Hot Technician #7

Copyrighted 2009
by Lee Mariner

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Dental Technician - Chapter #2

As was usual, my father was in his home office hunched over work he had brought home.  Mother was puttering around in her kitchen and for once she had not asked me to dry the dinner dishes as she washed them.  Dad had been pestering her to let him have a dishwasher installed, but she continued to refuse.  Her excuse was not needing one for only two or three people, especially since I was in college and eating out.  For all of the conversation we had while eating, I could have eaten out without being missed. 

Sitting alone in the den watching a television movie was a waste of time. I had no idea what it was about or any real interest. My thoughts were about my encounter with Herb, and my granite hard cock ached. We had had a hell-of-a-session and my ass still ached with wanting to feel him driving his thick nine-inch cock deep inside me.  "Damn," I mused, "why in hell did Gary, my butt buddy, have to be out of town?"
Gary's cock wasn't quite the same as Herb's filling my horny teen-age ass but it would have been a damn good substitute.

I knew if I continued to rub my throbbing hard-on I was going to blow a load in my pants, and that would probably leave a stain in the dark blue fabric of the couch. Dad would be in his office until he and mom went to bed, and even if she did leave her kitchen it would be so she could watch Double Jeopardy.  Either way it went, neither one of them would really miss me. Jumping up and rearranging my cock, I pushed the kitchen door open. While holding it open I leaned my head inside and said, "Mom, if it's okay with you, I think I'll turn in early."

"Oh!!" she cried out as she spun around with one hand holding a dish towel and a spatula she had been wiping dry in the other hand. "You surprised me, Daniel. What was it you said?"

"I said if it's okay, I'm going to turn in early."

Placing the spatula in the utensil drawer and fixing her eyes on mine, she moved toward me while she was drying her hands. For a moment, I had the horrible thought that she was going to pull the door all the way open and see my slowly softening cock, but instead she turned toward the sink and said, "Of course you may, she (lower case “she”) said in a noncommittal tone. "I'll be sure and waken you in the morning for breakfast."

"Thanks, Mom," I replied, moving back to let the door swing shut.


True to her word, mother woke me with a knock on the door and a cheery "Breakfast in fifteen minutes, Daniel."

"Thanks, Mom," I called back as I threw the blankets off of my nakedness and swung my legs over the side of the bed. My morning hard-on stood stiffly out from my groin and my low hanging balls rested against the side of the mattress. Twisting my torso at the waist and stretching my arms over my head, I enjoyed the luxuriant, tingling response of my muscles to the brief exercise. While inhaling and exhaling deeply for several seconds, I ran my hands over the hard muscles of my smooth chest and abdomen and then, slowly scratched and entangled my fingers in the silky soft bush that surrounded the thick base of my cock. Squeezing gently, I wrapped the fingers of one hand around its throbbing uncut length while fondling my balls with the other. My breathing quickened.  Moaning softly as I enjoyed the warm, erotic feelings that fondling my balls and slowly stroking my steel hard cock generated, I whispered, "God, that feels good."  I was on the verge of surrendering to the warm tingling feelings in my loins and jacking-off when a sudden pain in my bladder told me I needed to do more than jerk off.

Quickly yet reluctantly jumping up from the bed, my morning hard-on swung from side to side as I padded barefoot to the bathroom. Straddling the commode and with one hand on the wall to support me, I leaned forward and depressing my steel hard cock. Feelings akin to reaching a monumental climax washed over me as my aching bladder emptied. Sighing contentedly as the golden urine flowed in a rush and then dwindled to a trickle, I stroked and squeezed my softening cock, coaxing the remaining drops of golden liquid from the aperture of its velvety soft crown.

Fifteen minutes didn't give me much time, but by shaving while I showered I managed to dress and just slide under the wire as mother was placing a platter of eggs and bacon on the table. Dad was reading the morning newspaper, as usual, but he looked up with what I perceived to be an inquisitive look as I entered the room. Looking again at his newspaper, he said, "Good morning Son, sleep well?"

"Yes, sir," I replied, glancing inquisitively at Mother as I sat down. My father was not known for being an overpowering conversationalist, and I was waiting for the other shoe to drop before I said anything further. I didn't have to wait long.

"I saw Dr. Cavenaugh at lunch yesterday, Daniel, and he tells me you missed another appointment, is that right?" He asked without looking at me or Mother who was standing with one hand on the kitchen counter.

"Yes, Sir, it is, but I called his office yesterday and explained that I was in semester final exams. I also apologized."

"That's right, Harry," Mother said. "I spoke with Daniel about it yesterday, and he has another appointment this morning."

Folding his newspaper, dad turned toward mother as he said, "if he hadn't missed the latest one, Esther" another appointment would not have been necessary, and boy," he continued, turning toward me, "you had better start taking your responsibilities seriously. This not keeping your commitments had better stop, Daniel."

"Yes, Sir," I replied, a chill going down my spine as I discerned the underlying meaning to what he was saying; my college tuition was a responsibility that he had assumed – but not forever.


Dr. Cavenaugh's office was the first door on the right on the first floor of the Wilthrope Building. It was one of the older historical buildings of the city, and while architectural changes to the exterior were not allowed the interior was up-to-date, even including a hydraulic elevator to service office on the upper floors.

When I entered, a young lady who was dressed in a crisp white nurse’s uniform but who I didn't know greeted me.  When she spoke, I immediately recognized her accent as being distinctly British. My name sort of rolled off of her tongue, "you must be Daniel Mercer, my name is Charlotte Whittler, and I'm temporarily filling in for Mrs. Cavenaugh. She told me you had an appointment for this morning."

"It's nice meeting you, Charlotte, and I do. Is Dr. Cavenaugh in?" I asked.

"Yes, he is inside with his students," She replied smiling softly as she continued. "I'll tell him you are here."

I felt a little uncomfortable for a brief moment and unless it was my imagination I felt as though she was undressing me with her eyes. If I was right, it was probably mental as well as visual, and the thought did nothing for my well being. Unfortunately for her, even though she was very attractive with her well-groomed blonde hair and green eyes, she had nothing that I wanted.

Just as she turned to tell Dr. Cavenagh that I was there for my appointment, a gorgeous young man entered the room. He was tall, about my height, had auburn hair with reddish highlights and dark indigo blue eyes. He was wearing white trousers, white shoes, and a three-quarter length medical coat that reached to just above his knees. I was unable to determine any of his other assets except the fit of his coat revealed that his waist was very small, his shoulders were broad, and his arms were well muscled. His lips were full and sensual, and his dark beautifully arched eyebrows and long lashes enhanced his aquiline features. He exuded an aura of masculine self-confidence as he advanced toward me. As he extended his hand, I extended mine and our eyes locked as we shook hands. His grip was firm, and his dark blue eyes gleamed as in a well modulated voice, he said, "You must be Daniel Mercer. Doctor Cavenaugh told us that you would be coming in this morning and that you would be helping us with some of his demonstrations.  My name is Lars Gunnar."

My heart skipped a beat and then increased as we shook hands and looked into each other's eyes. "It's nice meeting you, Lars," I replied a little nervously. "I...I'm not sure about how much assistance I will be, but I did commit myself to assisting Dr. Cavenaugh as much as I could."

"Oh, I'm sure you will be of great assistance, perhaps more than you realize," he replied, his eyes twinkling as he gave my hand a final squeeze before releasing it and turning toward the door he had entered through.

"I certainly hope so," I replied, glancing at Charlotte who was standing quietly off to the side of the receptionist desk.

Following Lars through the door, I saw Dr. Cavenaugh standing among a group of young men and women. While most of them were wearing the traditional long white medical coats, a few wore shorter hip length jackets.  All of them were listening intently to Dr. Cavenaugh who seemed to be showing and explaining the various instruments that were a part of the dental tree that that was an integral part of the "chair of pain."

When Lars and I entered the room they group stopped talking and turned, looking in or direction.  When Dr. Cavenaugh saw me he smiled broadly and exclaimed, "Daniel, it's good to see you; how have you been?"

"Pretty good, Doctor," I answered, glancing at the gaggle of white clad young people surrounding him. A twinge of apprehension settled in the pit of my stomach as the antiseptic aroma of the office enveloped me.

"Good, good," he replied, waggling his head as he spoke, waving his arm in the direction of the dental chair. "Won't you have a seat? I understand you will be assisting us this morning."

"Oh boy," I mused silently to myself as I straddled the "chair of pain" and sat down. Placing my feet on the chair’s rest and leaning back, I was thinking, "Here it comes."

For the most part, I had gotten over the fear of seeing a dentist as I grew older, but a visit to the dentist was still a nerve wracking experience that most people would like to forgo. As necessary as it was, I still didn't enjoy metal tools and fingers probing around in the depths of my mouth or wads of cotton filling cheek pouches. There was only one thing that I always looked forward to having in my mouth, and it was not a dental drill or any of the other accoutrements of the profession.

"Now then, Daniel," the doctor said as he attached the chain of the drool bib around my neck.  "Try not to think of the students surrounding the chair or their questions while I do your examination. I checked your charts before you arrived and unless you've developed some nasty dental habits in the past few months, this shouldn't take very long."

He was right to a point. My dental regimen had remained the same, but when he said "nasty habits" I breathed a sigh of relief knowing he could not detect any evidence of one delightful, at least to me, habit that I had acquired and perfected - cock sucking.

On the off chance thought of any aroma remaining, I carried a tin of cinnamon breath freshener tablets with me that I always chewed whenever I was in the company of others. Gary, my butt-buddy, carried a bottle of mouthwash and several rolls of paper towels in his car for, as he called it, "emergency purposes."  I could imagine very vividly what emergencies they were used for.


I had been half musing and half dozing in the chair while Dr. Cavenaugh did a thorough examination of my teeth, explaining the tools and procedures as his students looked on. The significance of his comments escaped me as my mind was recalling the ass filling experience in the school's mattress locker with Herbie. 

A warm tingling feeling swept over me as thoughts of his humongous cock filled my ass. Breathing in deeply as if relaxing, I adjusted my position slightly and covered the growing bulge in my crotch with my hands.

It seemed like hours but, in reality it was only fifteen or twenty minutes before the examination was finished and Dr. Cavenaugh handed me a water-filled paper cup. "Rinse your mouth, Daniel, I'm finished and you will be happy to know that short of a good cleaning you are in good shape, no cavities. If you will wait here for a minute of two, we will take care of the cleaning," he said softly while patting my shoulder.

"Okay, Doc, I've got plenty of time," I murmured with my eye lids only partially open.

"Young people always do," the doctor replied, chuckling under his breath as he pulled the door shut behind him.

Snuggling into the chair as much as I could, I could hear Doctor Cavenaugh and the students talking on the other side of the door and then fading after a few minutes.  I slipped into a semi-sleep induced stupor with mental visions of Herb's pleasure-inducing cock spreading the lips of my quivering anus. Wave after thrilling wave of erotic feelings spread throughout my body as he impaled my ass on his immense schlong.   "Mmmmm," I moaned softly as the intense feeling of a pending ejaculation was working in the depths of my swollen testicles. "Damn," I growled groggily as I sat up in the dental chair. Pushing down on my groin and inhaling deeply, I exhaled, shaking my head gently to rouse myself while looking around the empty room. I could still hear voices on the other side of the closed door. As I was looking at it another door in the opposite wall opened, and I heard, "Sorry to keep you waiting, we were in a pretty intense conversation when Dr. Cavenaugh reminded me you were waiting." Lars said softly as he approached the chair and placed his hand on my arm. "I hope you will forgive me."

My heart rate must have increased by ten fold when for the second time in one morning I saw a magnificent representative of gorgeous masculinity. For a moment I was tongue-tied and I had to fake a cough to cover my embarrassment so I could speak. "No problem, Lars," I replied as I squirmed in the chair attempting to straighten up. "I hope you don't mind me calling you 'Lars'.

"No, not in the least if I may reciprocate and address you as Daniel or Danny," he replied as, using both hands, he undid the top two buttons of his tight uniform shirt exposing the tawny flesh of his neck and the sternum where his clavicles met.

Breathing in quickly in an attempt to suppress the fluttering of the butterflies in my stomach, I said, "No..., I don't mind. Most of my friends call me Danny."

"Good," he said softly, almost purring. "I don't like formalities especially when examining someone's mouth prior to inserting dental tools or for that matter, a dental drill for cleaning," he continued, his ruddy Nordic face softening into a gentle smile as he reached for the overhead light.

I felt my body relaxing as he spoke, and I moved my hands from my crotch and rested them on either arm rest of the chair. "I'm sure you will do a good job, Lars, or Dr. Cavenaugh wouldn't have allowed it."

"Oh, I'll do my best," he replied as he adjusted the light on my mouth and removed the drool bib while he continued our running conversation of questions and answers.  "Have you been a patient of Doctor Cavenaugh for very long?"

"As far back as I can remember," I replied watching as he hooked the alligator clips to a clean bib. "He takes care of my parents too."

"You have no siblings then?" he asked as he adjusted the chair to his height.

"Nope, just me," I replied as he adjusted the drool bib around my neck.

I detected a strong, clean male odor as he leaned over me, and feeling of giddiness swept over me as he was adjusting the drool bib. My semi-flaccid cock responded but I was so mesmerized by the gorgeous male animal standing over me that, I didn't even attempt to hide the swelling bulge in my crotch. Lars exuded an animal magnetism that was intoxicating, and in my mind, I was half certain it would not take much to seduce him but caution was always the best when considering the mind set of someone else.

I was so horny that, I wasn't listening to what he was saying until his leaning over me to turn on the small water spigot to fill the paper water cup brought me back to reality as he spoke.

"I have a younger sister, and when I say younger, she is a demon but, I love her dearly," he said, looking down at me as he spoke. "Have you ever wanted a sibling?"

"Once in awhile it crosses my mind but then, I hear some of the tales about little brothers or sisters getting into a guy's stuff that I dismiss the idea,"

"Really," he replied, moving in closer to the arm of the chair. "As a rule, my sister and I have very little trouble although she once poked around my wallet when I had inadvertently left it on top of my dresser and she found a packet of unused condoms.

"Condoms!" I exclaimed softly.

"Yes, I always carry one or two with me, don't you?"

"No, not unless I'm going to need them," I mused softly, unconsciously moving my hand down to my crotch and squeezing the hard bulge straining against the denim of my jeans.

"There always good to have around," he said as he pressed his groin against my forearm.

Waves of erotic shock washed over me as the pressure of his hard cock pressing against my forearm increased and I didn't hesitate.  Twisting around in the chair, I gripped the elongated bulge in his crotch, and I heard a sharp intake of air from Lars as he inhaled. "Damn, Lars, I was hoping for this to happen."

"And so was I," he said as he laid his hand on my shoulder and re-directed the bright light away from my face with the other hand.

Moving his hand from my shoulder and slipping his arm under my neck, he lowered his lips to mine. I felt the electrifying touch of his tongue gently probing for entry. Opening my lips, his tongue quickly slipped inside my mouth probing the inner depths. While our tongues were engaged, I felt his other hand sliding down between my legs until he reached my aching cock. Covering it, he squeezed. I felt hot currents of lust filling my inner self. Our tongues worked with the ferocity of fencing swords as waves of  uninhibited passion swept over us and our hands moved feverishly over each other’s hard muscled bodies searching, exploring.

Slipping my arm around Lars neck, I felt his body tighten as I gripped his rock hard cock. Pulling my lips from his, I whispered in a guttural tone, "Jesus, you don't know how much I want you."

"And," he whispered, "you don't know how much I wanted you when we first met."

"God, that seems like hours ago."

"It does, Danny, but, if something is worth waiting for time is of no consequence." he sighed, gripping my throbbing cock tightly as he said, "And this is worth waiting for."


Lars moved back a little so I could get out of the chair, and while I was, I said, "Don't you think we should lock the doors before someone comes in?"

"I've already done that; but," he said, his eyes gleaming with the same anticipation that I felt, "you are right, this chair wasn't meant to be very comfortable for any length of time."

Before I could speak, Lars quickly removed the dental napkin from around my neck. Pulling me to my feet and into his arms, he held me tightly to his chest. As he held me his lust filled eyes gazed into mine, and as I pressed my groin against his he returned the pressure.  In a raspy emotion filled voice, I whispered, "That leaves the floor."

"No," he growled, "come with me."

Quickly extinguishing the lights and turning off the dental chair water spigot, he took my hand in his and led me to the door that he had entered earlier. Inside the room was a small washbasin, one wooden chair and a cot that was just a little smaller than a normal twin bed.

As we were tearing our clothes off and shucking our shoes, my mind flashed back to when I was sixteen years old and my wrestling coach called me into his office. Off to the left of the coach’s desk and behind him was a small door that led into a room much like the one Lars and I were in.  I wondered then if the coach used the inner room for sleeping - he didn't, and much like that day, I was going to find out if this room was only used for sleeping.

Lars encircled my waist with his thickly muscled arms, and my arms went around his shoulders. His nipples felt like spikes pressing into my chest and his thick cock felt like a battering ram against mine. As he nibbled and tongued my ear, he whispered, "I hope you don't have to leave anytime soon."

"Not unless you get tired of me," I replied.

"That is not likely to happen," he growled as we lay down on the cot.


I didn't think anyone could compete with Herb until I met Lars.  Trust me; they grow them big and gorgeous in
Sweden.  My asshole is still tingling from ten-inches of the hardest, hottest uncut cock that has ever filled my poop chute.