Hot Technician #7

Copyright 2009
by Lee Mariner

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Dental Technician

Most people of my acquaintance are not great fans of dentists, and I was no exception. Normally it would take a team of wild mustangs to get me into a dentist chair.  Unfortunately, an appointment is all but unavoidable when caught in the crossfire between my Mother and Helen Cavenaugh, who had gone to college with mother, and was a life long friend.

One Friday when I got home after a mentally challenging physics class followed by my afternoon workout and an impromptu liaison with Herb, my butt was dragging. I was almost too pooped to pop but not so pooped that I by-passed the fridge.  Grabbing two beers, I slammed the door, and awakened the ogre of the household, my mother. "Daniel, is that you?" She called, her piercing voice three or four octaves higher that a high "C" soprano singing an aria from the opera Carmen.

"Yeah, Mom," I answered, taking the stairs to my room two at a time.  "I'm going to take a shower and get cleaned up before supper. I've got a date later this evening."

"Hold your horses, young man," she replied in a slightly lower tone of voice which, was still edged with agitation.

Hesitating on the top landing, a mere ten or twelve feet from my sanctuary, I breathed in deeply anticipating the worst as I answered," Can't whatever it is wait until later, Mom; I really need to shower."

"It could; but it won't, Daniel. Once you get into your room, it takes a stick of dynamite to get you out unless it is one of your college boy friends  who we don't know but who feel free to call you at all hours," she said almost conversationally as she breezed through the swinging door into the dining room.

Warning bells sounded in my head. When, while speaking, Mother looks at you smiling with a twinkle in her beautiful gray eyes, she has something of great import on her mind and only fool would walk where angels feared to tread - I was no fool.

Surrendering to the inevitable, I sighed audibly as I turned around and plopped down on the top landing tread resting my notebook between my legs.  She was standing at the bottom with one foot on the bottom stair tread, one hand on her hip and the other on the top of the banister newel post. Her thick auburn hair, that I had inherited, was coifed in the shoulder length brushed back style of Hedy Lamarr, and the faint gleam in her gray eyes, which I had also inherited, reflected the irritation she was feeling. Complimenting her on how beautiful she was, would usually get me off the hook but she was standing a little too regally for such flattery to be effective. I was right.

"Daniel," she started, hesitating as she inhaled, gathering her composure before launching into a heated indictment of me for what still unspecified thing I had or had not done.  "You and your father will be the death of me.  You both are such procrastinators and so irresponsible, that it drives people to distraction."

"What have I done, now, Mom?"  I asked as she stopped to catch her breath.

"What have you done, what have you done?" she shrieked. "Do you or do you not remember Helen Cavenaugh calling you last week to set an appointment for your semi-annual dental checkup?"


"Oh, God," I thought quickly, blocking out mothers continuing harangue while scrounging my brain for a plausible excuse. The appointment had been for the past Wednesday at four o'clock in the afternoon after my three o'clock physical education class, and I had forgotten it completely. Of course having eight inches of Herb's coveted cock up my ass at the time of the dental appointment tended to push any other thoughts out of my mind. However, I was pretty damn sure that my mother wouldn't understand the time and effort that I had put into landing Herb much less her one and only good looking son having another man's cock up his ass.  Herb was highly coveted by most of the girls and a couple of gay buddies of mine. Telling her was out of the question and would not be an excuse for missing an appointment. 

Herb was endowed with god like good looks, built like the proverbial brick shit house, and hung like a gorgeous palomino stallion. The heart stopper was his eyes, they were a striking sapphire blue that seemed to reach into the depths of ones soul laying bare ones most secret inner desires.  The first time I saw him naked in the locker room, my heart felt like it was going to burst, and the tempo of my breathing increased noticeably.  In a flaccid state, his cock was impressive; but, when he was showering and washing his genitals, his schlong, even though not fully erect surpassed impressive.  Even half hard, his magnificent, beautifully circumcised tool was mouth watering, and I was burning with desire to have its fully blood-engorged maximum length in my ass or down my throat.  I started plotting how I was going to seduce him and get him in bed.

Dental appointments would never overcome the feeling of Herbs humongous cock filling my ass, his hard muscles tightening as he reached the pinnacle of his climax and filled my bowels with his hot teenage nut cream.  

I felt my asshole twitching and my cock swelling as I mused about Herb. He was supposed to be straight; but, most men are supposed to be straight at least until they can't find a girl's nasty cunt to plant their cock in or are unwilling to go second hand and fuck their fists. When a hot, hunky boy is around and he is horny, he tends to forget about being straight as long as they can satisfy the sexual lust that supersedes any feeling of morality. 

My plotting came to fruition one afternoon after wrestling practice when I knew Herb was alone in the showers.  After a few minutes, I entered the steam-filled room with an air of innocence. He was hunched over, vigorously whipping his schlong when I entered. Acting as nothing was out of the ordinary, I nonchalantly adjusted the showerhead next to the one he was standing under with his back toward me, and I said, "Hi, Herb. What's up?"  His reply was an unintelligible mumble.

Deliberately facing him with the water flowing over me, I began washing my chest, and running my hand down over my swelling cock and hefty balls.  Herb continued to stand with his back to me, not saying anything as I brought my thick seven inch cock to its, in my opinion magnificent, full stature. He was attempting to cover his hard cock and balls with both hands, and at the same time was covertly glancing in my direction. I took a chance that he wouldn't get pissed and leave the showers by my making an idiotically inane comment that lacked any creativity.  "Man, Herb, I don't know about you, but I bone up every time I take a shower."

"You do," he responded, glancing over his shoulder and looking down at my hand slowly, teasingly sliding over the turgid, thick seven-inch length of my uncut cock.

"Sure, I do, especially when the wrestling coach pairs us off against each other. I get horny when some hunky guy has me in a half nelson with his hard nipples pressed against my back and his cock pushing between the cheeks of my ass.  Some of them feel like they have a hard-on, and that would make any man horny," I exclaimed turning toward him and slapping my pre-cum drooling cock against the hard muscles of my abdomen.

Herb' s eye's widened appreciably when he saw my hard cock; and, holding my cock and squeezing my heavily laden balls, I held my breath waiting with trepidation for him to make the next move.

"Is this what you like, Danny?" He asked as he turned to face me spreading his legs and cradling his humongous cock in one hand as he massaged its blood-engorged crown with the other. His gorgeous blue eyes gleamed with lust. "Would you like to feel my cock in your ass?"

"What do you think, Herb," I replied softly, stroking my cock and playing with my balls. " I've been trying to see if you would like to fuck a man's tight hot ass instead of some stinking pussy."

"Don't think fucking your ass means I'm gay, Danny boy," he said, his stupendous cock swaying rhythmically as he moved toward me. "Shelly has cut me off the last two times we've been on a date, and my nuts are aching."

"I've got the ass that can take care of that big boy," I growled as his arms went around my waist, and he pulled us tightly together. When his hard muscled chest pressed against mine, his nipples felt like spikes, and his lust-filled eyes blazed with desire. His cock sliding under my balls and between my legs felt like a smooth velvet fence post, and my anus quivered with anticipation.  His lips were soft and succulent, and I gasped when he placed them against mine. His tongue invading the depths of my mouth, twisting and dancing with mine.  I felt his thick, hot cock surge against the soft perineum between my asshole and balls as we kissed, and my legs quivered as erotic feelings of ecstasy washed over me.  Stars were shooting through my brain when he suddenly dropped his arms from around me and withdrew his tongue from my mouth and grabbed my wrist. "Come on," he growled.

He grabbed a handful of towels from the table outside of the shower room, and I followed suit, grabbing a few more. My wet feet slipping on the tiled floor as he all but dragged me with him to the gymnasium mattress storage room.  If anyone had been in the hallway and saw two horny naked teenagers, it would have made their day.  How often do naked teenagers run through the academic hallways of higher learning?

Herb threw several wresting mattress on the floor and then almost viciously pulled me down with him. His animal needs were controlling his magnificent body, and while I enjoyed moderately rough sex, he or something within him had assumed control of his aggressive actions. A part of me considered attempting to break away while another part reveled in his macho persona, and, in an attempt at levity to sort of cool things down, I said, "Easy, Herb, don't damage the goods."

His eyes glistened from the lust that consumed him as he pushed a leg between mine and forced them apart growling, "I don't intend to damage your gorgeous body, Danny Boy; I want to fuck your tight ass and fill it with a load of hot nut cream."

I remember thinking, "Oh, Jesus," when I watched him spit on his hands using the spittle as an impromptu lubricant. The remainder of what I had so fervently desired faded into an intense, passion filled blur.  There was the flash of body ravishing pain as the crown of his gorgeous phallus slowly spread the lips of my tight anus.  Waves of deliciously masochistic pain followed the feeling of his mammoth cock spreading my sphincter muscle to its limits. I remember his sweat pouring over me and the surreal erotic grunts of pleasure as his cock entered my rectum, inch by painful inch.  The pain was mind numbing for several minutes, and then as the pain faded his cock seemed to be absorbed by my body as my muscles relaxed.  I was in a lust filled, euphoric fog as I lifted my arms upward around his neck.  My legs dropped from his swarthy, hard muscled shoulders as I pulled his lips to mine, and I clasped my ankles in the small of his back. "Fuck me, Herbie, let's see what you're made of."

We kissed, devouring each other, and, I felt his cock slipping from the tight grasp of my sphincter. Tightening my legs around his small waist, I pushed downward, driving his cock back into the hot cocoon of my rectum.  Herb's hips responded automatically setting in motion a rhythmic piston tempo. His powerful muscles tightened, and his massive schlong swelled as he impaled my body with it. The tempo slowly increased in intensity and waves of passion-filled pleasure swept over me.  I felt his muscles tighten, his back arching at the moment his cock spewed thick gobs of semen into the hot crucible that anxiously awaited the fulfillment of animal lust. My climax met his with the fury that I had withheld for this moment.  We both gasped, clawing at each other, our muscles tightening and then slowly relaxing as the seed of life flowed into and between us.  As Herb collapsed on top of me, a celestial, erotic fog surrounded us, engulfing two sexually sated teenagers in the soft veil of contentment.

After what seemed like an eternity, Herb lifted his head, and looking into my eyes and then nipping on the lobe of my ear, he whispered softly, "God, you were good, Danny, even better than my girl's cunt."

"You were just as good, Herb," I replied, swelling with pride at his unexpected compliment. "I've been trying to seduce you but, you always ignored me," I said, teasingly, seductively moving my fingers over the thick ropes of his velvety soft back muscles.

Lifting his head and looking into my eyes, he said softly, "I wasn't ignoring you, Danny. You've got a really cute ass but, I wasn't really sure of what you would do if I made a pass."

"You do now," I replied, entangling my fingers in his thick golden locks as we kissed, softly but with feeling.

"Yep, and hopefully not the last," he said teasingly as he stood up wrapping a towel around his middle and then wiping his chest and stomach with another.

"It won't be the last if I have anything to say about it," I replied, moving the tip of my tongue seductively over my lips.

My asshole was still burning and my cock was as stiff as steel as I had tried to slip unnoticed into the house and then on to my room.  Herb's humongous cock buried in my ass was still filling my mind, and I had reached the top of the stairs when my mother called out.  "Oh, no you don't young man, I've got a few words for you, and you had better listen close. Doctor Cavenaugh's office called and you missed another appointment."

I was still in a state of partial reverie only half listening when the shock of mother's voice jarred the erotic memory of Herb and his magnificent schlong from my mind. "Daniel, Daniel Mercer, are you listening to me?"

I hesitated, torn momentarily between going on into my inner sanctuary or relenting and listening to her complaints.  Common sense won the battle as I did need a place to live while still in college and, as she was a much better cook than I could ever be.

Breathing in deeply and clasping my class notebook between my legs to cover the throbbing hard-on in my groin, I replied, trying not to sound as exasperated as she had,  "Yes, Mother, I'm listening.  You were asking me about receiving a call from Mrs. Cavenaugh, and I said I had. I am sorry, I missed the appointment but I was in the middle of semester finals and the date slipped right by me."

"Daniel, I am not talking for my health, you know," she continued, her shrill voice filled with exasperation. " How much time and effort would it have taken for you to call to apologize, and make another appointment?"
"Yes, Mother, no, Mother, I am sorry," I answered, pissed off at her being right and, hopefully not showing it. The old axiom that discretion is always the better part of valor was very true, especially in her case. She had the memory of two elephants combined, and I knew from experience that she would bide her time if she felt wronged or unappreciated. "I'll call her from my room and make another appointment."

"I would appreciate it if you did for I told her that I would have you call as soon as you came in," She replied as I stood with my notebook covering my crotch still attempting to hide my raging hard-on.  I turned toward my room she finished her comments with, "If you have the time, would you mind bringing your dirty clothes to the laundry room?"

Breathing in deeply and biting my tongue, I said, "Yes, Mother." 

I didn't hear her rejoinder as the door shut behind me, my raging hard on demanded immediate attention, and my asshole required a soothing balm to relieve the fiery irritation from Herb's rough but, in retrospect, very exciting ministrations. The aloe balm served to cool my asshole and a lubricant helping to cool my aching cock as I jerked off with memories of Herb's huge cock implanted forever in my mind.


The crisp answer on the second ring of my call, "Doctor Cavenaugh's office," came through the receiver, and I grinned at the proficiency of his wife as I replied, "Hello, Mrs. Cavenaugh, Daniel Mercer."

"Daniel, how are you?" She asked with her usual exuberance.

"Fine, thank you," I replied. "I'm sorry I was unable to keep my last appointment but, I was in the middle of semester finals and it slipped my mind completely.  Do you have an opening for one day next week?"

After a few moments of silence her monotone voice crackled in my ear, "I'm sorry, Daniel, we have a full calendar next week, but...," she murmured as if in thought. "I know it is Saturday, but do you think you could come in tomorrow, say at ten in the morning. He usually. . ."

"On Saturday, Mrs. Cavenaugh!" I exclaimed, cutting off her train of thought. "When did the doctor start making appointments on Saturday."

"He doesn't, Daniel, not normally," she replied crisply. "If you had allowed me to finish, I was about to tell you that he would be in the office tomorrow morning showing several exchange students from Bledsoe College the dental procedures and equipment used in our country.  Dr. Cavenaugh mentioned that he would like to have a patient who would be amenable to helping him with his demonstrations of the different instruments that are used in dental diagnosing dental problems and the other procedures we use as compared to those in other countries.  He has hired one of the students as an assistant; and when he was clearing employment of one of their students with the college, they asked him if he would be able to instruct a class.  Of course, you know how Dr. Cavenaugh is; he was a teacher at one time before he went into private practice and he couldn't refuse."
"Yes, I knew that he had been a teacher and that he really enjoyed teaching Mrs. Cavenaugh," I replied, feigning interest, knowing she would relate our conversation to my mother. "Does he intend to return to teaching?"

"No, unfortunately, he does not, there are several drawbacks. In addition to selling his practice, it would be difficult to find a replacement that he would consider qualified to treat his patients."

 "I am sure he is a good teacher," I replied in a conciliatory tone.

"Yes, he is," she replied sighing as she continued. "We will see you tomorrow morning at ten then?"

"Yes, ma'am, I'll be there at ten."

Good, we will be loking forward to seeing you," came her reply, followed by a lick leaving me holding a muted receiver.


Doctor David Cavenaugh had been our family dentist for all of my nineteen years and probably longer.  He was good looking in a rugged sort of way, and his silvery gray hair matched the pearl gray of his eyes. Even though he wore a white medical coat over his street clothes, it was obvious that he took good care of his body. He, and his wife, carried their years well, and except for those who had known them for a long time no one would suspect that they were in their mid-fifties. Dr. Cavenaugh was personable and made his patients as comfortable as possible with an almost endless flow of inane yet amusing chatter that covered a wide range of his personal observations.  Mrs. Cavenaugh was his nurse/receptionist, and much like her husband, she was just as personable and always smiling.

My misfortune was that the Cavenaugh's and my parents belonged to the same church, and Doctor Cavenaugh and my Dad played an occasional round of golf together.  When I failed to keep an appointment, Mrs. Cavenaugh would call my Mother and a long tongue-lashing always ensued after these conversations.

The warm water of the shower was soothing, and a tingling feeling rushed over me as I washed my partially flaccid  cock and  low hanging balls.  Visions of Herb and his humongous cock filling my ass flowed through my mind, and I was leisurely stroking my cock,  bringing it to its full stature, when a sharp knock at the door of my room interrupted the surreal atmosphere, halting the erotic passions that were building in my loins.  "Damn," I mused softly when I heard my mother calling out,  "Daniel, will you be having dinner with your father and me before you go out?"

With one hand holding the shower door open, while I held my burgeoning cock with the other,  I called out, "Don't have a heart attack, Mother, but I'm staying in tonight. I have a nine o'clock appointment in the morning at Doctor Cavenaugh's office."

The silence was almost deafening for several moments, and I was about to open the door for a look when she said, "Since when did an appointment make a difference between staying home for a change, or going out? Did you and Gary have an argument?"

"No Mother, Gary and I did not have an argument. He is out of town with his parents." I replied  as I tightened a towel around my waist, and  opened the door. "The appointment is early and since Doctor Cavenaugh is teaching a class, I don't want to inconvenience him  or his wife any more than I already have."