Hot train ride
by HenryI

This is a fictional gay porn story and purely meant to arouse the reader. I you are offended by this, or not of legal age to read such stories, close this file right now. The story does not reflect a true experience and any similarities with persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. In the spirit of a fantasy the story describes non-safe sex, but in real life I really think you should always have safe sex.

He sat down and dropped his heavy bag on the floor in front of him. He was panting, but smiled. He had made it, the 2.15 intercity express train. He was on his way home, after working for 3 months on an offshore oil rig. It was a 2 hour train ride to his home and he was very glad he had made it. He had almost missed the train, and that would have meant he would have to wait at least an hour for the next train, making it a 3 hour journey.

It was pretty warm that day, around 83 F and the run for the train had made him sweat. He noticed some of the girls in the compartment were eyeballing him. He was used to it, as he knew he was good looking and the hard life on the oil rig and his hard workouts in the few hours of free time had given him quite a muscular body. The thin, sweaty t-shirt was obviously doing sparking their imagination.

How he would love to fuck them right there, right then. He had been without women for 3 months now and his hand jobs had turned less effective after that. He craved some wet pussy, but when he started to flirt with the girls with his steel blue eyes, they just giggled and looked away. Well, they were probably too young anyway, he contemplated. And since he was 19 years old, that would probably make them under age.

The train drove on and stopped at some train stations along the route. On one of them, a boy entered the compartment. He casually took notice of him: around his age but more boyish. He wore a school uniform and was probably also on his way home. The boy sat down on the bench in front of him. He wasn't very much interested in the boy and closed his eyes, trying to catch a quick nap.

After a while he got the strange sensation of someone watching him. He slightly opened his eyes and saw the boy looking at him.
"Is he gay, or what?" he thought. Still, to his own surprise, he wasn't irritated about it. In fact, he even got a little turned on by that boy blatantly looking at him. But wait, was he mistaken? He opened his eyes just a little bit more to make sure, but there was no mistake. The boy was sporting a slight tent in his track pants.

The three months of sexual abstinence, in combination with the young girls earlier and this boy right now, made his juices flow. He decided he would have the boy just a bit more to see, so he opened his eyes, yawned and stretched his upper body. Then he leaned back and closed his eyes again. When he peeked, he saw that the boy had put his left hand on his groin and was slowly running it up and down the grey fabric.

This really sparked up his lust levels and sure enough his own snake started to grow a little. Why did he get so turned on by this kid? He never had been interested in men, but this kid was turning him on more than he had been turned on in ages!

He opened his eyes, acting like he hadn't noticed anything and went to the toilet at the end of the compartment. After taking a piss, he went back and noticed they were all alone in the compartment. He looked outside and realized they wouldn't stop at a train station in quite a while. His mind was now completely filled with erotic thoughts. His cock and balls were almost screaming to shoot their load. It was time to make that happen.

He sat down again and spread his legs. As he looked at the boy, he saw the boy looking back very intensely. Man, he sure loved that! He took off his shirt and exposed his muscle body to the boy. The boy was running his tongue over his lips and started rubbing his groin a little faster.

He put his arms behind his head and leaned back. The boy looked around and then jumped forward, grabbing the oil rigger's boner with a firm grip. He moaned, as the sensation of the boy's firm grip sent him shivers down his spine.

The boy's lean hands quickly opened the jeans, releasing the rock hard jock meat. The boy opened his mouth and he almost came instantly as the warm, wet mouth started to suck his throbbing boner! He moaned loud, but managed to keep away from his point of no return.

The boy sucked him furiously, as he pulled his track pants down and jacked himself off, too. The boy started to pant and his body started to shock, as he clearly had not been able to keep his glory moment off. As the boy started to shoot thick globs of boy cream on the vinyl floor, he involuntarily bit down on the jock meat, making the oil rigger shoot some salty precum in the boy mouth.

Although the boy had shot his load, it didn't mean the fun was over. On the contrary, he now used both of his hands to massage the thick shaft and squeeze the big balls. The boy was giving him the best blow job he ever had received and he wanted it to last forever. He did everything humanly possible not to cum and this encouraged the boy to increase his efforts. Slowly the lean hands moved up the hard six pack belly, up to the hard nipples. As soon as the trembling hands squeezed them softly, the big blue balls got rocked into action and jock cream was filling the cum hungry twink mouth.

He came so violently that his body rocked all over and he moaned out loud. It felt like he was cumming forever and the load was so hard and big that the cream started to ooze out of the still sucking mouth.

When finally the orgasm subsided, he lay down on the couch, completely spent. The boy was licking every drop of his spunk off of the still throbbing shaft. The boy licked the hairy ball sack, sending shivers up his spine.

Then suddenly it all stopped. When he opened his eyes, he couldn't see the boy anymore. He got on his feet, but there was no sign of him. He quickly closed his jeans and went to the toilet. There he jacked off, taking care of the remaining lust. Then he took a big piss and went back.

As he sat down on the bench, the train pulled up to a station and he noticed he had arrived at his home town. He grabbed his bag and got out. As he left compartment, he noticed the twink sitting on a bench in the next compartment. The twink noticed him as well and while putting on a big grin, he grabbed his groin and walked out. He knew he would never forget this horny train ride.


--- the end ---