Hey all Nifty readers!

This is a true story that happened to me this Saturday at the Cape Town fan park before the Germany vs Argentina game. It was fabulous and i thought that i would share it with all of you.

Some of you might be sad to know that me and my boyfriend Jacques have split up, and that's why i haven't posted anything in a while, as we were together for almost 3 years. But anyway, here is the story.

The guy featured in the story's name is infact Javier, but his last name is not Rodriguez, to protect him against any one who might read this and possibly know him. One can never be too careful.

Any comments or mail about the story, or if you just wanna chat...im a single guy now...lol...u can get hold of me at ryanstories@yahoo.com

Ryan White.


It happened that Saturday

I was fucking excited! I was going to see the German team play live at the Greenpoint stadium in Cape Town. Im telling you guys this stadium is by far the most beautiful that I've ever been in. And to be so near to utterly sexy and georgous players such as Phillipp Lahm, Thomas Mueller and Per Mertesacker...jeez i was getting so damn hard! Ive personally had the pleasure to meet Per Mertesacker when Germany was playing England a couple of years back at Wembley and i actually told him that i thought he was hot. Nice guy that he is, he just laughed and said he appreciated it, but that he was not gay. Shame, poor guy probably thought i was out to seduce him! Not that i would mind...but anyway back to the story.

So Saturday was the 3rd of July and it was fucking hot in Cape Town. As i am now single, i decided to take the train from Bellville Train station to Cape Town train station, purely because i knew that i would see a whole lot more sexy young guys up close than i would have in travelling by car. I brought my ticket and waited for the train to arrive, which it did, although delayed by 10 minutes. I boarded and a sea of colours came into view. The train was full of fans who were either on their way to watch the game to going to the fan park to watch it on the big screen. There was no empty seat in the compartment, but i honestly didn't mind standing, that gave me the chance to check if there was any talent that i could feast my eyes on. A guy sitting close by the doors caught my eye. He was sitting cross legged and was busy talking to some older guy sitting across from him. I couldn't take my eyes of him, fuck he was so damn beautiful! He was wearing what looked like a red Spanish football shirt and blue jeans. On top of that, and looking really good on him was a black coat with a fur covered collar. I couldn't quite make out the colour of his eyes, but what was really turning me on was his short brown hair that was gelled in spikes around his head, a lot like David Villa of the Spanish national football team. It was an instant hardon for me and i just wished that the old fucker across from him would get the hell off the train so that i could take his place. When we arrived at Goodwood station the oldie finally stood up, shook my dream guy's hand and climbed off when the train doors opened. I chased through the passage and luckily sat down before a huge woman with three bags could get my spot. My sexy guy looked at me with confused eyes, why i didn't know, and when i got my bearings, i realised that it was quite obvious that i was racing to get to that very seat. I was out of breath and panting. I laughed nervously and leaned back to observe him.

"Sorry dude, i must look like a desperate guy here!" i said as i averted my gaze out of the window."

"Oh, Americano? No, i didn't think that at all," he said while smiling. Shit, i loved his accent! He was surely Spanish or from some other Latin country...fuck he was so sexy...

"Yeah, but i know how it must have looked. Oh by the way, im Ryan White." I said and extended my hand towards him.

"Javier Rodriguez, pleased to meet you."

I immediatly felt the electricity flow through me when i touched him. I swear that i heard him gasp, which meant that he must have felt it aswell. Ever heard of a connection so deep and so emotionally draining like that? I looked deep into his brown eyes and i found that he was looking into mine aswell. We sat like that for a minute or so until some prick at the next stop said something about `fuck off you faggots' and that shook us out of our so called trance. The prick turned to his wife and said in Afrikaans: "Ek is so donners moeg vir hierdie donnerse moffies, die goed is oral!" (Im so tired for these faggots, they are everywhere!) Now, if you read my story My South African Journey in the Interracial archive, you would know that im a American who spend 3 years in South Africa, learning Afrikaans in the process. Javier must have senced that the prick and his wife had said something insulting about us because he completely turned away from me and just looked out of the window, blinking his eyes a few times. Now i was PISSED! I stood up and adressed the prick.

"What the fuck did you just call us?" i asked, my eyes blazing.

"Man, gaan terug Amerika toe waar julle moffies hoort!" (Go back to America where you faggots belong!) he said and laughed to his wife, who looked back at me with disgust. They probably thought they can insult me in Afrikaans because this stupid American faggot can't understand what they are saying...boy did i have a surprise for them...

"En hoekom fok julle nie net van die trein af voordat ek vir julle af help nie?" (why don't you fuck off the train before i help you off?) i asked with a sweet smile and an innocent face.

The two people looked at me like that had just seen the ghost of Elvis Prestley. An American speaking Afrikaans, don't get that everyday! Anyhow the train stopped at Cape Town train station and i turned my attention back to Javier. I placed my hand on his shoulder and he looked back at me, and my heart ached when i saw that he was silently crying. I reached out my hand and he surprisingly took hold of it. He stood up and we walked out of the train.

"Come on, follow me please," i begged him. He just nodded. I led him towards the Golden Acre where we sat down at the MacDonalds. I asked him what i could get him and he said nothing. So i go up and got us each a large Big Mac, fries and a Coke. He just smiled as he saw me coming towards him with all that food. I sat down and we started eating and talking. He was from Levante, Valencia in Spain, 23 years of age and was here for the World Cup, naturally supporting Spain. He had a ticket for the Germany vs Argentina match and then in an hour of the end he had a flight to Johannesburg for the Spain vs Paraguay game. He was really very friendly and loved football, swimming and anything athletic. And yes, he was single. After i was finished with my chips i caught him staring at me, and he quickly looked away. I swallowed nervously and placed my hand on his and lightly squeezed it. His eyes lightened as he realised what i was trying to tell him.

"Im sorry, I didn't mean to..."

"Hey Javier, i don't mind...infact, i can't stop staring at you either. You are so beautiful dude. You're perfect."

"I cannot believe that you would...i want to kiss you really bad, Amigo."

I got an idea when i casted my eyes over the restrooms. I leaned foward and whispered: "Im going to the restrooms over there on the left hand side. Follow me after 2 or 3 minutes and then I'll kiss your sexy face. Don't keep me waiting."

I stood up and walked over to the restrooms, and walked into the male compartment. I looked in the mirror and straightned out my hair and unbuttoned the top two buttons of my shirt. My nerves were dangling as i waited for Javier. I saw he door open slightly and he entered, looking nervous as fuck.

"Lock the door," i whispered. He did as he was told. I walked over to him, closing the distance between us. I took his hand and softly held it. His eyes was full of fear, but also determination. I gently caressed his hand with my thumb, trying to calm him. I slowly started to embrace him, and thank God he hugged me back. I could hear him sigh and say `maravilloso' which i later found to be `wonderful'. I started to kiss his neck and i felt him caress my back. I leaned back and looked into those beautiful brown eyes again. He smiled, finally at peace. He leaned foward and pressed his forehead against mine, slowly bending down and brushed his lips against my cheek, inhaling my scent. I can still feel the chills that he gave me. After Jacques i nearly killed myself and now this Spanish boy was giving me all these feelings. He reached my lips and gave me the most softest, most sensual kiss that i had ever recieved. I remember that i sighed with passion and emotion that went through me. His hands went underneath my shirt and he started to caress my stomach. My dick was as hard as steel, harder than it ever was being with Jacques. I reached up and ran my hand through his hair, feelings those super hard spikes and pressing his face more into mine. He released me, leaving me on the verge on collapsing and embraced me once more. I roughly pushed back into him, gasping for breath and i felt his rock hard cock against mine. I instinctively started to grind myself against this beautiful guy, oh man i was so hot for him! Suddenly there was a knock on the door, someone who wanted to use the restroom. Javier leaned towards my ear and whispered: "We have to go, the game is going to start." I nodded and kissed him again, caressing his cheek lovingly.

In the end we went to the match and watched Germany destroy Argentina. We didn't even go inside the stadium, we watched it on the big screen in the fan park at Greenpoint, because if we did watch the game in the stadium, we wouldn't be able to be together. We brought hot dogs and drinks and watched the dancers that was performing at the fan park. We both looked at eachother when Thomas Mueller scored, revealing to eachother that we both founded him attractive. For one afternoon, this guy became mine. As there were so many people no one could notice when i had my hands around his waist while watching the game. The suttle looks that we cast to the other, that glint in his brown eyes...and his soft hands when he held mine in secret for a short time. He did however, after the game have to leave for the airport, and i drove with him there. As we were standing at the gates waiting for the call to board, he turned to me.

"Ryan, you have been so kind to me. I have always wanted someone who i could share my secret with and not be...how you say...disgusted? I could never tell this to my familia. My father will kill me. Even I marry and have children and everything, i will always remember you. Thank you for making this adventure special for me."

Im not a fucking cry baby but my eyes started to water. How could i know this wonderful guy for a few hours and feel like this? I leaned in and kissed him on the lips, knowing that i would not see him anytime soon, if ever. I knew personally that the Latin community viciously condemed homosexuality. He lingered on my lips for a while before whispering in my ear: "Gracias."

For quite a while i started at him, and hoping that he would find that special someone one day. He had to marry a woman some day, because that it what is expected of him. We as gay males, it is not a fucking choice that we feel this way about other men. And in his case, that is something that his society will never accept or allow. I turned around, wiping my tears, angry at that thought, but glad that I, Ryan White, could have meant something to Javier Rodriguez, no matter how short the time with him was.


It still gets me sad, and I'm unable to stop thinking about it since Saturday. If you want to get in touch with me, please feel free to send an email at ryanstories@yahoo.com