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Hyderabad: Friday, November 24, 2006; 7:00 AM   The low-pressure systems over the southwest Bay of Bengal, barely 20 kms off the Indian coast, that had remained stationary for the past three days, has now shown some signs of movement.

The Meteorological Department, in its latest bulletin issued this morning, stated that two of these have developed into a deep depression and lay off the coast of Tamil Nadu. While one has developed into a severe cyclonic storm and is likely to intensify further and move in a west-northwest direction and cross the Andhra Pradesh coast somewhere between Kakinada and Vizag around tomorrow morning. The coastal districts in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu have been put under cyclone alert, and coastal villages lying in the direct path of the storm have been evacuated. The Army and Navy have been kept ready to render assistance to the civil administration, for rescue and relief operations.

According to the latest press release, under the influence of these systems and the cyclonic storm, fairly widespread rainfall, with isolated heavy falls are likely along the whole south eastern coast over the next 48 hours. Gales with speed reaching 90-100 kilometres per hour are also likely to commence along and off the Tamil Nadu and Andhra coast by tonight.

The state of the sea will be high to very high and tidal surges are expected. Fishermen along the coast have been advised not to venture into the sea.


  With a slight bump the plane touched down, a full hour behind schedule. Hurtling down the runway in a maddening rush it gradually lost speed, slowing down before taking the U-turn at the end of the runway, and then ambled it's way towards the distant terminal building.

Peering out of the cabin window, into the bright and sunny Saturday morning, Nakul felt a surge of joy fill his heart... he was in Hyderabad, the final leg of his journey, and he'd be home soon! Ah, home, his full lips curled in a smile, he was very happy, nay, excited...

At 22, a research fellow at one of the premier universities in the US, Nakul was visiting home after a full two years! The last term had been very good, and his paper had been highly appreciated, by peers and professors alike... and now he was ready to relax and enjoy his well-deserved break, before returning back and once more immersing himself in his studies and research.

But this wasn't just another trip home... It was celebration time! Besides his own success at the university, it was also his little sister's wedding! God, how fast time had flown... he could still remember her cute face, that amazing naughty smile... her tantrums and her pranks... Their fights... And now she was getting married!

And of course, there was the added joy of meeting Ankit... after a full two years! 'Maybe this time...' he thought, his heart beating faster.

The pleasant voice of the airhostess brought him back to the present, "... Hyderabad," she was saying, "and the outside temperature is 24 Celsius..." and on she went with the usual 'thank-you-for travelling-with-us' and 'hope-your-stay-will-be-a-pleasant-one' followed by the usual advise about any required help that could be had from the ground staff.

The plane had come to a complete halt by now and he felt the light thump as the aerobridge came in contact with the fuselage. Passengers were already standing up and taking out their hand baggage from the overhead cabins, jostling to be the first one out of the craft and on their way home. A few had already switched on their mobile phones and were calling home, announcing their arrival. Nakul sat patiently, he was in no rush... he was on a connecting flight to Vizag, his home, and that was still over four hours away.

Stepping out onto the aerobridge he followed the people ahead, walking down long, glass panelled corridors that looked into departure lounges and then going down the escalator, lost in his own happy thoughts, he headed for the "Help" desk. His luggage would automatically be checked in, to the connecting flight, and so he needn't wait for them, but he had to find his way around, the airport had changed since his last visit.

"Excuse me," he asked the man sitting behind the counter, "I'm booked on a connecting flight, do I need to check-in again?"

"Yes, Sir," the man replied looking up at him.

"OK, how do I get there?"

"You just walk down that corridor," the man pointed, "Check-in and wait for the announcement." he smiled.

"And my luggage, it was booked for Vizag, I mean, I don't need to claim them and recheck them, right?"

"Yes, Sir, it will be transferred directly," the man nodded.

"Thanks..." Nakul said turning away.

"Uh, excuse me, Sir," the man called after him, "did you say you were taking the connecting flight to Vizag?"

"Yes," Nakul replied, pausing.

"Oh, I'm sorry Sir, but all flight to the east coast have been cancelled," said the man.

"Cancelled? I mean, why?"

"Well, the cyclone has hit land, about twenty kilometres south of Vizag and the airport is shut, all flights to Vizag and Chennai have been cancelled. The bad weather won't permit any flights," he shook his head sadly.

"But then, I mean, I've got my booking..."

"I know, Sir, but..." he broke off, adding, "Please contact the airline's staff, they'll guide you, Sir."

'What a welcome...' Shaking his head in disbelief Nakul trudged down the long corridor, his knapsack slung over his shoulder.


The scene was chaotic... The large hall was teeming with people, and confusion reigned as irate passengers jostled and shoved, each voice louder than the previous, everyone literally screaming to be heard, to make his point.

He stood, wide-eyed, totally taken aback.

The harried staff members were desperately trying to pacify the crowd, repeatedly telling them that it was beyond their power to stop or control a natural event. The storm had been approaching land for the past three days, and it was expected to hit land sometime that day, and the exact location was also estimated... It had made landfall that morning and the devastation had been extensive. As for the cities of Chennai and Vizag, both were spared. But being a very powerful cyclone, the whole east coast was under heavy cloud cover and the rains had been incessant... In fact Vizag airport was under two feet of water, and the airlines couldn't fly in... Hopefully Chennai airport would start operation the next day... and Vizag... well, they just shrugged.

Yet the people, all of whom were aware of the impending disaster, and were conscious of the current situation, refused to accept the facts!

For Nakul all of this was a total shock. He was absolutely ignorant of the storm brewing in the Bay of Bengal, and unaware of the regular weather updates that local travellers were privy to... He was tired, it had been a long flight, and the hope of just a four-hour wait before the last leg of his journey and home, was suddenly like a distant, far-fetched dream now...


The young lady was very courteous, "But Sir, no airlines will be operating," the plastic smile pasted permanently on her pretty face, "else we would surely put you on it."

"Then what am I supposed to do?" Nakul asked in exasperation. "I've been travelling for the past sixteen hours!"

"We understand, Sir... and as we have explained," she replied, "we'll put you in a hotel here, and as soon as the airport reopens, you'll be on the first flight," she smiled.

'What a mess...' thought Nakul, rolling his eyes.

"Sir, please sit in the lounge cafe and when the bus is ready we'll announce it," she smiled.

Shaking his head he slowly walked away, in no mood for any food or drink.


It was just before noon when they, a total of twenty seven transit passengers, had been taken in an airline's bus and deposited in one of the swankier city hotels and now he was headed for his room...

"Welcome, Sir," the man had beamed as he handed the key and a card that mentioned that he could have a lunch, dinner and a breakfast, free.

"Thanks..." Nakul said following the bellboy to the elevator.

Closing the door he flipped on the TV and surfing through the news channels heard the same news over and over again... It was the most devastating storm in over three decades and vast areas of the countryside had been inundated. The storm was still raging and there was no let up... The weatherman hoped that it would soon weaken and die out... The footage was gruesome and horrifying, switching off the set he washed up and decided on going down for his lunch.

Weary after the long haul and upset over the events, he wasn't feeling hungry, but knew that he had to eat something. No point in just worrying, what he needed to do was eat and then get some rest and sleep instead... and maybe go out in the evening and visit the famed Charminar and the pearl bazaars... see the huge, monolith Buddha Statue in the centre of the lake, in the heart of the city... That would keep his mind off the crisis. He always liked the city, and had been here many times... Had seen all the sights and visited the massive Golconda Fort too. Once the world's most famous diamond market and mine, before South Africa happened, Golconda had produced the world renowned Kohinoor, Hope, Regent and Orloff diamonds...

And hopefully tomorrow he'd be home!

After a light lunch, he was back in the room, sitting in front of the TV set, listening... Horrified! The weather update was frightening. Instead of weakening, the storm had rapidly and unexpectedly intensified and was now moving north at a great speed, and the city of Vizag lay directly in its path...

The rest and sleep forgotten, he shuttled between his room and the lobby... trying to get some news, any news, any update... hoping.

"The storm has hit Vizag, Sir," said the concerned man behind the counter, "there is no way that you can reach there."

He had already been frantically trying to call home ever since landing but all lines seemed down, even the mobile network wasn't working. He wasn't worried about his being stuck in Hyderabad anymore... he was worried about home. About his family. God only knew what must be happening there... what devastation the freak storm was wreaking on the city... He had nearly worn his fingers dialling the numbers - home, neighbours, friends, mobile phones... but there was just static and nothing else!

In desperation he even tried the railways, but that was no good, and the answer was the same, "All trains are cancelled, Sir." And now there was nothing to do but sit and pass the time... It was all so very frustrating!

It was now four thirty in the afternoon and he was back in his room... dead tired, but unable to relax... the planned trip to the pearl bazaar long forgotten. Switching on the TV set once more he sat... listening...

And suddenly he perked up... the weather update had something good... well, at least...

"The storm has, in another unpredictable move," the lady was saying, "at the last minute, taken a sharp turn and is now headed out to sea, most fortunately sparing the city of Vizag from total devastation. The Met. Department has said that it is fast weakening and if it continued to move out, the rains would stop by tomorrow..."

He nearly jumped up in joy... this was happy news. Yes, he may not still be able to go home or contact his family, but at least they were safe now!

In his excitement, once more, he dialled the airport number, "When can I expect the flights to resume?" he asked the lady who picked up the phone.

"Can't say, Sir. The situation is grim and no flights can operate just yet, it may take a day or two."


That was it, he could do nothing else, but feeling much better and relieved, and for the lack of having anything better to do, he decided on taking a bath... and maybe finally get some sleep. Stripping off his clothes he entered the bathroom and set the tub to fill before walking back into the room to look at his reflection in the full-length mirror. He smiled as his fingers twirled and played with the single, unruly lock of curly hair that constantly fell on his forehead, giving him that cute, boyish charm, and then peered close into the mirror checking the tiny zit that had suddenly, and most annoyingly, appeared on his left cheek. Maybe it was the lack of proper sleep... or maybe the food on the flight... Sighing softly he turned away and headed back to the bathroom.

The water felt nice and he slowly sank in, enjoying the soothing caress of the water swirling around his body and limbs. Closing his eyes he let his hands roam the smooth torso... feeling the skin tingle at the soft touch, the nipples hard, as his fingers bumped against them... He let out a soft moan and moved his hands lower... over the flat belly... over the pubic arch, the fingers entangling with the wet hair down there... His cock twitched as his fingers ran over the flaccid shaft... He toyed with the fleshy appendage for a while before moving lower to cradle the heavy globes, squeezing them lightly in a loving grip.

Running his hands down the thighs he felt the fine hair bristle as Ankit's handsome face came floating before his closed eyes... He tried to picture his childhood friend, and close buddy, in the nude... trying to form shapes, attribute dimensions to the equipment that he carried between his legs... which, most unfortunately, Nakul had been unable to ever catch a glimpse of... Oh, how many nights had he remained awake, fantasising... Ankit... oh, how studly he had grown up to be... So masculine, so hot... with that constant bulge in his crotch. He had always been the stronger character of the pair, dominating, deciding... and Nakul was always happy to agree, accommodate... And as Nakul had become aware of his own sexual attraction for his best friend, he was sure that if ever Ankit gave a hint, even the slightest, he would willingly go all the way, happily drop his pants and bend over, any day!

The thought of jerking-off came to his mind for a fleeting moment, as one hand retook the quickly swelling shaft in a steady grip and the other hand went back to playing with the balls. But with a slight shrug he decided against it... He would save it for later, tonight, he thought. Then he could really relax and create his favourite situations... build on the fantasy... He'd beg and plead, as Ankit, softly, with gentle persuasion and seductive 'force' would make him do things... and then finally enter him! Quickly pulling his hands away he went back to just caressing his tingling flesh and heard the soft knock on the outer door...

Wondering if it was probably one of those housekeeping guys, come to ask if he wanted anything, he slowly got out of the tub. It had been a long while and with a smile he noted the wrinkled fingertips as he began to dry himself. Walking back into the bedroom he pulled on his shorts and just then heard the soft knock again. Quickly pulling on a tee he went to answer the door.

The smiling face of a young man greeted him, "Hi..." he said, the smile widening.

Nakul stared back, his eyebrows raised in question... the guy didn't look like the usual hotel staff... yet the face seemed oddly familiar... Was he from the airport?

"Mmm, I'm Gautam, I'm in room four-not-six, right across," he said, jerking his head backwards. "Taking a bath?" he asked looking at the uncombed, wet hair, "I didn't disturb you, uh?"

"Ah, not really, I'm done..."

"Well... actually... I too was on the bus that got us here," the guy said, "I was on the Chennai flight that got cancelled..."

"Ah..." Nakul nodded, smiling back at Gautam.

"It's such a mess, and you know, stuck in the room with nothing to do I was getting real bored," he smiled again, "and watching you run up and down, looking so upset, guessed that you too were frustrated at being cooped up and all that... So, thought that maybe we could get together, you know, spend some time together, talk and generally have some masti..." he paused, looking expectantly at Nakul.

Nakul smiled, "Yes, bored of course... but more concerned" the guy seemed pleasant, maybe just a couple years older, "I was on the Vizag flight and...well, do come in," he said, opening the door wider and stepping aside.

"Um, actually I've just ordered some tea and eats," Gautam said looking over his shoulder towards his room, "Why don't you come over and join me instead?" he suggested.

"Oh..." Nakul looked at him, running his fingers through his wet hair, "OK, fine," he finally said, relieved to get out of that room and be with someone else and not just sit alone and agonise, "just give me a sec, I'll comb my hair or else they'll remain at attention for the rest of the evening!"

"Sure, just walk in, the door is open," smiled Gautam as he turned away.


The door stood ajar and Nakul could hear the sound of the TV... he paused for a moment and then knocked.

"Come in..." he heard Gautam's voice, and as he pushed open the door, saw him coming, a bright, happy smile lighting up his handsome face. "Thanks for coming," he said taking Nakul's hand as his other arm passed over the slender shoulder.

The room was identical to his, the only difference being the twin beds, instead of the double bed that was in his room.

"Oh," Nakul paused, noticing the young man on one of those beds... an extremely handsome face, tall and sinewy, with well formed arms and calves... the skin bronzed and smooth. He lay on the bed, flipping through a magazine, in just a pair of tight fitting shorts and nothing else.

"This is Sagar..." Gautam introduced, leading Nakul to the other bed, sitting him down facing Sagar, "my colleague, he's in the next room, and Sagar, this is... um..." he paused before turning to Nakul and saying, "I didn't get your name dude."

"Nakul... Nakul Sharma from California," he smiled.

"Well, Nakul," Gautam repeated, looking at Sagar, finishing the introduction, and then turning back to Nakul added, "and we're from Chennai."

"OK..." he said softly, wondering why did Gautam say he was alone, and getting bored... "Official visit?" he asked.

"Yes," grinned Gautam, as he climbed in, behind Nakul. "Were supposed to leave this morning, but with the flights cancelled, we are stuck here. And what about you? Saw you on the bus," Gautam was saying moving slightly closer, "and watching you run around and make all those enquiries, we realised how upset you must be about the mess..." he added sympathetically.

"Yes, visiting home, after two years..." he answered, "and now this..." he broke off before adding, "I hate upset schedules."

"I understand..." said Gautam.

"It's also my sister's wedding."

"Oh..." smiled Gautam, "Congratulation!"

Nakul smiled, nodding slightly, suddenly not so sure if it was a good idea to have come over... his eyes repeatedly going back to watch the prone figure on the next bed... Practically naked with his tiny shorts, Sagar seemed to grab his eyes and keep them focused on that crotch... the bulge pronounced... and so obvious, unable to tear away... and frantically hoping that the guy hadn't caught him staring... That would be a real shame! But the most unnerving thing was, he hadn't spoken a word yet, no greetings, no exchange... just watching him in a most peculiar way... though his fingers were still flipping through the magazine he held in his hands.

And there was no sign of that ordered 'tea and eats' yet.

"Don't worry," Gautam was saying, his hand reaching out to pat Nakul's back lightly, "just relax and I'm sure, you'll be home soon."

"I too hope so," he replied.

"And when is yours?" Gautam asked suddenly.


"Your wedding dude," smile Gautam.

"Oh..." Nakul exclaimed, his mind racing to the last letter from his mother. God, and now the pressure would increase once his sister got married. Well, luckily he would be away and the only pressure would be the constant phone calls and mails... He could handle that. How long, he didn't know, but he just couldn't picture himself standing up in front of his, very traditional, parents and 'come out'...

"You didn't answer..." Gautam's voice came floating from the distance, pulling him back to the present.

"Um... not yet," he mumbled, "I mean, I've not thought about it..." he trailed off, not liking this discussion one single bit... He didn't know if he could handle it... scared of giving away his secret. In an effort to change the subject, turning towards Gautam he asked, "So, what was that grand `masti' idea of yours?"

"Does sex sound masti enough?" he heard Sagar speak for the first time... a deep sultry voice.

The words took him by surprise and he sat frozen as he felt his ears turn hot... He had never spoken of sex, not even in school or college, always making a discrete exit whenever the topic changed to girls or sex... He felt it was too embarrassing to be discussing something this private, this intimate. Not even with Ankit had he ever raised the topic of sex... though how, the Lord knew, he wanted Ankit to mention it... say something, bring up the subject of sex, so that he could drop a few subtle hints about his own feelings for his buddy.

"You didn't answer?" he heard Sagar say.

Slowly turning his head towards Sagar he decided he'd remain cool and play along, "Sure, sex is always masti..." he replied with a faint smile, his voice quivering.

"Good, then we can have some hot, raunchy sex together," grinned Sagar, sitting up and swinging his feet off the bed, facing Nakul.

"Well..." he said, putting on a nonchalant air, forcing another smile as he felt Gautam move closer, "so, where's the girl?"

"Hey, who needs a girl dude, when we three guys are here?" countered Sagar, his grin broadening.

"Huh..." Nakul asked, surprised, "You mean a circle jerk... or whatever it's called?" his heart sinking faster at the very thought.

"Aaah... Juvenile! Jerking in a group, mutual masturbation, those are kiddie stuff, dude. I mean guy stuff, I'm talking about real sex. Never done it, huh?"

This was way beyond him and all the resolution about staying calm and acting cool was fast evaporating. He felt a slight tremor shake his slim frame as he wondered what he was expected to say or do... But he need not have worried, for at that very moment he felt the touch on his shoulders... Gautam was softly massaging them, the thumb working seductively along the nape of his neck...

He felt his body stiffen, and as he blinked his eyes open he saw Sagar get off the bed and in one swift, fluid motion, pull off his shorts and was soon standing in front of his shocked face, completely naked... the large, erect cock throbbing as it stood out from the flat, smooth abdomen... the dark pubic hair neatly trimmed and shaped like an open japanese fan...

Nakul gasped, licking his suddenly parched lips, fast and furious, and heard Sagar chuckle.

"Go ahead, take it, he won't mind that one bit," said the amused voice, "Say hello to him..."

"Kiss it Nakul..." whispered Gautam in his burning ears, the voice husky.

Moving even closer, the cock tip practically rubbing against his lips as it swayed sideways with the movement Sagar urged again, "Take it, just one kiss..."

He was shaking now, his body and mind frozen with shock and disbelief... and as if from a distance he heard Gautam's whisper "Kiss it, suck it Nakul, for me..." the fingers still working on his tense shoulders, but now the pressure on the nape of his neck was more pronounced, nudging his face forwards, towards the waiting phallus... He saw it flex and jerk upwards and then the contact... of lips and cock tip!

With a shudder and a groan he felt the moist tip rub his pursed lips...

"Kiss it... kiss it, baby..." he heard the urgent plea coming from Gautam... "Lick that tip, suck it dude..."

Shutting his mind he sucked in air and then pouting his full lips, with an audible smack, kissed the cock of another man... He felt the large knot in his stomach melt away... But as he tried to pull back Sagar's hands gripped his face and the hand on his neck pushed him further into the awaiting pubes, "Suck it..." Gautam commanded and for some inexplicable reason he felt his lips part and his mouth open... the burning cock slowly sliding in...

It didn't taste of anything particular... just fresh and clean... but there was a distinct musky aroma to the pubes... strong and masculine... The cock was more than a quarter way inside his mouth and he didn't know what was expected of him, what he had to do... But what he didn't know, Sagar did for him, rocking those powerful hips he began to slide his cock in and out of Nakul's mouth, saliva rushing in to lubricate the cavity...

Nakul was now taking nearly half the thick length of the penis and he felt it nudge the beginning of his throat, making him splutter... but each time the cock withdrew before the gag reflex could kick in...

Gautam was kissing and nibbling at his ears, whispering sweet encouragement as his hands roamed the slim torso... caressing the subtle pecs and tweaking the hardened nipples through the t-shirt... "Get it wet, get it ready..." he was saying, his mouth now travelling down the gulping throat... the wet tongue dragging over the thick chord at the side of his neck, lashing out towards the bobbing adam's apple... With eyes shut tight and his head buzzing, Nakul sat still, letting the two young men have their wish... allowing them to use his body whatever way they wanted to...

With a sudden plop Sagar pulled out his cock and spittle flew everywhere, saliva rolling down his chin, his mouth still open... And before he could even close it he felt the hot breath and a tongue slide in, as Gautam's lips crushed against his, covering his mouth...

"Nnnnnnghhh..." he pleaded, but was unable to resist, force the mouth away...

He felt Gautam reach lower and gripping his tee pulling it up, the kiss breaking as the cloth slid off over his head. He felt himself being tugged, pulled back onto the bed... and his unresisting body went... stretched out on the bed, his legs bent at the knees, the feet on the floor. He heard the soft whistle of appreciation as two pairs of hungry eyes took in the smooth torso, the dark, stiff nipples and the copious bush in his armpits, and felt himself shiver...

"Wow..." he heard the hushed exclamation, "He's hot!"

And then fingers were working on the buttons of his shorts... tugging at the waist and with horror he remembered that he wasn't wearing any undergarment... Trying to resist, he attempted to close and lift his thighs but Sagar, sitting between them, didn't allow any such manoeuvre... With a low groan he closed his eyes and felt the pants slide down and with horror realised that he was hard, the cock, once released, springing up to arch and land on his belly with a 'thuck'. For a brief moment he flicked his eyes open, staring up at the ceiling before quickly closing them... maybe hoping to wake up and find himself in his own room, on his own bed...

"That's incredible..." he heard Sagar gasp, as his nakedness came into full view... The men admiring the naked body stretched out in front of them, all smooth and tender, mouth-watering... like some sumptuous banquet spread out for their benefit, to be dug into, tasted and enjoyed!

Sagar had always been a considerate lover and taking selfish pleasure didn't much appeal to him. Never averse to anything, especially if it meant unleashing the fire in his ever burning loins, he was most willing to share that joy, give pleasure, as he took his... And now seeing the naked boy, so fresh, so vulnerable, sent blood pumping through his veins as desire filled every pore of his sinewy frame... The young cock was a work of art - tall and slender, a perfect smooth column; jutting out from the slightly raised pelvic mound, so pink and tender, framed by the perfect inverted triangle of dark curly hair... With a husky groan he lowered his face and lashed out with his tongue...

The hot breath on his throbbing shaft made Nakul's stomach flex and quiver and at the first touch of the moist tongue, lapping along the shaft, he yelped and his hips ground up, off the bed... Gripping the sheet with his fingers he rolled his head, a constant gurgle emanating from his gulping throat.

He felt the bed move... and soon another moist warmth closed in around his right nipple as Gautam clammed his mouth over the pointed nub, nipping it lightly. Moaning loudly at the amazing sensation, he heaved his chest up at the slobbering mouth... Opening his eyes and staring up blankly at the bare ceiling, he heard the distinct slurping sound of the two labouring mouth, and slowly closed them again... his brain desperately trying to cope with the flood of erotic information that his body was sending up... a body that was no longer under his command, reacting joyfully at its own ravishment.

And as the first mouth feasted at his loins, the tongue dragging along the twitching length of his silky shaft... to crawl higher, and then play around the flared rim of the sensitive cock head, the lips curling around it as the tongue swirled... Gautam's mouth moved lower... the tongue flicking its way along the hollow of his chest... and lower still, pausing at the navel to dig in... then over and around the pubic arch to finally join Sagar's... the two tongues happily lapping away in their joint worship of the youthful loin.

Rolling his head at the pleasure of having two mouths around his cock, Nakul's hips lifted, gyrating fiercely in it's search for lecherous gratification, consumed by the flames of lewd want... hungry for a closer contact... lost in the mind-numbing surge of eroticism. And as his moans grew louder and the hip more desperate, a mouth suddenly sucked him in! With a growl his body twisted and jerked, the hips shooting up once more, driving his cock deeper into the warm grip of the mouth, a weird fire engulfing his virgin loins...

Sagar's constricted throat around his humming penis, and Gautam's lapping tongue at his groin was arousing sensations that he had never imagined possible... Tugging at fist-full of the sheet he twisted and jerked... his young mind soaring higher and higher on the wings of sweet ecstasy... consumed by the flames of wanton desire. "Nnnngh..." he moaned, feeling his cock start to vibrate, flexing frantically, as it waited impatiently for that final stroke that would send it sailing over the abyss of ultimate fulfillment...and the loaded balls crawled higher... and tighter...

Gautam wanted a share in the tender cock, so leaving the valley of the groin he shifted his mouth to the pubes, now sopping wet with Sagar's saliva, and quickly claimed the thick base, wrapping his lips around the root, the tongue teasing the thick cord on the underside, as Sagar continued to work on the sensitive glans embedded in his adoring mouth... Gautam's lips crawled higher along the throbbing column to meet Sagar's as they sank lower... Realising Gautam's intent Sagar reluctantly relinquished his treasure and grabbing the smooth thighs, lifted them up... high, parting the alabaster columns to expose Nakul's most private and intimate orifice to his hungry gaze, marvelling at the tiny, wrinkled hole as it came into view, all pink and tender, so virgin... cringing shut!

The painful throb that wracked his own cock was almost forgotten in the swell of lust that engulfed him at the sight of Nakul's anus. He wanted to pleasure it, pleasure the boy and get him ready... He had to work that orifice so that it could accept what he had to offer it... With a groan of animal hunger he buried his face in the fresh, clean crevice between the plump buttocks... his tongue licking the deep fold, tickling the tightly shut portal of delight...

To think that he was spread wide and exposed, the way he was at that moment, and to imagine that two total strangers were now staring at the most intimate areas of his anatomy was mind-numbing... It shamed him and yet made him feel wanton and erotic... But Nakul's last tenuous hold on reality was quickly washed away with the first stab of that loving tongue at his anal opening... and as the second mouth claimed his cock in a deep swallow, he hissed and felt his hips lift higher, twist, to hump the two faces, his body trying to extract the maximum pleasure from the double contact...

Strong hands held his thighs in place, wide apart and down, as the tongue lapped along the deep groove... From the base of his spine it travelled high, along the tingling crevice... over the twitching hole and up along the perineum to lick at the knotted balls before flicking down again... nudging the tight opening each time it passed over it... as if cajoling it to relent and open up... Nakul could just blabber incomprehensibly as the pleasure roared at him... blocking out everything else from his mental radar.

Pushing the thighs lower and wider with his open palms Sagar parted the ass further, pushing his mouth ever closer, the flat of his tongue dragging along the smooth cleft, up and down... and as he passed the anal opening he poked it with the tip of his tongue... Though still closed, he could sense a subtle change... the tiny mouth was now pushing out as he crossed it, a tight raised ring of flesh, pouting high to display a hint of the tender pink innards. Sagar was happy, the boy was reacting in a positive way, the ass would be ready in a while... he just had to get it sufficiently wet for the final assault. With determination he delved deeper, screwing his tongue tip at the orifice... forcing it to accept it. He poured more saliva at the entrance, getting it wet, manoeuvring some into the hole... And as he laboured at the altar of Nakul's virgin opening, he felt the slit finally relax... allowing the tip to slither in, before grasping it in a hot, tight embrace.

Sagar smiled, the boy was ready!

Nakul sensed the odd sensation that emanated from the base of his spine... a liquid, warm glow, that seemed to radiate and spread out... fill him... and then he felt the flicking as Sagar rotated his tongue tip... Nakul hadn't ever imagined that that area between his legs could give so much pleasure... had such amazing feelings hidden in it's folds... Shifting and swaying his pelvis he ground his cock into Gautam's mouth one moment and then slammed back at Sagar's roving tongue... pulling at the sheet in animal eroticism.

Did he realise what was coming? Did Nakul get any hint of what this was in preparation of? But he had no time for such thoughts, or even care... his mind wasn't in his control anymore, for Gautam was working his magic on the throbbing dick... Creating an amazing suction that seemed to suck at his very soul... making his whole lower region jerk violently, the stomach flex and tighten, as the muscles spasmed, as if readying itself to eject his whole being out of the tiny 'eye' at the tip of his crazed cock... Moaning and swaying, he lost himself to the overwhelming arousal that the two young studs were plunging him in... unmindful of all consequences.

Suddenly, as if waking up from some deep, erotic slumber, he realised, with a disappointed moan, that both mouth were gone... That he was just lying, sprawled open... The guys had quit!

"Pass one here, before he looses it..." he heard Gautam say and opening his eyes found Sagar standing between his spread thighs... handing something to Gautam's outstretched palm... and looking lower he saw Sagar's turgid cock, encased in a latex sheath, and with a shiver realisation finally dawned on him...

He let out a soft moan and was about to plead when Gautam, who was still partly lying on him, shifted, pulling his hand away from over him and moved lower... And as he watched, Gautam gripped the base of his cock, lifting it up, and placed a condom on the bloated tip... Almost mesmerised, he watched him pinch the teat with his forefinger and thumb before unrolling it down his glistening shaft...

Looking up in desperation he saw Sagar's grinning face, the twinkling eyes smiling down at him, full of lust and passion... "Please..." he pleaded weakly, as his heart began to beat faster and he felt his anus twitch violently... but hardly a sound came out of his parched throat. He gurgled and he whined as Sagar moved in closer and Gautam grabbed his knees, pulling them lower, nearly into his armpits...

With an imploring gaze he looked up once more and saw Sagar looking down, between his legs, the face a mask of concentration... "Please..." he whispered in a jagged voice, but wasn't sure if either men heard him, for Sagar moved in closer and he felt the burning touch at his ass hole...

With a steady swaying of his hips Sagar butted the tight opening repeatedly... increasing the pressure gradually as one hand held the rigid shaft steady, in place, while the other hand rested on his upturned buttock. The tiny mouth refused to budge, holding tight against the gentle assault, determined not to let in Sagar's cock.

"Relax..." he heard Gautam whisper in a soothing voice, his hands massaging his chest and tummy, "relax, let him in..." he said.

The pressure was unrelenting now, and grabbing the bed-sheet tighter Nakul hissed, his ass jerking in an effort to move away from the path of the marauding phallus. But there was no escape as the bed blocked retreat, and powerful hands held his thighs in place... "Ah, God..." he cried out, "it hurts... ah, it hurts... please..." he pleaded through clenched teeth, the pressure from the determined cock head seemed unbearable.

Nakul's head snapped back and his body arched... only the shoulder blades and the tip of his spine still touching the bed, but beyond that there was not much scope for any movement. His thighs were held in place by the strong grip of Sagar's steady hands and his knees and upper torso, held in place by Gautam...

"Nnnnnngh..." pleading and moaning Nakul could just lie there and wait... wait till his sphincter finally surrendered and Sagar completed his defloration.

"You can take it... just let go, don't resist..." Gautam encouraged, "You'll take it... relax baby," one hand still caressing the heaving stomach, while the other patted the sweaty forehead.

Sagar shifted and re-aligned his bloated cock, his knees now up on the bed, on either side of Nakul's pelvis, and pushing down harder on the thighs he applied more pressure, feeling the tight ring gradually stretch wider before the insistent determination of his cock.

With a hoarse cry, and a tremendous shove, Sagar made his final lunge, and with a sharp whine Nakul felt the large head pop in... He was taken!

Slowly, almost as if in a dream, Sagar eased his prick into the virgin opening... holding his breath at the undulating sensations that the agitated membranes unleashed upon his encroaching member... grabbing at the shaft, merciless in its tight grip...

Gritting his teeth Nakul held his breath... feeling the turgid heat slowly go deeper and deeper still... filling him... It was an odd sensation... he felt bloated... His legs stiffened and then jerked wildly, the toes curling... He could hardly breath as his lungs expanded and deflated rapidly, the open mouth sucking in air in an attempt to ease the flaming pain that was shooting out of his outraged anus... The rectum quickly opening wide to accommodate the encroaching invader, but the inner ring remained stubborn, clinging tightly to the shaft, every inch of the way, fighting a fast loosing battle.

"You've got it baby, you've taken it... Take a look... wow!" he heard Gautam say, "Open your eyes and just look..."

As if in a trance, Nakul flicked his eyes open and look up into the flushed face of Sagar looking down at him with a grin... the brow beaded with perspiration. Quickly lowering his eyes he saw his own latex shrouded penis, now a tiny nub, and the knotted balls... and beyond that... he stared, wide-eyed, at the most incredible sight of his young life! The trimmed pubes was shove right into his smooth buttocks, as if flushed together... and the cock that he had trouble wrapping his lips around was now deep in his belly, the thick base snugly held in place by the constricted sphincter... he could feel it throb painfully, desperate, as it tried to revert back to it's normal closed position... He could also feel the buried penis pulse and flex, deep in his churning bottom!

With a shudder and a groan he closed his eyes and felt his body go slack. And as if that was the cue he was waiting for, Sagar began to move... slowly pulling out to ram right back in, beginning the eternal dance of mating... making the bed squeak, as if sharing in the joys of the copulation.

It was a raging inferno inside, unbearably hot and delicious. Straightening out all the turns and twists of the convoluted innards, the throbbing shaft made a snug passage to dive into as he pounded the pliant ass hole of the thrashing boy. The liquid heat of the fluttering membranes, silky smooth and soft, chewed and nibbled at the buried cock head, tugging at it with a force that seemed unbelievable... Bracing himself, Sagar leaned forward, grunting loudly as he reamed the churning cauldron of boy flesh, faster and harder... He was now fucking the writhing boy with a jolting force that slammed his pelvis audibly against the fleshy rump, the heavy, swaying balls rapping the base of the whimpering boy's spine with a regular beat... He was in heaven, this was the best piece of tail he'd ever had, the best he'd plunged into... Sliding in and out at a rapid pace, he rubbed the sensitive linings raw, making Nakul wail... and as he fucked harder he felt them react violently at the outrage, the powerful rectal muscles grabbing and squeezing his rigid cock with a gut wrenching ferocity that made him growl with lust, making his powerful thrusts shot and vicious.

Nakul was numb, his senses dulled, and his head buzzed as his ass spasmed violently around the pistoning column of Sagar's phallus... He could feel his limp cock jerk and sway with each powerful thrust of Sagar's hips and as the young stud shifted slightly, the line of the cock's entry changed... and then like a jolting flash, a lightening bolt tore at his gut... The hulking cock was hitting something, something deep within him... something that was sending sparks flying all over his body, making his whole slim frame twitch and spasm, the stomach flex and double up... and slowly, as if in a dream, he felt the rush of blood... the flaccid column of his own cock filling up... the skin being pulled taut as the shaft quickly hardened to throb painfully...

Gautam, who had all this while been licking his chest, nipples and armpits, now moved away and Nakul felt him shift around... Even with closed eyes he sensed Gautam's knees come to rest on either side of his head... Something heavy and soft came to rest on his forehead... and then suddenly he felt that same moist heat engulf his cock once more.

Opening his eyes he looked up, disbelieving... Even his untrained eyes could make out that this wasn't something ordinary, for the engorged phallus that he was staring up at, beyond the heavy scrotal sac resting on his brow, was monstrous... way larger than the one he had seen and was now taking up his butt! An uncontrollable shudder shook his lithe body, and with a jagged cry he closed his eye, wondering where he would have to accommodate that piece of flesh... and would he ever be able to?

But such worries, such futile thoughts had no place in his overworked brain, his mind was busy receiving and sorting the numerous other, more titillating signals that his young body was sending up to it... Getting fucked and sucked at the same moment isn't an everyday affair... it's something incredible... something totally mind-blowing, and Nakul howled at this new experience, his hips vibrating, as his whole body jerked spasmodically.

The two boys worked in tandem, Sagar nudging his swollen prostate and Gautam working that same magic on his cock. And sure as clockwork, the sperm bubbled and boiled in his loaded balls... rising up the urethra, like mercury in a thermometer... Higher, faster... rushing up in preparation of gushing out of the slitted tip of his throbbing cock... He knew he had never experienced anything like this, and he also knew, no matter how hard he tried, these men would suck it out of him... With a soft cry he ground up higher into the sucking mouth and in the process, offered Sagar a better target to slam into...

Faster, the cock twisted and flexed in Gautam's oral grip and then with a loud moan and a shudder, it burst... spurting thick, creamy jism into the latex teat, his stomach muscles flexing ferociously in it's attempt to pump more of the young seed out of the knotted balls...

Already unbearably tight, the ass, in its orgasmic fury, was ravenous now, tugging violently at the entrenched cock, making it impossible for Sagar to hold back any longer... Lust whipped through his belly and his ass cheeks flexed and tightened, as he slammed harder, brutal in the mounting surge of passion. He could feel the cum rush through the narrow corridor of his urethra... lifting him higher and higher, towards the pinnacle of ecstasy... And then with a roar and a massive shove he ground in, holding still as his swaying testicles poured out his essence into the waiting rectum, filling the condom to bursting point.

He was exhausted, the virgin boy had extracted his own sly revenge, had totally sucked him dry, drained every last drop of his semen... Sagar slumped forward, over the boy, his head coming to rest on the still trembling shoulder... And slowly, as he regained his breath, he lifted off, on his elbows, and his heart filled with tender love as he watched the cute face of the boy he had just fucked, the dark, long lashes still moist with the unshed tears... and pursing his lips he planted a 'thank-you' kiss on Nakul's nose-tip, smiling down at him.

Flicking his eyes open he saw the grinning face of Sagar, just over his, and felt himself go red with shame. Sagar lifted off and pulled out, the flared rim stretching the sphincter one last time before popping out, making Nakul's stomach flex and double up. His legs, now that they were released, slid down the side of the bed, the feet resting on the floor.

"Oh, fuck!" he heard Gautam exclaim and then burst out laughing, "look at the amount of load he's shot!" With that he felt him tugging the condom off his limp member and holding it high above his face, swinging it, the teat hanging low with the weight of the copious cum, thick and creamy. It came lower... just over his nose tip and then Gautam let the tip brush against his lips... "Wanna taste it Nakul, wanna taste your own cum?" he asked with a sly grin, making the boy even more embarrassed, before thankfully pulling it away and dropping it on the floor, by the bed.

But even before he could start to feel relief Gautam grabbed his arm and knee, and with a massive tug, lifted him up, on the rumpled bed, manoeuvring his limp body length-wise, his head on the pillow...

"And now," Gautam grinned at him, "it's my turn baby!" And before he could react, he felt himself being rolled over, a rag doll in Gautam's confident hands.

Quickly mounting him, Gautam sat on Nakul's thighs, caressing the smooth back, as he slid his hands seductively down to those incredible flesh mounds... They were just awesome, so perfect and smooth, full and soft... Kneading the twin globes, and sliding his fingers along the cleft, he caressed the butt and the deep furrow between them, his own cock flexing impatiently, eager to bury it's frothing tip into the welcome grip of the hidden slit. Massaging the folds he reached lower, passing his hands between the trembling thighs and reaching under, around the loose sac, and beyond... higher... Gripping the wilted shaft he squeezed it, feeling it twitch as Nakul ground his pubes, crying out into the pillow... Drawing his hands back Gautam returned to the twin mounds... and then back once more, along the crevice and under him, fondling the testicles and cock... the touch coarse... rough and lewd, yet forcing Nakul to sway his hips, grinding his pelvis into Gautam's groping palm as it reached under, and lifting off as they kneaded the butt cheeks.

Back and forth Gautam went, fondling and stroking the thickening penis and the twin mounds, whispering incessantly, describing in filthy terms the gorgeousness and desirability of his ass, the allure of his genitals... suggesting how much he must be enjoying all this, his hunger obvious from his reaction to the manipulations... the desperate thrashing, the frantic humping, the whimpers... The gross insinuation making Nakul's ears burn with shame, yet unable to resist, or put a stop to his molestation.

Back to the buttocks, Gautam finally parted them and whistled at the sight that met his eyes... The tiny hole was swollen, a raised flesh ring, pouting out as it pulsed rhythmically, the whole area, an angry red. The sight sent a shiver down his spine and his cock flexed with desire. Shifting, he lifted off and bringing his knees between Nakul's thighs, forced them apart...

Nakul felt the strong fingers pull his ass cheeks open... heard the whistle and felt Gautam shift and move... And then there was a moment's pause. As Nakul lay, barely breathing, waiting for the monstrous cock, he had caught a fleeting glimpse of, to rip into him... he felt Gautam shuffle between his thighs, and then the sound of a foil being torn... An involuntary moan left his open mouth and instantly he heard Sagar snigger.

"Hurry up, he can hardly wait any longer," he said, followed with a loud hoot.

With lust-shaken hands, Gautam gripped his painful erection and slowly moving his pelvis forward, placed it at the obscenely open orifice. Nakul felt the heat of the tip as it pressed against his burning ass hole... and with a whimper he gripped the pillow tighter, chewing a corner to stifle the cry that rose from deep within him. He knew what was coming... he also knew that the cock that Gautam was about to feed him was much larger and thicker than the one that had just devirginated him... and he had no power to do anything about it, stop it. Trying to hold still, he closed his eyes, as a constant tremor shook his body.

Gautam had every intention of inserting it slowly into the boy's sore bottom... but the sight of the young boy stretched out in front of him, the sheer touch of that warm orifice, and the vicious twitching of that tiny mouth against his glans blinded him, washing away all his resolve of gentle care... and with a hoarse cry he slammed his pelvis forward...

With a sibilant cry and a lift of his pelvis Nakul accepted Gautam, and in one graceful motion the cock slid into the sizzling colon, stretching the narrow passage wider, plunging deeper, as he crammed the bulk of the vibrating flesh column deep into the waiting hole. The passageway was still tight, still reluctant to accommodate the new invader, but the tissues were slicker now, the body having rushed its own 'lubricant' to ease the incredible burning that the previous frictioning had caused...

"That's it, baby..." Gautam whispered in a hoarse voice, relishing the tight grip, "that's the way... Squeeze it... You've got it, just a bit more..."

Grabbing the narrow hips Gautam lifted Nakul's pelvis off the bed and slammed in harder, sending the full length of his cock as he ploughed the rectum with a steady beat, his own heavy balls swaying with the effort, rapping Nakul's dangling testicles.

The room was once more resonating with the lusty moans and animal grunts of the two young men as they performed the mating dance, copulating without the hope of ever procreating...

Nakul was lost... this was absolutely incredible, way beyond his wildest fantasy... The burning in his ass was soon replaced by an amazing new sensation that made his stomach flex and spasm violently, the drained cock filling out rapidly as his prostate got flayed by the repeated nudge and slid of the rutting cock... And as he kept blinking his eyes open and shut he noticed that Sagar was now up on his elbow, watching them with a wide grin, goading Gautam on to greater efforts with his obscene encouragements... the language vulgar and explicit, making his ears burn with shame.

How long it went on he was not aware... but his cock was flexing... and without touching himself or being touched; without having a hot mouth to suck him, he still felt the cum rise, slowly but surely... higher... faster and with a loud cry of surrender he went into orgasm... his body wracked by the powerful hunches as he humped the empty air, his jism shooting out in long, ropy strings to splash the bed under him...

He slumped forwards, totally weak and exhausted and felt Gautam fall over him, covering his back completely... but the rampant cock inside his ass was still beating a steady rhythm... pulling out and then slamming in, but the power strokes were shorter now and more vicious and then with a howl Gautam ground into him and held still... Nakul could clearly feel the throb and the flex of the buried appendage as it unleashed its torrent of lust into the rubber sheath that covered the shaft...


Nakul lay still, the way Gautam had left him, on his face, legs still spread wide, the swollen ass mouth still obscenely open, throbbing hotly... Totally limp, except for the constant tremor that wracked his slender form, he could feel the ravaged orifice twitch painfully and a dull throb radiating out... And every few seconds his tummy gave a violent spasm making him wonder if it would pop right out of his ass hole...

He wanted to get out, go back to his room and sleep... Forget all that had happened to him just a while ago... But he had no strength left in him, his body was totally drained, the limbs felt dead and he just couldn't seem to make them move... And then with a sudden jerk he felt his stomach turn... the insides churn and push downwards making his abdomen flex violently... He was horrified, sure that his whole innards would just flow out of the wildly pulsating anus... As quickly as was possible, he tottered up on his feet and rushed to the bathroom, hoping he could save himself further humiliation and salvage whatever little, if any, pride that remained, by not making a mess in front of the two laughing strangers.


"He's real cute, yaar..." remarked Gautam with a satisfied sigh.

"Awesome..." Sagar responded, rolling over on his back.

"He really freaked out when you suddenly dropped your pants and shoved that dick in his face..." laughed Gautam looking across, at his partner.

"Well, he just couldn't tear his eyes away from my crotch, kept looking back at it."

"Poor guy, walking in and seeing you lying on the bed, half naked, sporting that bulge, well, what do you expect?"

"Huh, all these guys are curious, and most of them will sneak a glance, but ask them, and never will any of these straight acting madar-chods, confess!"

"Yes..." Gautam replied, now sitting up, "but wow, the way he was thrashing and moaning as you gave it to him, really got me horny..." his hands reaching down to openly caress the hardening cock, "and for a moment I wanted to roll the two of you over and just slam it in."

"Hah... look who's talking!" exclaimed Sagar, "And to think of all the excuses you thought up since afternoon when I asked you to go and get him..."

"Um, well..."

"I told you, he's one of those quiet types, I could see it the moment I lay my eyes on him. Told you he'd just moan, 'ooh-ing' and 'ah-ing', whining and pleading, but lie still and let us do whatever we wanted. He isn't the kind who'd put up any real resistance, and too shy to later talk about it! And as for your wish, well, we can still do it, tonight!" Sagar added with a glint in his hazel eyes. Getting up and off the bed he looked down at his partner and grinned, "As for now, well, lets go and join him, take a shower together and get to work on him a bit more, I just love that snug pussy that he carries between his legs. The poor boy is probably fretting and worrying, wondering how he'll walk out of the loo, all naked and fucked, and face two total strangers!"

"So let's help him, huh?" Gautam responded with a wide grin as he got off the bed, "Fuck him some more, in the shower, so that he can 'face' us!"

And with raucous laughter, together they headed for the bathroom.


It was nearly forty-five minutes later that the two studs finally led Nakul back to the bedroom, weak and trembling, and helped him with his clothes before escorting him to his own room so that he could change, and then they went down for dinner...

Nakul could barely sit still as he fidgeted in his chair, the ass mouth opening and shutting relentlessly, the stomach still turning from the violation it had endured earlier. There was no hunger as he quietly nibbled at the food they had ordered while Sagar and Gautam ate away, chatting loudly, laughing... But under the table, two hands constantly caressed his thighs... occasionally reaching higher, between them, to squeeze the bulge there, reawakening the dormant cock to Nakul's utter embarrassment.

Dinner over, they got up and leading the way to the elevator Sagar hinted at what the night had in store for them... And then it was back to Room 406, and the waiting bed...

Slowly stripping the whimpering boy, they lay him down before shedding their own clothes and climbing in. It was a night of untamed orgy as the two young men took turns licking, sucking and fucking the boy in every conceivable position and way, draining his balls dry, leaving the ravaged anus yawning open like the wide mouth of some dark, deep cavern... finally culminating with a sandwich fuck that left Nakul wondering if he would survive the ordeal, yet feeling oddly comfortable and protected in the warm embrace of the two studly bodies completely surrounding him...

In the darkened room, the writhing bodies on the bed looked like some three-headed beast out of a fantasy-fiction horror film... grunting as it twisted and turned... multi arms flailing and numerous legs, intertwined... the room reverberated with the audible slapping of sweaty flesh and the obscene squishy sound of the two phallus invading the lone anus... till finally with animal groans and joyous whimpers they sealed the illicit union with their joint libation of love, flushing the bowel, filling the boy's willing belly with their virile man seed... the two condoms long torn to shreds by the furious hunching of the double fuck.

Pulling out, they moved away, leaving Nakul alone on the bed, sapped and exhausted, lying on his stomach, legs still wide apart... The cool air of the room felt soothing on his wrecked and sore butt hole, as it caressed the raw and swollen mouth, cooling the overflowing cum as it oozed out of the twitching slit to slowly roll down the relaxed scrotum, forming a puddle under it...

Slowly the room fell silent, except for the gentle susurration of fulfilled desire, the faint, but constant purring of three satisfied souls. And finally the boys rested...


  Early the next morning Gautam helped him with the clothes and then took him across to his own room before saying a final good-bye and a thank-you. Barely able to crawl to the bed, Nakul climbed in, still fully clothed, and slept, totally worn out, all thoughts of going home, of cancelled flights... of seeing the sights of the historic city, completely forgotten, washed away by the frenzied coupling of the previous night.

It was late afternoon when he finally woke up, and for a brief moment wondered if it had all been a bad dream, but the constant throb in his ass, and the violent flexing in his rectum, confirmed the reality of the events as he staggered to the bathroom.

Having taken a refreshing shower he slowly dressed and opening the door peered out, cautiously... The door opposite was open and the housekeeping staff was cleaning the room in preparation of a new guest - Sagar and Gautam were gone! Was it relief... or was it sorrow that made his heart skip a beat? Nakul couldn't say for sure as he walked towards the elevator.


"Ah, Sir..." called out the receptionist as Nakul walked out of the elevator, "some good news finally."

After the wild night, any news would be welcome for the poor, harried boy. He nodded as he went forward.

"Sir, the rains have stopped and the latest information is that the water is fast receding from the airport," the man smiled. "A person from the airline was here with the news, but he couldn't get through to you. You never picked up the phone..." he said, "the journey must have really tired you."

"Yes..." Nakul mumbled softly, recollecting the cause of his 'tiredness' with a shiver.

"Well, the Chennai flights have restarted, the passengers have left. As for the Vizag flight, they will be in touch and expects the flights to resume by tomorrow afternoon," he smiled.

"Thank you," Nakul said, barely able to stand straight for long and also suddenly feeling very hungry.

"Your welcome, Sir," the man responded and then reaching into an open drawer pulled out a cover, "And, Sir, this is your restaurant coupon," he smiled, handing Nakul the card.

"Thanks again," he murmured.

The man nodded in acknowledgement, "They will keep you informed about all the developments and will be here again, in the morning."


Later that night, as he lay naked on his hotel bed, he reached down and winched as he felt the still swollen ass mouth, the dull throb still perceptible... and as his fingers caressed the twitching slit, he felt it pout open, as if in expectation... of the phallus that had ravaged him the night before. With slamming heart he gripped his erect penis and closing his eyes recollected, in lurid details, the happenings of the previous night... picturing Ankit in place of the two strangers. And as he speeded up, his only regret was, the virginity that he had so lovingly treasured for his buddy, had now been lost, plundered by two complete strangers...

Grinding his way to a gut wrenching orgasm, Nakul finally relaxed and slowly drifted off...

Tomorrow he'd be home...

The End

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