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By Lee Mariner

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* * * * * * * * * *

The Exterminator

The Mid-Atlantic region is not generally noted for its extreme weather conditions but, after a colder winter than usual the weather seemed to slip into a warm  spring season, and then without warning. collapse under the torrid rays of a blazing sun as the dog days of the good old summer time descended upon us with a vengeance.  The rains of winter and the early spring were converted as if by magic, and an oppressive humidity replaced the cooler temperatures. The heat washed blue skies were empty of even the hint of a wispy cloud that might foretell the coming of cooling rain or at the least a quick thunderstorm.  The usual buzzing of insects had been replaced by the incessant drone of a variety of window air-conditioners, and professionally installed home air-conditioner systems beckoning the occupants indoors.

Earlier as the seasons were changing, and I was in the process of uncovering my lawn furniture,  my lesbian neighbors mentioned that they had seen on television that this was the time of year that termites swarmed, and they wondered what that meant.  I told them that I wasn't all that sure myself since we always seemed to have swarms of bugs flying around, probably as a result of an open storm water drainage ditch behind our houses.

That didn't impress, Kim the butch one of the two, and in response to my statement of ignorance, she took a swig of her warm beer and growled,  "Bugs, shmugs, I don't give a good fuck if they swarm or whatever it is they do, I don't want the little bastards eating the house; and, I'm going to call  the outfit that was showing the commercial."

"Try and get more than one inspection to be sure if your house has been infested." I suggested.

"What for?" Ginny, the younger and shorter girl said.  "They all know why you want an inspection, and even if you don't have termites, they will give us a long song and dance about protection, life time warranties and all the other stuff that none of us really know."

"That may be true, Gin; but at least you will get more than one price to do the job if you want it done." I called out as they went inside their screened in back porch, Kim waving her bottle at me as the door closed.

* * * * * * * * * *

I really didn't give the conversation much thought after that since bugs were not my thing.  The days changed, the heat increased and we all retreated inside to the cool comfort of artificial cooling.  I seldom saw either Kim or Ginny much during the week because of conflicting work schedules.  Some weekends, we would suck down a few brews on either theirs or my screened-in porch, and gossip about gay and lesbian people we knew or wonder if some of the rumors about various celebrities being homo were true or not. 

They hadn't mentioned termites, and I had all but forgotten about the conversation until one afternoon when I was coming home from work, and an older, dirty white commercial van was parked in their driveway behind Kim's pickup truck.  What struck me the most was the tacky barely legible wording hand-painted on the side panel, "The Bug Doctor - You Gottem We Squashem." 

"Damn." I said to myself as I read the crude lettering. "That is original but, if they can't afford to employ a professional sign painter, I'm not sure if I would want doing them doing the exterminating."

I could see Kim standing at the crawl space entrance, and someone crawling out but, I was difficult to make out if the person wearing baggy coveralls was young or old, male or female underneath a covering of dirt, dust and cobwebs.   For a moment, I was tempted to wait to see just who or what it was until I saw the scowl on Kim's face when she turned away from the person who I could see was running his/her mouth.  I assumed she had seen me so, I waved noncommittally as I went inside to the cool temperature, and a tall bourbon and water with plenty of ice before dinner.

The following afternoon there was a decidedly professional, two-tone lemon yellow/forest green, van parked where the unimpressive, non-descript white van had been parked.  The script and block lettering proclaimed the owners to be "Clark Brothers Professional Exterminating."  The company address and telephone numbers in the same green but, shaded block letters was neatly positioned just below the company name.  I could see, Kim talking with someone whose back was to me, and I could not determine the gender; but, their uniform was dark green and clean, the opposite of what the previous inspector's uniform had been, assuming it was a uniform which I was not that sure of.

I hesitated for a very brief moment before curiosity directed my feet to the brick sidewalk that paralleled the fence that separated our property, and gave access to my backyard.  I was doing my best to not appear nosey, and at the same time satisfy my curiosity as to whom Kim was talking with; but, I was having no success because of the location where they were standing on the other side of the porch, and I was about to give up when I heard Kim calling my me.

"Hey, Marvin, Marvin, hold up a minute, you might want to talk with this guy."

"Sheesh, I should have used the front door instead of letting the testosterone intrude on common sense."  I groaned softly but not really meaning it.  I hadn't had a good fuck or blow job in over a week, and it wouldn't take a Charles Atlas to get my attention if there was a chance of correcting that deficiency.  

Kim introduced us, substituting "bug man" for his name.  His smile was almost a smirk as he shook my hand, introducing himself as George Hinkle, and when he looked at me, the testosterone level dropped as I assessed his external assets.   He was an inch or two shorter in height than my six feet, somewhere in his middle fifties, dark brown eyes, bushy eyebrows, with a slight paunch, and he had a heavy five o'clock shadow with a pencil thin mustache and untrimmed goatee.  He reeked of tobacco externally, and when he spoke, he exposed teeth that were not exactly yellow, but definitely not white.  Wispy strands of salt and pepper hair stuck out from his coverall collar, and from under his ball cap.  While he was speaking to Kim and me in general, I was envisioning an unwashed,  probably flabby hairy body, and an uncircumcised cock reeking from an accumulation of head cheese, and that were an immediate turn off, and visions of a Charles Atlas vanished.

"Huh, I'm sorry, what were you saying," I stammered when I realized this ogre of a man was addressing me. "I thought you were still talking with Kim."

"I was but, I was saying that as soon as I finish inspecting her home, I will be free to inspect yours." He said, giving me an almost evil smile which I attributed to his unkempt condition. 

"Well..., I hadn't planned on..." I started to say, while at the same time trying to think of a way to get around what I already knew what he would suggest when he interrupted me.

"I can understand that, Mr. . . . Mr....."

"Stanski." I replied in answer to his stammering.

"Thank you." He answered.  "I can understand you're being hesitant, Mr. Stanski;  but, it really doesn't take that long, and since I am here we might as well make sure your property is safe."

"That makes sense, Marv, sort of like getting two for one." Kim said before I could come up with a reasonable objection.

It did, and I told the guy to come over as soon as he had finished.

* * * * * * * * * *

Two weeks and a two hundred dollar deposit later, I was waiting for the exterminator.  Fortunately, the appointment was on a Friday, and I had the weekend to rid myself of any objectionable odor that might be as a result of the chemicals they would use in ridding my home of what I now knew as "powder post beetles."  My odious inspector gave the house a good bill of health where termites were concerned but,  he discovered a large infestation of these critters that had taken up residence in the cross beams under my bathroom.

The day started out like most summer days, bearable at first but slowly ascending into another day of hellish heat and humidity.  I had an errand or two that I wanted to accomplish but, I wasn't aware of exactly when the service technician would arrive.  I was hoping he would be early the same way they had been when treating Kim and Gin's house but as the morning wore on it was becoming obvious they wouldn't. 

Suppressing my anger and frustration, I called the number shown on the service contract, and was told that Rod, the service technician that had been assigned to my job had some early infestation service calls that would probably take him most of the morning but, I could expect him to be at my home sometime between two and three o'clock. 

"Well," I mused as I hung the receiver up.  "At least I can finish what I wanted to do before he gets here."

It really didn't take that long to pick up the few items that I needed from the store,  make a bank withdrawal and I was home well before the time I had been told to expect Rod the exterminator.   However, with my usual impatience at not being able to control my day, I fumed over what was really nothing, and after grousing to myself and looking out the front window ever thirty seconds or so, I was on the verge of calling again when, Bitsy, my Jack Daniel's Terrier started making a fuss at the front of the house.  An almost identical van to the one that had been driven by the exterminator salesman had drove onto the parking pad next to my Isuzu.  From my vantage point, I could see through the windshield and the person sitting behind the wheel was very definitely not a George Hinkle.

An always inevitable feeling of desire warmed my loins as I saw a gorgeous young man get out of the van, with what appeared to be a roll of some type of cloth which he placed under his arm increasing the bulge of an already appreciably large biceps.  He was clad in a snug but not tight fitting  white uniform shirt that revealed a nicely sculpted upper body, and dark green trousers that unfortunately were not shorts or, I would have had a good look at what, I was assuming, would be very nice legs in conjunction with an obviously well muscled body even though he was clothed.
He was wearing a ball cap that was identical to the one that George Hinkle had worn but, he promptly removed it, and tossed it on the front seat as he exited the truck, revealing a shock of unruly reddish brown blond streaked hair.   For a brief moment, I had an urge to knock on the plate glass window to get his attention but, he relieved the urge by suddenly glancing with an inquisitive look at the front of the house where I was standing in the window looking at him.  When he saw me, he flashed a brilliant smile revealing beautiful white teeth, and even at the distance that separated us,  I could see a friendly gleam of recognition in his emerald green eyes.

"My, God," I mused excitedly, sucking air between clinched teeth,  taken aback by his gorgeous aquiline features. "Eros, son of Aphrodite has been sent to rape and pillage, and hopefully it will be me."

* * * * * * * * * *

My cock sprang to its full eight inch stature as visions of being raped by the young beauty walking toward my front door filled me with lust and desire.  All concern about the robe barely covering my naked body much less offering sufficient concealment for the thick shaft of my hard cock thrusting its blood engorged crown upward from the thickness of its silky dark nest fled into nothingness. Au contra'ire, I had often dreamt of being in such a situation but, I had never considered the feeling of helplessness and panic that such a scenario might create. I was on the verge of dashing to the bedroom for a pair of shorts when the doorbell shattered the almost surreal atmosphere of the room, and much like a moth drawn to the flames, I threw caution to the winds and opened the door.

"Hello, my name is Rod Castleman and I am with Clark Brothers." He said with an unexpected yet disarming ebullience as  the door opened, his twinkling green eyes looking into mine and then dropping to where I was trying with little success to clutch my robe over my now semi-hard cock.

"I...,I know." I stammered, retreating in a line with the door but still unable to hide the source of my embarrassment. "Your office told me your name when I spoke with them earlier.  Won't you come in."

He glanced at my broad, well muscled but bare chest, and then at my hand clutching my robe.  His lips curled in a faint knowing smile as he walked in asking, "Were they checking up on me?" 

"Oh, no." I answered as I shut the door.  "I had a few errands to do, and I was trying to find out when you would be here."

"That's my fault, Mr. Stanski, I had several normal treatment appointments this morning."  He answered, as he turned around facing me. "I like to schedule infestation treatments at the end of the day since I'll be under the house; and, I should have gave you a call to let you know." He said breathing deeply, and smiling softly  as his eyes dropped lower, lingering on my protruding bulge, and then returned to mine, smiling as he wet the sensual fullness of  his lips with the tip of his tongue before speaking.

"I have the same problem in the morning myself." He said, dropping his bundle in a nearby chair, and lowering his hand to rearrange his balls, and the growing bulge in his crotch as he moved closer, breathing a little heavier.

The testosterone level in the room increased noticeably; and, I stood motionless clutching my robe shut with one hand while the other gripped the back of a chair that sat near the front door.  His lust filled eyes spoke louder than any words; and,  I was completely paralyzed by his unexpected comment and the movement of his hands, but my cock responded immediately as I watched his fingers unbuttoning his shirt, and my hand dropped involuntarily from the hem of my robe to my side.  The sculpted muscles of his golden unblemished chest slowly came into view as he disrobed.  Dark nipples surrounded by  a rose shaded areolas stood erect begging to be sucked, and a hint of spun auburn hair covered the upper line of his cut pectorals gathering at his throbbing sternum before cascading like a magnificent, silky waterfall between hard ripped abdominal muscles to the waistband of his trousers.

When his hands touched my flesh and I felt his hard throbbing cock pressing into my groin, completely cowing my aching cock, I shivered involuntarily, and then succumbed to the deep feeling of desire, passion and the need for him to take me.  Lifting my arms, and placing them around his neck as he drew us closely together, our lips met in a sensuous exploration of the warm interiors of each others mouths, tongues deftly entwining with the agility of dueling epees.  The firm flesh of his chest pressing against mine felt like warm velvet, and his heart beat in rhythm with mine.  It was a succinctly amorous joining of two sexually attracted men that craved the excitement and ecstasy of male copulation, and I surrendered completely to his advances when he withdrew his lips from mine, and pressing soft cheek against mine, he whispered in my ear, "I want to fuck you, Mr. Stanski."

Instead of being shock shocked at his demand, no, his request a feeling of elation combined with devilment washed over me, and licking his ear, I asked. "Before or after you finish what you came here for?"

Loosening his arms from around my waist, he moved back a fraction and placing my hand on his burgeoning cock, and said, "Both if you can handle eight inches more than once."

"Do you fuck men or boys?" I asked, throwing the robe in the direction of the chair where he had dropped his bundle His eyes opened wide, gleaming excitedly as I sat in a wide cushioned futon chair.  Splaying my legs, and pressing my drooling cock against the hard flat surface of my stomach while I drew my balls upward and then let them fall ponderously between my legs as I leaned against the cushion back.

He didn't say anything as he looked down at me almost spread eagle at his feet, his eyes gleaming hungrily.  His fingers flew as he pulled his wallet out of his back pocket, and drawing a condom from it, he stripped the foil away before throwing it on the floor with his wallet as he placed the condom between his teeth.  Removing his shirt from where it had hung on his shoulders while we embraced, he let it drop to the floor, and unbuckled his belt letting the two halves fall to the side with the flaps of his unsnapped trousers.  He started to unzip but, wrapping my fingers around my cock and starting to slowly jerk off,  I said huskily, "Take it easy, I want to watch."

He stood, no, he hovered over me breathing heavily, his magnificent chest rising and falling rapidly as he slowly pushed his zipper down, his emotion filled eyes glistening as he watched me teasingly jerking off.  Flaxen hair filled the opening as his trousers opened, and when the base of his cock appeared, he started to slowly gyrate his hips and, I gasped when I saw how thick it was.

I hadn't fully shut the front door when he came in, and a sudden blaze of sunshine shone through the glass storm door, illuminating his fantastically gorgeous body, at just the moment that his cock sprang free of its confinement, and his trousers dropped around his ankles.  For a brief moment it was as if a golden Apollo stood over me his ponderous shaft waving, beckoning enticingly.  My asshole twitched with anticipation, and I could feel the beat of my heart quicken as my eyes devoured the fantastic stud that was going to fill my ass with his meat.

When I hitched my legs up, he took his cock in his hand and stroking it, he reiterated but modified earlier comment.  "Are you sure?  I surly want to fuck your ass but, some men can't take this much."

"You tell me." I growled passionately, dropping the back of the futon chair, and sliding up onto its cushion, my eyes fixed on his huge cock.  Lifting my legs, I spread the cheeks of my ass watching his cock twitch when he saw my asshole.   "That's a man's ass, stud."

"Yea, Baby, and this is a man's cock." He said huskily, rolling the thin latex over its magnificent uncut length."

I knew the reason for the condom but, without anything about the other neither one of us was willing to take a chance.  It didn't make me feel at better since the latex did deaden the excitement that being completely naked engendered when fucking a mans ass but, I wanted his cock inside of me, and a little latex wouldn't change the excitement of it filling my ass. . 

"Damn," I said as he crawled between my legs. "I wish you didn't have to use that damned latex."

"Me too." He said in a resigned tone spitting on his hand for lubricant before he hefted my legs up on his shoulders, and pulled my ass closer to his cock. "You are probably as clean as I am but, there is no need to take chances."

"Oooooooooooh shit, right." I said loudly as he leaned into my legs, and pushed the head of his cock against my ass hole,  the pressure spreading it slightly.

When he relaxed, I breathed in deeply two or three times to relax myself, and clamping my hands onto his smooth hard muscled biceps, squeezed them tightly as I whimpered with ecstasy, not pain as I  said, "Don't stop, Rod, if you want to fuck me, shove it in.  I like it in one easy motion."


"No buts, Babe." I growled in a feigned  menacing tone, my puckered ass quivering in anticipation. "Put the head of your cock against my asshole, and don't stop until you feel the base of your cock pushing my balls up, and your balls resting against my perineum."

Leaning forward, I could see him grimace as his cock spread my tight asshole, and I left finger imprints on his biceps as I was slowly impaled by his throbbing missile.  The initial pain was intense before my ass became accustomed to the huge girth of his cock but, it lasted for only a few minutes until the not really unpleasant pain was replaced by a warm surreal fog of pleasure. 

He cooed softly to himself as he gently thrust his cock deep into my ass and, bolts of pleasure shot though me every time he twisted his hips directing his cock to brush against my prostate.  The sweat was running in rivulets over his heaving sides and dripping from his brow as his pace increased in intensity.  "Now, Rod, Baby, ram it home stud, fuck my ass." I groaned, stroking my cock in sync with his increasingly rapid thrusts.  I felt his cock swelling and becoming harder, his magnificent muscles tightening with each lunge until he groaned with an almost animal intensity, screaming loudly. "Aaaaargh, shit," he slammed his pelvis against my ass.  I felt his cock pumping, pumping, filling the hot crucible of my ass with his scalding sperm, and the intensity of his climax sent me over the edge into the abyss of carnal oblivion. 

What had seemed like an eternity was only a few minutes of raw sex.  Rod pulled my ass tightly to him as his cock slowly wilted, my sphincter gripping and refusing to allow an exit, to return to where mortals live in a world oblivious to the wonders of male sex.  But, as with all things even those we do not wish to relinquish, his cock slipped from the hot confines of my ass, its gorgeous crown sliding downward guided by the crack of my ass to hang over his balls, still impressive even after its near exhausting sojourn into the depths of my rectum.

Hovering over me, my sperm covered chest heaving as I breathed and floated in the soft aftermath of pleasure, he said. "I didn't expect this but, I am surely glad I scheduled this appointment for last."

"Me too." I said a little weakly.  "I haven't had a good fuck for weeks."

"Me neither, and I haven't had an ass that could open up and take all nine inches the way your ass did." He said as he pushed upwards and off of the futon.  "Most guys scream like stuck hogs before I'm even half way in."

"Amateurs always do." I said, reaching for my robe to clean my sticky chest.

"I could tell you were a real bottom, Marvin." He said, glancing down at me as he unrolled his bundle to put on his coveralls.

"And you are....?" I asked, leaving the question open.

"Mostly a top but, with the right guy, who knows...." He replied grinning broadly as he pulled the coverall zipper up making sure his cock was not in the way and then saying. "Right now, I had better get this job done before someone from the office calls. I checked in when I arrived but, they want to know when I finish."

"And then what do you do?" I asked, leaning my head back to look up at him.

"That," he said as he lowered his lips to mine, "means we can continue what we started."

"Oh, yeah, you can count on that." I mused as he left to de-bug my house.

* * * * * * * * * *

Several times during the summer, I called for a re-inspection as guaranteed in my contract, and strangely enough, Rod was the technician that did the service for me.  He told me that the technician that had perfomed the original service was always sent out on followup calls.