By Erik Maskot

In Amsterdam I decided I needed a haircut. I found a hairdressing saloon in a narrow side street. It looked kinda unusual with all the windows covered with black, so you couldn't see through them. Still, I decided to go in.

A young stud was at the front desk, and asked if he could help me. I said I needed a haircut, and this cute guy led me to a small room with mirrors on all walls, and in the ceiling. He told me to sit down in the chair. He then took my coat off, and hung it up in the corner, then put a silk gown around my neck so I was all covered except for my head. He left. I was kinda disappointed, because he was very cute, and was hoping that he would cut my hair.

I was sitting by myself a few moments, but then the door opened. A hot blond guy, wearing black leather pants and no shirt, stepped inside. He was all muscles, and I mean all. A big bulge was in front of his pants.

He said hi, and wanted to know how I wanted my hair. I told him, and he started cutting. All the time my eyes were focused on his big bulge, and he knew.

Soon he opened his belt, and unbuttoned his pants. I couldn't believe it. The pants dropped to the floor, and he stepped out of them. He was now wearing nothing but his jock strap.

I could see his naked ass in the mirror. Without me having noticed, he had finished cutting my hair, and then he turned around and let me have a close look at his ass. I had a hard-on like never before.

He pulled the gown off me, and saw that I had a big boner inside my pants. The blond hunk smiled, sat down on my lap facing me, and he started French kissing me, and licking my cheeks and chin. Then he stood up and pulled his jocks off. A big 12-inch cock was dancing up and down in front of my face. He was smoothly shaved, including his ballsack.

I stuck my tongue out and let it touch the tip of his cock. I tasted his salty precum.

He pulled my shirt off, and started stroking my chest. He lifted my arms, and saw that I had hairy armpits.

He wet my armpits with water from a little table right next to us, then lathered them with shaving gel. Then slowly and very carefully, he started shaving both my armpits.

I was too busy watching his big cock bouncing up and down, and hardly noticed that he was shaving the few hairs I had on my chest as well. Slowly he was working his way down to my jeans.

He lathered gel to the area below my belly button, and he continued shaving. I didn't say a word when he unbuckled my belt, lifted my ass up a little and pulled my jeans off. I didn't wear any underwear.

He started pulling on my cock, then he lathered my crotch, and rubbed the gel good into my pubic hairs, before he slowly started shaving the area. Very carefully he also shaved my balls.

When he was done he put on some cream, so I wouldn't get sore. The balls felt so sensitive.

He lifted me up and turned me over, and did gave my ass the same treatment. Soon it was smooth as baby skin.

After he was finished, he lifted up my ass and rubbed his own cock up and down the crack. I thought I was gonna cum right then.

He put some lubricant on his finger, and then on my asshole, then started finger fucking me slowly. First one finger, then two, three and four. I moaned loudly when he had almost his whole hand inside me. He pulled it out, and stood up. He placed his whole body on top of mine, and then pushed his big cock against my hole. It slid in easily, as he had just lubricated me so well, and started fucking me. Every thrust hit bottom, and every time he pushed forward I let out a sound. In the beginning he was fucking me slowly, then faster.

My cock was rubbing back and forth in the seat, and I couldn't hold back very long, especially not now with my crotch being so smooth and sensitive. Pretty soon I shot my biggest load ever.

The sexy hairdresser kept fucking me harder and harder, until he filled my ass with his cum. He didn't stop till he was dry. When he pulled himself out, I noticed that the stud from the front desk came in. He had removed his clothes, and I could see that his body was full of tattoos. He also had his tongue, nipples and cock pierced. There was a big ring through his cockhead.

He grabbed my waist and forced his dick into my ass, and started fucking me hard. It felt so good, I was about to scream. Again I came, because of my cock rubbing back and forth on the leather in the chair, and pretty soon this hot stud also came inside me. I was so full of cum that I could feel my ass was leaking, and cum was running down the insides of my legs.

The guy pulled himself out, got dressed and went back to the front desk. I also started getting dressed, and before I was ready to leave how much I owed.

"200 dollars," the hairdresser said.

It was the most expensive haircut I've ever had, but still, I thought it was worth every penny, so I paid, smiled and left.