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Terry O'Reilly, 3/21/09.(

Happy Birthday, Bobby


Terry O'Reilly

"Happy Birthday, Bobby! Fuckin' way to spend a birthday," Bob said aloud as he closed the door to his car and turned the key in the ignition. "Workin' overtime and no one waitin' for me at home." He continued talking to the rear view mirror as he adjusted it.

He backed out of his parking space and drove out of the lot, still feeling sorry for himself, and his recent break up with his boyfriend.

Well, shit, I oughta celebrate by buyin' myself a drink. No one else to fuckin' buy one for me, he thought bitterly.

Passing what used to be his favorite restaurant he had boycotted since they stopped serving the chef's salad, The Maurice. He noticed a sign indicating it was under new management. He decided to let bygones be bygones and stop in.

As he walked in the door, he noted although they had not changed the décor very much, he didn't recognize any of the staff. A cute twink greeted him and asked the stupid question, "Table for one?" In his present mood Bob almost came back with No, for me and my imaginary friend, Harvey, This six foot white rabbit, you dink. But instead he just nodded.

Bobby watched the cute ass on the kid undulate as he was led to his seat. That kind of made up for his stupidity. He sat down, but before he could open the menu, a pretty waitress appeared.

"Are you alone?" she asked innocently.

God! Yes, I'm fuckin' alone! he screamed at her in his mind. But he merely smiled and said, "Yes."

"Can I get you something to drink?

"Yeah, bring me the dirtiest martini you can and..." he opened the menu. A quick scan brought a smile to his face. "Oh my God!"

"Is something wrong, sir?" the waitress asked, frowning.

"Oh no, no, I just noticed you are serving The Maurice again. That's great."

She smiled.

"Bring me that. I'll have the martini first, though and a glass of chardonnay with the salad. It's my birthday," he added wondering why he did that.

After the waitress left, he sat back, feeling better about his birthday. The return of The Maurice had considerably lifted his spirits. Maybe someone up there liked him after all.

When the waitress returned with his drink, she said, "This one's on the house. Happy Birthday."

Yes, things were definitely looking up.

As Bob sipped his martini, he looked around the restaurant. Being a Thursday night, it wasn't very busy. Aside from a few people sitting at the tables, the only others were two guys at the bar. Bob gave them the once over. Pretty nice, he thought.

They were both fairly decent looking. One looked to be a bit younger thanBobby, the other older, but both were in good shape. They were talking easily with each other as they sipped their drinks.

After giving him time to enjoy his martini, the waitress showed up with his salad and wine. He thanked her and began to eat his meal. It was excellent: the same tasty dressing that had made it his favorite earlier. A feeling of well being began to creep over him.

As he was finishing the last of the salad, the waitress came back to his table, carrying another martini.

"This is from the gentlemen at the bar. They said to wish you a happy birthday."

"How did they know it was my birthday?" Bob asked, taking the drink from her, and saluting the men who were smiling in his direction.

"I think the bartender might have mentioned it," she said as she placed the leather bill folder on the table.

Bob was feeling a little buzzed from the combination of the wine and gin, but he figured, What the hell, and took a deep drink of the cocktail.

When he had drained the glass, he was definitely feeling the effects of his imbibing. Alcohol always made him horny. Today was no exception. He decided to thank his well wishers in person. He got up, carrying the tab and walked to the bar, handing the leather folder to the waitress on the way.

"It's all set," he said to her.

"Hey, thanks guys," he said approaching the men. "Nice of you to buy a drink for a stranger."

"No problem," the taller of the two men replied, moving onto another stool to make room for Bob between the two of them.

"I'm Larry, and this is Dan."

Bob shook hands with them both as he slid onto the recently vacated stool. He felt the warmth of the seat where the man had been sitting. It caused a stirring in his groin.

For the next couple of hours the men bullshitted about the NCAA tourney, and the fucked up economy. Bob found out they were sales reps for a pharmaceutical company, and were in town for the semiannual company update on new products and policies. Larry was from Cincinnati, Dan from Des Moines. They were both married and had become friends after attending these meetings over the years.

By closing time, they had each bought a couple of rounds of drinks, and were pretty well wasted.

"Well, fellas, it was nice meetin' you. But I better be gettin' home. Work tomorrow, you know."

Bob's tongue felt thick in his mouth, and he had to steady himself against Larry as he got off the stool.

"Hey there, buddy," Larry said getting up and putting his arm around Bob's waist. "I don't think you're gonna be drivin' tonight. Come on, Dan, we'll take the stray pup home with us."

Larry's words and touch acted like an aphrodisiac on Bob's dick. He could feel it begin to snake its way down his boxers.

"Hell, that's nice of you guys. Which way's home?" Bob asked with a smile at both his benefactors.

Dan slipped off his stool. "The Comfort Inn just down the street. Come on."

The men left the restaurant. While not quite staggering, they were unsteady as they made their way to the motel. Bob walked between them, Larry's arm draped around his shoulders, Dan supporting him with his arm under his elbow. They laughed and talked loudly, causing some passersby to scowl while others saluted them with a laugh or smile.

They walked across the motel's lobby. Dan blew a kiss at the night manager, who shook his head and smiled. Once in the elevator, Bob tried to grope Larry.

"Patience, little buddy," the tall man said, pointing to the leering red eye of the security camera.

Bob gave the camera his middle finger, and a giggling Dan pulled his hand down.

The doors of the elevator cab opened. They walked down the hall to where Dan fumbled with the key card.

"Here, let me do it," Bob offered, taking the card and attempting to slide it down the track. "Fuck," he said loudly after his third unsuccessful try.

"Give me that thing," Larry mumbled, grabbing the key. "God damn, this thing is all fucked."

Just then a young couple walked by. The woman took the card from Larry.

"Here, let me," she said, laughing.

The green light went on, and all three pushed inside, thanking the couple profusely.

As soon as the door closed, there was an immediate rush of groping and kissing.

"Hold it, hold it, not so fast," Larry said, pulling everyone apart.

He steered Bob down the short hallway, followed by Dan. He made Bob stand, swaying, at the foot of the bed.

Larry began to slowly and seductively unbutton Bob's shirt, while Dan unfastened Bob's belt and slid his pants down. Bob's engorged cock popped out of the slit in his boxers and stood at full attention. Dan cupped Bob's balls through the fabric and planted a kiss on the tip of the distended organ. Bob ran his hands over their backs and chests.

Now stripped down to his socks, Bob was ensconced on the bed, propped up by pillows. He slowly began to stroke himself, while Dan and Larry made a show of undressing each other.

Bob watched as each article of clothing was removed and deposited on the floor. The men massaged, kissed and fondled each other. Bob's breathing became more and more irregular. He also made small whimpering sounds.

Larry was tall and muscled, like a swimmer with hair only around the base of his dick. Dan was the complete opposite. He was built like a lineman, with a thick muscular body, a taut domed belly, and was covered everywhere with dark curly hair.

Larry's cock was long and stood straight as an arrow from his pubes. Dan's was thick and curved like the horn of a rhino above grapefruit sized balls, enveloped by the dense forest of course pubic fur.

Pre-cum flowed from Bob's cock. His hand, coated with the stuff, slid up and down his turgid shaft faster and faster. He began to make deep guttural moans as he got closer and closer to orgasm.

"No, no, no," said Larry, crawling onto the bed and taking Bob's hand away from his throbbing prick. "Not yet, little buddy."

"Oh, shit!" Bob begged, "please, I gotta shoot. Oh fuck, come on, Larry."

"No, siree, Bobby," Larry replied, punctuating his words with a deep kiss, his tongue seeking the recesses of Bob's throat.

Bob responded to the invasion, thrusting his tongue against the assault, engaging in a duel to the death.

Dan joined them on the bed, pressing his hair covered body against Bob's side, beginning to tease his nipple with his tongue. When it had become completely hard and erect, he began to suck on it. Bob's nipples were hard wired to his dick. Dan's action brought about an involuntary twitching of Bobs iron rod. Larry moved down to Bob's other nub. The dual fellating of both nips at the same time was almost too much for the birthday boy. His legs involuntarily thrashed about. Dan released his hold on the tit and moved to kiss Bob deeply, inserting his tongue and licking Bob's tongue as he did.

Bob slid his arms under and around his partners. He ran them up and down their spines, reaching as far down as he could, seeking the mounds of ass flesh he had seen as the men disrobed. He could only extend to the apex of their ass cracks. He ran his fingers along the crevices, exhilarating in the feel of the firm flesh.

Larry and Dan went down on Bob, taking turns in putting his dick and balls in their mouths.

"Oh, God,, yes," Bob moaned. "Yeah suck me, man, suck me. Make me cum!"

The mouths continued to lick and suck on Bob's genitals until he thought he would go mad. But again they denied him his climax.

Bob was almost crying with his desire to shoot his load.

Larry got up and went to the dresser. Bob watched the swaying of the long dick and the undulations of the smooth full ass as they moved in rhythm to his walk. Larry returned to the bed with two rubbers and a tube of lube.

Dan got on all fours, and Larry rubbed the lube on his ass. Bob immediately took over the task, relishing the opportunity to squeeze the muscular globes as he fingered Dan's hair framed hole. As he did, he heard Larry tear open the condom wrapper. A moment later, he felt it being rolled down his dick.

Bob then felt the cold lubricant being applied to his own asshole. Larry inserted two fingers. Bob backed onto them, closing his eyes, allowing his ass to stretch.

Dan lay down on his side and raised his leg. "Fuck me, Birthday Boy."

Bob scooted up and slipped his cock into the warm, moist hole. He pressed his body against Dan's, reaching around with his hand and jacking the rhino horn dick. Bob heard the rip of another raincoat wrapper. Larry spread Bob's cheeks and inserted his long pole. Bob gritted his teeth, willing himself to relax and accept the intruder. Larry slowly pushed all the way, until his pubes were against Bob's ass.

Bob set the rhythm, thrusting in and out of Dan's ass, while at the same time massaging Larry's dick with his own ass.

Dan turned his head to Bob, begging to be kissed. Bob obliged as Larry nuzzled against Bob's neck. Bob released Dan and turned to take Larry's tongue into his mouth.

The triad continued-the intensity and strength of their thrusts, groans, grunts and moans increasing-until with a roar of release, Bob exploded. He felt his cock pulsate violently as his jizz shot into the rubber buried deep in Dan's bubble butt.

As his last spasms subsided, he heard Larry strain and groan. He felt his dick throb within him as the tall man discharged his load of spunk.

"Hey, Bobby, don't forget me," Dan said, turning as Bob's prick slid out of him.

Bob rolled over on his back and raised his legs.

"I'm all yours, stud," Bob said.

Larry got up and grabbed another rubber, opened the package and rolled it on Dan's horn.

Bob was open from Larry's fucking, but he still felt himself being stretched further as Dan pushed his thick length into him. He wrapped his legs around Dan's neck as Dan started to fuck him.

Larry bent down and kissed Bob, then sucked his nips, Finally he took Bob's hardening pecker into his mouth and began to move up and down on it, all the while maintaining suction. Bob grabbed the back of Larry's head and ran his fingers through his hair.

It didn't take long for both Dan and Bob to reach their peak. Bob groaned softly as his second climax cascaded down Larry's throat.

Dan grunted and yelled, "Fuck, yeah, fuck!"

Bob felt Dan's cock jerk and twitch inside his ass.

Dan pulled out and flopped down on the bed next to him. Larry lay down, too and held up the three bulging rubbers. He tied them together and handed them to Bob.

"Happy Birthday, Bobby," he said.

The End.

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