed the full size Chevy Van next to my car it didn't register, I had other things on my mind. But it soon became all too real to me. I pulled the keys out of my pocket and was just about to unlock the driver's side door when the side door of the van was suddenly opened and three beefy teenagers jumped out. In one quick moved they grabbed me, pulled me into the van and slammed the door shut.

"If you know what's best for you faggot you won't scream." I was still too much in a state of shock to scream. And upon recognizing Chris' voice had a feeling I was in no real danger. I did have mixed emotions as to my safety. On one hand I was scared of the uncertainty, but at least was pretty sure I wasn't going to die. 

"Not here you moron, someone could come by," Tito said to Brock. I looked to Brock and saw him with unzipped jeans and a short fat flaccid cock hanging out. 

"But you said..." Brock was a stereotypical "dumb jock" and was not the brightest bulb in the pack.

"That we could go out to the country," Chris interrupted. "Now let's get a move on it asshole."

Brock reluctantly put his cock away and sat down in the front passenger's seat. It was one of those `captain's chairs' that could turn around. Brock was already seated in the driver's seat starting the ignition. They had sat me directly behind Brock and Chris was by then seated behind Tito with a cigarette lit looking away from me. I turned to look behind me to see if there was anyone else and saw the back end was set up to look like a bed. It was silent as we drove through town Chris continued to look out the window while Tito sat sideways alternating glances between Chris and me. I could tell he was getting anxious.

"Man Chris, when you gonna start dude?" He finally asked.

"What's your hurry?" Chris never took his gaze from the window.

"I'm so fucking horny I think I'm gonna pop." 

"Fine, whip it out," Tito reached for his zipper but soon stopped as Chris continued. "and jack yourself off, but then you're not getting a blow job."

"Dude, you said he was queer and would suck me off."

"And he will, just wait till we get there." I then knew why I was invited to hang out with this group of football players.

"Why can't we get started? Let him do Tito." Brock turned to see what was going on as he waited for a light to change to green.

"Fine, but the way you're driving numbnuts he may get his dick bit off when you hit a bump. We'll be there soon enough and we'll all have our turn."

"I've never given a blow job before," I leaned over and said to Chris.

"You are a fag aren't you?" Chris asked, turning and looking at me for the first time since we left Grocery World, I just nodded. "Thought so," he said after a few moments silence then returned his gaze to the window. 

"He didn't say anything," Brock was looking in the rear view mirror as he drove trying to figure out what was happening.

"Sometime what people don't say says more than what they do,"

"What the fuck is that supposed to mean?" Brock was confused by Chris' riddle. Chris just shook his head wondering how he could hang out with such stupid friends before he popped Brock on the side of the head.

"And you," Chris turned to me, "I guess you'll be learning real fast. I don't want to have to bust your ass tonight, or worse." OK, I was getting a little worried.

"Where do you want me to go from here Chris?" Brock had driven past Riverside Park and out of town into the riverbottoms. Just a couple weeks earlier this place had been underwater from the spring floods. The ground was just then drying to where the farmers could begin plowing and getting the soil ready for their summer crops.

Chris had Brock slow down then directed him to turn off the pavement onto a gravel road. We were only able to drive in about two van lengths before we were stopped by a farm gate blocking the roadway. 

"What now?" Brock seemed frustrated as he came to a stop.

"Just a sec," Chris opened the door and hopped out. We couldn't see what he was doing but the gate was soon swinging out of the way. He motioned Brock to drive through he then closed the gate behind us before rejoining us in the van. "Go on," he motioned Brock, "but slowly, there may still be some driftwood or deep puddles."

"Dude how do you know about this place?" Tito questioned.

"Don't worry about it, and you'd better never tell anyone you were here." Chris gave an evil eye to all of us. 

The road led up to a grove of trees right at the river's edge. "Kill the lights," Chris slid the door open and lit a cigarette as soon as he was on solid ground then walked up to the edge of the river.

"Man I thought we were going to get our dicks sucked." By then the other two were out of the van and following Chris who said nothing. He took a couple more puffs before flicking what was left of the cigarette into the fast moving river the then turned and walked back to the van. He was about to climb in when he stopped and looked at me. His face took a strange expression, one that I had never seen before. I'm still not sure how to describe it. I was unable to make direct eye contact, but he looked right at me for several seconds before backing out. 

"You first," I didn't see who Chris spoke to but Brock practically jumped into the van.

"What do I do?" Brock looked around questioning Chris.

"You figure it out," It got suddenly dark as Chris slammed the door closed.

I just sat there scared. I really would have liked for my first blow job to be given to someone on my terms. Even though I had for the most part not been threatened or mistreated I was still nervous about the situation. Even in the dim light I could see the outline of his hard cock in his jeans. He didn't waste any time unzipping and pulling out his short fat cock. It was already rock hard and staring straight at me.

"Suck it," was all he said. I stared at it. I really didn't want to. It really didn't look all too inviting. Maybe I wasn't gay after all. "I said suck it faggot," His voice was rough as he made his command. Not wanting to make the jock mad I slid off the captain's seat I had occupied since we left Grocery World and onto my knees. Brock had taken seat in the spot vacated by Chris and was sitting with his legs spread wide, I guess to give me better access. He leaned back and raised his arms, clasping his hands behind his head. Hesitantly I leaned over, I was about to take it when I got the worst whiff ever! Talk about rank! I was about to pull away when he shouted "SUCK." I moved back into position then took a deep breath before I opened my mouth and slowly lowered my mouth carefully over his tool trying not to actually touch it. 

"Act like you want it faggot," I guess I wasn't moving fast enough for Brock. He unclasped his hands and moved his arms around to hit me on the back of my head forcing me all the way down. When his tool hit the back of my throat my untrained gag reflex kicked in. Luckily he wasn't very well endowed or I would have choked. As it is his cock just barely reached the back of my throat. But it was enough that I gagged causing my mouth to clamp down causing me to bite his dick. He screamed as he slapped me on the side of the head causing me to bite down again. This time he pushed me off flung the door open then jumped out of the van with his now only semi-hard cock still hanging out.

This put me on the edge, what were they going to do to me if I wasn't able to perform? I didn't have long of a wait before Tito climbed in taking Brock's spot. I couldn't believe the difference in their dicks. Tito's black meat was longer than I had ever seen yet not nearly as thick as Brock's white boy cock. When he sits down he dropped his pants to his ankles and spread his legs as Brock had. Since I already knew what was expected of me I moved into position. Tito was only half hard and not standing at full attention as Brock's had been. I had to grab it and hold it in order to get it into my mouth. I immediately noticed it didn't have the bad odor that Brock had but still wasn't all that pleasant. The smaller girth also meant I didn't have to stretch my mouth as far to clear it. I was only about halfway down on the monster when I felt it against the back of my throat. I stopped before I gagged this time getting used to it before I finally closed my mouth letting my lips surround another man's manhood for the first time in my life. I could feel him tense up momentarily then relax and exhale. His left hand went to the back of my head and slowly patted as he encouraged me on. I don't know if it was my gay gene finally kicking in or remembering what Tommy had done to me but I quickly became more comfortable having the big black jock cock crammed into my mouth. I allowed my tongue to touch it and slowly move it back and forth as I began to rise back up. I stopped before letting it slip out, I held position while I let my tongue circle the head getting my first taste of precum. He cocked his head back and moaned as I enjoyed my first taste of man nectar. This caused me to lose my inhibitions and ram back down on his cock stopping just short of gagging. Feeling no discomfort this time I continued letting the massive organ slip into my throat. He moaned again this time quite loud, I could hear Brock and Chris outside cheering me on. I took it as far as I could leaving two inches before I would have touched bottom. But from the sounds of his moans I don't think he cared. I wasn't able to go completely up this time as Tito pushed me away and after only two pumps he erupted sending three powerful bursts of cum over his head and a forth smacked him in the face. He still oozed more that ran over his washboard stomach before pooling in his nest of short curly black hair. 

"Dude that was the best!" His breathing slowly returned to normal as the door slid open. Brock stood there wide eyes looking at the cum coating on his buddy's cock. Tito smiled and turned towards the open door, his right arm reaching out to pat his buddy on the shoulder. "Man this dude knows how to suck cock; I think that was better than fucking pussy."

"Aw man, I need one back," Brock looked antsy and appeared to be trying to pull Tito from his seat.

"I don't think so Mr. McMahon you had your chance, now it's my turn." Chris had the strength to easily push Brock aside and was looking at me with a blank stare. I'm not sure but I think he was working hard to suppress a smile.

Tito directed me to a compartment in the back and a stash of paper towels. He quickly wiped himself clean and slid out of the van. Chris flicked another cigarette before climbing in.

"Gentlemen don't wait up, I intend on making this last." Chris closed the door and I noticed locked it, and then climbed between the seats into the bed area. I had wondered why neither of the others had utilized that area of the van. He slowly took off his skin tight T-shirt and rolled it up unlike the others who practically tore their clothes off. He then slowly unbuttoned his 501s an slid the jeans below his knees leaving his crotch covered by a sexy pair of bikini underwear straight from International Male only he looked much better in them than any IM model ever could. He lay back using his rolled up shirt as a pillow. I didn't wait for an invite and crawled into the back with him making my way back until my face was directly over his crotch. Even covered by fabric I could smell the pleasant aroma of a man's crotch. I took in a deep breath and enjoyed it wondering how it was that the others' were so different. I rubbed my nose over where I though his balls should be and stuck out my tongue, slightly licking the silky fabric. Chris let out a long low moan that I felt was more for the other's benefit than mine. He grabbed the back of my head and rubbed his hands through my hair. I kept my upward motion finding the base of his shaft and followed it to the left. Even at half hardness it was straining to escape from the confines of the tight material.

As I let my tongue trace the outline of his penis to the tip, I noticed a snap on his bikini and made a mental note. I tasted the precum staining the fabric at the tip of his penis then ran my tongue across my lips to get maximum amount of taste from the small amount. I followed the outline of his shaft back to the base then straight up letting the small patch of blonde hairs protruding above the waist band tickle the tip of my tongue. I opened my mouth just slightly and allowed a few between my teeth and gently pulled. I then ran my tongue up the sparse treasure trail to his navel where I stopped and kissed. He moaned even louder from what I felt was genuine ecstasy as I stuck my tongue in and twirled. I held myself in place with my right arm and let my left reach and begin rubbing at his balls. This got him to wiggle and squirm as he continued to moan and I could feel his cock getting harder trying to escape. I decided to help it along and take advantage of the snaps. In an instant the bikini was just a small mass of silky fabric, and the object of my desires was just inches in front of my face.

This magnificent manhood was perfect in everyway, long and thick and already oozing precum. I leaned in to lick some of the pearly drops and was in heaven. The juices coming from Chris were truly delectable. One small taste and I was thirsting for more. I ran my tongue down the length of his cock, and then proceeded back to his balls. He took a deep breath as I sucked the right nut into my mouth and twirled my tongue around it. After getting it sufficiently soaked I traded it for the other. He reached down and grabbed my shoulders squeezing, almost massaging. A movement that caused shivers, the object of my affection and many a jack off fantasies over the last couple months was touching me. I couldn't wait any longer; I have to have his cock in my mouth. I release his balls and licked up the shaft to the purple head. I opened my mouth and let it slip in. It felt so wonderful as my lips tightly grasped the seven inch teenage love muscle. It easily slid in and was soon beckoning at my throat wanting in. Using the technique I'd discovered with Tito I opened my throat and swallowed, letting him slide in further. , When there was no gag, I slowly continued until I had then the whole thing in me. I noticed he was moaning louder than ever, and his arms were spread wide grabbing the mattress.

When I felt the need to breathe I let the cock slip from my throat and slowly wiggled my tongue as I let the rest of it out until I reached the head where I ran my tongue through the slit to taste more of his nectar. This was enough to drive me over the edge and I began wildly pumping on his now harder than ever cock. From his breathing and moaning I could tell he was close, enjoying, or both. I assumed it was the former when he suddenly pulled me off his cock.

"What?" I asked.

"I was about to shoot."

"Isn't that the purpose?"

"It is, but I'm not ready."

I lay next to him, my head at crotch level watching as his still hard cock throbbed to his pulse and he gently ran his fingers through my hair.

"You two getting all kissy kissy in there?" We heard from outside the van.

"Fuck you asshole," Chris yelled towards the perpetrator.

"Nah, you're not my type, I bet you're enjoying that a lot better."

"You bet your hairy ass, now leave us the hell alone."

As they were talking I slowly moved my hand over and grabbed his rapidly deflating dick. "Not yet," he whispered as he moved me away and continued his banter with his friends. 

Several minutes later he placed his palm on the back of my head to indicate to continue. By then his dick was completely soft. I took the limp organ into my mouth and tightly gripped it while using my tongue to swirl as I slowly engulfed his organ. A moan let his friends know he was once again busy and to cut the chatter. It was the most wonderful feeling to have his cock come to life in my mouth and know that I was responsible for his arousal. As it became harder I began to pump faster and with more passion. I found even in my young inexperienced state I could relax and let it slip in and out of my throat with minimal problems. In no time he was back to his previous level of breathing. This time Chris did not stop me and I was rewarded with my first taste of cum. I still remember my lips being tight around his dick and feeling the contractions as he began pumping his load into my eagerly awaiting mouth. The feeling was wonderful, having the warm juices in me for the first time. But where my inexperience showed up was when his sweet nectar began dripping out of my mouth. Remembering that Tommy had swallowed, I began trying to take Chris load to no avail. There was just too much to try to and contain. Once drained he quickly deflated and easily slipped from the grasp of my lips. Once empty I was able to swallow the last of what was in my mouth. Chris noticed the remainder running down my cheeks and reached for the paper towels that Brock had thrown back. He tore one off and began to wipe my cheek, then went to wipe the side of his dick. 

"Let me," I stopped him then proceeded to lick the last of his seed.

"Isn't that kinda gross?" 

"Not to me."

"Whatever," he wiped the remaining moisture and tossed the towel aside. Brock and Tito were either watching or just knew because the moment Chris' crotch was covered the door was pulled open. 

"What the fuck?" Chris bolted up grabbing his pants to cover himself.

"Can I have another go at him?" Brock eagerly asked as he held up the keys with a smug smile on his face. He directed his question to Chris rather than to me, who would have been the one to carry it out. 

"No," Chris was quite abrupt, "Jason's tired after that, let's get out of here." You could see the disappointed look mixed with a little envy on Brock's face. The trip back was in silence. 

"Guys this is a one time event," Chris said to the other two. "You are to leave Jason alone, you are not to harass, tease, coerce for a repeat or bother in any way. You are also not to talk about this to anyone. If I hear you have, you will answer to me, I think you both know I can and will kick your ass. Got it?"

"Yeah," They both nodded in acknowledgment to what their friend had said.

I was dropped at the edge of the Grocery World parking lot and didn't look back as the van sped off. As I approached my car I reached into my pocket for my keys, they weren't there! Figuring they probably dropped out of my pocket in the van I turned to catch Brock's attention but it was too late, they were already out of sight. SHIT! I looked at my watch, DOUBLE SHIT! There's no way I could call my parents at 12:30, I already knew I was dead meat for coming in at this time. If I were to have to call I would never hear the end of it. Not knowing what else to do I was about to go into the store and call them when I realized that it was already closed. I might as well walk home, it's not too awfully far. As I walked up the sidewalk at the edge of the lot I assembled a plan. I could use the spare key we hid in the carport, sneak in, get my spare key then walk back to get my car. The only problem, Tinka. If she's in her guard dog mode tonight she will bark at everything that moves. It was about then that a little voice in my head said to go back to the car. As I'm approaching my aging Cavalier I can see that the sweepers were already there. A company came in nightly and ran through the lot with a vacuum truck sucking up the day's debris. As the truck turned, it's headlight lit up my car. During the brief illumination something caught my eye. I got down and looked under the car. MY KEYS! I traced my memory and remembered I had them out and was about to open the door when they jumped me. I must have dropped them and they were somehow kicked under the car. Thank goodness, that's one hurdle down, but I will still have to get into the house undetected.

The neighborhood was dark as should be expected that time of night. I tried to quietly close my car door, I'm not really sure since my parent's room was on the back side of the house. I was walking up the sidewalk when I sensed movement on the street. I turned to see a Red Explorer coming to a stop behind my car and Chris hopping out. I didn't know whether to ignore him and go on into the house or run up and hug him. I opted to civilly walk to him and see what he wanted. Of course my big question was how he knew where I lived.

"What's up?" He casually asked as he leaned back against his truck and lit a cigarette. 

"I could ask the same of you," we remained silent as he took a couple puffs.

"Jase," to my recollection that's the first time anybody had called me by that nickname. "I just wanted to come by and apologize." 


"No, really. It was their idea and I just kinda followed along. Brock is such a jerk." We stood in silence while he finished the cigarette. I didn't know what to say. Somehow I'm sure he didn't want to hear "No harm done, can I suck your dick again?"

"I really did mean what I said. You're a good kid, a little nerdy, but a good kid. Even though I know you're gay, not everybody does. I mean you don't act it or anything like that guy who does the flowers." 

"You mean Kenny?"

"Yeah him," He gave me a funny look as he dropped the butt and stepped on it. I didn't know what to think of it, I liked Kenny but could understand where Chris was coming from. At that point in my life I wouldn't have been seen in public talking to someone like Kenny for fear I would be labeled. "And I also meant it, if those guys, or anybody bothers you, you let me know." 

Of course the other question I had was, if it wasn't obvious, how did Brock and Tito know and how could I be sure that Chris himself wouldn't talk to anyone else. I also wasn't sure I like the idea of having a `protector' and was quite aware of the possible repercussions of such an arrangement should it be become known. I made up my mind that night that I was going to start working out and learn how to fight. 

"Gotta run, see you at work." He turned and walked towards the driver's door.

"K, later."

I walked towards the house and was sure I saw the curtains move, OOPS, BUSTED! I stopped at the porch, turned and waved as he drove off. I then opened the door to face my punishment. 

"Where have you been?" I opened the door to be greeted by my mother dressed in her housecoat and with her hair up in pink curlers tapping her fuzzy slippers. I could tell by the look on her face I was in deep shit. 

"Out with friends," not totally a lie. 

"Until one o'clock in the morning?"

I glanced at the digital clock on the VCR in the living room, according to the blue fluorescent numbers it was 1:08. "Sorry Mom, we weren't paying any attention to the time."

"I bet you weren't. You wasn't out drinking was you? Let me smell your breath." Before I could move she was already in position and sniffing my breath. "It doesn't smell like alcohol or pot but I know that smell, what have you been doing?"

"Just hanging out and talking Mom."

She leaned in and sniffed again, "What have you been eating?"

"I had a cream filled long john," To this day I don't know how I said that with a straight face. But I didn't lie, I know you have a dirty mind but I was referring to the snack I bought earlier from the bakery while I was on break. But it was the taste of Chris' long dong that was still in my mouth, Hmm, is that what mom smells? And she recognizes it? Way to go Mom!

"What's going on?"

"Your son just came in, and with a boy smoking out front. I suspect he has been drinking too."

"I was not smoking."

"Don't talk back to your mother boy," then to my mom, "Did you see him smoke or drink?"

"Well no," mother replied timidly.

Dad walked over and sniffed himself, "I don't smell anything."

"He was with some strange boy out front."

"Who was you with son?" (Dad talks that way too? "Who WERE you..." yep, where do you think I get it? LOL)

"Chris Seely Dad,"

I could see my Dad's mind working, he was a big football fan and knew all the stats from even the local high school teams. "The linebacker from Central?"

"Yeah," I was impressed, but then again Chris had been in the papers a lot the past year.

"How do you know him?" Dad asked.

"We work together at Grocery World."

"I thought he had a scholarship to State?"

"He does, he just graduated last week, he's going to work another month then quit so he can start training."

Dad turned to look at Mom, "I don't see anything wrong, may do him some good to hang out with the likes of Chris Seely."

"But what about the time he came in?" Mom was clearly pissed that Dad was backing me.

"It's not a school night," then looking at me, "do you have to work in the morning?" I shook my head no.

"Don't you think he's a little young to be out this late?"

"You got hair on your balls boy?"

I was clearly stunned by this line of questioning, "Uh, yeah," I managed to say.

"And you weren't out getting in or causing any trouble?"

"No, sir."

"I don't have a problem with it, he's a teenage boy. You can' keep him cooped up forever."

"Well you need to be doing some things with him, manly things."

This was getting interesting, I could see my dad thinking, "Well Son, do you think your friend Chris would like to go fishing?"

"I don't know, I could ask him at work tomorrow night."

"You do that, I'd like to meet this guy." Dad turned and headed back to their bedroom. 

My mother looked at me with a look that said I need to watch my back the next few days. "Have you talked to that David guy lately?"

"What David guy Mom?"

"The one who called for you last week that sounded like a fruit?"

This was pissing me off but I had to remain cool about it. "No Mom, school and that project is over." I just turned and walked to my room with Tinka at my feet. 

Thank goodness they both had to be to work early, and since I worked late again the next evening I could avoid a whole day of questioning. And by the following day she may actually forget, but I doubt it. 

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