Inner City II.

I know last time, in the Laundromat, I was talking about the crowded, knee-to-knee bus rides I enjoy. These often involve either a leggy homeboy who can't keep his legs together and doesn't mind rubbing knees with me, his lumpy crotch plenty visible only to me in the baggy jeans or some schoolboy on his way home, hard-on jutting no matter what especially since they don't wear briefs anymore. Neither of `em seem to care if I watch; sometimes a dirty boy'll gently rub it under the guise of covering up his fat manhood but every time the bus stops, jerking, it rubs his dick on the cotton boxers or rough starchy denim and I get a good view. You can always tell when they look out the window focusing too much on something far away, that they want you to look, maybe touch.

I've had plenty of urgent knee-jerks, some feet tangled under the seat; occasionally one'll let me put my jacket over my lap and reach quietly against his thigh, working up once until I had a full-blown hard-on in my fingers, nimbly running up and down verrry slowly until he caught his breath, bucked his hips and grunted. On that late-night bus, nobody noticed as he came in his jeans, throbbing under my hand until it slowly subsided into a fat half-hard muscle on his thigh. He jumped up then without looking at me but brushed his crotch against my face as he banged out into the aisle and off the bus.

Once we had nearly reached my stop, the end of the line out in the `burbs back in those days, the bus was nearly empty. I had taken to shifting toward the front to talk regularly to Leon, the wiry black driver. Once we dropped off the last passengers, it was nearly fifteen minutes to my stop all alone with this hunky forty-something stud. He had a moderate `fro, and short curly whiskers that showed, like his open uniform shirt-collar, some chance of being covered in a wiry hair. I used to imagine Leon's tight little muscular body, maybe in just a jock or some white briefs that showed that hairy ass, his taut belly covered in little wisps. I could see some major nipples in his uniform shirt.

"Y'always starin'," he grinned one night. "You must be mighty happy most of the time."

"Yeah," I grinned back, enjoying the tease. "I like what I see on this bus."

"Yeah, ah noticed! Y'all been riding this bus ever' night and ever' night you got a `friend" wichoo..."

I picked up on that, all right. "What'd you mean, "friend"?"

"Oh, you know," he looked right at me this time. "Kinda neighborly friend, ever' night you set somewheres a goodlookin' dude be sittin, know what I mean?" He was pulling over to my stop by this time, where he parked the bus for around a fifteen minute lap before heading back into the city.

"Ohh," I pretended to just get what he meant. "Yeah, this bus is crowded with `stuff', man." He knew what I meant by "stuff".

"I know it is, I look when they get on myself." He was coming out to me. We both relaxed as he pulled the bus into the turnaround; there was no house or building near, it was just a city bus at 11pm parked in a darkened spot. We both spread our legs, maybe showing off our mutual admiration. He relaxed, and even lit up a cigarette. I made no move to get off and he didn't open the door.

"So, what'do you do on the bus?" he asked me, genuinely curious. I noticed his eyes focused on my lap, which was boned up in my jeans.

"Sometimes I give `em a handjob, sometimes I'd like to just suck their dick dry, dude, but that's kinda hard on a crowded bus!" He boned right up at that, caressing his obviously large pecker.

"But, it's empty now" I said as I got up and moved toward the back of the bus; he got up and followed, his tented uniform pants picking out his muscular thighs, and the head urgently leaking.

"G'head n' suck on this, then, man" he said, unzipping his pants to reveal a large thick black cock, purple head already glistening in pre-cum. I pulled mine out and he gladly pulled on it as I swallowed his entire shaft, causing him to hiss. "Shiiiit, boy, suck that pecker, swallow that big black fuckmeat. Ooooh" he pushed it right down my throat, expanding my lips until they were tight against his balls: I was right, they were covered in a tight fuzzy fur.

I pulled his pants all the way down and starting sucking hard, while he grunted and face-fucked me all the while. My hands starting feeling up the tight nuts, his fuzzy ass and its tight little hole. He moaned while I pushed and probed and fingered that hard furry butt and lean wiry legs, pulling back to look at his thick dick disappearing into my mouth, pushing and grunting. "Man! You suck dick so good, dude; ah like fuck'in you mouth."

"Fuck, eat that dick, ,man, you gonna get a load o' nut that way. SUCK, suck me, ahhhman ah'm gonna cum, SHIT, eat that cum! Eat my fuckin' nut! Ooh!" he squatted as I pushed my finger into his manhole and felt the first short of hot nutjuice, then another and more flood my mouth. I couldn't eat it all, it was running down my chin. He held my face in his hands, spread-legged and grunting, face-fucking the last shots into my mouth which made me so hot I came in my own pants, all down my leg.

Finally he collapsed, panting, his dick still in my mouth. I pulled that hose out and carefully cleaned him up, licking those still-tight nuts in that nappy sack until it was tight and he was hard again. I really wanted to get my tongue up into that manhole to see what he'd do. Then I rolled his fat cock into my mouth again ("Shit! I'm gonna cum again!"); it took about two seconds for that next nut to bust in my fist all over my face.

Well, I was really sorry when I stopped riding that bus line but Leon still stops by sometimes after his route. I like him wearing the uniform while we finish him off. He's even learned to jack me off while I suck his big ol' black cock and he really likes having his picture taken, dick sticking outa his pants. He wants to see if one of his rider pals on the bus now will repeat his experience with me; he's going to take him out to the "end of the line" this week. 

I was sad the bus line trick was over, but of course I still ride the bus which means more adventures. I'll tell you soon about the crappy used car I bought and how that turned into a hot latino mechanic, a young black neighbor and a free water pump.