Grocery Store Tales: Part 5

The following is a work of fiction which contains consensual sexual acts between adult males. If you are offended by this, or if it is illegal where you are please do not read any further. All copyrights are held by the author. Please to not duplicate, print, distribute or re-submit this story without permission from the author. Parts of this story may be based on actual people and events, the names may have been changed to protect the guilty. Some parts of this story my not be 'politically correct' or offensive to people of certain ages or races. I humbly apologize for those who may be insulted but face it, that's the way people act and talk in the real world, so if your feelings are hurt, get over it.

I originally started writing this story several years back. I had lots of notes on where I was going to take it but only make it four chapters before life got in the way. I've crashed a few hard drives and changed a few computers since then as well as moved cross country. So needless to say some of those notes are long lost. But lately I have been itching to start writing again, so after pulling and old Dell laptop out of storage, firing it pans finding to my surprise that it actually works I have been able to recover some notes!

This series is written I first person from the point of view of Jason, a young man coming to terms with his sexuality and learning how to cope with it as it affects his friends, family, spirituality and work life. A friend and fellow writer Solace Lenity with whom I have lost contact described Jason as 'a young man who doesn't always make the right decisions.' I like to think that like most of us who grew up and came of age prior to the Internet and social media he didn't always have the right role models. This chapter is going to jump about ten years from where chapter four left off, mainly because it was already pretty much written.

Please excuse any spelling or grammatical errors, I have lost touch with all my previous proofreaders and editors and collaborators and even tough I have always had interesting ideas and stories to tell I will admit I was a C student in English. If you would like to check out previous chapters and see how it started you can do a search in the Nifty archives. I also have another story from years ago posted titled 'Welcome to The Family.'

Grocery Tales Part 5: Jamey
by Jacob Adams

Hi, my name is Jason. If you've read about me before you then will know that I worked in a grocery store. Yeah, not too glamorous but I somehow managed to make a career out of it. I started out many years ago as a bagger for a regional chain. My store was not far, practically within walking distance of the house I grew up in. And my apartment complex, the only place I have lived other then my parent's house was next to the strip center where the store was located. I started out during the summer between my junior and senior years in high school and over the years worked my way around the store as cashier, stocker as well as in the produce and deli departments. About the only position I have not held is meat cutter. I'm gonna tell you now about something that happened not long after becoming head cashier.

When I was 'promoted' on a Tuesday afternoon I was immediately thrown to the wolves and informed that I needed to hire five cashiers by the weekend. As much as I wanted to go out for Drink and Drown at one of the local gay bars I stayed home that night. I made myself a cocktail, turned on the Tuesday night sit-coms, got comfy in my jammies and then sorted through a pile of applications. Three days of really bad interviews later I narrowed it down to the five I hired... including Crystal Jennings. Little did I know that Crystal's boyfriend Jamie worked at the Auto Works store in the same strip center. While he did have a handsome boy-next-door quality about him he wasn't what I would normally call my 'type' and I didn't notice home started coming into the store. At first he tried to be inconspicuous by going through Crystal's checkout line and buying a candy bar and a soda while she slowly rang him up and they talked. It wasn't long though before others found out he was her boyfriend and he relaxed, actually making friends with a few of the other employees, especially guys with whom he would discuss cars with. We could expect him to pop in during his lunch hour for a sandwich from the deli and just hang out. I would try to let Crystal have her break during that time but it didn't always work out. I got used to him being there and even though it was against the rules I really didn't mind. If she had customers he would stand out of the way and may strike up a conversation with whoever was close by. That is how I got to know him.

I guess I should describe him. He stood about six foot four with a slender-toned build. He had broad shoulders that narrowed to a thirty-two-inch waist. I know that size to be true from the times I checked out his ass... I mean the label on his Levis. On work days he would come in wearing his uniform which wasn't all that flattering. But when he came in on his time off it was always in jeans, not matter what time of year and no matter how hot. I can honestly say that I had never seen his legs. I also never saw his body below his neck as he always wore a skin tight plain white t-shirt under whatever other shirt he was wearing. In warm weather it was either a solid color loose fitting t-shirt or a button down. Some times he buttoned it all the way up but usually left the top two and bottom one unbuttoned and never had it tucked in. In winter you could count on seeing him in a solid color sweatshirt. The only jewelry I ever noticed him wear was a traditional pewter cross. I don't think any gay male would have missed how well he filled out his jeans in both the back and the front. He had medium brown hair that he kept short and combed in a style popular for the period. He had bright green eyes that seemed to look right through you. He always made direct eye contact when he spoke so you couldn't help but to look right back.

On this particular day I was sitting in my booth looking through the yellow pages, this was back when we still had to use a printed phone book. Usually I would be putting together work schedules or duties for the cashiers and baggers when I wasn't reviewing the over/short reports for the cashiers. Jamie came and stood by the desk striking up small talk and immediately noticed I was looking at automotive and asked what I needed. When I told him my car has been running a little rugged and wanted to have it checked out. He asked me describe it and immediately asked how long it had been since my spark plugs had been changed. I think my response was something along the line of "When I bought the car."

"If you like," he offered cautiously, "I would be happy to go start it and check it out." I considered him trustworthy not to mention I knew where I could find him so I handed my keys over and told him where he could find my aging Chevy. He returned several minutes later with and handed me my keys.

"My lunch is almost over and I need to get back." He advised, "but I think all she needs is a little routine maintenance. New plugs and air filter for sure, I could do all that for you and get you my employee discount on the parts."

I thought about it for a minute before responding, "you would do that for me? that's great!"

"It's no big deal after all you are good to Crystal. I'm off tomorrow," he said eagerly, "If you like I can do it then right here in the parking lot."

I didn't know what to think about the first part of his statement I didn't think I treated Crystal any differently from any of my other employees. "I'm off tomorrow too," I said I'm sure with a hint of disappointment, "when's your next day off?" I asked.

"I don't have any plans tomorrow. I could come over to your place and do it there."

I'm sure I beamed at that. "I have to take my mom to the doctor in the morning but I'm free all afternoon."

"That would be great, write down my number and give me a call when you're ready." I grabbed one of the many pieces of scrap in the booth and a pen and wrote 'Jamie' then looked up to show I was ready for his number. "You spelled my name wrong." He wasn't scolding just a matter of fact comment. "That's the effeminate version, in case you hadn't noticed I'm a guy."

I wanted to blurt out 'Oh yeah I've noticed" but instead kept a straight face and gave him in inquisitive glance.

"The masculine version, short for James is Jamey with an E Y on the end, not I E."

I had never thought about it before and really didn't know or care to argue. I personally thought that as long as I had the right number and the right person when I called the spelling was irrelevant. But to save time and discussion I crossed out what I had written and replaced it with Jamey. He gave me a smile that said 'thanks that's better' and then gave his number.

The next morning, I was up early and at my parent's house. I knew that Mom would have cooked a full breakfast as she always did when she was expecting me. And I knew that Dad would have a couple quick projects for me to work on both before the doctor and after. Somehow there was always an out of reach lightbulb that needed changing or something so heavy that my then elderly parents could no longer handle. After The doctor, projects, and lunch, I was finally able to leave around 1:00.

As soon as I walked into my apartment I dropped my keys into the bowl I kept on an end table by the door that was kept for that purpose. I sat in my hand-me-down recliner and the took the piece of scrap paper from my billfold and called Jamey. He answered on the second ring and after taking down my address said he would be there in ten minutes. I had hoped on picking the place up but he was there before I could even get started.

I heard as he revved his souped up Camaro in front of my townhouse and met him at the front door. He was wearing his trademark jeans, t-shirt and killer smile. I unlocked the driver's side door of my rust bucket and popped the hood while Jamey retrieved his tool box, a blanket and an Auto Zone shopping bag from the trunk of his car. He placed the blanket over the side of my car. I'm not sure if it was to keep from scratching the car or to keep him from getting dirty, I didn't bother to ask. I watched as he worked having no idea what was under the hood or what he was actually doing. What I did notice was how his eyes seemed to light up every time he would explain how a spark plug worked or why the air filter was important, it was obvious that he enjoyed what he did and at least gave the impression that he knew what he was talking about. As my mind began to drift while he was speaking I noticed the stubble on his face. He had almost always been clean shaven but occasionally would show a touch of a five-o-clock shadow. Facial hair on men is something that totally turned me on! I felt my dick twitch, slightly.

After changing the plugs and a couple other thingies under the hood he announced he was going to change to oil for me too! He jacked my car up then took a wheeled board from his trunk, laid on it and slid under my car with a container. I was hoping to see a treasure trail but alas his white-T was well tucked into the jeans... but OOHHH... I had a chance to stare at his crotch without a chance of him catching me!

After he was finished with the work and all his tools put back in his trunk he made one final look under the hood of my Chevy before releasing the jack and letting it fall with a thud. Although he tried to be careful he had a few spots of grease and sweat stains on his shirt and forehead. I invited him in for a drink and offered him a beer which he graciously accepted. I think he was checking me out and he chugged it, I know I was checking him.

"Do you mind if I take a quick shower?" He asked politely. "I'm feeling a little dungy."

"Sure, no problem," I shrugged and pointed out the bathroom at the top of the stairs. letting him know there was a clean towel on the rack. I heard the door close but stayed downstairs and went about my business. I looked into the Auto Zone bag and was shocked as to how much he spent even with his discount. Well over ten minutes after the water stopped and the I heard the bathroom door open yet Jamey had not returned to the living room. Curiosity finally got the best of me and I went upstairs. I took a handful of random things to make it look like I needed to go into the second bedroom which doubled as my 'den'. But as I topped the stairs and looked into my master bedroom my jaw dropped.

"It took you long enough." Jamey said a little softer and more sensuous then his normal dry tone. He was laying with his arms tucked behind his head and a small hand towel strategically placed to cover the goods. But other than the small piece of fabric he was naked on my queen sized bed!

His body! Whoa! I stood paralyzed in both admiration and astonishment wondering if this was really happening to me. My first thought should have been to question if this was some kind of set up but instead scanned his perfect body wondering why he chose to cover it with clothes. The lanky, body I had always envisioned was instead well-toned showing some muscular detail I clearly had not expected. With arms bent at the elbows were clearly defined and connected to broad round shoulders. He had just a small tuft of light brown hair between the two well defined but not overly bulky mounds of his chest. From there his torso narrowed with a thin belly, no six pack but I'm sure if he wanted one it would not take much work. My eyes stopped at the sexy treasure trail the peeked up from under the towel and led to his navel, it was like a neon sign pointing to the large mound made by what was hidden below the cloth. It was when I liked my lips that he finally spoke. "Dude this is a one-time thing so you'd better take advantage of it." He moved his leg slightly causing the towel to shift. It didn't fall off but expose his full pubic bush. "Come on Jason, I don't bite unless you want me to. And I know you want this." I don't know if the pause was for dramatic effect or not but it worked. "I've noticed you checking me out, and it turns me on knowing that I give you a hard on."

"But..." I was confused, was this happening, my head instantly snapped to his eyes that had been staring at mine the entire time. "I thought you was straight?"

"I am," he responded with confidence. "But I don't mind making it with dudes."

I drank in his body a few more moments. I know that I'm not overly attractive and that I do not have a desirable build, but I am definitely sexually active and have no trouble picking up men. Yet to have this straight guy wanting to have sex with me was a total ego boost. My cock was already rock hard and straining to be released from the confines of my jeans. I stepped forward and was about to get into the bed when Jamey put up his hand to stop me.

"Un uh," I am not the only one who is going to be naked here. And then he watched as I quickly undressed and tossed my clothes into a heap near the corner. I removed all except for my underwear. I figured that if he wasn't ready to completely expose himself then neither was I.

When I climbed into the bed the second he didn't stop me and actually opened his arm to invite me in. I really didn't know what to expect from that point on. In the years that I had been sexually active I had been with plenty of men who claimed to be straight. One thing they usually had in common was that they wanted a blow job. If I was lucky I may get a hand job but nothing more. So when Jamey pulled me in not just for a kiss but for an enthusiastic kiss you would expect to be reserved for a significant other I was pleasantly startled. What I wasn't shocked about was that he was an amazing kisser. I closed my eyes and my mind soon drifted to Shawn, my first real boyfriend. Shawn had a similar athletic body as Jamey so it wasn't difficult to imagine and remember as I let my hands explore Jamey's body. I closed my eyes hoping to commit the contours to memory for future recollection. I felt biceps and think I got harder wondering what it would be like to wake up and have them around me. His chest was firm and his skin so soft, I could have rubbed my hand across is all day. I may not have seen a six pack but his abs sure felt hard enough to be there. I stopped at his naval and let my thumb twirl in his treasure trail.

"Nice," Jamey spoke first as he broke the kiss.

I don't know why it happened right then but I suddenly lost my inhibition and decided that if this hunk was going to be naked in my bed than I was going to take advantage of the situation. I decided that by the time I was done Jamey was going to know that he had been had by a man. I rolled over on top of Jamey with my legs straddling his narrow waist then lowered my head until I could feel the heat of his lips near mine. He looked as if he was ready to kiss again but when he started to raise to meet I turned his head and went for his ears. I love to nibble ears and necks as much as I love to be nibbled. And from the sound of his moans he loved it as well but if that wasn't enough I could feel his rapidly expanding cock rubbing against my rear. His legs tensed a couple times and then his hips thrusted almost throwing me off him. I was already hating that this was going to be a one-time event and imagined that he had to be totally wild sex animal with an insatiable appetite. He turned his head forcing me to turn my attention to his neck where I could feel his rapid pulse. But alas, I did restrain myself from going as far as I would like knowing my employee and is girlfriend would surely question any noticeable marks. He put his hands on my waist and worked his thumbs under the band of my tighty-whities. But was unable to pull them down due to my kneeling so instead he then grabbed my goods through the cotton. Knowing that it was this totally hot stud that had me almost caused me to lose my load right then.

As much as I liked the face play I was ready to move on to other adventures. I momentarily buried my nose in his furry pit expecting his personal aroma but instead received a hint of Irish Spring. I let my tongue make a trail from the pit to his left nipple and felt his whole body shiver as I took it between my teeth and lightly bit down and then alternated between nibbling and running my tongue around the small pink tip. He didn't have to save a word, his body language and moans were all I needed to let me know he was enjoying what I was doing to him. After a while I kept my tongue to his skin, taking his wonderful hard chest slowly moving across until I got to the other nipple and then repeated the performance. During the treatment I was giving I made sure to stay clear of the towel covering his manhood. I was saving the best part of him for last and was hoping I would still get a big reveal. But as much as it was killing him that I was ignoring it, it was killing me even more. I took my time moving down the contour of this torso coming to his navel where I put my tongue inside and let it twirl. I then first licked and then took the top part of his treasure trail between my teeth and slowly pulled up, releasing it with only a slight tug. I then swirled my tongue making sure every one of the tiny hairs was wet scowling coming into contact with the fabric of the small hand towel covering what looked to be a massive member. Once he had gotten hard the towel moved around, most of his dick was still covered but the base and his sack was now fully exposed. I put my hand on the towel to keep it from moving being careful not to apply too much pressure, I didn't want to feel just how big it was and ruin the surprise. Instead I dove down on his hairy ballsack, at first just pressing my nose in as far as I could. He had been sweating enough since we started that his own pungent odor was beginning to replace that of the soap and I loved it. I took the sack between my teeth and slightly nibbled moving slightly and teaching every inch of the delicate skin. I let my tongue swirl on his moving side to side top to bottom until I was able to detect his crack. I then first took his right testical into my mouth, letting the tongue swirl around it and then the other then alternated between the two running my tongue down the middle between sets.

"I can't take any more you're driving me crazy!" It was the first thing any of us said since we started. But with him saying it I knew that it was time.

I kept the towel in place as I slowly moved up the shaft biting into the fabric and taking the tool in as well. When I felt I reached the tip without warning I quickly grabbed the towel, I was not disappointed with what it had been hiding! In it's semi-erect state it lay about seven and a half inches. It was uncut with a nicely shaped large head and a good four inches around. I took the twitch to be an invitation and quickly devoured the organ into my experienced mouth. At first I only took it to just past the head, stopping to make sure my teeth and lips were in position. I then slowly pulled back off squeezing into the foreskin and stretching it to it's extent. After releasing it I let my tongue explore inside the fold of skin being careful how I touched what I knew was a sensitive head inside. I was so jealous of uncut guys knowing they were much more sensitive there and how to use that to my advantage. I would only imagine how it felt but knew that it drives uncut men wild, and Jamey was no exception. I could feel his cock immediately come to life and in no time was taking it down my experienced throat. If this is truly going to be a one time experience I was going to make it worth it for Jamey. He displayed his satisfaction for the way I was pleasuring him by his moans and placing his hands on the side of my head, not to push me but to move with me as I slowly bobbed on his member, tightening my lips with each successive move and every few times releasing it and putting my tongue on the head. After only a couple minutes though he pulled me off of him and I instinctively knew he was about to get off but wasn't near ready. Without missing a beat I returned to his balls taking the scrotum into my eager mouth and then slowly pulling back gently scratching the tender skin with my teeth. This time he responded by raising his legs and exposing his hairy ass into which I promptly dove in. I couldn't help but to wonder if this is why he took a shower? To make sure that his love canal was nice and clean for me. I spread his cheeks and began running my talented tongue in and out of his waiting pucker hole where he displayed his pleasure with yet another moan. As I worked him I couldn't help but to wonder where this was leading. He had already done, or let me do more things to him then the average straight man normally would. Normally both the mouth and ass were strictly off limits with straight boys but Jamey didn't seem to mind. It had been a while since I had fucked a guy and my dick was already had thinking I may get a chance.

But as much as he seemed to enjoy the rimming he rolled over and took control throwing me on my back and quickly removing my underwear. I was expecting him to go down on my rock hard dick but instead grabbed a handful and began stroking while he began nibbling on my tit. Oh yes! I guess he could sense that it wasn't going to be long before I shot my load and stopped stroking then took position above me as I had him earlier putting him in position to go down on my neck. What I didn't notice at first was that he sat down on my hard dick! No, there was no penetration but he did move back and forth allowing me to feel his crack. When I tried to kiss him he just smiled and moved down to my feast on my dick! This was now by far the hottest straight man I had ever been with. I wasn't as large as he was but I have enough that he gagged a few times, probably more from inexperience than anything else. I wasn't long before he developed a rhythm and was sucking me like a pro. But that didn't stop him from using his free hand to insert one of his long fingers into my rectum and massage my prostate.

"Do you have any condoms?" He asked. I was excited because whether I was going to be the giver or the receiver I was fine with it. He took a couple from the night stand drawer as well as a bottle of lotion he also found there. He then lay on the bed and smiled as he placed the open condom on my hardening dick. He then lay in position inviting me in, an invitation I was not going to refuse. "Careful," he cautioned, "I've only done this a couple times before." I had to stop at that point and wonder who he could have been with. I mentioned previously that it had been a while but I was far from being in virgin territory so it wasn't long before I was fully hard and ready to go. As much as I wanted to take it slow I was horny as hell and just wanted to bury my dick deep inside him so despite his plea to be careful I rammed all I had in stopping only when my pubic hairs were mingling with his. I stopped and got my balance before looking directly into his eyes. When he bit his bottom lip I couldn't tell if he was in pain or not and almost pulled out. But then he smiled, raised his brows and leaned his head back. I knew he was as ready for this as I was. I slowly pulled back until just the tip was penetrating him and then plunged back in and then repeated. It wasn't long before I had built up a steady motion. I couldn't tell from his facial expression whether or not he was enjoying the invasion and the though occurred he could be doing in purely for my satisfaction but then he grabbed me and screamed "Oh hell yes!"

I leaned in closer in order to kiss which he seemed to welcome then began moving with me matching my strokes in an effort to drive me cock further into his hungry ass. I knew I was close but I also knew there was no turning back. I had to shoot my load into this hot straight stud. As my body tensed for orgasm I felt his ass tighten around my dick effectively holding me in, I could feel his pulse as it in cased my shaft and I pumped my seed. And then almost as if on cue his own dick began pumping semen onto his well defined chest. I tried to collapse on top of him but he held me in place as to not let my rapidly deflating dick come out of his anus. He then pulled me into place for another kiss. This time I didn't close my eyes and think of Shawn but of the stud that I was currently with. He rolled over so that he was on top of me and we was face to face and stared into my eyes for what seemed like an eternity. It was almost as if he was wanting to cherish the moment as much as I was. Then he smiled and went down for one more quick kiss.

"I think I need another shower," he said as he moved to the side swung his legs around and sat up on the side of the bed. If he hadn't said "I'll be right back" I would have considered joining him in the shower. He was only in about forty-five seconds. Just enough to wash the cum off his abdomen. I was still laying fully exposed on the bed when he came back wrapped in a towel. If I had been expecting another cock shot I would have been disappointed. He sat on the edge of the bed facing away from me and slipped on his underwear and jeans. When the sad reality hit that sex with him was now history I got up on the opposite side where I found some jogging shorts that I could slip on. Nothing was said as we descended the stairs. I went to the counter where I had earlier dropped my billfold. Since I had already seen the receipt I rounded it up and gave him three $20 bills.

"What's this for?" He questioned.

"For the supplies you bought for my car."

"Oh, yeah yeah right," I would have loved to know what was going through his mind at that moment.

"Do I owe you anything else for the labor?" I asked as he accepted the cash.

"No," he gave me a sly grin, "I think we have more than settled up."

A minute later he and all his tools and supplies were back in the trunk of his Camaro and he was revving the engine. I watched tearfully as he drove off. One side of me expected him to change afterwards and possibly quit coming into the store to see Crystal. But he didn't, and true to character he was in the store the very next day and acted as if nothing had ever happened. And alas, he was right, that was the one and only time we hooked up. He did change the oil in my car a couple more times but did that in the parking lot at Grocery World. It was about a year later when Crystal was starting to show that she came in one day without notice and turned I her smock. She said that Jamey had gotten a job on an oil rig and they was moving to Biloxi. He never came back in to say goodbye and that was the last time I saw her.

- - - - - - - - - -

I hope you liked this quick installment. Most of this chapter has been written for years and I have just not had the time to finish it. There will be more chapters coming soon about my... I mean Jason's life and coming of age years. And if you are by any chance Jamey reading this, get in touch and let me know how you're doing."

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